The Sounding

The Sounding Where should I start, probably at the beginning But I need to explain three things to the readers of this review first, I read fast, not a speed reader but I read fast This book took way longer than normal because I found myself paging back, re reading parts, then paging back again to make sure I understood the premise and to make sure I memorize the facts.Secondly I am one of those people who love what I refer to as useless facts I live for them, read for them and have them stored somewhere in my brain for future use This book fed this aspect of my psyche to the limit I loved this Thus the paging back and forth Thirdly, I was asked while I was reading it what it is about, I answered it is a story about the Bible, and specifically the interpretation of the Bible by the Catholic Church So a second question was voiced is the book pro or anti Catholicism and I naturally answered, pro no, anti, no neither And that got me thinking In the end, apart from a few plot critical junctions the church does not do much It is what they have done, how they interpret that is shared with the reader But, as I thought over my answer I came to the conclusion that the interpretations are very factually stated with no real slant towards one or the other side It is the reader s preconceived ideas that would slant the impressions towards to book This is one of the fascinating facets of this book.The next thing I stood in awe with is the authors ability to take the one main character and make her grow and change, I don t want to give away too much about the plot, but the author manages to give this character two very distinct voices When it starts in the book it is very subtle, later it became apparent and even impressive.What is not to like in the book Absolutely nothing I do not like making comparisons between books and authors but if you liked books penned by Dan Brown then you will love this If you like a horror with a nasty twist in the end, you will love this If you like a love story, you will love this Thus my 10 review for this book I loved it All three times I have read it, and if you think that is an exaggeration, don t, I plan to read it again, this time much slower and much at my ease. Carrie Salo s The Sounding does an amazing job of transporting the reader from small town America to The Vatican while the major character goes on a true journey of self discovery With facts borrowed from the Book of Revelations, Salo puts a modern spin on the end of the world story described in The Bible Initially, I worried that one would need to have an intimate knowledge of The Bible The sheer size of the book was daunting but I found myself tearing through this book I was pleasantly surprised to find that all one needs to do is buckle up and go along for the ride The characters are richly drawn and the dialogue is written realistically There are genuine scares and the pacing builds to a climax that many readers will not see coming As an avid reader of the horror genre I eagerly anticipate the next novel from this author. Book Excellence Awards Suspense Winner In The Book Of Revelation, A Man Named John Has A Prophetic Dream He Dreams Of The Final Prophecies That Will Come To Pass And The Seven Archangels That Guard Them Each Angel Waits To Sound Their Trumpet At God S Appointed Time, Preparing Humanity To Fight And Win The Final Battle, Years Later, Father Chris Mognahan Is A Member Of The Hetairia Melchizedek, A Secret Society Within The Catholic Church That Studies Biblical Omens The Society Asks Chris To Investigate An Unusually Grotesque Crime A Murder On A College Campus Where The Killer S Hand Literally Burned Off The Victim S Face While The Killing Seems Isolated At First, The Society Ties The Murder To The Final Biblical Prophecy And A Terrifying Omen That The Order Of The Prophecies Is About To Be Disrupted The Final Battle Is Coming Too Soon Long Before Humanity Is Prepared To Win ItSuddenly, Chris Finds Himself Fighting Against Time And Hell To Keep The Prophecies In Order And Stop An Early Armageddon He Is Joined By A Band Of Unlikely Allies, And Together They Find Themselves In Rome Above The Vatican Necropolis The City Of The Dead Where The Future Is Revealed To Them In Ancient TextsThey Are Not Alone, However An Evil As Old As Time Itself Hunts Them As They Travel Across Continents On Their Mission, The Demonic Force Follows Relentlessly, Waiting In Every Shadowed Corner, And Every Dark PlaceAs Armageddon Descends, Father Chris Finds That His Only Hope Lies In A Young Woman Within The Group Who Has A Secret Gift And Their Belief That God Himself May Have Sent Her To Keep The Final Angelic Trumpet From Sounding Out The Early End Of The Earth I was on Facebook one night, having just finished Stephen Kings 11 22 63 novel and was thinking about what to read next when I saw an ad on the right side of the page for The Sounding I can t remember exactly what it said, but it sounded intriguing and I thought why not try it I m very glad I did Its that rare book that grabs you from the start and doesn t let go until the end It was fascinating to watch the main character, Elise, grow from an average person with everyday fears to a powerful being with a mission when she finally accepts her destiny The interplay between the characters is really first class, and I quickly began to care about them, even ones I didn t like at first Once I got into the book I started reading it really fast, and had to actually slow down because I didn t want it to end I really can t say enough about it I learned a lot about Catholicism too, as the book is steeped in accurate history It even lead me to