Two and Twenty Dark Tales

Two and Twenty Dark Tales In This Anthology,Authors Explore The Dark And Hidden Meanings Behind Some Of The Most Beloved Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes Through Short Story Retellings The Dark Twists On Classic Tales Range From Exploring Whether Jack Truly Fell Or If Jill Pushed Him Instead To Why Humpty Dumpty, Fragile And Alone, Sat Atop So High Of A Wall The Authors Include Nina Berry, Sarwat Chadda, Leigh Fallon, Gretchen McNeil, And Suzanne Young

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[BOOKS] ✯ Two and Twenty Dark Tales  By Nina Berry –
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  • Two and Twenty Dark Tales
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  • 15 August 2019
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    Great short story collection Allegorical, interpretive, and entertaining Except for a few confusions here and there, I enjoyed it very much Here are my comments for each tale, in the order they are presented As Blue as the Sky and Just as OldMeh Not a strong opening story Perhaps it was because I wasn t familiar with the rhyme this one is based on, or perhaps it was a pile of rubbish.Sing a Song of Six PenceDark, haunting, and eventually rewarding A story about the lengths a mother will go to be with her child.ClockworkThis has got to be my favorite one out of the whole anthology This story has the mouse who ran up a clock turn out to be a girl how and why she became a mouse is the mystery the girl explores It keeps you guessing and arrives at a bittersweet conclusion that I approved of wholeheartedly.BlueAn invisible spirit who writes stories on peoples skin meets a boy who can see her This story could have had potential had it been expanded some, but it ended too abruptly, without taking that potential anywhere.Pieces of EightEh, a lot of complicated, mysterious things happened to develop the worldbuiding, but again, this story wandered around aimlessly and ended without taking its potential anywhere.Wee Willie WinkieIn this one, a girl who has been lying about her age is warned about a curse targeting under sixteens The dark atmosphere is particularly strong here it s a creepy story that will no doubt scare kids into getting to bed on time Boys and Girls Come Out To PlayStarted out great, but turned into something less than great It was trying too hard to aim for dark and got a lot of huh instead.I Come Bearing SoulsThis one had an interesting premise, but too much of it was unexplained and left me feeling a little bewildered Why would the pantheon of Ancient Egypt be incarnated in the bodies of American teenagers, and why would they be performing death rituals on their classmates The Lion and the Unicorn Part One This is a promising start, but the ARC I recieved of this does not include Part Two, so I can t say anything conclusive about the whole story.Life in a ShoeIn this one, the situation behind the woman with all her kids living in a shoe is explored with a little realism With all those children, neglect and poverty are than probable It was okay not bad, not amazing A little too simplified and short compared to the other stories.CandlelightA sad story about what comes to people, especially teenagers, who are selfish and petty and do not appreciate what they have.One for SorrowA girl is drawn to a strange crow who shows up every day at her window He wants her to break a curse that has been set on him, but in doing so, she might just set the curse on herself instead.Those Who WhisperReminded me of the novel Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier A young woman is cast from her village after a mysterious string of murders claims her mother She lives in a hut out in the forest for years, until one day a familiar face shows up at her door with a horrifying truth Not bad.Little Miss MuffetI couldn t make sense of this one People turned into spiders randomly and ate each other s friends Seriously.Sea of DewA haunting story about the fate of people lost at sea.Tick TockA very, very creepy babysitter horror story Great atmosphere, but it was too bizarre and nonsensical to be a great story I failed to see how or why any of the events in this story could have happened, even in a horror fiction Usually the villains spectres in horror have some kind of reason, no matter how twisted, for what they do in this tale there was nothing I could infer as to what their motives were.A Pocket Full of PosyThis one caught my interest very quickly A boy wakes up in a field, with blood on his hands, and finds his girlfriend dead nearby But he cannot remember what happened, and won t rest until he does I liked it, but was disappointed by the solution it arrived at.The WellWhat really happened when Jack and Jill fell down a hill Unfortunate things.The WishCould practically be the poster story for the phrase be careful what you wish for A girl makes a wish upon a star, and a moment later a boy appears to unknowingly grant her wish.A Ribbon of Blue A sweet tale about death and the release it can provide.Thanks to and Month9Books for providing me with the ARC

