Latin American Folktales: Stories from Hispanic and Indian Traditions

Latin American Folktales: Stories from Hispanic and Indian Traditions The Wisdom And Artistry Of Latin America S Storytellers Preserve One Of The World S Richest Folktale Traditions Combining The Lore Of Medieval Europe, The Ancient Near East, And Pre Columbian America Among The Essential Characters Are The Quiet Man S Wife Who Knew The Devil S Secrets, The Three Daughters Who Robbed Their Father S Grave, And The Wife In Disguise Who Married Her Own Husband Not To Mention The Bear S Son, The Tricksters Fox And Monkey, The Two Compadres, And The Classic Rogue Pedro De UrdemalasGathered From Twenty Countries, Including The United States, The Stories Are Brought Together Here In A Core Collection Of One Hundred Tales Arranged In The Form Of A Velorio, Or Wake, The Most Frequent Occasion For Public Storytelling The Tales Are Preceded By A Selection Of Early Colonial Legends Foreshadowing The Themes Of Latino Folklore And Are Followed By A Carefully Chosen Group Of Modern Indian Myths That Replay The Basic Stories In A Contrasting Key Riddles, Chain Riddles, And Folk Prayers, Part And Parcel Of The Velorio Along With Folktales, Are Introduced At Appropriate JuncturesThe Collection Is Unprecedented In Size And Scope, And Most Of The Tales Have Not Been Translated Into English Before The Result Is The First Panoramic Anthology Of Hispano American Folk Narratives In Any LanguagePart Of The Pantheon Fairy Tale And Folklore Library

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Latin American Folktales: Stories from Hispanic and Indian Traditions book, this is one of the most wanted John Bierhorst author readers around the world.

[EPUB] ✺ Latin American Folktales: Stories from Hispanic and Indian Traditions By John Bierhorst –
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  • Latin American Folktales: Stories from Hispanic and Indian Traditions
  • John Bierhorst
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  • 06 February 2019

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    The Spanish edition is definitely worth getting The stories are obviously vibrant in the original language and many are written down here in the criollo dialect A great way for Spanish language students to get used to folk speech, since the language is still fairly simple.These tales weren t creatures of the page They were meant to be listened to And the Spanish edition preserves a lot of that old music Especially enjoyed the tales from northern New Mexico, where you ll see archaic words that survived into the early 20th century words like muncho mucho , le jijo le dijo , el g en amu el buen amo , and a sentence like Lo llev a una grande sala onde stab una mesa llena e to o los manjares que se pue en desiar Ai hab vino y licores e to as clases lo llev a una grande sala donde estaba una mesa llena de todos los manjares que se pueden desear All hab a vino y licores de todas clases.

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    One of the stories in this book featured a king who told his wife, I d know you even if you d been turned into corn soup This resulted in some confusion from the reading audience ie, me I have known and eaten many corn soups in my life, but none of them has had even vaguely humanoid qualities at least, that I could recognize Therefore, I issue this warning to friends, family, and acquaintances if you are turned into corn soup, don t count on me to figure it out.

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    For someone who likes folktales, L just didn t find this very compelling It s of a textbook, in the sense that these tales are often fragments of longer cycles Why they couldn t print the rest, I don t know It s seems like it was put together as a record of folktale tropes than for reading enjoyment We were mainly reading for the Indigenous tales and there weren t many The bulk of the book is European tales brought to Latin America mostly by the Spanish colonizers. What few Indigenous tales there were were often so fragmentary as to not make sense And then we only discovered at the end that there was a section of short notes describing the background of each story Would have been nice to know that and even nicer if they d just put those couple of sentences each with the stories, rather than making you flip back and then forth for every one of the many stories.

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    I wish I d known from the beginning that in the back is a short explication for every story Would have been a lot helpful to just put that sentence or two at the beginning of every story Even if I had known, it would have been kind of a pain in the butt to have to flip to the end and find the story to read just a couple of sentences for every single story Many of the stories themselves are just half a page long Also, although the book is broke into sections, there are appeared to be little rhyme or reason to the organizational logic While the stories themselves were good, I didn t think much of the way the book was put together.

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    For a relatively small book, this is chock full of short folktales There are two time periods represented, la epoca virreinal, and the 20th century, and the introduction explains the large gap between the periods and the noticeable changes in themes and styles between the two Both the name of the storyteller and region country, culture, etc are noted when available The indices are also quite helpful, with a notes section, glossary, and a directory dividing the stories by genre and themes.

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    A large variety On top of tales, also riddles and prayers, and the tales come in all sorts of forms Legends right after the conquest Anecdotes Christian legends with varying degrees of Christianity to them Tales of fools and clever tricksters A woman who climbs her daughter s hair from Purgatory to Heaven Many fairy tales in distinctive variants, with the Parrot Prince who is injured by the heroine s stepsister a boy whose godfather was the Devil but whose guardian angel intervened the tale of rescuing three princesses from the underworld, only it s not three men, but two men and a widow she has the youngest princess marry her son, instead a kind and unkind girl tale and .

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    This was an excellent compilation of folk tales that consisted of over 100 unique stories from all over Latin America and clearly indicated where the tales came from and the background and methodology of collection.

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    Loved the Colombian folktalescoming from a Colombian D

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    This is a decent compilation of folktales from Latin America, but most of them are REALLY short That can be a good thing or a bad thing it makes them easy to read, but sometimes I found myself in a pattern of just reading as fast as I could because they were so quick There wasn t enough time to really dig into them One interesting thing was comparing these stories to other folk fairytales I ve read There were a LOT of stories that were similar to ones in 1001 Arabian Nights or whatever version of the title that you use , as well as creation tales and other random places that I couldn t remember.

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    Ahh, the perils of e reading Wish I d read the notes simultaneously, they are super informative and I found myself wishing for context as I made my way through the stories without their benefit.

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