the Vatican website on my own to learn a bit about a few scenes Rarely have I been sucked in as much as I was with The Sounding If you are a fan of supernatural angels demons prophecy then you will absolutely love this book I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a great adventure. Excellent debut novel from Carrie Salo, really enjoyed this gripping thriller, it s not the easiest book to read due to the biblical passages but well worth persevering with as the storyline gets you hooked right from the start Will keep an eye out for future releases from Salo if they are half as good as this they will be worth reading. Without giving away the story or reiterating what other reviewers said in their detailed analysis, I will say you won t be disappointed by this paranormal thriller Before starting The Sounding, I knew it was a novel about the final prophecy that leads to Armageddon and good versus evil As one who is not religious, I had some concerns Those concerns were quickly put to rest as I started the book The storyline drew me in from the very beginning and kept me on the edge of my seat toward the end The ending was shocking and not something I expected As a brand new author, Ms Salo went above and beyond my expectations It was well written and she certainly did her research before creating the story Would I recommend it or read the book again Absolutely yes The Sounding conjures up the question What if this really could happen Have you ever read the Book of Revelation in the Bible Not for the faint of heart, this book contains numerous prophecies, including what will happen to the earth at the End of Days, also known as the apocalypse Having only a general idea of what is actually foretold and never having read it myself, when we received the offer to review The Sounding by Carrie Salo I was intrigued and a bit intimidated I was going to have a lot of learning to do about not only the Book of Revelations, but the history of Catholicism as well And so I dove in head first, excited to see what Salo had in store for me The Sounding begins with a murder On a small college campus in the Appalachian hills, a student named Clyde Parker is found with a fatal wound to his face so severe that the medical examiner estimates that it would have taken something moving at 200 miles per hour to cause it The catch is that the wound is in the shape of a human hand Meanwhile, Father Chris Mognahan, a priest of a small parish in upstate New York becomes connected to this brutal case through his involvement in the Hetairia Melchizedek, a secret society within the Catholic Church that is charged with investigating and protecting humanity against the seven seals and seven angels of the apocalypse what will usher in the end of human life on our planet Chris, along with other members of the order, are working against a dire threat than the Church has ever faced before, as they fear that the prophecy outlined in Revelations will be unleashed millennia before it is supposed to occur Their only hope lies in Remiel, the seventh angel in the prophecy that holds the key to saving humanity from prematurely ending in disaster Fortunately, Chris and his colleagues think they have miraculously found her, but she is facing an imminent threat from a demonic creature referred to as the Other Will Chris and the order be able to save Remiel and help her to prevent the early coming of the apocalypse, or will the Other prove to be than they can handle This book was quite an undertaking Part fiction, part history lesson, and part Bible analysis, Salo writes a detailed and complex story that drew me in from the beginning Having never really known anything about the Book of Revelations, I thought the passages that Salo analyzes and uses as her backdrop for this novel were a great choice Nothing is dramatic than the prophecy about the End of Days, and just the actual passages alone are enough to make anyone s pulse quicken Add to this the element of a modern day murder mystery, as well as the mystique of an ancient Catholic Church sect, and you have the makings of a great novel And this was definitely a great novel It s definitely apparent that Salo did a large amount of research for this novel, as the amount of history and detail which she includes is unparalleled When I learned that she actually even traveled to Italy to research and got to visit the catacombs, I wasn t surprised I always appreciate it when an author puts this much time and dedication into a work I feel that one great novel by an author is far superior to 10 mediocre ones in the same time frame That being said, Salo s research definitely helped with character development and plot enrichment Little details, such as describing hotel furniture as over polished I never thought of this until now and the little eccentricities of human emotion and self doubt, are interwoven expertly into the novel, making it a rich read that was full of surprises If you re in the mood for a thrilling suspense story that is an intellectual adventure as well, definitely give this a try You won t be disappointed Todd Reflections of a Book Addict The Sounding Carrie SaloThis book was provided to me, by the author, in Kindle format in exchange for an honest review Plot 5 5 stars I have to admit that I went through a tiny bit of a roller coaster with this plot When I read the blurb I was instantly intrigued, by about 5% into the story I was a bit less interested and even stepped away from the story for a while to do other things but eventually I persevered and I am so glad that I did because by 15% I was HOOKED line and sinker and the plot held onto me to the very last page