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Karma GirlI m a big fan of Jennifer Estep s Elemental Assassin series and immediately fell in love with the premise and characters of her Mythos Academy series, so I had a hinch that I would be in for a great story when I started reading Karma Girl, but I never expected to be blown away this much Karma Girl is the first novel in Jennifer Estep s Bigtime series which is set in an alternate universe where every town in the world has their own superheroes someone who shows up whenever the train runs off the tracks and won t stop and ubervillains, the archnemesis of the superheroes, those who want to rule supreme Cape and tight wearing cartoon characters are actually real people and battles done with superpowers are true and not sci fi stories Can you imagine such a colourful, buzzing and heightened world Well multiply what you picture by a thousand and you might get close to Bigtime, where if someone says traffic was terrible it might mean that Yeti Girl was throwing cars around the freeway Swifte showed up and helped the cops tranq her, but it took them forever to get the debris off the road The Bigtime series is flashing with the bright costumes of the several dozens of superheroes and ubervillains Jennifer Estep introduces there is Granny Cane yep you got it right, she is an old lady of seventy who grabs the purse stealing thugs and brings them to the police lol , reformed ubervillain Shrieker who signs copies of her tell all memoir in the mall, but the most famous ones in the city are the Fearless Five and the Terrible Triad They were legends, not just in Bigtime, but throughout the world They had the strongest powers They waged the biggest battles They engaged in the most amazing escapes and the most elaborate schemes They were the cr me de la cr me of superheroes and ubervillains I just loved all the cartoon like speaking names of the superheroes and ubervillains the Toastmaster, The Kilted Scotsman, the Blue Berserker, the Fearless Five and the Terrible Triad and the alliterating names for every character Sam Sloane, Nate Norris, Devlin Dash, Carmen Cole helped even to make me feel like I was watching an episode of Superman DCarmen, our heroine, is a great character she is an ordinary girl, one the reader can relate to She is funny and independent but not too good to be true She is human and flawed But her sense of humour is without a pair, I especially loved her t shirts, they were the best T shirt that read 0 to Bitch in 7.7 seconds or your money back T shirt that read Love just weighs a woman down And her lines like the ones below made me chuckle out loud countless times I scanned the street and the surrounding alleys Nothing I bit back a growl of frustration Striker wasn t going to show I had come down to Drugs R Us and put myself in danger for nothing ROFLWhat I loved most about Carmen was that she treated superheroes and ubervillains as if they were normal, ordinary people She was impudent, cheeky, she didn t censor herself for fear of angering them, she remained her usual self A block went by, then another, then another I wasn t sure what to say to him, given the way our last conversation had gone It hadn t been a smashing success So, how was your day I asked Can you imagine that A superhero is walking her home so she isn t attacked and she tries to make ordinary small talk with him Unbelievable, and so adorable D What could you say to a superhero you d slept with Thank you Atta boy Keep up the good work Striker is a dashing hero Besides being a superhero and everything that entails drop dead gorgeous body, noble intentions, heroic and fierce protector, he has a tender and intense side to him when it comes to Carmen Superheroes aren t perfect, you know Just because some of us have superstrength doesn t mean we never get scared We have fears and insecurities and worries too I was afraid tonight Afraid for you I saw the men chase you into the alley I was afraid I wouldn t be quick enough to save you, fast enough to stop them The love story between Carmen and Striker was exciting yet tender His gentleness and care didn t only make Carmen melt but I was a puddle myself and of course the heat of some scenes are to be blamed as well, there were some seriously sensual love scenes His hot breath brushed against my cheek as soft as a butterfly s kiss on my feverish skin Karma Girl is a wonderful mix of mystery, adventure, romance and heaps of cheeky humour I loved the wonderfully colourful characters, the exciting worldbuilding, the puzzling mystery, all the heart pounding action and of course the wonderful love story deleoping between Carmen and Striker Verdict I was already a big fan of Jennifer Estep but Karma Girl made me even devoted It is such a laugh out loud funny, incredibly witty, amusing, breath of fresh air story, I loved every second of it and cannot wait to read about the superheroes and ubervillains adventures I give Karma Girl 4.5 stars This was one of the worst written books I ve read in a while Every other paragraph, the author has the narrator say things like, my inner voice chattered