Detective Little Boy Blue

Detective Little Boy Blue Miss Muffet Is Missing And Detective Blue Is On The Case Today Started Like Any Other Day The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon Little Boy Blue Is All Grown Up, And He S A Detective Working To Find Miss Muffet Join In The Fun As Detective Blue Tries To Crack The Case With The Help Of His Nursery Rhyme Friends The Fun Is Never Ending As Detective Blue Interrogates Grown Up Nursery Rhyme Characters In Order To Solve The Missing Muffet Mystery Kids, Parents, And Teachers Can Find A List Of Referenced Nursery Rhymes And Go Back Into The Story To Find The Characters

I grew up in Queens, NY in the 1950s with my baby sister, Lois She is now a wonderful writer of young adult novels and nonfiction My mother was born in Vienna, Austria, and my father came from Brooklyn an interesting match My best friends were Neil, Robbie, Krebs, and Paul I m still good friends with most of these guys It was less hectic in those days no computers, no emails, fewer TV

❰PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Detective Little Boy Blue Author Steve Metzger –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Detective Little Boy Blue
  • Steve Metzger
  • English
  • 10 March 2017
  • 9780545172868

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    A hilarious fractured fairy tale with lots of puns and inside jokes of the Mother Gooses Nursery rhymes One must already know by heart many of the nursery rhymes to understand the humor, otherwise, a lot of research must be done during the reading of this book Luckily, I knew them by heart and I was able to recite them on command while reading this aloud There is a mystery about the disappearance of Little Miss Muffet and only Little Boy Blue can solve the case.

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    EVALUATION This graphic novel seems to be geared toward upper primary readers Panels are mostly one four per page, but they are brightly colored, full or detail, and often than one text box per page Some of the graphics may feel a little overwhelming perhaps just the large, highly expressive faces , but the text boxes a short, yet with a combination of familiar and challenging words Detective Blue, who is Little Boy Blue from the nursery rhyme but all grown up, solves a case with characters from several other nursery rhymes, including Humpty Dumpty, Jack Sprat, and Miss Muffet, so they will need some knowledge of these nursery rhymes to fully understand Detective Blue s adventures However, the plot is accessible enough that readers will understand detective elements and case elements on an adventure level, as well.POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS Again, this graphic novel seems well suited for upper primary, maybe second or third graders The text is definitely not overly challenging, but the plot may be, especially with all the different character names This book would be great for a unit on nursery rhymes or for a book bundle for a student interested in mysteries, detective stories, or adventure.POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES CONCERNS The illustrations, although a little on the garish side, are full of color and character facial expression, which will probably draw in younger readers well My one other concern is that a reader would need to have a good sense of nursery rhymes to fully understand all that Steve Metzger has going on in this book So unless they somehow have that nursery rhyme background on their own, picking up this book and understanding it on their own may be somewhat of a challenge Therefore, it would probably be best read after reading reviewing nursery rhymes with a teacher, fellow classmates, etc.

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    Little Boy Blue from the nursery rhyme has become a detective He investigates crimes that occur in their Fairy tale home In this story, Detective Blue is called upon to investigave the case of a missing person He has to interview many of the known nursery rhyme characters and do a lot of digging before he can solve this case In the end, Detective Blue finds an answer to his case that definitely puts a twist on the nursery rhymes we all know and love.This book is intended for 1st 3rd or 4th graders It can be used for entertainment for younger children and the older children can actually compare and contrast this story with the original versions of the nursery rhymes or do some other higher level of thinking activities This book is a good fit for my classroom because it puts a spin on and gives a different view of rhymes and these characters than we are used to It is entertaining, but still keys in to lessons and language arts reading activities that can be taught I would use this book in my classroom during a nursery rhyme unit or just a unit when we are talking about fairy tales, folk tales, or poetry rhymes It is good for comparing and contrasting the original rhymes with the events that happen in this book It is also good for identification and comprehension activities I would definitely use this book to provide something a little different than just the regular nursery rhymes that have been read over and over again It would be fun and different.

