Tzimisce (Vampire: The Masquerade: Clan Novel, #2)

Tzimisce (Vampire: The Masquerade: Clan Novel, #2) The Dark In The World Of Darkness RM Rhymes With The Meat Sea It Began With Clan Novel Toreador TM A Novel Series Concerning The Kindred This Series Comprises The Biggest Event In The History Of The World Of Darkness And This Is Only The Second Book This Epic Series Of Over One Million Words Will Reveal The Secrets Of The Vampires Hidden World, From The Smallest Detail To The Grandest Marvel The Nosferatu S Apparent Scheme To Put The Eye Of Hazimel Into The Hands Of The Setite, Vegel, Will Decide The Fates Of Kindred Legions And Determine The Future Of The Camarilla And Sabbat The Sects Engaged In A Massive War Along The Entire East Coast And That S Pretty Much What The Sabbat Thinks Of Humanity Each Novel In This Series Features A Member Of One Of The Vampire Clans Clan Novel Tzimisce Introduces The Sabbat Side Of The Conflict Through Sascha Vykos, A Depraved And Incredibly Powerful Night Predator A War Along The American East Coast Erupts As The Sabbat Launches Relentless Attacks Against Camarilla Held Cities

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Tzimisce (Vampire: The Masquerade: Clan Novel, #2) book, this is one of the most wanted Eric Griffin author readers around the world.

[Reading] ➽ Tzimisce (Vampire: The Masquerade: Clan Novel, #2) By Eric Griffin –
  • Paperback
  • 273 pages
  • Tzimisce (Vampire: The Masquerade: Clan Novel, #2)
  • Eric Griffin
  • English
  • 21 September 2019
  • 9781565048027

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    NOVEL TZIMISCE is the second novel in the Clan Novel series by White Wolf games Originally published in 1999, it and the rest of the series have been reprinted for their 20th anniversary by Crossroad Press They re available in a new trade paperback edition and Kindle format I remember reading these back when I was 18 years old, a Goth kid in Kentucky, and so edgy that you could shave with me Sisters of Mercy was the coolest, ooo So, do the books hold up two decades later Let s find out.The premise of the Clan Novels is the evil Sabbat, vampire terrorists, have invaded Atlanta, Georgia in order to take it from their rivals in Camarilla The Camarilla is only marginally better than the Sabbat in overall moral terms but are far less violent, sadistic, and gross The Sabbat aren t stopping at the conquest of Atlanta, though They plan to move on throughout Georgia, the Carolinas, and even into Washington D.C.Whereas CLAN NOVEL TOREADOR followed the beginning of the invasion from the perspective of the humane seeming Camarilla, Clan Novel Tzimsice gives us the perspective of the Sabbat We see their Crusade from the grunts on the ground to the behind the scenes plotting of its leaders as well as bits from Tzimisce signature character Sascha Vykos.Sascha Vykos is a character who has undergone a series of revisions across her 20 year history A member of the mortal House Tremere of magi 800 years ago, she was a transwoman in the Dark Ages who was embraced by their rivals in the Tzimisce The clan of flesh crafters allowed her to become the way she wanted to be and indulge her transhuman impulses but was somewhat troubled by the fact the Tzimisce clan was also the most inhuman, sadistic, and overtly evil vampires in the setting aside from the Baali.The character of Vykos was revisited in Beckett s Jyhad Diary in 2018 with some smart souls realizing that maybe it wasn t the best idea to have the most prominent trans character in the setting being a flesh mutilating torture master Sascha was revealed to have been mind controlled by a much older and evil Methuselah The Dracon and finally freed herself from its control She wasn t a good person by any stretch of the imagination but was no longer a shock character But how was Vykos treated in this book Surprisingly well.Eric Griffin doesn t require much adjustment as the Sascha Vykos presented in this book isn t played for shock value but presented as a powerful dangerous vampire woman I suspect Eric may have picked up on the Unfortunate ImplicationsTM better than other writers and chose to make her a respectable villain Sascha is always referred to as a woman, takes the form of Elizabeth Bathory for the entirety of the book, and is probably the most respectable Sabbat in the story So, kudos to you, Eric.Vykos is a terrible person who plays sadistic games with the rest of the characters in the book but there s a panache to the character as she tricks a Assamite into lowering his guard long enough for her to kill him, manipulates her rivals into destroying themselves, and manages to bring down the defenses of Atlanta without sacrificing any of her pawns She even manages to bring down Marcus Vitel, the most powerful Kindred in the New World, though that would prove to be a temporary victory I quite enjoyed the flirtacious letters between her and Vitel as the two ancient vampires enjoyed a duel of intellectual equals.The rest of the Tzimisce in the book are less impressive as it is shown the Sabbat are a crude, cultureless band vampires at home in From Dusk til Dawn or Near Dark than Interview with a Vampire If you re looking for a work that portrays the Sabbat in a morally ambiguous or even heroic light then this is far from it They re constantly at each other s throats, betray each other at the drop of a hat, and indulge in sick torture games as a matter of course They even kill one of the Black Sisters from D.C by Night and that s a shame since they were among my favorite NPCs.Strangely, my favorite character in this book is Victoria Ash rather than any of the Tzimisce The poor Toreador Primogen of Atlanta has only a small role but she is struggling to keep her sanity while being tortured by a vampire who has adopted the appearance of a Picasso abstract Certainly, it s easier to root for the victim of torture to escape rather than the person doing the torture.In conclusion, this isn t my favorite of the Clan Novels and if you re a fan of the intellectual inhumanity of the Sabbat then you ll be disappointed They re closer to Warhammer 40K Orks and a band of psychotic soccer hooligans with a few geniuses leading them Vykos maintains her dignity throughout the book, though, and this is an important set up for future volumes As bad as the Camarilla is, we understand why they need to win along with the Anarchs The Sabbat winning would be a complete disaster for humanity.