or my inner voice screamed I haven t encountered such an annoying narrative tick since Tolkien s And lo And behold addiction in Return of the King Also, every time there s an ethnic character, they are repeatedly referred to in the text as the black man or the Asian girl I think I should apply that strategy to a novel about the Republican primaries The white man, the other white man, yet another white man The plot is also incredibly predictable Carmen Cole, plucky girl reporter, tries to unmask a series of superheroes and ubervillains, only their identities are so painfully obvious, one begins to think that Carmen and her inner voice must have recently suffered a head injury Add to that a bland romance, full of dueling tongues and other bad smutfic cliches, and you have a book I m really baffled that I bothered to finish.However, if I hadn t, I might have missed the best line in the thing Says the supposedly supergenius ubervillain Frost Your lack of intellect is too small to calculate Ahahahaha Wow. Bigtime, New York, Is Not Big Enough For Both Carmen Cole And The Superheroes And Ubervillains Who Stalk Its Streets An Intrepid Reporter, Carmen S Dedicated Her Life To Unmasking The Spandexwearers, All Because Her Fianc Turned Out To Be A Superhero, And A Cheating One At That Sleeping With None Other Than His Nubile Nemesis Exposing The True Identities Of The Nation S Caped Crusaders And Their Archenemies Has Catapulted Carmen From Her Sleepy Southern Hometown To The Front Pages Of The Country S Biggest Newspaper, The ExposHobnobbing With Millionaires And Famished Fashionistas Is All In A Day S Work For A Woman On The Trail Of The Fearless Five And Terrible Triad But When Carmen Gets The Scoop Of Her Career, Her Life Comes Crashing Down Around Her And Even Bigtime S Sexiest Superhero, Striker, May Not Be Able To Save Her Have you ever wondered what would happen if there were really superheroes Karma Girl describes a world just like ours except every town has its own superhero and ubervillain It s just a fact of life.This author has obviously read her share of comic books, but didn t take them too seriously, as so many comic book fans do In Karma Girl, she has taken a lighthearted poke at the comic book genre and incorporated the fun, funny parts of a comic book world into a fully realized romance story.Carmen Cole, having been betrayed in the past by her fiance, who turned out to be a superhero all unbeknownst to her , is on a mission to unmask them all Why should they get to hide behind their secret identities She builds a career around her ability to dig into the lives of the superheroes and ubervillains and expose them for who they really are.Until tragedy strikes, all because she s done her job too well Her career takes a dive, as well as her reputation, and she s keeping her head down as she tries to figure out what to do with her life.Just about then, the Terrible Triad of ubervillains captures her and, with dire threats of horrible consequences, forces her to resume her crusade Expose the secret identity of Striker, the foremost superhero of Bigtime or die a horrible death or worse What s a girl to do Well, I won t tell you You have to read it to find out Suffice it to say that this is a very entertaining read, filled with all the excitement and bizarre twists and turns of a good comic book, and the warmth of a building romance.Will Carmen be turned into Yeti Girl by the Terrible Triad Will Striker save her Will she ever be able to find the zipper in Striker s leather suit Tune into Karma Girl and find out To rate this review, add your own, view book trailers and , visit www.DigigirlsLibrary.com. Mon avis en Fran ais My English reviewIt s been a long time since I ve read a novel featuring superheroes and I admit that, knowing the talent of Jennifer Estep, I was curious to discover another of her series I have this novel for years and it is true that I do not regret finally trying it because I had a good time.Carmen Cole hates superheroes and their alter egos the ubervillans Why is that On the day of her wedding and feeling that her fianc hides something from her, she decides to go and ask him for explanations to find him cheating on her with her best friend But that s not all, because on top of that, he kept a secret that he was the superhero of the city and her best friend the villain of the story Scorned and after revealing their identities, she decides to take revenge by unmasking all the heroes and villains so that everyone knows who they are But now, by becoming and known and by unveiling the most appreciated heroes, her career plummets overnight when her latest victim commits suicide after the publication of the paper Putting everything in question, Carmen will have to face new attentions and especially ubervillains who want her to discover the identity of the sexiest superhero Striker.I liked this novel, it s fresh, it s full of ideas and it changes from what we usually read everywhere Carmen realizes little by little that her revenge can have terrible repercussions Her relationship with Striker is a little delicate and we can see that neither of