The Realms of the Gods

The Realms of the Gods During A Dire Battle Against The Fearsome Skinners, Daine And Her Mage Teacher Numair Are Swept Into The Divine Realms Though Happy To Be Alive, They Are Not Where They Want To Be They Are Desperately Needed Back Home, Where Their Old Enemy, Ozorne, And His Army Of Strange Creatures Are Waging War Against Tortall Trapped In The Mystical Realms Daine Discovers Her Mysterious Parentage And As These Secrets Of Her Past Are Revealed So Is The Treacherous Way Back To Tortall So They Embark On An Extraordinary Journey Home, Where The Fate Of All Tortall Rests With Daine And Her Wild Magic

Hey, folks I just discovered that apparently I have given some very popular books single star ratings except I haven t How do I know I haven t Because I haven t read those books at all So before you go getting all hacked off at me for trashing your favorites, know that I ve written GoodReads to find out what s going on.I return to my regularly scheduled profile Though I woul

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  • 20 March 2018
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    This wasn t supposed to be the next book I finished I was planning to get through Eulalia first, but I woke up one morning and rolled over and grabbed this one for no good reason except it s easier to read paperbacks than hardbacks when you re lying on your side because you don t want to get up, and also because your cat is sitting on your hip.Anyhow That was yesterday I think I read five chapters or so before breakfast And then I had to face the truth I m addicted to these books I crave them when I am not reading them When I am, I need all the time If there was a way to inject them straight into my brain every now and again I would probably do it Reading them is the closest I ll ever get to being well and truly high.This is not my favorite installment, but it has some of my favorite moments Shipping moments, naturally Seriously, every time Daine and Numair start kissing a part of me goes OKAY STOP THE PLOT AND JUST KEEP MAKING OUT FOR THE REST OF THE BOOK KTHX And they exchange a lot of saliva, so this happens fairly often This is the book in which Tamora Pierce proves that romance is better when it s drawn out slowly over an entire quartet, because by the time you get here every tense moment between the two of them sends shivers down your spine and it s far, far, far electric than any one book instamance.One of my favorite bits Of all the times for him to go protective on me Maybe he ate something that was bad for him She closed her eyes Maybe he loves you, Broad Foot said.She didn t hear She was already asleep Daine is so clueless about the whole thing that it s kind of hilarious Also, you have to feel sorry for Numair Falling is probably my favorite chapter of the whole quartet Okay, but moving on There are other things to recommend this book For one thing, Pierce is really, really, really good at humanizing the gods For another, there are dragons And perhaps most importantly, this is where we get the origin story of the Stormwings I m not going to give you any detail about those things, though, because that could be spoilers What I will say is that I love how the Stormwings are made sympathetic over the course of the book, to the point that by the end of this one you feel like you understand them and, in some cases, even like them Now what I really want to know is what sick person dreamed up spidrens The climactic battle is not nearly as good as that of Emperor Mage, but there are enough other delicious scenes that it s all worth it.Also, I m fairly convinced that Gainel, the god of dreams, is a combination of Neil Gaiman and his character Morpheus For those familiar with the Lioness Quartet and the Beka Cooper books, there s a brief cameo by someone present in both series, if you re watching carefully I eagerly await the day when we find out what the heck he is and why he adopts humans the way he does If we ever do, which I suppose we may not Damn cat Anyhow, this quartet If you haven t read it, you should really make it a priority They don t make YA like this any .