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    This review assumes the person has read the first book Starting off a few days before the Summer Solstice Party thrown by Victoria Ash, the plot delves into the Sabbat a powerful sect that would rather enslave humanity than live in its shadows side of events The Sabbat Archbishops from New York Francisco Domingo de Polonia and Miami Borges gather to discuss a coalition between their powers They are caught off guard and immediately suspicious when a European Cardinal Ambrosio Luis Mon ada suddenly takes an interest in assisting, sending Lady Sascha Vykos a priscus as representative As far as plot, I found this book to be satisfactory A major improvement was that, unlike the last book, there were no tangent perspectives that added nothing to the established plot i.e., Benito Giovanni from the last book Any one shot perspective provided by a chapter added to the overall worldbuilding and atmosphere, letting us know what is happening in smaller cities surrounding Atlanta The book really starts to shine when Vykos begins to get her own perspective chapters, as she is very well written and interesting albeit depraved and monstrous I was a little bit disappointed that we don t get a chance to delve into her backstory when she was a castrati he , but honestly you know you re in for an interesting read when you see Vykos on the first page Characters from either side of the Atlantic have an interesting Old World VS New World dynamic among the Sabbat, but this dynamic falls off the radar frequently As far as technique, Griffin s writing is much parsimonious than the last author The story flowed, we touched base briefly with some characters from the last book, and we get to know the perspective of the attackers concerning the raid on the Camarilla With the exception to Vykos and a certain character returning from last book, I felt like the characters were mostly flat and caricature like There is one character that is obviously written for some tongue in cheek humor that I didn t mind The level of violence in this novel is greater than the last It s unsurprising since Tzimice are known for callously molding tissue and bone with their Vicissitude discipline Also, the Sabbat treat humans and each other like objects rather than living things, so a few body pieces lying around here and there is to be expected I didn t really find it all that disturbing, to be honest, as the people who engage as well as the victims in this level of violence are very caricature like and thus I wasn t motivated to care Gross Yes Disturbing Not really After a while it really felt overly gratuitous There are a couple of times we get to see Vicissitude magic in action, or, at least, the aftermath of it Griffin made a really smart choice here in describing just enough to let us know a little about what is going on, augmented it further with dialogue, and then let our imaginations run wild with it At a couple of points I was confused about what a person had been sculpted into, figuring I would never know But in every instance you always find out The one glaring error with this novel among a sea of positives is the use of perspective In scenes with a lot of characters present the narrative switches from 3rd person omniscient to some kind of hybrid between 3rd person limited and omniscient We read the thoughts of multiple people in the room, but not consistently at all For example, the lines of dialogue in one Sabbat meeting is interrupted by the thought of a vampire that she likes the looks of another s pink eyes We hear nothing else from this character It was just odd and awkward and prevalent in scenes with multiple characters I understand the thought that maybe broadening the narrative perspective allows the read to know , but I would argue it lets you know less One passing thought from a plethora of characters in a room is less informative than a single person observing all these people and forming his own thoughts I will say that in these scenes there are no primary perspectives, but the jump to 3rd person no main character to limited hearing people s thoughts is really something and editor should have caught A suggestion to make this kind of thing work, though, would have been to focus on a vampire in the room with the ability to read minds such as one with high level Auspex In sum, this was an easy read and much polished than the last book Lady Sascha Vykos shines and I hope we get to hear from her in the future The characterization is a bit weak, the level of carnage and violence ended up as unimpactful gratuity, and the Sabbat is essentially portrayed as Chaotic Evil A little gray on the morality scale would have done wonders for this novel.