them really knows how to act in relation to the other A link exists between them, which pushes them towards each other and yet both know that it is a bad idea.The story was nice and I really had a good time with the characters However it is true that there is not a lot of suspense regarding the identity of the characters While Carmen is looking for who Striker might be, we are almost sure about his identity, just like the great villain of the story It is not really a problem but I wondered if it was done on purpose or not In any case it s a different story to have a good time Carmen Cole is on a mission When she found her fiance in bed with her best friend thirty minutes before her wedding, something in Carmen broke When she realized that under the wedding clothing that the two wereerworking aroundlay the truth of their secret identities, and that her fiance was her town s superhero and her best friend was the town s ubervillain, she did than break She snapped Pictures that is Of the two lovebirds doing the deed Then she ran right to the newspaper she worked for and broke the story Fueled by righteous anger and bearing a load of pain and humiliation, her heartbreak became the fuel for a quest, for a mission unearth the identities of every superhero and ubervillain there is so no one could be lied to and hurt like she had been And so her mission began, and she followed it faithfully until the day that her story caused the suicide of one of the superheroes she unmasked The regret and sorrow over that haunts Carmen, ending her mission, throwing her karma completely out of whack, and leaving her ripe for the pickings of the Terrible Trio her current city s ubervillain crime bosses Karma is a bitch, and when it bites back, it leaves marks, and Carmen is just about to realize just how bad karma can get Will any superhero lend a hand after her mission of disclosure As a true tongue in cheek romp, Karma Girl is a fun, light read There s nothing too dark and unpleasant, and even the villains tend to feel Sunday comics than dark comic book Nefarious plans and wicked plots abound, as do irrepressible superheroes and sexy millionaire playboys At the center is Carmen, the wounded reporter who s now paying for her revenge in the worst ways I truly enjoyed the very Batman Superman feel to the book the costumes, the masks, the alter egos, the AU technology and inventions like the freeze gun stuff and the explodium It was just a whole lot of fun and as long as you re okay not taking it seriously, it s a cute romance, toothough admittedly, I would ve liked a wee bit of just Carmen and Striker scenes The book is written well and while the pacing slowed in a few spots, it was nothing that really distracted from my enjoyment I enjoyed the F5 group, and the villains were suitably villainous, and sure it doesn t take a mad scientist to figure out who everyone is, but so what It s not supposed to for the reader that AU blind spot like no one noticed Clark Kent was Superman that exists in all superhero books, movies, comics, etc was well represented here.There were only a couple of things that really bugged me the prolific use of the word karma and being hit over the head with Carmen s guilt over Tornado s suicide Both were so, so, so overdone that it exceeded by far the bounds of foreshadowing plot development and headed straight into being really distracting I understand the importance of karma as a theme here, and to keep Carmen likable she had to feel remorse for Tornado, but sheesh there s a fine line and it wasn t just crossed here, the author did the naked samba over it all through the book Other than those two complaints, I found this book to be a fun, light, and surprisingly cute read that really well represented all those crazy, campy superhero stories Nicely done Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another. WHAT IN THE NAME OF BLOODY HADES WAS THAT I I don t know how to start It was a mesh of complete utter bullshit for most part, bursting it s guts out with a pool full of cliches, what with all that talk of explodium and getting hit by lightening and not dying or going raving mad, oh no, but gaining SUPERPOWERS instead HOW ORIGINAL AND THE THING THAT MOST APPALLED ME the writing was all very amateurish I never ever expected that of Estep.But since this book was written some time ago, I think a debut most likely, this seems to be the work of budding writer I wish the writer took time to think the whole plot through, maybe then, everything wouldn t have been so predictable and stereotyped down to the ubervillain girl s boots.AGONY.It was pure ,vicious agony I tell you, that burned through me as I struggled to get through with this novel since I could almost certainly guess what was next going to happen.There was no suspense, no mystery, and the heroine kind of sucked Even their costumes weren t exciting, the only good thing I could find was their lair, which was predictable, sort of, but good nonethelesssigh I m so disappointed and dejected, I think I m just gonna go finish the pint of chocolate chip ice cream that seems to be calling my name before I drown