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Changeling: The LostI was originally worried that I would not like the New World of Darkness books, as I was a very large fan of the original universe However after reading Changeling I was very impressed I like the ideas and the rules that they have come up with It has jump started a lot of ideas for me, and has inspired me to read the other main rule books of the New World of Darkness. Reading this was sort of an interesting experience for me, as I ve heard it touted as one of the best of the New World of Darkness lines and a significant improvement over Changeling the Dreaming As far as the latter goes, based on what little I know of Dreaming, I agree But for the former, I m somewhat less sure There are some pretty cool concepts here, as Changeling allows for explorations of trauma and how people deal with it The basic premise is that the player characters are Changelings, people who were kidnapped by the Fae and taken to Arcadia They ve managed to escape back to the real world, but not without being permanently changed Now you have magical powers but also traumatic memories and a strange, inhuman appearance that s thankfully hidden by magic most of the time, at least to mundane eyes I think much of the issue for me is that a lot of what s here felt like a faerie themed variation of Vampire You ve been turned into a monster and now you have to deal with a frightening new reality and a struggle to maintain your humanity There s a fear that you can become as depraved as the thing that turned you, and meanwhile you and your fellows are probably as concerned with petty politicking as you are with what s truly important Obviously, there are some differences changelings can harvest glamour in a or less harmless way whereas vampires must consume blood to survive, and the Fae aren t the ones you re politicking with though in a way, I can see them as being somewhat similar to the Antedilevians of Masquerade, an ancient threat whose return would spell doom for all of their children Maybe it s because I and a lot of the people I know struggle with mental illness, but ironically the prospect of roleplaying characters who must deal with a disconnect between what they observe and what is real doesn t exactly appeal to me Also some of the aspects of changeling society and life didn t quite cohere for me, especially the stuff about dreams and pledges They re cool ideas, but they feel like extra complications on top of the other powers and issues of changeling life.Now I will say there are some things I liked about this game The way magic is phrased as being contracts that the Fae have forged with aspects of reality is cool and feels a bit appropriate sensible to me than something like Vampire s cool magic vampire powers because magic blood The details on the Courts seem a little thin but the Courts are mostly cool Well, other than Winter Absolutely nothing about them makes me like them, and in fact I really hate their entitlement and the way they re presented in the Miami chapter I do like how a lot of the mechanics and magic stuff feel like riffs on DD but placed into a modern fairytale sensibility There s a lot of cases where magic items, spells, potions, etc exist but they all come with some sort of price or drawback that means they re not the obvious great thing they are in DD And there s a lot of good advice in the storytelling chapter, especially the section on how to plot out campaigns I m gonna start using the work backwards method explained there both for gaming and other writing Also, what antagonists were present were generally interesting and provided nice story ideas I m just left feeling like I d be hard pressed to come up with new ones of my own, especially True Fae It s one of the problems of having antagonists who are supposed to be inhuman either you have to give them human motivations and thus break much of the mystique or it becomes hard to figure out how to use them and what they ll do in a way that doesn t seem laughably ridiculous In essence, I wasn t blown away the way I had expected to be I still found some pretty cool ideas here and I think I could have fun playing or running this game After all, the base idea of modern dark fairytales has some appeal, even if it has the potential to be crappy rather than great I do kinda wish this was one of the full length nWoD gamelines, since I d like seeing info on the courts and such maybe then I d enjoy Winter As it is, I ve got the antagonists and seemings books, as well as the Victorian era book one of the things that really attracted me to this line in the first place , and I still plan on reading them I ve been thinking of running a game of this for some of my friends, but honestly it s entirely possible I ll just do Vampire instead because that s probably what I have the most interest in anyway. Amazing EPub, Changeling The Lost By Matt McFarland This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Changeling The Lost, Essay By Matt McFarland Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You White Wolf s re launch of its World of Darkness series has been met with mixed reactions from the gaming community, but I am happy to say that their reinterpretation of Changeling has taken this odd game out title and made it into a contender for best game of the series Those who have read and played Changeling the Dreaming may recall a book whose genre was difficult to pinpoint, and whose mechanics made crossovers difficult Fairie souls trapped in human bodies, the goal of the game was to fight to preserve the imagination and innocence of human dreams in a world being devoured by banality.Changleing the Lost keeps a few of the base concepts of the original game, but little else The player characters are actual changelings in the traditional sense humans kidnapped by fairies, and these fairies are not playful pooka or adventurous eshu, but the inhuman spirits of old legends This is a game not of dreams but of madness, its genre clearly laid out as dark fantasy White Wolf s new rule system, and their new policy of referring the individual games back to the core rulebook works well for tying Changeling back into the World of Darkness as a whole as well as making the Lost a far well balanced game than the Dreaming, and opens the door to the idea of Changelings as an actual force to be considered within the world just as vampires and werewolves have historically been.My critique thus far is that while the book establishes an excellent setting in which to run games on a personal level, there is little information on Changeling society as a whole, so the setting feels incomplete Leaving elements to be detailed in later supplements is all well and good, but a cursory description for larger world building would have helped the book. I loved C tD I really do not like C tL As I m reading it, I find that I have to agree with the detractors C tD had, at it s core, a sense of hope It was about finding, creating and encouraging Beauty in an ugly, cruel world C tL has no hope The hope was ripped violently away before the game ever started There s no chance it ll ever, ever get better and the best that can be hoped for is that you manage to survive broken and altered without being re captured or killed by the True Fae What a terribly sad, pointless setting.I understand nWoD is supposed to be darker and such, but the original already was dark It was already a