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    Yes, it s another one of those fractured fairy tales that I enjoy so much And I m not the only one Young readers will love following the leads in this mystery that depends on some familiarity with the familiar childhood stories Little Boy Blue is all grown up and now a detective on the case, keeping those Mother Goose nursery rhymes in line After a morning of cleaning up the dish and the spoon and keeping Mary s lamb from entering school, he must figure out what has happened to Miss Muffet In pursuit of a lead, he visits Little Bo Peep, Humpty Dumpty, Little Jack Horner, and Old King Cole s castle A spider provides the essential clue he needs that sends the tireless detective to the home of three bears whose porridge Miss Muffet has been tasting There are all sorts of clever comments from characters lurking in the background in the illustrations or signs posted on the walls The pencil sketches and Photoshop artwork has a cartoonish quality complete with varied panel sizes I laughed out loud when Detective Blue slaps Humpty on the back, and the inevitable happens.

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    Little Boy Blue has left his horn and his job tending sheep and is now a crime solving detective who is charged with finding the missing Miss Muffet In the course of his investigation he interacts with several nursery rhyme characters before he solves the Muffet mystery Elementary teachers will want to include this book in their Mother Goose and nursery rhymes units and secondary language arts teacher will find this useful for teaching allusions, as than 20 nursery rhymes are mentioned or pictured here Tedd Arnold s comic book format will attract attention from comic fans as well as kids who love his Fly Guy series.

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    Pair this with The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon to encourage your students to refresh or learn nursery rhymes We all know these are good for vocabulary and the rhythm of languge, but lots of kids don t know them any And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon Knowing that the jokes in these books stem from the rhymes make the whole thing a lot of fun This book shas lots of visual jokes, which might make it less useful for a group Dish has lots of verbal humor The fork in the road is an actual fork, etc.

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    Little Boy Blue is all grown up and now goes by the private eye name of Detective Blue He and his fractured band of fairy tale acquaintances get in on the mysterious fun of trying to locate the lost and missing Miss Muffett Children do enjoy being able to point out all the famous Mother Goose characters, some hiding quite well in the background due to the artistic talents of Tedd Arnold Recommended for ages four and up.

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    Detective Blue is written as if it is a comic book with lots of detailed pictures The story incorporates each of the nursery rhymes to create a story where detective blue once Little Boy Blue is looking for the missing Miss Muffet This unique story brings the collection of nursery rhymes together in a fun and interactive way Through the story, I really enjoyed how the book incorporated each nursery rhyme character in its own unique way so that the reader could still recognize them I also enjoyed how the story offers clues within its illustration so that the reader can play along with detective Blue throughout the story I think this would be a fun read aloud story for my future students because of how interactive it is This story could also lead into a writing workshop where students can write a story in comic book form.

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    Awards Received NoneAppropriate grade level s Preschool to First GradeSummary Little Boy Blue has grown up and is now Detective Blue Detective Blue is going on a wild goose chase to find Miss Muffet and he is trying to solve the mystery with his nursery rhyme friends.My review Detective Little Boy Blue is easy to follow along and has a funny storyline The writing and illustrations are like a comic book and it makes the book look interesting.1 2 Possible in class uses Detective Little Boy Blue can be used as a book for struggling students Since Detective Little Boy Blue is set up like a graphic novel there is less intimidation if you want to read it Detective Little Boy Blue can also be used to learn about different concepts of print including a cover page and a dedication page.

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    Detective Little Boy Blue is a story in which Detective Little Boy Blue searches for missing Miss Muffet This story contains diverse classic characters which are prevalent in literacy environments in the US Without background knowledge of those characters and reading experiences, I did not recognize them correctly, and it distracted me from paying attention to the story Those who do not have background literacy experiences in this culture, such as immigrants, may feel awkward and isolated when reading this book By adopting noble graphics formats, readers could enjoy reading this book for fun However, it was terrifying for me to view the illustrations of Humpty Dumpty who fell off from the stone wall and cracked, splashing the egg white and his eyes.

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