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    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty 22 stories from fantasy to modern to mythology inspired by Mother Goose Rhymes that aren t the simple poems we think we know.Opening Sentence First sentence of first story When the girl sneaked in at midnight, he used his penlight to make a note.The Review Twenty two authors Twenty two stories Twenty two rhymes This is an anthology of twenty two Mother Goose Rhymes that will have you shuddering in your reading nook, crying in public and looking over your shoulder during the day These are not the silly rhymes that you used to sing as a child or watch on Barney These are creepy tales with no happy endings or bittersweet at the most From fantasy to paranormal, twenty two authors dive into the dark side of Mother Goose rhymes.This was the first anthology I ve ever read Outside of school, anyway Some of the stories were really good Others not so much Some had you quivering in your seat, flipping the pages with hesitant fingers Others had you confused and snorting at the unbelieveability of the world the author drew Some were really short Others really long Each story has its own unique spin on a Mother Goose rhyme, but not all had the suspense that comes with dark thrillers Since there were 22 short stories, I m going to highlight three stories cause reviewing all 22 stories would take all day to read As Blue as the Sky and Just as Old is the first story in this anthology It was based off the Mother Goose rhyme about Taffy This is a great opener to the book with strong characters and suspense like no other It has a blend of mythology and two points of views a third party and the heroine Since the point of this story is to keep you guessing what s going on, I won t spoil what happens, but the writing and plotting of this story is genius Want to know how to write a story where you re left in the dark until the ah ha moment at the end Read this story by Nina Berry One For Sorrow is an odd story It was based off the poem I ve never heard before called One For Sorrow This is about a girl who finds a crow at her window and then it turns out the crow is cursed I m not quite sure how the story pertains to the poem it only connects to the poem at the very end I loved how Karen Mahoney connected the story to Edgar Allen Poe s Never Poe s poem connected to the story than the Mother Goose rhyme, but the allusions to it were well written But the story itself was very quick it didn t take the time to build the story in the middle, but instead jumped from the beginning to the end It made the story less likable and relatable nobody falls in love in one day I wish authors would understand that even Shakespeare who had Romeo and Juliet fall in love and die in three days A Ribbon of Blue was the most light hearted story in the whole anthology But it still had its own conflicts and obstacles It is about a girl who has cerebral palsy, who had her fortune told and said freedom, light and love were coming to her The writing was great with symbolism and overall bittersweetness It was a satisfying end to the anthology.Unfortunately there were two stories at the end and a poem in the middle written by the editor Georgia McBride that was not included in the ARC But all of the short stories were worth the read Some I thought were way too short like 5 pages total Some I thought were really long and drawn out like 25 pages Overall this was an interesting twist on Mother Goose Rhymes.Notable Scene She nodded and took his hand, understanding now that it had always been about this moment She sent one last look at her other self, her body still jerking, the people around her frantic, barking instructions to each other Her skirt billowed on the ground around her, the blue ribbon trailing from her hair.Sam started walking, leading her toward something bright and beautiful up ahead not too far, just a little bit farther There was a lightening within her, an easing of a burden she hadn t known she carried As the light enveloped her, the rest of the world faded into the background, into nothing a pinprick compared to the fullness that waited in the light.She didn t hesitate as she took the final step, Sam s hand in hers, his eyes soft and warm on her face.The old woman had been right There was freedom, light and so very much love.FTC Advisory Month9Books provided me with a copy of Two and Twenty Dark Tales Dark Retellings of Mother Goose Rhymes No goody bags, sponsorships, material connections, or bribes were exchanged for my review.

