Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Salmon Fishing in the YemenWell, having salmon introduced in the Yemeni waters is the least of the preposterous going ons in this book Where to start It could have been a sweet story but the characters are not up to scratch I found the politicians too inept to be true for example and the epistolary style is full of unconvincing moments, and what about that ending, lol Disappointing. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is an excellent book, original, intriguing and for the most part very engaging, although sometimes it seemed to get repetitive. If I could give this book minus 10 stars, I would Really hated this meretricious sexist facile rubbish The wife is a lazy stereotype, a cliched nag, the new girl smells like peaches Let s destroy the environment while having a bit of faith Faith in the sense of not questioning, not using your intelligence Faith in the sheikh spending millions of pounds which belong to the people of the Yemen to fulfill his extravagant, trivial and ultimately cruel desires Ugh ugh ugh Exactly what the world does not need right now My book club loved this book Made me want to leave the book club The film looks appalling.You could say this is part of a new genre though, a kind of middle aged male equivalent of chick lit wish fulfillment. Short Review Eccentric, rich Arab sheikh employs diffident English scientist in impossible project and all goes to hell on a handcart, while the nincompoops in the parliament keep on debating endlessly.Long Review The impossibly high profit margins in the oil business have made the Gulf countries a tad careless about money so they think up projects left and right, and employ consultants to consider the feasibility For the said consultants mostly from the West this is manna from heaven, because you get paid whatever happens So dozens of projects are mooted, and consultants scurry like busy ants conceptualising, designing and implementing them Money flows like water there is plenty of employment economy booms everywhere and it s happy days all over At least, this was the situation until the bottom of the oil barrel came tumbling down Now it s hard times I know it firsthand I was part of a British consulting company in Abu Dhabi for ten long years, basking in the oil glow In my time, I have seen a lot of projects mushrooming only to go into the cold storage after the conceptual and design stage are completed, on the basis of economic viability But hey, no one was complaining, as it was keeping us in the clover.But thankfully, I was never asked to do anything as outlandish as introducing salmon into the Yemen This is the premise of Paul Torday s brilliant novel Sheikh Muhammad ibn Zaidi bani Tihama of Yemen has an estate in Scotland, from where he has picked up a love for salmon fishing Now, he wants to introduce this sport to his native country The problem is, salmon are fish which live in temperate climates, in water bodies of moderate temperatures whereas the Yemen is a desert, where only the tail end of the monsoon provides a limited period of aquatic sufficiency But the sheikh is a believer, for whom faith can achieve anything, and he approaches his estate agents of Fitzharris Price to find the appropriate people to do this for him.Doctor Alfred Jones of the National Centre for Fisheries Excellence is the obvious choice, because he is so good at his profession and because of the same reason, he refuses go forward with this hare brained scheme Well, now a bit of arm twisting is in order Harriet Chetwood Talbot of Fitzharris Price use her governmental connections to put the screws on poor Dr Jones, with the result that the scientist is given the ultimatum to either comply or quit by his stuffed shirt boss David Sugden Jones s financial circumstances do not give him the luxury of throwing away his job, so he bites the bullet and surges ahead.Dr Jones and Harriet Chetwood Talbot, along with the sheikh, make an odd threesome pursuing an impossible dream But as the project takesandconcrete shape, the Arab manages to infect the Englishman with some of his faith Alfred Jones starts to believe that the project will work This provides succour to him in a most crucial period of his life, when his wife is away in Geneva pursuing a financial careerlucrative than his own, and his marriage is almost on the rocks He also has to contend with his growing attraction for Harriet, who is battling her own demons with her fianc stuck in Iraq.And in the midst of this human drama, where the Prime Minister and his cohorts provide the comic relief, the story moves to its unexpected climax This is an unusual novel It starts out as a hilarious satire but the tone becomespensive towards the middle It s written in epistolary format, which is a brilliant touch from the author it allows him to introduce so many unreliable narrators, and sketch a character through his her authorial voice And he has done an excellent job of characterisation I liked Alfred Jones and Harriet Talbot disliked Mary, Jones s wife despised Peter Maxwell, the PM s Director of Communications though he is funny and absolutely loved the eccentric sheikh, who succeeded in making the crazy idea of introducing salmon to Yemen almost spiritual The low key love affair between Dr Jones and Harriet is also superbly handled I had thought such subtlety had died out in literature.The other positive thing about this novel is its subtle interplay of the Middle East and England We have British soldiers in war torn Iraq on one side we have Alfred and Harriet being watered and fed by an unknown Bedouin girl in Yemen, on the other On the one hand, a land which flows seamlessly through time, its past and present merging on the other, a country which has lost its spirit and replaced the abode of God with the supermarket As the narrative progresses, we see a synthesis emerging perhaps before being rudely interrupted by an act of God.The only thing that jarred for me was where the author seemed to have forgotten that his characters were being interrogated, and he made them deliver long winded speeches which arelike written passages People don t speak like that He could have used journal entries as he does elsewhere for such stuff However, the official ministerial correspondence, the interviews with Peter Maxwell, excerpts from his unpublished biography, the questions asked in parliament these are terrific Paul Torday comes into his own when satirising the powers that be.This is an excellent offbeat novel, sickly sweet and poignant. Enjoyed this muchthan i was expecting