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    NO Why does this five star series have to end in this way Okay, so writing this review literary HURTS The Immortals series was all set to become a new favourite of mine It combined political intrigue with a unique magic system and contained an immediately lovable set of characters and almost animals than it does pages But this concluding chapter negates everything the preceding instalments set out to do and left me feeling uncomfortable and confused.The book began with the central series character, Daine, traversing into the realm of the gods I was all set for a series of magical adventures but none of these were forthcoming for at least the first half of the book What filled the pages instead were the characters repeatedly discussing their discontent over their present surroundings and not much else I was still engaged, however, as I had spent three whole books growing to love these characters, and this did not cause me to judge the book too harshly What was delivered when the action was eventually forthcoming, however, most certainly did The main cause for my discontent is a minor spoiler It does ruin a small part of the series ending, but not the overall story line view spoiler As action and intrigue continued to grow so did feelings between Daine and her mentor, Numair I had previously adored this duo and their platonic relationship but this new element completely ruined that dynamic.Numair is almost double Daine s age I am very much a believer in age being nothing but a number but not when one of the pairing is I believe below the legal age of consent This is a fantasy land which has no such laws, but they do exist where they are being read, however Also, Numair is placed as a source of authority in Daine s life He is her mentor and her guide and, in my opinion, completely betrayed her trust in allowing their mutual feelings to expand as they did I felt increasingly uncomfortable about reading of their burgeoning love for each other when three whole books had set him up as nothing but a paternal figure I also wondered at the potential implications this could have for a similarly aged reader to Daine attempting to recreate a relationship with an older individual in her own life hide spoiler

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    First, I don t like the idea of taking two people key to the war away from the war entirely for most of the book Where of course they learn vital information blah blah blah Second, the pacing of this book is wacky, and they jump between places acquiring allies and enemies like it s necessary for the plot which it is instead of coherent, organic storytelling Third, and much importantly Daine is SIXTEEN Numair is THIRTY ONE I do not care, the slightest bit, about the age of consent in a nonexistent fantasy land I DO NOT LIKE green eggs and ham I DO NOT LIKE THEMNOT HERE OR THERE OR ANYWHEREBasically this series is too scattered, and I only appreciate it the little I do because it fills holes in the Kel series Otherwise NOPE NOT IN A TRAIN OR IN A TREE Etc.

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    Finally powered through this 2.5 stars probably accurately, but I m going to be less harsh on this book than some of you have been Mostly for old time s sake except, kind of hilarious how little of this book I remembered, aka 0% Although, parts of it kind of work for me True, it s a bit of a mess of a book.True, a lot of things are glossed over.Definitely true that Daine and Numair spend too high a percentage of this book in the Divine Realms.But I think I can sort of see where it s going I m not saying I think it gets there particularly effectively, but I can kind of see it.Look, I like set ups I like first books and first seasons of television And sometimes, if I like the set up enough, I forgive much in the later story, as long as the later story doesn t become incompatible with the story I wanted in my head when I started This story doesn t And I can fix the details in the back of my mind, and fill in the gaps the first time I read these, I think I must have done a lot of mental back filling.Now we get to the part where I make suggestions for this entire series.I think there are a few major narratives going on here 1 Daine is half immortal, though she doesn t know it to start, and will eventually have to choose between her mortal and immortal halves.2 Daine is alone and is looking for a home of her own plus some general coming of age stuff Parenthetically, this one would have been SO MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE if it had been better linked to 1 3 DAINE NUMAIR SOULMATES I thought I d pretend to be a super shipper for a while 4 The war between the mortals and the immortals and to a certain extent, the gods I think none of them are done particularly well, but if things had been tweaked they could have been, except for maybe 4 that was perhaps destined to always be at least a bit hand wavey conveniently it s the one I care about the least But all of them would be helped by some context And Daine and Numair in Tortall and actually interacting with each other.SO, now we begin Andr e s mental versions of these books Spoilers for the whole series, and under a cut because it s long really stupidly long view spoiler Book 1 I d leave essentially the same It works for me I don t mind that Daine is essentially Super Mage She s Super Mage, because unbeknownst to her, she s half immortal although I readily acknowledge that this could have been explicitly stated in one of the later books And as I discussed earlier, sometimes people are just good at things I have no problem with her just being good at magic There doesn t need to be conflict around her trying to get better What I would instead suggest, is that there be conflict around how easily it comes to her, and how sort of alien the magic is to everyone Not so much in this book, but in the later books Show her not able to make friends with some people her own age, because they don t get her mistrust her abilities The one change I would make to Book 1, is let s have Numair be five years younger There s no narrative reason