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The Broker In His Final Hours In The Oval Office, The Outgoing President Grants A Controversial Last Minute Pardon To Joel Backman, A Notorious Washington Power Broker Who Has Spent The Last Six Years Hidden Away In A Federal Prison What No One Knows Is That The President Issues The Pardon Only After Receiving Enormous Pressure From The CIA It Seems Backman, In His Power Broker Heyday, May Have Obtained Secrets That Compromise The World S Most Sophisticated Satellite Surveillance SystemBackman Is Quietly Smuggled Out Of The Country In A Military Cargo Plane, Given A New Name, A New Identity, And A New Home In Italy Eventually, After He Has Settled Into His New Life, The CIA Will Leak His Whereabouts To The Israelis, The Russians, The Chinese, And The Saudis Then The CIA Will Do What It Does Best Sit Back And Watch The Question Is Not Whether Backman Will Survive, There Is No Chance Of That The Question The CIA Needs Answered Is, Who Will Kill Him From The Hardcover Edition

Long before his name became synonymous with the modern legal thriller, he was working 60 70 hours a week at a small Southaven, Mississippi law practice, squeezing in time before going to the office and during courtroom recesses to work on his hobby writing his first novel.Born on February 8, 1955 in Jonesboro, Arkansas, to a construction worker and a homemaker, John Grisham as a child dreamed of

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  • The Broker
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  • 28 May 2017
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    The Broker, John GrishamThe Broker is a suspense novel written by American author John Grisham and published in the United States on January 11, 2005 The novel follows the story of Joel Backman, a newly pardoned prisoner who had tried to broker a deal to sell the world s most powerful satellite surveillance system to the highest bidder Joel Backman is the Broker, a Washington power broker lobbyist, considered by some to be one of the most powerful men in Washington However, his life falls apart when a deal collapses involving a hacked spy satellite that nobody knows about, and Backman ends up in jail Six years later, the political wheels in Washington have turned and other power hungry men are eager for his blood Bargains are made, and after an outgoing disgraced president grants him a full pardon at the behest of the CIA, he finds himself spirited out of the prison in the middle of the night, bundled onto a military plane, and flown to Italy to begin a new life He has a new name and mysterious new friends who will teach him to speak the language and to blend in with the people in Bologna However, he soon realizes that something isn t quite kosher in this new setup, in that he is under constant surveillance In reality, the CIA is setting him up for professional assassins from China, Israel, Russia, Saudi Arabia and other countries They intend to sit back and wait to see who kills him in an effort to solve the biggest mystery to hit the US government in decades the question of who built this seemingly impenetrable and most advanced satellite ever It turns out to be China despite having low satellite technology, they stole the information from the U.S Backman barely survives several assassination attempts and manages to establish communication with his son, Neal He escapes surveillance and returns to his home to contract a new deal with the U.S government The CIA is told about the satellite, along with the taking of the satellite s program In return, they agree to do what they can to get the countries targeting him to back off, though they caution him that some of them will not listen Backman then covers his escape by pretending that he is resuming his old life, then quietly disappears and presumably returns to Italy 2006 1384 400 9648605386 21

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    I don t have a whole lot to say about this book It is an older Grisham book I have waited a while to read, and I could have waited longer It was not great In an author s note at the end he even mentions the subject matter and plot in this book are not his normal While I applaud him for stepping outside of his comfort zone, I am glad he stepped back in.As you may have seen in other reviews, almost 2 3 of this book is learning Italian language and culture filler It could easily have been summed up and then the main character spent some time learning Italian and I m emersing himself in the culture and we would have ended up in the same place And, what is even crazier is that him learning to be Italian doesn t really play into the ultimate resolution of the book.So, if you want to try Grisham, don t start here If you are a Grisham fan and you haven t read this yet, consider yourself warned before you try it

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    It s OK Not that bad, not that good either The plot was promising, but I got bored along the way Because it s Grisham, the characters are always interesting and the writing is always great But my problem here was the pace There were a lot of instances where I thought Grisham was beating around the bush He was rather fond of the Italian culture and took lengths to explain quite a few things and that would have been nice if this was a book about Italy But, this is an espionage thriller of some sort and there were quite a lot of dull parts Well if this is a thriller, I wasn t thrilled The ending was redeeming because it contained some excitement, but it was little too late I was at the point of no return I had already gotten bored and my mind was already filled with thoughts about how I wasted my time That being said, I still think that Grisham s sub par work is better than most out there If you re a Grisham fan then read this If not, then don t You re better off reading his other books.