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    NOTE This is Jess s review, as she is helping me to get through my massive TBR pile This one was great I love anthologies, and I could not put this one down They are so much fun, and with these authors you just couldn t go wrong I do have to say that none of the stories really stood out They were all about the same Each one was interesting, engaging, and I would love to read full length novels for each one Big 5 stars for this one I love the cover too Its always intresting to see how they are going to add all the authors names to the cover, and this way it s beautiful and doesnt take away from the cover art Great Job

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    I received an ARC from NetGalley.I don t usually read anthologies, but I ve seen this one around quite a bit and thought it sounded interesting I love fairytale retellings, so dark retellings of Mother Goose rhymes definitely piqued my interest, even though I don t know many of the originals they re included though I wasn t familiar with any of these authors, although I did recognize several names I do think I ll check out some of their other works now that I ve gotten a little taste.Overall, this collection of stories was disappointing There s only a few that I really enjoyed and stand out from the rest Most them are just strange, and the connection to original rhyme is either non existent or blantantly stated As Blue as the Sky and Just as Old by Nina BerryThis one was strange The connection to the rhyme isn t clear until near the end, where it s just explicitly explained to us I was interested at the start, but once rape showed up, I wasn t into it any I also had a hard time believing that a girl would get into a car with a strange guy that she literally just met At the end, I still wasn t clear about what had happened Sing a Song of Six Pence by Sarwat ChaddaI loved the idea of a tavern full of ghouls and demons I also thought this was a clever interpretation of the rhyme It s definitely dark, and I liked it I do wish it had been a little longer, since I wanted to see a bit of what lied beyond the wall Clockwork by Leah CypessThis one was really good Even if the poem hadn t been included, it was clear that this one was Hickory, Dickory, Dock I loved the magical aspect and the royal betrayal The ending is kind of depressing, but I think the mouse was very brave Blue by Sayantani DasGuptaSo, I liked the idea of the Children of Ink, but I found the story really boring It s the shortest of the bunch, and definitely felt less developed than the others Pieces of Eight by Shannon Delany with Max ScialdoneThis time the rhyme is a prophecy in the story, which was an idea that I really liked This story is quite action packed, but I just didn t like it I was honestly expecting something pirate like, but it was about music instead, which just isn t my thing Wee Willie Winkie by Leigh FallonNow this is what I was expecting when I started reading This one is clearly a well thought out reinterpretation of the rhyme At the beginning I was a little worried that this was going to be another disappointment, but it ended up being one of the best The ending is very chilling Boys and Girls Come Out to Play by Angie FrazierI really liked this interpretation, too The witches calling the children out to the forest to test them was interesting, and I think it would make a great full length novel The one thing I didn t like was the semi love triangle It just didn t fit or make sense, since it was so undeveloped I Come Bearing Souls by Jessie HarrellThis is another weird one Too weird for my liking This one is about gods goddesses and soul collecting I m not a fan of the I m not sure how I escaped but. which is essentially what happened with the main conflict There is also literally a cow jumping over the moon, which was the only clear connection to the rhyme The Lion and the Unicorn Part the First by Nancy HolderI know this one is on two parts the second isn t included in the ARC , but it oddly read like a chapter from a historical novel I felt like we were just thrust into the story without any real context, so I had no clue what was going on Life in the Shoe by Heidi R KlingThis was most the most obvious and literal story of the bunch A woman becomes pregnant every time her military husband is on leave, but can t afford to take care of them It was good, but nothing special Humpty Dumpty by Georgia McBrideUnfortunately, not included in the ARC Candlelight by Suzanne LazearInteresting premise but super predictable I was put off at the beginning because of Juliet s over the top teenage whining, and a commercial for a center where they understand unfair parents Yeah, right Sure the idea of Babylon seems inviting, but this was clearly a tale of be careful what you wish for One for Sorrow by Karen MahoneyThis is another one that I think I d like as a full length novel As a short story it didn t really work for me, since it s a super extreme case of insta love The first part is very Twilight esque boy comes through girls window, watches her sleep, what are you moment at school, kissing in a field The only difference is the boy is a crow, not a vampire The ending was interesting, but rushed Those Who Whisper by Lisa MantchevAnother one that actually feels complete This one has a bit of a murder mystery twist, which I enjoyed There s also fantasy elements with the talking birds I liked it Little Miss