Loved having the story told through the format of emails, diary entries, interviews articles Want to see the film now Easy short chapters, interesting characters and plenty comic relief. This was a great read One of those books that is a good story right from the start I was initially a bit surprised to see that the story was told through a collection of correspondence, diary entries, government documents, interviews and so on and this made me a little uncertain about this book, but that didn t last any longer than a couple of pages I don t know why I was unsure about the format at first, as it reminded me a bit of 84, Charing Cross Road and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, with their collections of correspondence and stories told through this, and I loved both of those books I saw the movie when it first came out, but don t really recall much about it, other than that I enjoyed it I don t even remember the ending, which people tell me is different to the book beingsuitable for Hollywood than Torday s ending , but I found the book s ending quite poignant It has definitely made me want to watch the movie again I can t explain what it was about the book that I enjoyed so much I felt sorry for poor Fred, being taken for granted by his wife, and inadvertently caught up in a mess of politics in his work I also felt for Harriet, deeply in love with, and engaged to be married to, a man being sent into Iraq and all the strain that this occasions And I liked the Sheikh, whose idea it was to get salmon running in a wadi in the Yemen as a way of developing harmony and a sense of peace between his people I still can t explain why I liked this story as much as I did, but it made me happy and it made me sad at different times and it was just a wonderful story. You know this, right Yemen, previously called The Yemen, lies on the fringe of the Arabian Peninsula as is best known today as a world class producer of sand, desert heat, and political violence Salmon are, of course, cold water fish that are challenging to catch with a rod and reel but taste all the better once caught So, we re on the same page, yes Now consider the chances of finding a novel that adroitly mixes not just Yemen and salmon fishing but also the British Parliament, Al Qaeda, a mystical sheikh, the art of public relations, a sad love story, and a journey of self discovery Before I read this book, I would have defied anyone to accomplish that seemingly impossible task But Paul Torday has managed to do so, brilliantly, producing a satirical treatment of British politics that is alternately affecting and screamingly funny Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is the first of British author Paul Torday s six novels to date Written when he was 59 years old at the end of a successful business careeer, the book reportedly allowed him to write about what he knows best as every teacher urges in Creative Writing 101 As you might guess, what Paul Torday appears to know best are salmon fishing and the Middle East, and the resulting novel is the unique expression of a genuine talent From I want to say something about adult conversation I hate it I hate the mind games, the war words, the power struggles I am fully aware of the fact that there is a lucrative quality to adult conversation, but I would rather be poor.Now I want to say something about this book I loved it, and it is about adult conversation In fact, it is nothing but adult conversation And even though I hate adult conversation, I loved every page of this book I found it to be hilarious, compelling, political, and inspiring Plus, I learned all sorts of neat facts about Yemen, salmon, and fishing And the message about the stirring peacefulness of humans being versus adults conversing is beautiful.Here is a little bit about the story A shiek wishes to integrate salmon and the sport of salmon fishing into Yemen He doesn t just want a couple tanks of salmon and a fish farm He wants salmon to become a part of the environment He wants to drastically alter the ecosystem so that people will fish in Yemen The shiek is smart He is aware that salmon are cold and wet, and that Yemen is hot and dry However, he believes this is a peace seeking, god inspired project He figures he d rather spend his money on something unique than on building yet another mosque In spite of all the protests, he is going to find the right people to make sure the project happens He is not only smart, he is very rich.Here is a sample of some of the people who become involved in the project PoliticiansInvestorsPrivate ContractorsGovernment OfficialsScientistsBankersGoat HerdersFishermenUnivesitiesThis novel tracks the adult conversation among the aforementioned adults plus others and it is hilarious and compelling I hope you read it.Signed, We ll Chat LaterPersonal Notes Here are a few things I want to look up later Wadis Understand the rainy season a bit better.Size of Yemen versus, say, Illinois.Capital city, main source of income, etc.Travel to and from.Understand the distance between UK and Middle East a bit .That kind of stuff An absolute delightful parody satire on politics, power and unlimited sources of money An epistolary tale with high drama woven into the plot I loved this relaxing read RECOMMENDED to lovers of British novels and everyone else who would enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yemen, and the intrigue behind belief of any kind.The book won a Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize for comedy in 2007 Well deserved. What Does It Take To Make Us Believe In The Impossible For Dr Alfred Jones, Life Is A Quiet Mixture Of Civil Service At The National Centre For Fisheries Excellence And Marriage To Mary An Ambitious, No Nonsense Financier But A Strange Turn Of Fate From An Unexpected Direction Forces Jones To Upend His Existence And Spend All Of His Time In Pursuit Of Another Man S Ludicrous Dream Can There Be Salmon In The Yemen Science Says No But If Resources Are Limitless And The Visionary Is Inspired, Maybe Salmon Fishing In The Yemen Isn T Impossible Then Again, Maybe Nothing Is

Paul Torday burst on to the literary scene in 2007 with his first novel, SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN, an immediate international bestseller that has been translated into 28 languages and has been made into a film starring Ewan McGregor, Kristin Scott Thomas and Emily Blunt His subsequent novels, THE IRRESISTIBLE INHERITANCE OF WILBERFORCE, THE GIRL ON THE LANDING, THE HOPELESS LIFE OF CHARLIE

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