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Calico Joe A Surprising And Moving Novel Of Fathers And Sons, Forgiveness And Redemption, Set In The World Of Major League BaseballWhatever Happened To Calico Joe When He Arrived In Philadelphia, A Cab Delivered Him To Veterans Stadium, Where He Was Quickly Fixed For A Uniform, Given Number , And Hustled Onto The Field The Cubs Were Already Taking Batting Practice Understandably, He Was Nervous, Thrilled, Almost Bewildered, And When The Manager, Whitey Lockman, Said, Get Loose You Re Starting At First And Hitting Seventh, Joe Castle Had Trouble Gripping His Brand New Bat In His First Round Of Major League Batting Practice, He Swung At The First Two Pitches And MissedHe Would Not Miss Again For A Long TimeIn The Summer Of Joe Castle Was The Boy Wonder Of Baseball, The Greatest Rookie Anyone Had Ever Seen The Kid From Calico Rock, Arkansas, Dazzled Cub Fans As He Hit Home Run After Home Run, Politely Tipping His Hat To The Crowd As He Shattered All Rookie RecordsCalico Joe Quickly Became The Idol Of Every Baseball Fan In America, Including Paul Tracey, The Young Son Of A Hard Partying And Hard Throwing Mets Pitcher On The Day That Warren Tracey Finally Faced Calico Joe, Paul Was In The Stands, Rooting For His Idol But Also For His Dad Then Warren Threw A Fastball That Would Change Their Lives ForeverIn John Grisham S New Novel The Baseball Is Thrilling, But It S What Happens Off The Field That Makes Calico Joe A Classic

Long before his name became synonymous with the modern legal thriller, he was working 60 70 hours a week at a small Southaven, Mississippi law practice, squeezing in time before going to the office and during courtroom recesses to work on his hobby writing his first novel.Born on February 8, 1955 in Jonesboro, Arkansas, to a construction worker and a homemaker, John Grisham as a child dreamed of

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    The blurb on the front of the book reads the great American storyteller meets our national pastime I remember when Calico Joe came out The Cubs were in the midst of another losing season and the radio announcers had John Grisham in their booth to discuss his new baseball book I did not get around to reading it until now, and of course I finished in 3 hours, as it s the time of year where I binge on baseball books Paul Tracey receives a phone call from his father s current wife that his father Warren is dying and might have three months to live tops Warren, a mediocre journeyman pitcher, was an even worse father Paul wavers back and forth if he should pay a visit to his father before he passes away, inevitably deciding to do so The book is written half in present and half in flashback to the summer when Paul was 11 and Warren spiraled out of control, essentially ending Paul s childhood innocence.It is 1973 The Cubs having floundered in 1969 were back in the pennant race After injuries to their starting first baseman, they call up 21 year old Joe Castle from double a He is an instant success and America falls in love with him immediately To top things off, he is from small town Calico Rock, Arkansas and easily identifiable to Americans pursuing the American Dream He easily becomes Paul s idol as well, and Paul immediately checks the Mets schedule to see when the Cubs will be coming to town All is going well for Castle and the Cubs until they meet the hated Mets in New York for a crucial four game series Warren is scheduled to pitch for the Mets and Paul and his mother go to the game The mood is electric Joe hits a home run in his first at bat and Paul is ecstatic And then the unthinkable happens In his second at bat, Warren throws at Joe s head and knocks him unconscious Paul and his mother leave the stadium and he does not watch another game for thirty years Joe falls into a coma and never plays baseball again Fast forward to the present when Paul learns that Warren is dying He decides that once and for all Warren should apologize to Joe and sets off cross country to make that reconciliation possible In order not to give much away, the rest of this quick read is about forgiveness and family with baseball as a backdrop For a baseball fan like myself, I easily identified with baseball as motif for life Even if you do not like baseball, this book is an enjoyable read It is about a father and son making amends for what was and moving forward in life I am glad I finally picked up Calico Joe and rediscovered John Grisham and am looking forward to reading and rereading of his books.

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    The greatest triumph in today s popular fiction could be the equal success John Grisham gets from his deepest hatred and his richest love Most know that Grisham the author of a number of good and best selling legal thrillers hates the law Or precisely hates the act of lawyering Fewer probably know that Grisham loves baseball He coaches his son s teams and gives mightily to building fields of dreams in both Virginia and, his native, Mississippi.With Calico Joe, Grisham tells a wonderful story about baseball and redemption Grisham has dipped into sports before with the winning Playing for Pizza, about football But here he has delivered a baseball allegory to rival the best ever The Natural or Field of Dreams Cub s fans will truly enjoy No, the Cubs don t miraculously make it to the World Series Even Grisham has to stay tethered to some degree of reality But they are central to this story of a soaring career brought to an end way too early to the redemption, not of the perpetrator but of the victim and to all 10 year old boys need for heroes.Please read and enjoy.

