Sleeping with the Fishes (Fred the Mermaid, #1)

Sleeping with the Fishes (Fred the Mermaid, #1) Fredericka Bimm Is A Mermaid But She S Not The Stuff Of Legends A Marine Biologist, She Knows What S In The Water So Chooses Not To Expose Herself To Toxins Then Two Strangers Come Into Her Life Her New Colleague Is A Hunk With A Mermaid Fixation The Other Claims He Is Artur Her Rightful Ruler

MaryJanice Davidson is an American author and motivational speaker who writes mostly paranormal romance, but also young adult and non fiction She is the creator of the popular Undead series and is a New York Times and USA Today best selling author She writes a bi weekly column for USA Today A Writer s Life and lives in St Paul with her family You can reach her on Facebook and follow her on

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  • Paperback
  • 263 pages
  • Sleeping with the Fishes (Fred the Mermaid, #1)
  • MaryJanice Davidson
  • English
  • 06 May 2019
  • 9780749938017

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    I started and finished this the same day heck, it only took a couple of hours, all total, to read this foul mouthed, vapid, empty piece of garbage I wanted to like this book, despite a friend s warning of its awfulness rattling around in my head It had such potential There are all manner of paranormal beasties starring in books and series today vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, faeries, even ghosts Why not mermaids as well What a shame a perfectly good and quirky concept half human mermaid who s a marine biologist and works at an aquarium was let down by bad writing, a barely there plotline, and a laughable climax to the story First off, we have the heroine, Fredrika, aka Fred, the hybrid mermaid Aside from the pseudo amusing personality quirks look, she s a mermaid who can t swim in human form Oh my, she gets seasick on boats, how funny , she stomps, she grumps, she has no patience or social skills, she s selfish and unbelievably foul mouthed Yet two men, both absolutely gorgeous natch , upon meeting her for the first time, fall in love with her Why Because she s just so damn irresistible No, because she s just so gorgeous no man can resist her, but, of course, she s completely unaware of her ability to induce lustful feelings in men and some women Aren t we tired of that gorgeous, but oblivious hook yet I know I certainly am Speaking of the two men who love her, one is a giant, buff mer dude with a mane of flaming red hair and red eyes And yet nobody seems to think that maybe there s something weird about him when seeing him for the first time, that maybe he s not quite human No screams of Oh my god, what s wrong with his eyes What is he when he walks into a local mall eatery How believable is that Or maybe everyone thinks he s in a permanent Halloween costume It makes no sense to me The other man, a fellow marine biologist who travels the world, falls in love with her because he can see the true color of her hair, which is green not blue That s it Really That s the best the author can come up with And that brings me to the plot of the book I use the word plot in only the vaguest sense of the word, just as the author sketched only the vaguest outline of a plot in the story All the action takes place towards the end of the book and the sequence of events is so fast and so absurdly ludicrous that it stretches the point of believability to breaking point I think there was supposed to be some humor in the situation, but I couldn t find it And if the author was trying for some sort of mystery, she fell well short of the mark.I have to give Davidson some credit She actually tells us in the acknowledgments that this is a crappy book, not in so many words, but in essence She ripped up her manuscript and started over moments from deadline, she probably went through who knows how many rewrites, and finally handed the whole thing over to a group of editors, who did they best they could with what little they had Her editors failed, however, in making her look all, y know, smart n stuff as she put it I guess it s my fault for not believing her All in all, Sleeping with the Fishes is just another crude and vulgar example of Davidson s writing talent I d really like to know how she managed to get published in the first place I just feel sorry for all the poor trees that have to die in order to support her career.

