The Racketeer

The RacketeerStarts off with a bang telling a somewhat formulaic man against the system story.Despite having seen it before, it s still fun to watch Grisham s main character former lawyer and wrongly imprisoned Malcolm Bannister execute an end run around the powers that be It is well a thought out and executed scenario that while unrealistic at times, leaves the reader in a wistful mode wishing it could be so, as Bannister is likeable and has the reader rooting for him.Midway through the novel, the plot takes a tangental swerve into another story line leaving the readers to feel that they are reading another book altogether The initial sense of danger for Bannister also seems to disappear From this point, he seems to have free rein with little to no threat of consequence.Still, it is a fun read and at times could be likened to a primer on a long con. I felt as though the only reason this was written was so Given The Importance Of What They Do, And The Controversies That Often Surround Them, And The Violent People They Sometimes Confront, It Is Remarkable That In The History Of This Country Only Four Active Federal Judges Have Been MurderedJudge Raymond Fawcett Has Just Become Number FiveWho Is The Racketeer And What Does He Have To Do With The Judge S Untimely Demise His Name, For The Moment, Is Malcolm Bannister Job Status Former Attorney Current Residence The Federal Prison Camp Near Frostburg, MarylandOn Paper, Malcolm S Situation Isn T Looking Too Good These Days, But He S Got An Ace Up His Sleeve He Knows Who Killed Judge Fawcett, And He Knows Why The Judge S Body Was Found In His Remote Lakeside Cabin There Was No Forced Entry, No Struggle, Just Two Dead Bodies Judge Fawcett And His Young Secretary And One Large, State Of The Art, Extremely Secure Safe, Opened And EmptiedWhat Was In The Safe The FBI Would Love To Know And Malcolm Bannister Would Love To Tell Them But Everything Has A Price Especially Information As Explosive As The Sequence Of Events That Led To Judge Fawcett S Death And The Racketeer Wasn T Born YesterdayNothing Is As It Seems And Everything S Fair Game In This Wickedly Clever New Novel From John Grisham, The Undisputed Master Of The Legal Thriller John Grisham is Back with a Winner I haven t read a John Grisham book in a long time This little gem was picked up recently and it was a pleasant surprise It moved along at a good pace, had an excellent story line, first class dialogue, and will definitely keep the reader on the edge It is one of the best books I ve read in a long time and I thoroughly enjoyed every page. I m not going to waste my time with an extensive review of this book because I have wasted enough time reading it I will start by saying that I have loved every one of John Grisham s books until this one and I ve read every one.Here is a short list of the problems with this book 1 The main character is an unlikable hypocrite Grisham presents Bannister as a character we should root for A man who was beaten down by the federal government He really is a deadbeat dad who can t take two minutes off from perpetrating a huge fraud to go see his son or his father 2 There is absolutely NO character development The mysterious woman who suddenly appears as Bannister s lover halfway through the book is given no personality I didn t know her or care about her and if she had suddenly died the story wouldn t have changed a bit.3 The outcome is obvious half way through the book I actually almost quit with 50 pages to go because they were so pointless.4 No plot twists, no drama, no climactic moment Not much needs to be said here There is nothing remotely interesting in these 350 pages.If you are wondering why I kept reading this book it is because it doesn t become obvious how useless this story is until than halfway through the book The whole time I was hoping that something would happen to change my opinion but it never did I am writing this review to warn you not to waste your time reading this book You can get entertainment staring at a blank wall. Malcolm Bannister was an attorney in a small firm when he was inadvertently caught up in a money laundering scheme, convicted under the RICO statutes, and sent to federal prison There he became a prison lawyer helping other convicts with their appeals etc When Judge Fawcett a federal judge in Virginia is murdered, Bannister contacts the FBI, claiming he will name the killer in exchange for immediate release from prison This happens, and once he is free Bannister, with help from a woman he met in the visitor s room at prison, embarks on an elaborate scheme to enrich himself To say would be a spoiler.I will say, however, that Bannister s scheme is completely unbelievable to the point where I consider this almost a fantasy novel Moreover, Bannister is an unlikable character who though he claims to be bereft by his divorce and loss of his son completely forgets about the boy, making no attempt whatsoever to see or contact him once he s out of prison This book is slow, boring, and poorly plotted The characters are two dimensional and uninteresting I almost can t believe John Grisham wrote this book I d recommend skipping this one You can follow my reviews at A fairly decent plot by Mr Grisham in this smarter than you thriller 8 of 10 stars Certainly an interesting story but one that almost seemed too pat At the end after reading the book, I found the author s note saying that none of it was real and that he had not done a lot of research on the topic I don t mind fiction and in fact read a lot of it and have enjoyed Grisham s work in the past I just found that afterwards it left a sour feeling to read his comments Perhaps it is the sign of a good storywriter that he didn t need to research and that this story just flowed but it almost left me wondering if he s such a powerhouse author that the public will acclaim anything he writes regardless of the effort put into it I don t know I almost felt of a spectator to the action in the book rather than a participant or even as a willing supporter of the main character I just never felt as engaged as I d expect to for a grisham novel It was okay but not great While the story was readable and the premise different, it was almost forgettable I never really felt as if I cared about the characters In the beginning it was possible to connect engage but by the end not really It was if the person who was narrating the story almost was as disengaged as I was Ho hum. Oh, how the mighty have fallen Grisham splats facedown with this mess Trying for genius protagonist to outsmart everyone around him, instead of clever plans, Grisham relies on a smart mouth Meanwhile the author dumbs down everyone else so far they should be wearing special helmets and riding a short bus.The Feebees are right outta Mayberry, the hero is a DICK and none of the story is even remotely credible Grisham didnt even try The book starts with the feds being led around by the nose by a conviceted fellon who claims to know who killed a judge no evidence, just a jail house snitch who claims to have a lead, and before he ll even give them the lead he wants his sentence commuted So they do it without any incling he might tell the truth at some future point after he is released and that the info will be useful And then it gets even dumber Its to the point even his simple math is faulty My last grisham book ever. The reason I have read all of John Grisham s legal novels is that I like the idea of the little guy taking on the big guy, the bully, the man in general I don t even care if the little guy wins as long as he puts up a good fight In this story I kept waiting for Mal Max to become the good guy The guy that fights the system for the wronged, that avenges his mistreatment by making sure the system works for the next underdog It didn t happen Turns out Mal Max is just a thug, and robs other thugs to help yet other thugs get wealth that they don t deserve, and haven t earned The people we are supposed to be cheering on I assume are drug dealers, thieves, and in general just bad people Mal Max is self righteous and preachy of others, but somehow justifies his behavior as acceptable This is my take on Mal Max he is a thief, a deadbeat dad, a hypocrite, a liar, a con man, a manipulator, a murderer if not by his own hand , a whiner, and a horrible lawyer since he couldn t even defend himself against bogus charges This is not a person I can cheer for I found myself repeatedly hoping something bad would happen to him and his co horts I am not proud of those feelings, but since this is a fictional character, I stand by them.

Long before his name became synonymous with the modern legal thriller, he was working 60 70 hours a week at a small Southaven, Mississippi law practice, squeezing in time before going to the office and during courtroom recesses to work on his hobby writing his first novel.Born on February 8, 1955 in Jonesboro, Arkansas, to a construction worker and a homemaker, John Grisham as a child dreamed of

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