for him to be 25 Given that people get married in their late teens, he could be 21 24ish and still be a super powerful mage who s fled Carthak He certainly doesn t act particularly mature Also, I love the dynamics at the Swoop.Book 2 Have it take place TWO years after book 1 Daine is now 15 Have the first half or so take place near Corus OR near the Swoop Numair s tower my preference, I think Basically, I want to see a typical day for Daine in Tortall Because I got to the end of Book 4, and I don t know what that is I do not understand where she fits in that society Which means that her ultimate choice to live as a mortal lacks impact, because she doesn t really seem particularly tied to either Tortall or the Divine Realms, or really to anything except maybe her animal friends Is she a sort of surrogate niece to Jon and Thayet there are moments when I wonder about these things I would like to see her day to day I would like to see her dropping by Pirate Swoop for dinner Because a lot of potential stuff was established in book 1 that was just dropped Her rider friends, Mari and what s his name I d like to see her develop friendships with them I d like to see Alanna as female mentor which is fitting, given Alanna s story There are a lot of conversations that should have happened between the two women I d like to see Daine struggling to find a place now that they re not under immediate threat, and realizing that not everyone loves her That some of the Riders her own age are suspicious of her except for her two particular friends that she actually interacts with in my version That people shy away from her, having seen what she can do Maybe one of them s a boy, one that she has a bit of a crush on Maybe it doesn t go well I would like to see her struggling at making friends with some people, in the same way that she doesn t struggle with bonding with animals And I d like to see Alanna talking to her about things like being special, and how it s a bit of a burden, and can be isolating, and that it comes with a cost I d like Alanna to talk to her about balance, and maybe not being 100% about animals all the time or, at least that Daine should think long and hard about if that s what she really wants, or if it s just another way of hiding from the world, like when she went all feral in her youth.Oh, and I want Daine being forced to attend social events And having to deal with people being scornful because of the Wild Magic, and perhaps her parentage And just not being great in large social groups seriously, we almost never see her with strangers when it s not a battle, or some other crisis And Alanna commiserating, but also being all, um 1 this is important for humans I learned the hard way too, 2 if you re as powerful as it seems like you are, you re not going to be able to hide out in a tower in the country all your life You have a duty to the king, and as one of his mages you will have to swear an oath of fealty I m guessing there s some sort of mage equivalent to the knighthood oath Let s say there is And I really, really want to see Numair teaching her I want of him insisting she learn the theory, and her rebelling because she s hyper practical, and doesn t understand why he always has his nose in a book This would serve two purposes One, it would show them interacting together show his affection on page , and two it would show why they might be particularly well matched at a later date note nothing in this book gets romantic, unless it s Daine idly thinking her teacher is hot, because let s face it, young girls do that Especially if Numair points out that he learned all the theory first, and it makes the practice easier Though she s right, since the latest attack at the Swoop, he s been focusing on the practical, working with Alanna, etc to get better at that sort of magic But he ll make her a deal, if she stops grumbling so much about the theory, he ll include practical stuff Maybe he gets Alanna or Jonathan or another mage to help out.Second half of this book is an abridged version of the actual second book come on, it s not like things couldn t be cut down I mean, really, all that needs to be kept is the treason plotline, Daine learning how to go within animals, the Orzone connection, Daine meeting the Rikash, Daine meeting Maura and struggling to connect with her due to the magic thing, but then they become friends and I d have them be equals , and Numair fighting the other sorcerer in the duel Complete with him pointing out that he could only do it because he only knew the word of power because he learned all that theory, and her pointing out that he only lasted that long because she and Alanna have been working on making him see the practical side of things all summer I WANT MY STORYLINE OF THEM COMPLEMENTING EACH OTHER A LOT, OKAY I also would have Daine figure something out because of the theory she learned And I d emphasize that Maura s help is indispensible maybe she keeps Daine safe when Daine s off gallivanting in a squirrel s brain , and said help was given freely as a direct result of Daine learning how to work with another human being Maybe hunter dude is about 18, and he and Daine flirt a bit, once he gets over some of the animal stuff And maybe Daine realizes that while sometimes she still feels a pull to lose herself in the pack, it s not as strong as it was, and she doesn t really want to any.Anyway, in this version, we get Daine developing friendships, being forced to find her place in Tortall, working with Numair, and learning how to interact with people, not just animals And realizing that even if she thinks her best friends are all animals, that she s getting better at understanding people too.Book 3 Again, not too many changes book 2 is by far the most problematic for me Two years after book 2 Oh look, Daine is 17 now And starting to grow up This makes the random jealousy a bit less squicky Again, no overt romance, though undertones Let s code Daine as older, teasing Numair that she ll be an official mage soon, and so he won t be able to order her around Also, I want a couple of chapters on the ship on the way to Carthak Set the scene a bit better Just show me Numair and Daine