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    Dr Fredrika Bimms knows that she s a mermaid and that her dad isn t her biological father When her parents decide to drop the news, that the man she calls dad isn t biologically related to her, Fred is bothered by catching her parents in the middle of sex, than she is by their revelation Feeling scared for life, Fred wonders how she will get past seeing what no child ever wants to see Little does Fred know that she ll quickly get over the trauma when the handsome Prince Artur of the Black Sea appears, demanding her help as his royal subject to discover the source that is polluting the ocean Fast on Artur s heels, is the hot marine biologist Thomas, who has also noticed a problem with the water and the fact that Fred s hair is green and not blue For the first time, Fred finds that she has the attention of two gorgeous men and doesn t know remotely how to handle it Sleeping with the Fishes is mindless fluff and never pretends to be anything else It can easily be read in one afternoon on the patio with a pi a colada for company That said, even with few expectations, Sleeping with the Fishes is outright puerile and at times irritating There s really no plot to speak of For the majority of the book, Fred just stomps around angry and confused by the attentions of Thomas and Artur We learn about her penchant for striking out physically when irritated or feeling threatened At 5 11, Fred is incredibly strong thanks to being a human mermaid hybrid She s stunningly beautiful, though naturally doesn t even acknowledge it Other than her grumpy disposition, she has no real characterisation to speak of It s impossible to like or dislike Fred because I know hardly anything about her In between Fred s grumping, we get the search for the person who s polluting the water This really could have gone somewhere and given Sleeping with the Fishes a real plot however, Davidson really didn t invest in it at all The connection made between Fred and the polluter is tenuous at best and his reasons for polluting are absolutely ridiculous If that were not enough, Fred quickly puts two and two together to ascertain the antagonist s identity and the case is wrapped up with everyone headed their own directions I didn t expect the great American novel but what the hell The ending is so abrupt that it left me asking, is this all I assume that because the story is so light in terms of plot, Davidson tried to interject humour Unfortunately, none of the humour is particularly amusing Fred is a mermaid, who has an allergy to seafood and gets seasick in a boat Yes, it s awkward but it is not enough to make me giggle Where Davidson really failed however is having Fred s Bff Jonas be confused as a gay for the sake of shits and giggles People naturally think that Jonas is gay because he likes shopping, can pick a good pair of shoes, takes care of his skin, cares about how he looks etc., and ets., I assume you get the picture It s all based on a stereotype of what a gay man is supposedly like Jonas s sexuality is the brief stumbling block between him and the woman he has had a crush on for six years.Dr Barb nodded Now, Jonas, you listen to me Sterner She looked puzzled, but raised and hardened her voice Now, Jonas, you listen to me He got all tingly when she used her schoolteacher voice You are a wonderful guy handsome, funny, smart, sweet You re going to make some man very happy The trick is finding Mr Right, as they say What You ve got a lot to offer some lucky fellow, and I m sure the gentleman you ve got a crush on will see that if you can just get to know him a little better But In his surprise, he blurted out the truth But you re the gentleman I ve got a crush on They stared at each other Dr Barb froze with her ginger ale halfway to her mouth And Jonas cursed himself This wasn t the first time a woman had assumed he was gay, but he never dreamed that Dr, Barb would think Couldn t she tell he could hardly keep his hands Couldn t she tell But you re gay You re Dr Bimm s gay best friend I m not gay But you are Dr Barb, he snapped, I think I would know, okay Trust me, I m not even bi I m just very very very secure in my masculinity, okay Color began to climb in her face But you like to Metrosexual But you also like Secure in my masculinity Now she was red faced and stammering But I I never s see you w with any girls women, I mean You ve never seen me with anybody She closed her mouth so quickly, he heard the click of her teeth coming together When she spoke, her voice was very small and she sort of breathed the whole thing out, really fast.Read More

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    This is just a remake of Queen Betsy as a mermaid and the sad part is, the author cops to it If you know you are a one trick pony at least TRY to hide it.And as someone who has blue hair, I m offended by Davidson s depiction of our struggle.

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    3.5 starsEven though Fred the mermaid short for Fredericka , is kind of a semi bitchy, disgruntled, the world revolves around me type, this book was still pretty funny I laughed out loud a few times On a side note, Jonas sounds pretty cute, and as for that matter, Arthur, but then spoiler alert who can resist a merman

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    It started off like it was going to be a comedy and make fun of some stereotypes but ended up being nothing than a stereotype fest Single girl is grumpy and alienates people and refuses to date Her metro best friend knows better, and every now and then calls her a frigid bitch or something and tells her she has to want to date said best friend is male, so of COURSE he mansplains her own desire to her, only the book presented this as Ok somehow.Enter gorgeous guy one who falls into insta love with her and has some really wonderful virtues like knowing what colour her hair really is Everyone perceives it as blue, but only he knows it is really green What Enter gorgeous guy two who is controlling and possessive and even creepy than guy one Behold the love triangle oh we ve never seen that before Fred the girl s name which seemed promising at first still doesn t want their sexual harrassment, but somehow every time they force it on her she suddenly feels desire oh please She has no female friends but she has a female boss who could have been portrayed as intelligent and actually been a good character you know I was excited about the marine biologists thing at first but really is just sexy in a neglected older woman sort of a way and ends up being ravished by the best friend who has desired her forever.But bad guys are dumping toxic chemicals in the harbour Which I thought was going to add a point of interest to the story and I liked that Fred and her two irritating suitors were teaming up to stop the pollution I thought there would be something substantial in there but then that as well ends up being about sex and being a short scene of stereotypical violence with the bad guy being portrayed as mentally ill in some nonsensical and ableist way so that he canyeah well I am not sure it would even be spoilers to say .It had potential as a comedy, if we HAD to have the stereotypes but didn t quite manage to mess with them enough, or it had potential to be a romance if it were slightly complex and less stereotypical and lost all the rapey stuff I don t personally love romance as a genre but was prepared to overlook a lot because a mermaid who is a marine biologist seemed like a WONDERFUL idea The first two chapters showed me some body acceptance that was cute and there was a guy who seemed gay but was notthere were a few things in there that really had potential In the end though the author copped out by delivering exactly what everyone is expecting plus a big dose of internalised misogyny I had started bookmarking some examples back when I thought the environmental theme would still carry the book for me I ended up giving up See almost every chapter.

