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Alligators All AroundAlligators All Around is apart of the popular Nutshell Library by Maurice Sendak and it details a family of alligators showing the audience about learning the alphabet through various humorous phrases Alligators All Around is a brilliant book about teaching the alphabet in a creative way that children will love for many years.Maurice Sendak had out done himself in this clever book about learning the alphabet through creative phrases Maurice Sendak comes up with some creative and hilarious verses to teach children the letters of the alphabet such as A Alligators All Around and D Doing Dishes, as he simply uses two words to describe each letter of the alphabet, making the book easier for smaller children to understand the concept of the letters of the alphabet Maurice Sendak s illustrations may not be as colorful or realistic as his popular books Outside Over There or Where the Wild Things Are, but they are extremely creative as the characters are a family of three green alligators who are shown doing crazy antics that are representing the letters of the alphabet The images that truly stood out in this book were the images of the three alligators themselves as they have tiny black dotted eyes and have humorous expressions on their faces whenever they are doing something crazy in this book.Parents should know that there is an image of a small alligator pushing a human child when the book approaches the letter P , which is Pushing People and parents might be a bit uncomfortable with having such an image presented to a young child who can easily imitate anything Parents should tell their children that it is not nice to push other children around and therefore, children should not imitate the image of the alligator pushing the children so often Alligators All Around is a brilliant book about learning the letters of the alphabet in a creative way that will have many children enjoying this book for a long time I would recommend this book to children ages four and up since the image of the alligator pushing a child might entice smaller children.Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog This version of the ABCs using Alligators as the main characters was perfect for 2 4 year olds The pictures often depict little alligators being pretty naughty, the colors are muted than typical children s stories but clearly illustrated by Sendak s unique style The naughty little Alligators present themselves as good talking points to illustrate what not to do Illustrator Project Book Lovely book, but for the letter I Imitating Indians Just not quite what I want to be modeling for this impressionable little babe. Am I the only person in the world who finds Maurice Sendak books to be a bit creepy I remember reading this book when I was a kid and thinking What is the deal with these alligators This family dynamic is all messed upWell maybe my three year old self didn t articulate it quite that way, but deep down I was put off by the instability, the sheer anarchy I believed these alligators represented Did I delight in the freedom they express with their yackety yacking and their wig wearing No I wanted them to stop behaving like such nut balls Like what s the deal with the kid alligator with the propeller beanie Obviously a bit of a bully, probably due to being shockingly spoiled Any kid over the age of two knows that wearing a propeller beanie is a sure sign of juvenile delinquency But I can t really blame the young alligator, as this is what you would expect in a child raised in house where he is encouraged to flaunt the rules see forever fooling, where the child riding his dad like a pony and then is punished for not following the rules see never napping, where Al jr catches it from Al sr for staying up late This inconsistent parenting can only lead to behavioural problems see pushing people, where young Al gives a delicate looking boy a rough shove But the most problematic panel of all is I Imitating Indians Now just about everyone these days except for the fans of Clevelands baseball team knows cultural appropriation is just not cool, but what is the deal with the young alligator smoking a peace pipe These alligators are not only bad apples, they are kinda jerks. I adore this book I used to listen to a record yes, record of Carole King s musical adaptations of this and other Maurice Sendak books and I love, love, love them Naturally this book takes me back to the days of records and not to mention Wonder Woman pajamas. Fun illustrations present a fun way for kids to learn or reinforce sounds of the letters of the alphabet Although it has classic, two tone illustrations, the clever poses and ideas will keep kids interest. Love this book If you enjoy a good ABC story and the art of Maurice Sendek how can you go wrong with this one The alligators in the title are talso the actors bringing the alphabet to life. And the Carol King song is a perfect accompaniment Best EPub, Alligators All Around By Maurice Sendak This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Alligators All Around, Essay By Maurice Sendak Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Title Alligators All Around Author Maurice SendakGenre ABC BookTheme s alphabet, animals, alliterationOpening line sentence Alligators all around, Bursting balloons, Catching colds Brief Book Summary Alligators All Around takes readers on a journey through a day in the life of an alligator, using the ABCs to describe things that an alligator might do The alligators do lots of silly activities, such as juggle jellybeans, order oatmeal, and wear wigs Much like Sendak s other books, Alligators All Around has a simple plot, but is tons of fun for young readers Professional Recommendation Review 1 Those alligators really do get around Whether they re entertaining elephants, making macaroni, having headaches, or throwing tantrums, the rascally reptiles are never napping Maurice Sendak s alphabet book will have young readers reciting their ABC s in no time The three color illustrations endear these quite quarrelsome critters to readers hearts Mom, Dad, and Junior are brimming with personality the collective images create a complete picture of the nutty yet remarkably familiar household Somehow, these likable lizards manage to capture the foibles and peculiarities of human nature better than many bipeds ever could Yet beneath their very vain and sometimes shockingly spoiled surface, the friendly fanged creatures have a charm that no one can resist Sendak, beloved author illustrator of such classics as Where the Wild Things Are, In the Night Kitchen, and Chicken Soup with Rice, much like his green gator gang, is always getting giggles Baby to preschool Emilie Coulter Professional Recommendation Review 2 George Hunt Books for Keeps No 73, March 1992 A modest but deceptively spacious quartet by Maurice Sendak, consisting of a book of months, a forward and backward counting rhyme, an alligator alphabet and a cautionary tale in verse, all cautionary tale in verse, all presented in a quaint miniature format Sendak s drawings and text are admirably economical, conveying narrative richness in a few deft lines The books are attractive, robustly constructed and would fit snugly into a toddler s pocket based on miniature adaptation Response to Two Professional Reviews It was very difficult to find professional reviews on this book, and I m not sure why that is Therefore, I used a review that was written about the same book, but was initially intended for a pocket version of a collection of Sendak books Both reviews are positive, as most published reviews are the first review notes that Sendak s pictures are true to his style and are relatable to the reader, which will help them recite their ABCs in no time According to that reviewer, Sendak s work tends to be funny and enjoyable for young children, which is why this book is so good I would have to agree with these reviewers and say that in terms of alphabet books, this is one of the most effective ones of all Evaluation of Literary Elements The main reason that this book is so successful is because not only does it teach the alphabet, but it also uses alliteration to get the point across This provides young readers with a better idea of words that start with each given letter, as opposed to many alphabet books, in which only one example is given per letter The use of alliteration also helps with the flow of the book, making it an easy, rhythmic read for new readers Consideration of Instructional Application In the classroom, this book can serve various purposes With the youngest learners, it can be used for its initial purpose of learning the alphabet Children can read it with the teacher or on their own to practice letter names and sounds The teacher could give each student a different letter and have the students color a picture of the alligators doing the accompanying action With students who are a little older, doing a read aloud of this book is the perfect was to introduce alliteration.

Maurice Bernard Sendak was an American writer and illustrator of children s literature who is best known for his book Where the Wild Things Are, published in 1963 An elementary school from kindergarten to grade five in North Hollywood, California is named in his honor.Sendak was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Polish Jewish immigrant parents, and decided to become an illustrator after viewing

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