Muffet by Georgia McBrideWhat the heck That was totally bizarre, but I loved it This one gets bonus points for being utterly unique Yes, it involves spiders which is an obvious choice, but the specifics are what makes this one stand out Sea of Dew by C Lee McKenzieThis one is a survival story, and I really liked it I think this is the only one without some magic or fantasy element, but that s okay It s about four people lost at sea and trying to survive However, the dark theme of the book suggests that they don t make it Tick Tock by Gretchen McNeilChildren are freaking terrifying A Pocket Full of Posey by Pam van Hylckama VliegThis one started off really good Did Jake kill his girlfriend Even he doesn t know I was expecting a Jekyll Hyde type twist and that is not what happened at all The ending was pretty unsatisfying The Well by K.M WaltonThis one is set in a kind of dystopian, post apocalyptic world, where Jack and Jill are two of the only survivors Unfortunately for them, they hate each other The hostility between these two is super thick, so what happens when they travel up the hill to get some water The Wish by Suzanne YoungAnother major disappointment and a careful what you wish for This one was pretty much ruined by the whole this is love at first sight, omg we must be together forever scene that was completely unnecessary This story was also beyond predictable A Ribbon of Blue by Michelle ZinkThis is a sweet, light story about a girl with CP who finally meets a nice boy Very fluffy, but cute The Lion and the Unicorn Part the Second by Nancy HolderUnfortunately, not included in the ARC.Read of my reviews at Pinkindle Reads Reviews.

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    This review is also featured on my blog I received an ebook ARC of this book through NetGalley.Bilingual review ENG ROEnglishI am one of those people who sometimes get interested in a book by seeing its cover This was the case with Two and Twenty Dark Tales Dark Retellings of Mother Goose Rhymes , and I can t say I regret my decision It was a pleasant, interesting read most of the times.This anthology having been written by twenty different authors, it s clear from the start that you can t possibly like all of the stories included With so many different, unique styles, it s near to impossible for each and every one of them to appeal to you I found myself literally loving half of these dark retellings of Mother Goose Rhymes, liking some of them, the rest boring me to death You must probably be wondering how could such silly and cute rhymes turn into dark stories Well, they can and I must admit that some of them really creeped me out They all revolve around themes like death, dark witches, and pitiful, miserable beings This book is grotesque, eerie and macabre, and at the same time intriguing and misterious, giving you goosebumps.Personally, I didn t know the majority of these Mother Goose rhymes, but the good thing is that the rhymes are included at the beggining of each story If I, who didn t know them, liked them so much, I can imagine how those who are familiar with them will love them.The version I read being an ARC, three of the stories were missing from the ebook, which is a pity as from what I heard about them, they were really good I wish from the bottom of my heart I could give this 4 vanilla flowers However, I can t possibly paper over the stories that bored me out of my mind I recommend this book to young adults and adults who may find enjoyment in horror fairytales A little warning though you won t see those innocent Mother Goose Rhymes with the same eyes after you read this.____________________________Rom n Eu fac parte din categoria de omeni care uneori sunt atra i de o carte datorit copertei Acesta a fost cazul i cu Two and Twenty Dark Tales Dark Retellings of Mother Goose Rhymes , i nu pot s spun c regret decizia pe care am luat o A fost, n marea majoritate a timpului, o lectur interesant i pl cut.Aceast antologie fiind scris de 20 de autori diferi i, e clar de la nceput c nu au cum s i plac toate pove tile incluse Cu at t de multe stiluri unice, e aproape imposibil s fie fiecare din ele pe gustul t u.Mi au pl cut la nebunie cam jum tate din aceste repovestiri ntunecate ale poeziilor pentru copii, o parte din ele doar mi au pl cut, restul plictisindu m de moarte Probabil v ntreba i cum se pot transforma ni te rime prostu e i dr gu e n pove ti de groaz Ei bine, pot, i trebuie s recunosc c unele din ele m au ngrozit de a dreptul Toate pove tile se nv rt n jurul unor teme ca moartea, vr jitoare rele i fiin e deplorabile, nenorocite Aceast carte este grotesc , sinistr i macabr , i n acela i timp fascinant i misterioas , f c ndu i pielea de g in.Eu, una, nu tiam majoritatea acestor poezioare, dar partea bun e c sunt incluse la nceputul fiec rei pove ti Dac mie, care nu tiam poeziile originale, mi a pl cut at t de mult cartea, mi imaginez cum li se va p rea celor care sunt familiari cu ele.Versiunea pe care am citit o fiind un ARC, trei dintre pove ti lipseau din ebook, ceea ce e mare p cat, pentru c am auzit numai p reri bune legate de ele mi doresc din toat inima s i pot da c r ii patru flori de vanilie, dar nu pot s trec cu vederea pove tile care m au plictisit de moarte.Recomand aceast carte tinerilor, dar i adul ilor c rora le ar pl cea ni te pove ti de groaz asem n toare basmelor Un mic avertisment doar nu ve i mai vedea cu aceia i ochi poeziile inocente pentru copii dup ce citi i aceast carte.