and beyond I can guarantee you have never encountered a plot even remotely similar to this one and if religion isn t really your thing, don t let that stop you from reading this book It will blow you away Characters 5 5 stars When was the last time you picked up a book where the main characters included two priests and a MUTE monk On the originality scale these characters are off the charts They are also likeable, believable, deeply written with their own very distinct personalities that they are true to from start to finish Every line of dialogue, every action that the characters in this book perform both primary and sub characters is completely true to who they are as individuals and that is not an easy thing for a writer to accomplish Writing 5 5 stars Narrative and Dialogue I know, I m starting to sound like a broken record here but this was also impeccable By the first page you will, guaranteed, realize that this woman can WRITE Her descriptions and similes are vibrant, brilliantly choreographed, and completely new to the world of writing I almost got the impression that the author deliberately avoided any descriptive that is typical in books like black as night or white as ivory with painstaking attention to detail Reading it, however, is easy and comfortable Her method and tempo roll across the mind with ease and enrichment and the dialogue always remains interesting and entertaining Editing 4 5 stars I found a few typos here and there and there were some words that the author repeatedly used incorrectly shown when it should have been shone but I m a typo nazi of the highest order and even I had no trouble looking past the few tiny mistakes here and there because the story itself is just that good The formatting is flawless read on Kindle Originality 5 5 stars This has to be one of the most unique book plots that I have ever read and I mean that with conviction that I ve ever felt for a book before Although the story is nothing like the works of J.K Rowling or John Grisham and only hints at similarities with Dan Brown s work this author belongs on a list with these three as one of the most researched, original, deeply engrossing, and absolutely genius books ever written I must have I even read the Thanks and Acknowledgements page at the back of the book because I wasn t ready for it to end Overall 500 stars really a MUST READ I have been an avid reader for all of my life I read books from all genres and have a handful of books that I would rate as 5 stars and recommend to everybody For example The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett, I Know this Much is True by Wally Lamb, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, The Dragon Bone Chair by Tad Williams and The Passage by Justin Cronin I now have a new book to add to this list The Sounding by Carrie Salo I received this book as part of a read to review program in exchanged for an honest review The book is a dark supernatural religious thriller that centers on the Book of Revelations and the end of the world I was raised catholic and have a good working knowledge in this area, so I was very excited with the topic I found that Carrie did and excellent job researching her book and was able to present the material in a way that draws you in without overwhelming you with the history She created a cast of characters that you didn t just read about, but began to care about and eventually cheered for by the end of the book This book had everything from history to romance and twists and turns at every corner I absolutely loved this book and was not sure how it would end right up to the last few pages It is one of the best debut books I have read in a long time I see a long career for Carrie and can not wait for her next book. The Sounding revolves around the end of the world as prophesied in the Book of Revelation You don t have to be well versed in the Bible to follow this fast paced thriller Elise is just an average college student when a peculiar murder on campus changes her life forever This murder catches the attention of Father Chris, who has been researching strange phenomenon for the Catholic church in hopes of finding The One who will stop Armageddon There is an ancient evil who wants to bring an early end to all of humanity Father Chris reveals that Elise is The One Elise must travel the world to prepare for her final battle with The Other, a creature so evil and terrifying, it will scare you This creature is so incredibly strong, one can t help but think of a final boss battle from a video game, where it seems impossible to defeat Salo references several passages from the Bible to set up certain scenes, but does so in a way that benefits the story, not to preach anything to the reader It is interesting that even the layout of the book resembles the Bible I liked the pace of the story and the locations, from a small college campus in the United States to the Holy Land, Salo takes the reader on an international adventure full of suspense and tension For a debut novel, Salo really did a great job creating a complex yet fascinating story I don t recall reading anything like this before The monster was truly horrifying I just couldn t put this book down.

BiographyCarrie Salo is a dark storyteller and award winning author of supernatural thrillers Classically trained at an Ivy League university, she studied the works of master storytellers seven stories underground in the muffled heart of one of the world s largest libraries.Carrie seeks to wield unrelenting suspense in her own exploration of all things especially true things that keep us awake

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