bleaker view of the fucked up modern world we live in This takes it too far for me I find myself unsettled and uncomfortable reading C tL and in fact, I ve not managed to force my way through it all I keep putting it down.As an abuse survivor myself, I also see how it could easily be triggering to people And how it could really cause a deep psychological pain to someone trying to deal with such a past.I wanted to like it I was excited over new Changeling But this one just doesn t do it for me It s too dark, too bleak, too hopeless I want to play a game to get away from the horrors of the real world for awhile, not heap them on all the higher I realize my comments are probably going to spurn a lot of angry posts, arguments and such, but you asked, so I answered You re than welcome to disagree, but please don t flame me for my point of view. Very good system and world, as expected from whitewolf. This is a marked improvement over Changeling The Dreaming It brings the dark back into this World of Darkness title If I could find someone to run a game I think I have a couple of good ideas for characters It wasn t until I was well into the Storyteller section that I started to get ideas on how to run a game I think I d probably have to pick up a couple of the suplements to really get a handle on being Storyteller for it but I had to do the same for Werewolf The Forsaken. Definitely a different and, I think, better take on changelings in the new World of Darkness and these really are changelings , not faeries abducted to another world, with fetches left in their place on earth, they escape back to the World of Darkness to find themselves changed by the experience Grim and scary, the way a changeling story ought to be Not only is this a distinct, darker, and yet equally fascinating perspective on changelings in the World of Darkness as Changeling The Dreaming, along with an intriguing, intense roleplaying opportunity as either a player character or a Storyteller a roleplaying intensive version of the Game Master or Dungeon Master , it s an exquisitely frightening, magical read in itself Several story ideas flared up in my imagination while reading this I was often inspired, turning its pages, reading the beautiful prose, the artwork, and even examining the green cover of the book itself The concept of being kidnapped by faeries, spending unmeasurable time in mind bending captivity, only to escape, changed in a world you no longer recognize, to find a stranger wearing your face, never knowing when your former captors might reclaim you is an intense, suspenseful, surreal, and exciting concept for a main character, ripe with story potential Whether you re creating a character or Storytelling a chronicle, this book offers a deep, rich roleplaying experience and a lot of creative energy Beautifully written and illustrated, I found myself pulled into the world of an old fashioned, unsanitized fairy tale, layered with aesthetic and not so aesthetic horror For all of these qualities which makes Changeling The Lost one of my favorite reads, I give this book five stars. I felt great excitement and trepidation when Changeling the Lost was announced excitement that White Wolf s Changeling line was getting new life after the fizzling ending in Time of Judgment no disrespect to the authors mind you and trepidation because I knew it wouldn t be like Changeling the Dreaming And that is something you defiantly have to keep in mind As soon as the cover was released I knew this was a whole different game, one with a less colorful palate.A little recap since it is impossible to talk about this book without discussing Changeling the Dreaming In CtD, you play a human who shares part of an immortal soul of the True Fae from mythical Arcadia That part of you was exiled to the material world when Arcadia closed its gates sometime in the late Middle Ages The whole theme of the book is longing for this mythical heritage and surviving in a world where you feed off of imagination and creativity, but both seem to be ebbing from the world By contrast, in Changeling the Lost the roads and gates leading to Arcadia are obscure, but woefully open and the True Fae occasionally walk the earth In fact, your characters have been there, and will do everything they can to keep from going back with anything less than an army at their backs You play a human who for some capricious reason has been kidnapped by the Fae and brought to Arcadia for some period of time It is a place of passion and madness, where the laws of physics and reason do not apply only the will of your captor matters There they may serve as baubles to be admired, subjects to be experimented on, slave labor, perhaps even a fairy bride or lover Your characters escape back into the material world, and finds themselves changed in body, mind, and spirit They carry the magical taint of Fairie, something which may excite or disgust depending on bent The theme of the game is the struggle to grip onto your humanity, find a sense of self and community, and grow powerful enough to avoid recapture.I adore the old Changeling, but I love the changes inherent in Changeling the Lost It is true to the source material world mythology Some have criticized it as having too much of a culture of victimization, but if you look close the first one had that as well, it was merely not as dark a series In the first Changeling you play a benighted being who has been brought low and feels that loss strongly In the new Changeling you play someone who has been brought low by a benighted being It is indeed a big paradigm shift.Also, the two major things that were broken about Changeling the Dreaming have been addressed in Changeling the Lost the character creation system and the fae magic system Character creation is open ended and very liberating I like the fact that one True Fae could make a whole gaming troupe of different changelings and they all would be different depending on the roles they played in his household say one would train the hounds, and would become doglike one could be the master s callow lover one could tend the crystalline garden and find herself developing quartz like skin You get the idea Also, you can take one type of changeling, say Ogres, and make anything from an Abominable Snowman to Hindi demons, to traditional Norwegian trolls That is such a welcome break from Changeling the Dreaming It should be noted that all of the original kiths can be represented using this character creation system I haven t actually playtested the Contracts magic system, but it is so simplified and easy to use Plus, it draws upon fairy tales of how such magic would actually work and what costs it would take.Is it too dark I do not think so, particularly when I look at how strong a theme this is in fantasy literature When playing this game you can ask the question what would have happened to Niel Gaiman s Coraline if she had not been able to escape the Other Mother What if Sarah had run out of time in Labyrinth and became part of Jareth s harem You can go to classic literature too, what if Alice became lost in Wonderland What if Dorthy Gale had tarried too long in Oz What would Wendy be like if she spent decades in Neverland under the watch of a far crueler Peter Pan Changeling the Lost is a welcome re imagination of the series, and deserves to stand on it s own merits as a masterful work of the role playing genre.

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