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    You ve probably read, like me, many fairytale re tellings of Hans Christian Anderson and The Brothers Grimm well these are all Mother Goose nursery rhymes At times with only a few lines to work with, these authors have weaved some haunting and truly imaginative re tellings of these well known nursery rhymes.With so many different writing styles it was hard to get absorbed in the story but at times the author was able to take me away and get totally wrapped up in their spine tingling tale of horror It must be terribly hard to suck the reader in with such a short amount of time, but when the author got it right it was amazing.While some of these stories were pretty amazing, some of them were a bit so so I didn t end up finishing all the short stories, I only got through 12 of the 20 So below is a short write up of each of the stories that I read As Blue as the sky and just as old by Nina Berry This one tells the nursery rhyme of Taffy was a welshman It was ok but I d never really heard of the rhyme before because it s a welsh tale Sing a song of sixpence by Sarwat Chadda It must be hard to write a short story with interesting characters but I felt like this author achieved that with this story It was interesting and had plenty of depth to it for something written in a short amount of pages Clockwork by Leah Cypess This was an interesting spin on the Hickory Dickory Dock nursery rhyme.It was a great short story that didn t need a lot of back story, although it did seem a little cliche Blue by Sayantani DasGupta Tale based on Little boy blue rhyme which was written in verse and very imaginative Pieces of eight by Shannon Delaney I didn t know this rhyme either, some sleep baby sleep rhyme I found it a bit boring but I did like the slight humor between two characters Wee Willie Winkie by Leigh Fallon Such a haunting tale In such a short period of time I was grabbed and taken along for the spooky tale of Wee Willie Winkie A favourite so far and I want to read by this author Boys and girls come out to play by Angie Frazer Another really great story that was very imaginative about witches and witchcraft I Come bearing souls By Jessie Harrell A creepy egyptian twist on the well known Hey Diddle Diddle rhyme The Lion and the unicorn part the first by Nancy Holder This one was really confusing and I didn t really get the meaning behind the story Life in a shoe by Heidi R King Very interesting and a little bit dystopian Based on the rhyme there was an old lady who lived in a shoe The idea behind this story would be the only reason why an old lady would have a reason to have so many children This one whisked me away into it s world right away Candlelight by Suzanne Lazear This was amazing I would ve loved reading a whole book about it So much of the background story could get fleshed out and I could read about these characters in a full length book One for sorrow by Karen Mahoney A little boring and felt very long for a short story I ve never heard this rhyme before either and I didn t really understand what the story had to do with the rhyme The story was fairly predictable too.Overall there were some fantastic stories and it made me want to read other books by those authors, but I gave this 2 stars mainly because I didn t finish it and because I was disappointed Thank you to Month9Books and Netgalley for my copy.Also on my blog

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    4.5 star for this one to tell you the truth im not a big fan ofanthologies due to some stories in it that i want to read in series and i want to read hahaha..i don t know how to start this.hmmm let s start this with the foreword.i love how the foreword written and yeah i agree with Francisco X Storkin the line that he said WISHES ARE NOT ALWAYS FULFILLED AND THE SECURITY AND PERMANENCE OF OUR PARENTS LOVE IS NO LONGER A SURE THING why because parents nowadays is always on the go but the worst thing is they ignore or don t care about their child.that s it.this anthology is consists of 25 differentrhymes retold and this is the first one thati read rhymes being retold and rhymes are not stories are they yes for those little one i guess and they like to say it all over and over againbecause it s cute.the rhymes are well told with a dark twistthat you will absolutely love.but i warn you don t tell this retold stories to the little one because they might get scared hahaha some rhymes told in modern day and the others is welltold in the times that people believes in witchesdevil s child whatsoever.i love this it is a compilation ofmix genre like tragic death , thriller , magic and etc..before i end this review.if you buy a copy of this it will be donoted or the half of it to a charity called YALITCHAT.ORG a literary organization that fosters the advancementof young adult literature around the world that comes in the book i just copied this for futher info hahahah before i forgotMANY THANKS FOR MONTH9BOOKS and NETGALLEYfor giving me a chance to review this my closing line will be EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED in this book D