interacting in non crisis mode I would perhaps like a few offhand mentions about things like Numair being very careful about how when he touched her Like, maybe he used to put his hand on her shoulder, or tweak her hair or something, and does it less and less, especially when other people around Also have Daine ask how he feels about going back, and have him reply that he s not the same person who left Plus, I want of my OTP Gary his papers.Kaddar is a flirtation mutual attraction I m not sure they ever really act on it But there is flirting, maybe even a kiss But mostly it serves to make Daine obviously mature, and to think about what it is she wants Like maybe she realizes that though she loves the menagerie, and she respects Kaddar, she s not sure she d ever want to live in a country like Carthak, what with the slaves, and the restrictions towards some women And maybe she wistfully thinks about how even though Kaddar is attractive in his diamonds, and she did earn his respect and he hers , there is still a distance between them, in the sense that Kaddar doesn t know quite what to do with her magic, and her abilities And she destroyed his palace Have her think about why they wouldn t have been a good match.As for Numair, have him actually talk to her a few times I d like him to react to Kaddar subtly, maybe he keeps saying it s good to see her attending social functions and spending time with people her own age followed by some subtle thing that indicates that he s no 100% thrilled by this Maybe Numair confides that he often worries that she hasn t spent enough time with people in her own peer group Daine could then point out that she spends time with Mari, and she s kept in touch with Maura, and anyway, most other people get a bit weirded out by the Wild Magic thing Numair and Daine bonding over how being super powerful mages can be isolating for the win, is basically what I m saying Alanna can drop by too, if she wants to This would show how their bond has changed He s starting to talk to her like an adult And oh look how much they actually have in commonAlso, Alanna and Daine discussing how much it can suck when the gods interfere with your life would be nice too And Daine being super frustrated by it And in that vein, let s use the Stormwings effectively Make Daine s relationship with the species complicated, much like her relationship with her parentage the Graveyard Hag Book 4 I have less specifics about it Daine is again two years older, so 19 SEE WHAT I DID THERE SEE HOW MUCH LESS CREEPY IT IS NOW I d start by not having Daine Numair sucked into the realms of the gods immediately Again, can we set the scene a bit And let s definitely code Daine as older For a start, they re magical partners now, because they work well together, and are realizing how easy a progression it was from the teacher student relationship Partly because Daine was always so advanced, magically, due to half godly influence Maybe there is banter Hey, I m not your student any I don t have to listen when you lecture I swore my oath of mage fealty to the king last fall Followed by the shortest celebration banquet ever Not my fault a couple of wyvryns decided to crash the party My point is, I no longer have to pay attention when you lecture Maybe her mother makes a comment about, Oh look how you ve grown When I was your age, I was keeping house and expecting, well, you Because Daine needs to be coded adult here.But also, put the war in context a bit Maybe Mari or Onua shows up, for some character relationship continuity Show Daine and Numair working together to stop some catastrophe, instead of Kitten just doing all of it.And I don t know what to do about the divine realms plot It s not particularly satisfying For a start, Daine never really bonds with her father And the way she interacts with her parents, it reinforces how young she is problematic for the Numair arc, with the age difference If she s going to spend all this time in the Divine Realms, at least have her have an archery contest with her father or something SOME SORT OF BONDING But maybe also conflict between her and her parents It s all very superficial The relationship needs to be strengthened, so there is actual conflict when she decides to stay in Tortall, and there s an actual reason that she might choose otherwise Ideally through the angle of her powers have always meant that she doesn t quite fit in with other people, and look at all the trouble she had socially, and trying to make human friends Maybe have part of her feel like at home in the realm of the gods, thanks to her parentage No weird glimpses into the mortal realm They don t add much, and I think the tension would be increased by not knowing details.More consistency with the mythology Either the gods can interfere in the mortal realm or they can t Instead of Badger and Duckmole just going and doing stuff, maybe Daine and Numair have to be super clever about finding loopholes to allow it Maybe they scheme together to get Badger and Duckmole a way of helping, showing how good a team Daine Numair are Because the god of chaos is punished for interfering in the mortal realm, and no one can step in until it s proven, well, except for Badger and Duckmole I actually don t hugely mind how the Daine Numair happens But I would show him struggling a lot in the first half with trying very hard not to flirt with her touch her in any way, because she s younger and she was his student And her being a bit confused frustrated by it And then they go on their incredible journey Which should be shorter, and do a better job of showing how well they work together with their different skill sets But I kind of like the near death experience prodding Numair to act, and I usually don t like that trope I do think their discussion about a relationship needs to go differently Daine, instead of freaking out about marriage, should counter with there are things she wants to do first, and they should take their time Also, when he s being all self guilty about it, she should point out that she s tried flirting with other boys which she HAS in my versions of the books, and we saw it , but they never get the wild magic thing, he gets the