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    I just realized I ve never did a review on this series, and I read it this past summer..Better late than never I suppose Sleeping with the Fishes by MJD is the first book in the Fred the Mermaid series MJD is mostly known for her Undead series which is a big hit and hilarious And like everything she writes, it was fast paced and had snappy dialogue I really like Davidson s humor She can have serious action one minute and humor the next Even when their filled with monsters, you laugh out loud.I really enjoyed this book series It was a different pace from her other series The main character was still a hoot and the book had a good amount of action But this book was all about mermaids, which I thought was cool I was hesitant to read this because I thought it would be of a YA type read Not that I don t love YA, because I do It just didn t appeal to me at first But that was before I started to read it Sure, it s no Betsy, since that series is super great But it s a good series for a light read The heroine, Twenty nine year old marine biologist Dr Fredrika Bimm but funny enough she goes by Fred isn t your typical Disney type mermaid Far from it She s a unique character. with green hair and who s half mermaid and half human During the story she gets the attention of two males One human and the other a sea prince But Fred isn t the type to love that much attention, and doesn t want to be bothered by either The triangle they make is truly funny But romance isn t the main part of this book, the pollution in the waters is a big deal for Fred and being a Marie Biologist she is helping in anyway she can to find out what s the cause That s where both Dr Thomas Pearson and sea price Arthur come in Arthur and all the sea folk are being affected by the pollution and Thomas also wants to help Fred to find out who s behind it Fred s supporting cast is strong and funny I really liked Jonas s character Her best friend He kept the humor going when other s seemed to be sometimes lacking.But honestly this was a good book At page one of this book I was hooked I bought and read all three books in one weekend on my summer vacation SLEEPING WITH FISHES is an amusing fantasy that makes you think twice about who s swimming in your waters If your interested in a charm filled light read, this book is the one to read

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    I really enjoy this book Fred is a wonderful protagonist She s very likable and has a really great sense of humor She s also strong of mind and body If she were a real person, I d be happy to call her a friend This first book is great fun to read In it, we re introduced to Fred, Prince Artur of the Black Sea also known as suitor 1 , and Dr Thomas Pearson also known as Patricia D Jacqueline, romance novelist, and suitor 2 We also meet a character who I perhaps love even than I do Fred Jonas Carrey, Fred s best friend I love Jonas He s handsome and funny and oh so secure in his masculinity I love that his favored drink is an appletini The story starts off fun and funny and just gets better from there The opening scene chapter involves Fred walking in on her parents having sex Hilarity ensues I also have to laugh along whenever Fred s allergy to shellfish comes up in company of her fellow mer people and they laugh It s infectious And it really is pretty funny that Fred is a mermaid who s allergic to shellfish hehehe I m sort of at a loss as to what else I could say about this book I enjoy it It s fun, light, and a quick read What needs to be said Since I can t think of anything, I think I ll stop here.

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    This must be my month for reading off beat books I picked this one up at a book sale because the cover called to meocean and sparkles Well it s an odd story about a mermaid, but it was OK and I will probably read the other 2 in the series when I find them and need a quick easy read.

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    Above average romance involving several heroes and a mermaid named Fred, this first of a new series by Mary Janice Davidson is funny and fast paced, and opens with one of the most memorable scenes I ve run across in awhile The heroine, Fred the mermaid walks in on her mother and stepfather, in flagrante on the sofa, and from there talk turns to her memorable parentage, explaining her uncanny ability to hold her breath underwaternot to mention the fact that water also makes her break out in a tail.Okay, so you have to do a little suspension of disbelief with this one Maybe than with your average Harlequin romance But this is not such a bad thing Once you buy into the whole story and just hang on for the ride, it s quite adorable.Fred gets a job at a local aquarium hee , and becomes involved in the fight to save it from local developers It s not entirely clear how she does this, except by making a gorgeous marine biologist fall in love with her, along with the High Prince of the Black Sea merman , so they ll unite forces and figure out who s poisoning the bay.Trust me, it s super cute Fred gets to be strong and sassy and ignore everyone, and she doesn t commit to one dude or the other simply because it would make a pat storyline She s not that easy to pin down, and she s only known them for a few days apiece.Cute book Definite beach reading.

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    This book was amazing The main character is witty, sarcastic and just all around epic The modern day mermaid and I m not talkin Ariel I ll definitely be investing in the second book of the series.

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