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    Review copy provided by NetGalley Beautiful and mesmerizing This anthology is a wonderful addition to any fairy tale collection Each story will entrap it s reader, leaving them with chills Preceded by well known Mother Goose Rhymes, such as Little Boy Blue and Jack n Jill, these stories dig deep down into the darkness behind every nursery rhyme When I was a child I had a big book of nursery rhyme favorites I often sang them to my sisters Reading these retellings now, I have a new perspective on what I sang as a child It is great to see the different interpretations these authors have created Each author did a wonderful job writing a unique and fascinating tale Some stories were captivating than others, but overall I liked each one a good deal These stories inspire fear and a sense of wonderment all at the same time These stories leave a great deal of interpretation up to the reader and they will leave your brain churning for a good while after you finish All though meant for a young adult audience, I believe this anthology will appeal mostly to older readers and those all ready familiar with Mother Goose I truly loved this anthology and will most likely be re reading it from time to time This is a must read

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    Review to Come

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    I was given this ARC from Netgalley, so it doesn t have all the stories that will be in the final edition I was really excited to read this book a dark twist on Mother Gooses nursery rhymes I loved how it was put in the foreword The tales now contain the other side of reality, the darker side of fear Wishes are not always fulfilled, and the security and permanence of our parents love is no longer a sure thing As we grow up the rhymes seem to lose their innocence not because they are any different, but because we learn to deal with the darkness we were once protected from in our youth Each story I read I found interesting in one way or another but I have to say the ones that I liked the best were usually the ones I knew the rhymes to before hand I give this anthology 4 stars because over all I really enjoyed the book and I had to give it bonus points for being the only book I have ever read about retelling of Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes.As Blue as the Sky and as OldNina Berry2 starsA story about Taffy the Welshman This was one of the nursery rhymes I hadn t heard before, so I really didn t understand the story I was confused why the story was first being told from a completely random person that didn t seem to pertain to the story There were facts given in the beginning of the story that didn t seem to make sense to til the end Basically I felt confused about the story.Sing a Song of Six PenceSarwat Chadda3 starsBased off blackbirds baked in a pie Of course I have heard this rhyme before, but it had an edge in this story I had never contemplated that blackbird was a person though I couldn t tell if he was a demon or a fallen angel or what He description was confusing, I don t understand what he did to get punished by the king but I liked how the story progressed and though it ended with a sad ending I thought was a fitting ending and bought closure.ClockworkLeah Cypress4 StarsA retelling of Hickory Dickory Dock A story based on a mouse not really being a mouse at all but an enchantment placed upon a girl The clock being based in magic by the chimes it rings at the top of the hour Murder and mystery, confusion and magic all coming to together to make this one of my favorite short stories in the book.BlueSayantani DasGupta2 StarsLoosely based of the rhyme little boy blue I was confused who the girl was in the story why exactly she was spinning stories or tattooing people or something like that Didn t really like the story though I have always like the rhyme.Pieces of EightShannon Delany with Max Scialdone2 StarsThis is again another rhyme I haven t heard before I was intrigued by the lost prince stolen away by his mother to protect to save the kingdom in the end But the whole in between and the battle scene of the tree didn t really like.Wee Willie WinkieLeigh Fallon4 StarsFrom the rhyme Wee Willie Winkie, by far one of my favorite stories in the book It was short but it packed a punch It took me a while to figure out were in the world I was and then when the story line was told I found I was somewhere in Ireland which makes the plot of this story so much understandable Gives a whole new meaning