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    I thought this book was okay The beginning was really confusing in the way that I had no idea what was going on, since I didn t realize that the whole plot went back in time to a little bit before the second half of the last book When I realized it, it made so much sense After the book started making sense, I started liking it My favorite character, now, has to be Vykos She kind of reminds me of one of my really good friends in the way where she s always joking around and when she s serious, she s really scary My favorite bit about her is that she s extremely persuasive Paremides SP hated her, and in the end, loved her because she was who she was and couldn t help but be loyal and feel like he was holding her back because of his disloyalty.I actually am really enjoying the series I wouldn t recommend it people who are quick readers, since it was actually extremely difficult to rush through the book There are too many details, too many characters and if one s too careless, it d be like getting lost in translation and having to do things all over again because you messed up the first time It happened to me at least It took me forever and a day to finish it and now that I m done, I m not regretting a single word of this.

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    Full review here

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    This is a review as a fan of the source material It s hard to give a fair evaluation of something like this as I was quite in love of the source material around the time that the novel was originally published I feel as though it completely captured the Sabbat and the Tzcemice in all their monstrous glory and it paired expertly against the pompous posturing of the previous novel and the Toreador Like he precious novel it also captured the sentiments and powers of the clans organically and some times horrifically without it feeling as if it read And then she used Animalism with a power crit so she can summon animals in a 90 mile radius Likewise, the characters are engaging without the often times tiring wandering prose of Toreador, with Vykos being my favorite There s also a great incorporation of the world s flavor with passing conversations being filled with secret innuendos lovers of the original edifice can enjoy and predict what will happen accordingly I m not sure how much of the rating is for the novel itself and how much is just because it improved over the last but if you enjoyed the last one you will undoubtedly enjoy this one.

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    This book was going to be a challenge for anyone to write the Tzimisce are by definition inhuman, difficult if not impossible to understand, and horrifically sadistic It ultimately fell short of my hopes The narrative jumps perspectives so often that it s difficult to identify a clear protagonist, or develop any level of real familiarity with any one of the multiple viewpoint characters I was even a bit disappointed by the lack of horror aspects There s gore, certainly, which should be expected from a Sabbat viewpoint novel, but it didn t quite hit the level of surreal body horror I was hoping for Sorry, bone spurs and weird piercings by themselves aren t evocative enough for me.Also, don t bother with this unless you re familiar with the Vampire The Masquerade setting I can t imagine this being comprehensible to anyone who isn t.

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    Much better written than the first novel in the series and well plotted, though the shift in perspective necessitated a low payoff for the open questions from the first novel On the whole a better showing though that s a pretty low bar.

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    I am blogging the reviews to this whole series.It starts here

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    Sascha Vykos is my absolute favorite.

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    The rest is at Night Mode Reading War rages across the whole of East Coast Blood is running dry, heads of power are thrown around as trophies, and the worst nightmares are running around in the night If you stand still and look up, at times it seems whole buildings are moving, enclosing upon this or that target in the dark of night, made ever thicker so with shadows of Lasombra clan, as they shed their physical forms to stand as one against the enemy War ghouls, several great feet tall Spidery creatures with legs and arms than one should ever need Beings with no sense, no mind, nothing but will to go on and destroy until they can no longer do so And all that nightmare slowly engulfed in the flames, flames that cleanse the city of this carnage Amidst it all stands Sasha Vykos, one of the most powerful Tzimisce still alive, her shape barely human by her own will Tonight Sabbat will triumph, and Camarilla shall fall Gehenna shall come, and clean the night of vermin.It s a beautiful book that juggles politics and torture via chapters as they go Main protagonist is one of the bad guys , which is just interesting to follow They seem to reason it all out so well, at times leaving the reader rooting for the wrong team, that is, until someone gets their bones molded like warm wax, or skin polished into marble shine I admit, I wasn t a great fan of Tzimisce before, even knowing that Dracula is apparently of this clan, but now I think they re indeed one interesting bunch On top of that, we learn of the people at power on the Camarilla side too, witnessing some unions happening right there on the battlefield, for the need to survive is far greater than the hate one might feel for the other I give this book 4 out of 5 for now, that is mostly because of the final chapters, the intro chapters to Gangrel clan book They seemed just a little intense, and therefor interesting But be assured, this one is very well among my favorites now.

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