Island of Silence

Island of SilenceIt was really suspenseful And I can t wait to read the next installment. Rather than give a summary of the book, my review focuses on the appropriateness, and enjoyment for a Middle Grader who the audience is intended to be EXCELLENT choice for middle graders Especially BOYS My son is an avid and advanced reader so sometimes finding exciting age appropriate books for him is difficult However, as I mentioned in my review of 1, Unwanteds, I m enjoying this series as much as he is My 7th grader and I both read this 2nd installment of the Unwanteds series as quickly as we could get it from the library Its the 2nd in a series of 7 While in my review of Unwanteds 1, I said that book was a good stand alone book, this one, 2, is not I wouldn t suggest reading it before 1 As with the first, as soon as we finished we got online to see if there was another one out yet, but alas, we have to wait The character development isn t as strong as in the first book, but since the bulk of the characters are the same, that isn t really necessary if you ve read 1 already which I STRONGLY recommend you do For the new characters, I think she does their character development justice There are characters that you ll love, and characters that you ll truly despise For the most part characters behave and talk the way we ve come to expect them toowith some fun twists We both enjoyed this book even than the first, and the first was excellent Island of Silence in general we both think is exciting Just a LOT Of stuff going, and you don t want to miss any of it It s a bit heavier than the first as well, dealing with the trials and experiences of specific characters But the book rounds out nicely with an awesome cliff hanger that made my boy frustrated that he couldn t just read the next book This is a good thing in our house While we read the first book out loud, this one, we read separately because, well frankly, my son didn t have the patience to WAIT that long to finish reading it It was difficult getting him to stop reading each night And, when HE finished, he couldn t wait for ME to finish because he was so excited We happen to be a Christian family, and while the book doesn t address any sort of religion per se, I love the values and traits that Lisa McMann expresses in this series Characters grow Take responsibility Work as a team Bind friendships Deal with loss There is a strong sense of community Highly recommend this great book and series Island of Silence Second Book In The Middle Grade Dystopian Fantasy Series, UnwantedsThe Battle Is Over The Magical Barrier Between The Dreary Land Of Quill And The Fantastical World Of Artim Is Gone Now Residents Of Both Places Are Free To Mingle, But Tensions Are High The Artistic Warriors Of Artim Struggle To Forgive Those In Quill Who Condemned Them To Death, While The Quillens Attempt To Recover From The Shock Of Artime S Existence, The Loss Of Their Leader, And The Total Collapse Of Their Safe, Orderly World Year Old Alex Stowe Has Recovered From His Physical Wounds Since His Death Defying Role In Artime S Victory, But His Confidence Is Shattered He Battles Self Doubt After Artim S Beloved Mage, Mr Today, Makes A Stunning Request, Which Is Further Complicated By The Mysterious Arrival Of Two Silent, Orange Eyed TeenagersMeanwhile In Quill, Aaron Is Devastated By His Fall From Grace And Seething With Anger Toward His Twin Brother Alex Spurred By Rage, Aaron Recruits A Team Of Restorers And Devises A Masterful Plan Of Revenge That Will Return Him To Power If No One Gets In His Way Finished this up last night and omg this was so good The island of silence scares the crap out of me Parts of this one had me sitting up in bed all sweaty palmed and gasping for air waiting for the narrator to say everyone was ok I m still waiting lol Such a great story Can NOT wait for the next book FULL REVIEW TO COME B Originally posted on www.bunnycates.comMy Thoughts I don t know why I am having such a hard time coming up with how I want to write this review My brain is so weird sometimes.This is book TWO in a series, so if you haven t read THE UNWANTEDS which is book ONE You probably shouldn t read this review.For me, this book was just as fantastical as the first one The world that Lisa McMann has built with Artim and Quill is, for lack of a better word, awesome Even for me as a grown up Quill is so dark and dreary, by contrast, Artim is so colorful and ALIVE Now, we have The Island of Silence as well which could possibly be the scariest place I have ever read in a book umm, and I read A LOT of horror The characters are so well developed, that I feel like I know them I want to be friends with them or NOT , I want to hug them or NOT The author has done such an amazing job here The characters you are supposed to care about you do and the ones you are supposed to despise, YOU DO I would not be lying if I said the inhabitants from the Island of Silence could have been plucked from one of my crazy ass nightmares They SCARED ME As in sat up in bed, gasping for air, praying my friends got away from them.The story arc was great There was so much action, mystery, drama, and suspense I really can t believe this is a Middle Grade series It is THAT GOOD.In Conclusion I can t tell you guys how much I enjoy this series I mean, I tried Above Obviously But sometimes a review for a book or series, really just doesn t do it justice This is one of those cases, I think review of the first book in this series is HERE The world building is fantastic, the characters are dynamic and lovable , and the story just sucks you in For me, this one is a win win win I did the first two books on audio, and really hope I pick up the hardcopies to have on my bookshelf soon Mom Notes This book has some VERY scary bits in it Even as an adult, the suspense and description of what happens on the Island of Silence was SCARY I think I would have to say this one is maybe ages 11 12 and up.FOR PARENTS and STUDENTS This book is rated Interest Level MGATOS Book Level reading skill level 5.4AR Pts 11.0 Great follow up to the first The sun was low over the sea off the shore of Artime, making the distant islands look like flaming drops of lava on the horizon An enormous winged cheetah named Simber came into view, flying over the nearby jungle opening sentences This book was just as good as the first The end was a huge cliffhanger and I am dying to read the next one But, my tbr list calls and there are at least 5 books in the series So, I will take a short break But I ll be back. Now this book was just as good as the first one when it began but then took a step in the right direction to be a little better with those last 100 pages or so I had a few minor issues with this book though One being the characters being only 13 and 14ish really disturbed me and that is saying a lot coming from a 25 year old The second being why title the book Island of Silence if we literally only spend and talk about it for like 50 pages out of a 400 page book In all I am having a lot of fun reading this series so I am going to leave it at that because I have 5 books to go I m very distraught right now because what the actual f ck was that second half I mean this in the best way possible Honestly, these books are just addictive, you can find yourself reading 100 pages and not even realizing because they are so magical and there s so many interesting things to learn But that s all that the first half of this book was, and to be honest it s the only reason this book isn t a full 5 stars Nothing really happened in the first 200 pages I mean stuff was going on, but it was all just building up and setting you up for the second half of this book that was a literal shit storm of one problem after another until the book ends and you re just left with one big what the actual f ck moment I of course still enjoyed reading the first half just fine, so not much harm done, but still half the book is a lot for not much to be happening.However, once you get through that and start the second half, the first part makes a lot of sense and you really gain an appreciation for how in depth she went with some of the topics You grow a lot of suspicions which I think she does wonderfully, you question everything , you get to see the characters grow, new mysteries are introduced, new and bigger problems It was just amazing And I don t do this often, but I m going to start the next book like right now Even though it s like 1 in the morning and definitely have school tomorrow and shouldn t, I m going to because I just need to know what s going to happen next She left me in the middle of a shitstorm okay, what are you expecting GO READ THIS SERIES SERIOUSLY, YOU SHOULD DO IT. What a cliff hanger THERE IS MORE THERE IS MORE I THOUGHT THAT WAS A PEGASUS BUT IT S MY BABY, SIMBER Simber, my darling, I m coming Just wait a little longer D Oh my god that cover makes me want to cry from its beauty.I AM READY FOR THIS BADASSERY. I didn t think this the first one needed a sequel but I m excited anyway., interact with her on

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  • Hardcover
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  • Island of Silence
  • Lisa McMann
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  • 15 August 2019
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