to bedtime.Boys and Girls come out to playAngie Frazier3 StarsI haven t heard this before but I was able to figure out what was going on in the story and rather liked it A story based on picking only one and making the children come out to play Another story of how tricky and cruel witches can be.I come bearing soulsJessie Harrell2.5 StarsThis story was based on Hey Diddle Diddle I didn t see how this had anything to do with the rhyme except the cow god and the fiddle being played in the first scene Had mythology which was a plus in my book, I think it would make a great stand alone book I would love to find out about Heather and her family and what Egyptian gods were doing in modern day America It was too short for my taste.The Lion and the Unicorn Part the FirstNancy Holder3 StarsI love history and though I haven t heard this rhyme before I enjoyed the story that accompanied it Rumors have always surrounded the monarchs of old and they expands on the notions already out there.Life in a ShoeHeidi R Kling3.5 StarsBased on Old Woman who lived in a shoe.The story gave depth into why she had so many children, that it wasn t a choice it was forced It also brought to life her children and I liked how it was told from the daughter s point of view and she wasn t willing to follow her mother Another favorite of mine.CandlelightSuzanne Lazear3 StarsI hadn t heard this rhyme either but it was a story that could stand alone from the rhyme It dealt with what all children want freedom from their parents, though all wishes come at a price something the narrator didn t find out until it was too late It had just the right amount of resistence to make it seem real and I think it should have explored how they had to learn how to live on their own how much they missed their mother and how their parent actually did a lot for them And maybe just a little longer.One for SorrowKaren Mahoney3 StarsI had never heard this rhyme but I still thought it was a pretty good story Basic transformation story with love being the key but in the end the twist where she wants to be a beast with him was what I really liked about the story Gave her and him a happy ending.Those who WhisperLisa Mantchev2.5 StarsAgain a rhyme I have never heard of but I did like the story It kinda seemed like snow white just a little bit I would have liked to know why she was able to talk to the birds, but I loved how strong she was despite her horrid beginning.Little Miss MuffetGeorgia McBride1.5 StarsI didn t like the story was confused about what was going on in the beginning even though I knew the rhyme Couldn t understand why they were spiders and the ending was a little creepy.Sea of DewC Lee Mckenzie3 StarsI like the story kinda a story about how one choice really does change everything I hadn t heard the rhyme and I was kinda confused in the beginning but then I figured out what was happening It did drag a bit in the middle though.Tick TockGretchen McNeil1 StarThis was a creepy story and I don t feel like it had anything to do with what the rhyme was about Like how was murder what was right A Pocket Full of PosyPamela van Hylckama Vlieg1 StarI had always heard that this was based on the black plague and I had thought that it would be dealing with that aspect of the story The whole vampire thing was kinda weird like what did that have to do with the rhyme except the ashes Yes the author gave everything in the rhyme a link to the story the girl Rosie, the flowers he was going to give her, and the vampire ashes in the ended But then it just ended didn t even give closure like did the boyfriend get convicted of murder or what The WellK.M Walton3.5 StarsBased off the rhyme Jack and Jill.I don t know if this makes me kinda dark but I had just lately been thinking about this nursery rhyme and how maybe Jack falling down wasn t really an accident I started thinking that Jill had pushed him down I didn t have the whole plague involved or that they were twins that really hated each other and where the only two people left in the world But I did like what the author did with the story.The WishSuzanne Young3.5 StarsI enjoyed this story based on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star It is a story about to be careful what you wish for I was kinda hoping that the ending wouldn t happen that death would have taken her away to live with him, but like I ve said before wishes have a price to pay so be careful what you wish for.A Ribbon of BlueMichelle Zink4 StarsI had never heard the rhyme before but this was one of my favorites The story was well written and though it had a sad ending I didn t find anything dark in the story Ruby was finally at peace and beautiful and happy everything she deserved.Thank you to Month9Books and NetGalley for giving me a chance to review these Titles.

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