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    4.5 stars.John Grisham, obviously, is a very accomplished writer of tense legal thrillers, all of which are best sellers Every once in a while, he strays from that genre and writes simply fantastic day in the life type books of which I can t get enough This is one of those books, and fits right along with Playing for Pizza and A Painted House Those two books weren t well received, but for some reason, I like those a whole lot than the legal thrillers There s something about how he captures emotions and passion of simple people, people with dreams and goals, people with problems, and how events often overcome both the dreams and the problems.This is a quick read about a young hot shot ball player out of Calico Rock, Arkansas, his meteoric rise in the majors, and the end of his career after just a few games in the summer of 1973 It is also the story of a young boy who idolized him, and the impact Calico Joe had on his life.Highly recommended for baseball fans, and fans of good, solid writing.

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    Fan of baseball Not a fan of baseball Doesnt matter this book is a must read This is so much than a book about baseball It s about family, heartache, broken promises, disappointments, growing upmostly forgiveness and resiliance You ache for Paul Tracey, his sister and Mom You are so so disappointed in his father, MLB pitcher, Warren Tracey He is far from a role model even farther from father of the year How could this emotionally charged story have a positive ending what s the saving grace Grisham remarkably pulls it off gets to the heart of the mattermaking you root for, and get, that perfect, satisfying ending but perhaps, not without a few tears

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    Calico JoeJohn GrishamCALICO JOE is not like any other John Grisham book I have ever read It is a story about fathers and sons and forgiveness and letting go of events in the past My husband is a life long Cubs fan and I pulled him right in with the story of Calico Joe Paul Tracey gets a call from his father s current wife His father Warren is dying He was an okay pitcher for the New York Mets back when Calico Joe was playing for the Cubs He was a horrible father and was very abusive to his wife as well as his children The best days were when Warren was on the road traveling with the Mets Paul wrestles with the idea that since his father is dying, maybe it would be the right time to find Joe Castle and get the two of them to meet once again When Paul was eleven years old, his father did something to CALICO JOE that was horrible, unthinkable and changed Joe s life forever The story goes back and forth to when Paul was a child and to now an adult My heart broke over and over again for Paul and his mom and how disgusting his father treated them Warren is a very mean man not only to his family but to other players as well Then when he does that horrible act, it changes the lives of Joe, Paul, and Warren as well I dare you to read CALICO JOE without getting emotionally invested in all of them You won t be able to do it.Warren is a very jealous man, but especially of CALICO JOE He can t stand the fact that his own son is just like the rest of America, worshipping Calico Joe Warren will never be known as a role model and it doesn t seem to bother him at all Your heart will break for Paul and Joe just like mine did so don t even try to fight it John Grisham totally hits this heart tugging story out of the park I hated Warren from the very first pages How could he not feel any remorse at all for what he had done You don t have to love baseball, or even sports to love this wonderful and emotional story At times, I felt like I was right there at the game, smelling the hot dogs, and cheering every time I heard the crack of the bat

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    The book title and author s name are the reason I borrowed CALICO JOE by John Grisham from the library As I am not a huge baseball fan, I probably would not have chosen this if I knew it was about baseball It s a good thing that I didn t know because I enjoyed listening Erik Singer read the unabridged audio version of CALICO JOE Erik Singer was the perfect choice for narrator as his voice drew me into the story and made me feel that I was there with Paul Tracy The book s style mixes fact and fiction introducing fictional players into well known actual teams such as the New York Mets and the Chicago Cubs and lets them interact with actual people such as Yogi Berra, and letting dramatic fictional Baseball matches take place in actual stadiums.My interest was piqued and I Googled Calico Joe and Wikipedia and this is part of what I found Author Grisham once dreamed of a career as a professional baseball player for the St Louis Cardinals 1 This, his first baseball novel, is about a beanballthat ends the career of a promising player 1 The novel is inspired by the real life story of Ray Chapman, the only professional baseball player killed by a pitch 2 The book was also inspired by some of Grisham s personal baseball experience as noted in the forward, when a teenager Grisham played baseball, and developed a dislike of aggressive, bad mannered pitchers at the age of 19, Grisham saw a ball flying very near to his face, at the speed of about ninety miles per hour and quit the game, promptly and permanently The Washington Post s Steven V Roberts Roberts describes the novel as a fable with a moral that Good can come out of evil it s never too late to confess your sins and seek forgiveness 3 The story is also about relationships, such as the Castle brothers , and the Father son Tracey relationship, and the relationship between Joe and his hometown community In the summer of 1973 Joe Castle was the boy wonder of baseball, the greatest rookie anyone had ever seen The kid from Calico Rock, Arkansas, dazzled Cubs fans as he hit home run after home run, politely tipping his hat to the crowd as he shattered all rookie records Calico Joe quickly became the idol of every baseball fan in America, including Paul Tracey, the young son of a hard partying and hard throwing Mets pitcher On the day that Warren Tracy finally faced Calico Joe, Paul was in the stands, rooting for his idol but also for his dad Then Warren threw a fastball that would change their lives forever Quote from back of CD caseThis well written story about family, relationships, and forgiveness would most likely appeal to baseball fans 4 sportsmanlike stars

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    If you are a baseball fan, this is a great read It s a small book so doesn t take very long.