in kickass heroine awesome story withdrawal and lie down in a fetal position, bawling my eyes out image error Estep s first novel is a hoot with plenty of laughs Carmen Cole is a woman scorned, and she vows to unmask all the superheroes and ubervillains as revenge for her fiance and best friend s betrayal Yet,there are surprises in store for Bigtime s superheroes and ubervillains and even Carmen herself Add in some romance, and it is highly recommended fun reading Now I know why Gwen Frost of the Mythos Academy series had a poster of Karma Girl on her dorm room wall Always loved the shout out that harkened back to this novelclever marketing, too p 228 We all have our special skills They don t make us better or worse than each other Just different about having superpowersbut could be applied to anyone 3.5 starsOriginally posted at The Book Nympho Grab your graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows because you are going to want to make some s s while reading this lovable campy paranormal romance After falling in love with Jennifer Estep s Elemental Assassin series back in 2012 I grabbed books 1 3 in her Bigtime series when I ran across them at my local used bookstore They ve sat on my shelf waiting for me to get in the mood for a fun and light romance that involved superheroes Well that mood hit me and here I am today talking about the 1st book, Karma Girl.Now Estep has warned me that the Bigtime series is nothing like the Elemental Assassin series and that s true But it s not a bad thing The writing is still Estep which is great and there are fun characters that Estep known for delivering but there s a touch romance in Karma Girl Yes, you get a few hot detailed smexy scenes But hey, it s a romance so that s allowed.Our heroine, Carmen Cole came to Bigtime which I picture as a fictional New York after she got her heart broke on her wedding day She s been going from town to town and newspaper to newspaper uncovering superheroes and ubervillains in the name of revenge See her fianc was a superhero and he cheated on her and kept his cape wearing hobby a secret But after one superhero ends his life after being exposed by Carmen she hung up her cape busting ways.But Carmen gets sucked back in by one of the ubervillains of Bigtime, Malefica, the leader of The Terrible Triad Malefica wants Carmen to unmask the members of the Fearless Five, the main group of superheroes in Bigtime or Carmen will meet an untimely demise.I love how there are superheroes and villains all over the country It s like a mash up of Disney s The Incredibles and the DC line up on The CW like The Flash than the darker Arrow.Carmen has a knack for puzzles and it really makes her good at unmasking the superheroes They way her system works when she finds the real identity to the superhero it helps her uncover their villain counterpart So Carmen decides to use her time figuring out who Striker, the leader of the Fearless Five is in order to find out who Malefica really is.While Carmen is researching she gets to know Striker and she can t help be feel an attraction to him And that attraction is returned by Striker While fire is not one of Striker s powers, he still manages to turn up the heat with Carmen Karma Girl might be Estep s first published book but it reads like she wrote it yesterday There are no first time pains showing here If you are an Estep fan and looking for something on the fun side with superheroes and a lovable noise reporter, I think you ll have a grand adventure flying through the streets of Bigtime Wouldn t be an Estep book without a food quote Well, what did you have for lunch I snapped Surely that s not top secret superhero information Steak with mashed potatoes and a side salad, Striker replied And a piece of chocolate cheesecake for dessert I gave up on conversation after that I was too jealous of the cheesecake to continue. This was on a table at my library because it is in the running for a reader s choice award Gak No, no, no If this qualifies for any award, then the criteria for nomination needs to be seriously looked at Here s what I wish for A funny book A really funny book That isn t stupidisn t raunchyisn t pathetically unimportant Is that too much to ask I can tell the author is trying to be witty and interesting But the result is embarrassing Karma Girl follows a jilted woman who discovers her finance is really a superhero having an affair with his nemesis and her best friend Hurt, she decides to out all of the local superheros But, as superheroes surround her, she finds herself caught up in their world and falling for another masked man Obviously, this is a parody or satire of the comic book world, and the author spends ample amount of time and space describing spandex and bad monologues But it s all too juvenile to be entertaining I ve seen The Incredibles and it s 1000 times funny If anyone knows some really great comedic literature that won t leave me feeling stupider at the end, please let me know I hope I m providing a likewise favor by suggesting you avoid wasting time with this book.

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