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    I finally found a Grisham novel that I don t remember reading before The Broker, Joel Backman is in prison serving twenty years for a crime that he may or may not have committed With fourteen still to go he is unexpectedly pardoned by the outgoing President and smuggled to a secret location in Europe Then, the authorities of various countries sit back and monitor him as they wait to see who will get to him first..This was a great read and kept me hooked until the end The danger the main character was in felt real and exposed the potential power plays going on at the highest levels of American government and within the intelligence systems.I wasn t as interested in the well researched history of Italy and the various Italian words and phrases that are included in the narrative but this might be a bonus for some people.As with most of Grisham s books, there are a few swear words, some violence and some sexual innuendo There is nothing grossly offensive or especially graphic.An entertaining read Recommended.Check out my John Grisham Shelf

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    In this hefty 422 page wanna be spy novel travel guide, 421 pages too long , Mr Grisham confirms that he is fortunate, indeed, to make so much money with so little talent This book is generously peppered with little gems, such as, I love Stuttgart, Marco said, just to watch it unwrinkle Or, He met Joel at the powerful oak door and they shook hands properly, but not like old friends In other days, he d have followed Elke anywhere, but now it was only downstairs Mr Grisham, who is no Paul Theroux, daringly forays into travel writing with his tedious descriptions of Bologna, Italy, and increases the word count by tediously writing delightful, rambling, mundane phrases, first in Italian, followed by the translation in English He had a brain, cervello He touched a hand, mano an arm, braccio a leg, gamba The trees cut down for this book would have been useful for toilet paper purposes, but nevertheless, not wanting to begrudge the book its value as in flight low grade soporific entertainment, one can best suggest to leave it on an airport bench somewhere, with a forewarning inside for its next unsuspecting reader.

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    It starts promisingly. Then it gets repetitive and reads like Italy s tour guide instead of a thriller Even the ending seems too far fetched implausible.

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    This is another novel in a long line of great books by John Grisham You know it s going to be a fun book when the CIA is leaking someones whereabouts just to see who kills him When I read the jacket of the book I was afraid that they may have given too much of the plot away I was wrong There was still plenty of suspense and drama to be had This book had me guessing how it was going to end until it was over I must admit that I didn t guess right at all The characters in this book are well rounded and well developed It seems that Grisham takes great pride in developing the characters and the settings of his books and it shows The chase in this book takes you into 3 or 4 different countries and crosses paths with many, many people If you are a mystery fan or a Grisham fan then this book is a good read for you It s not as good as A Time to Kill or Runaway Jury but it s by far better than The Brethren those references will make sense to the Grisham addicts out there Overall Rating 4 5

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    My brother recommended this book Since I want him to read Joel Salatin, in a tit for tat deal I agreed to read The Broker The first 13 pages, the political pardon arrangement, were hilarious I was hooked But not for long After the main character, Backman, was whisked away to Europe by the CIA, the spy vs spy vs innocent in a strange land story or whatever this was supposed to be went awry At this point Grisham s editor he does have one, I presume should have sent back the manuscript and told his celebrated author to toss all pages from 14 on into the garbage and not only rewrite the book, but rethink the story What is all this mangiare and vino and birra and espresso doing in a story of a man hunted by assassins While I belong to the 1% of Grisham s readers who thoroughly enjoyed learning to speak basic Italian right along with Backman, I was expecting a thriller, not a language lesson and tour guide to northern Italy with an emphasis on Bologna To repeat, where was his knife wielding editor Worse, The Broker doesn t make sense It contains many plot Whys, but I ll note just 5 big ones First, the CIA places Backman in Italy, gives him an apartment and wardrobe but no money or passport, tutors him in how and when to order a cappucino, and then gives the equivalent CIAs of 4 foreign governments a recent photo of Backman on the streets of Bologna just because the CIA wants to see who will kill him The CIA says this plan is vital to the national security of the U.S.A., but even I, a non reader of thrillers, recognize that this plan is pointless, so why do it Second, how is killing Backman going to help the CIA get what they desperately want, which is JAM Third, since the CIA believes Backman has JAM, why didn t they stick to Plan A and inject him with sodium pentathol when they had him under their thumb at the military hospital Fourth, eventually we learn that Backman does have JAM He s always had it So why didn t he cut a deal with the CIA before he was sentenced to 20 years in solitary confinement Of course, had Backman done that, this book would not exist Fifth, while real life doesn t have neat endings, fiction does But this story has no conclusion Is Backman safe now from all his would be assassins, or not Is this sloppy mess typical of Grisham or was I just handed a lemon

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    Am a fan of John Grisham and if am not mistaken I have read almost all his work starting from A time to kill,The firm,The pelican brief,The runner way jury, The client and so on and so forth.John Grisham don t disappoint.

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    WOW. THIS WAS A WILD RIDE This starts out with a super secret meeting in the White House, doing HIGHLY ILLEGAL things, and from that first bit we go to a Federal Prison to get out The Broker A High command, High powered lawyer lobbyist Rubbing shoulders with Senators, Congressmen, Even Getting a President elected in Washington D.C He is out and from there whisked out of the country to ItalyFrom there is where our main character is on his own so to speak with the deck stacked against them That s was always the plan Can he figure out how to save his butt from whats coming, Can he use all his wits and skills to keep 1 step ahead of trained CIA, FBI, AND MORE Little does he know the last deal that put him in prison is far from over and it could be ANYONE around the corner ready to jump

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