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    John Grisham has hit this one out of the park It isn t masquerading as rocket science it is simply a tender tale of baseball, told with all the glory, and even the horror, that sometimes may accompany the game.It is hard to know, at first, if this book is for adults or young adults, especially because of the cover which appears a bit juvenile, but perhaps it is for both, even though the subject matter may get dicey, with the inclusion of a dying parent who has also been physically abusive and sadistic, throughout much of his life However, I thought Grisham handled those difficult concepts precisely, so they were not overwhelming, but were rather easy to deal with, leaving the reader with a lesson in humility, as the story dealt with feelings of remorse and hoped for redemption.Baseball lovers, everywhere, will have to love and identify with this brief, less than 200 page book, covering some real and some made up out of whole cloth, baseball lore Although, I thought the book started out a little too simplistically, almost like a fairy tale, with all the parts falling into place perfectly as if a puppet handler was moving the characters around, the story, in the end, fell into place perfectly It is packed with tender emotions excitement, compassion, disappointment, joy, tragedy, and finally, comprehension and forgiveness It takes the reader through all of these feelings with a gentle grace.It is 1973 it is the Cardinals vs the Cubs Fate converges to bring Joe Castle to a magic day on the baseball field He is brought up to the major leagues to play in the pennant race for the Cubs he is a rookie with the chance of a lifetime, an up and coming star because two of the Cub s players have been injured He breaks records left and right and becomes America s hero Paul Tracey, son of a mediocre Mets player, Warren Tracey, adores baseball and worships Joe, angering his jealous father When a horrific, not so accidental injury during the pennant race takes Joe permanently out of his baseball career, the world mourns his loss and is in an uproar and aims its fury at Warren, the pitcher who injured him For the next 30 years, Warren s son Paul thinks about the accident, and he believes it was caused deliberately by his dad He is driven by a need to try and make amends His dad has never shown remorse and merely considers the injury a risk of the game When Paul hears that the dad he has been estranged from, for years, is dying, he reaches out to him to help him make peace with Joe Castle, before his death He is not a much loved parent he abandoned his family, has been distant, neglectful, and abusive, not inspiring any attachment or even sadness for his suffering, from those he left behind How he decides to conclude his life is an important theme of the book How Paul arranges for his father and Joe to meet and make peace, is the lesson of the book.Baseball lovers everywhere will have to love Joe and identify with his hero quality, his quiet humility, and his amazing success, especially today because we are in the era of the great football player Tebow and the basketball whiz kid, Jeremy Lin The fantasy Grisham creates, coupled with some real historic events, make this little charmer a page turner.

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    I read Playing for Pizza by Grisham It was a story of a failing football player going to Italy to play in the league That was a very good book anyone would enjoy, even a non football fan But Calico Joe just has too much baseball talk and too many players names for the average reader I know baseball and I was a little bored through 4 5 chapters.It was not a long book, so I stayed with it I am glad I did The story is much about a father son relationship, and how the father not a good guy scarred his son It even choked me up a couple of times later in the book.Some of the baseball stuff is pretty interesting The big baseball issue the story revolves around is the unwritten rule of throwing at batters for retaliation This used to happen a lot, but it is really not part of the game now.It made me look a few things up Only one player has ever been killed in a game.The book is not for everyone, but it was interesting.

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    I feel like I should preface this review by saying that I don t like baseball, in fact I think I would rather watch paint dry, it is just as exciting So it was with great trepidation that I picked up this book and how very surprised by how much I loved this book by the end The book isn t really about baseball, it just happens to be the catalyst for many of the actions in the book.I really liked the dual time periods in the book, the start of Calico Joe s red hot career, his down to earth attitude about what was happening to him, along with the hero worship of a little boy who really has an in with professional baseball, along with what is happening in the present dealing with those same characters.In both the past and the present I loved Joe, thought he was a class act in either time period, his actions telling to his character Paul was another character that I loved right away My heart broke for him in the past, his knowledge of what was going to happen, and then having to live with it As an adult Paul was just as sweet as that little boy and just as brave I like how he dealt with Warren, matter of fact and not caring about him, because really he doesn t deserve it Warren, on the other hand, is a piece of crap in either time period I almost hate to say it, but Warren s present is just what he deserved.The ending was great, because really the people that needed the connection to happen were Joe and Paul I loved the surprise that Joe had for Paul, love that it was important to him, and love that Paul got it back I wish that we would be able to see what Paul writes at the end, because I think that he could finally give Joe the recognition he deserved.

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