magic thing, and isn t intimidated by it Anyway, she had to grow up fast, when her family was killed and she spent so much time looking after herself She never thought she d find anyone she trusts as much as she does him, etc etc She s thought about a lot of the things she wants in life, and she can t really imagine hers without him He was her teacher, and now he s her mage partner, and they could be good together.I think there are two ways Daine s romantic story could have gone Either she picks a super powerful mage, who understands her and her magic, which is such a huge part of her, or she picks someone completely laid back and accepting of who she is Pierce went the other way with Alanna, so it makes sense for her to go this way with Daine, at least to me.The last quarter of the book needs to be less weird The final battle better set up, and explained, with of the book devoted to it Plus, Daine interacting with her human friends And it needs to be less, Let s just throw ALL THE IMORTALS AT THE PROBLEM Look, I don t know how to fix this I was focusing on fixing the character arcs, okay There should be some sort of payoff from Daine s friendships in this section too.I think the final choice, whether Daine fits in the human realm or the immortal one, is also effective if her life is shown in context, and her struggles to connect to people are rewarded with genuine friendships And she ll go live in the mortal realm, with Numair, and the country she s grown to love, and her friends, but with the caveat that if she can t jump realm to realm any, the gods also can t just use her as a convenient tool any time they want either And then she and Numair ride off into the sunset On dragons hide spoiler

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    3 starsI ve been sitting on this one for a while It s a perfectly lovely ending for a great fantasy series it s just that I don t have too many strong feelings about it Whereas the ending of the Alanna series felt so relevant to my own life, this one doesn t resonate as much Daine s lessons are important ones embracing adulthood and independence and saying goodbye to the past They re just not lessons that I ve had to deal with recently I feel like I am too old for this book But luckily I have two miniaturized versions of myself at home who I m sure will love this series when they get a bit older As this last book opens, Daine, Numair, and Kitten are exhausted The people of Tortall have been dealing with one battle after another ever since the Carthaki Emperor Ozorne was transformed And of course now everyone s starting to realize that turning a crazed power hungry man into a powerful immortal being with razor sharp steel wings was probably a bad idea Hindsight.Things get complicated when Daine and Numair are transported to the immortal realms and trapped there Their only hope of escape might lay with Kitten s relatives, the dragons.I had a similar lack of connection in this book as I had in Wolf Speaker Daine is removed from the friends that I had grown to love and placed in a brand new setting with brand new characters The Badger and Numair are still around, but Alanna, Jonathan, Kitten, Cloud, Onua, and even Prince Kaddar are all missing until the final battle Even then, the author spends so much time with brand new villains and characters only briefly introduced that I had a hard time focusing or caring Whenever one of the familiar names came up, I would feel a rush of interest in the story again, but they were few and far between However, Daine s final battle is very satisfying and epic One disagreement I guess you could say that I have with this series in general is this notion that humans and animals are so very different Daine can mind speak with the people animals of every type and with immortal beings, but never with humans Humans are set apart, completely alien to every other organism on Earth apparently I m pretty sure that Tamora Pierce doesn t have any ulterior motives with this rule except to perhaps prevent the complication of Daine being able to read the minds of her human friends , but it nettles me a bit I think that this belief that some humans have of superiority and separation from animals has encouraged a lot of cruelty and apathy in our time But maybe I am reading way too much into it.There is quite a bit progression with the romance in this installment, even though, once again, it is just about the least important facet of this story And I know that in my other reviews for this series I ve been all, Daine Numair 4ever but truthfully I had a lot of worries Numair, while possibly one of the greatest male love interests ever written in fantasy, is also thirty years old And throughout this series, he s been of a teacher father figure for Daine than anything else At sixteen years old, Daine isn t even making it past the half your age plus seven barrier My ickiness flags were definitely raised.BUT, without giving too much away, I am here to say that I did not have one single moment of icky repulsion The scenes between Daine and Numair are sweet and gut wrenching and they surprised me in every way Which leads me to Perfect Musical PairingThe Cranberries SundayThis is the song that I had picked out for Daine, when I arrogantly assumed that she would fall for Numair and not know how to deal with it and be all young and confused and angsty Well, I should have known better Tamora Pierce, I salute you This song isn t for Daine at all It s for Numair.

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    Also read 29 December 2007, 18 July 2011 Daine and Numair get sucked out of Tortall and into the Divine Realms where they star in, in turn, a travelogue, a romance novel, and the quickest war novel ever 1 SERIOUSLY 2 All the main stuff happened off page The war, Daine s other suitors, sicknesses, etc Instead, we get 75% of a book about traveling across the Divine Realm and 25% about finishing a war too big for one book It s just sloppy, and uninteresting, and to use the phrase that I think most succinctly summarizes this series simple There is nothing truly at stake in any of these books no deep relationships develop, no begrudging respect, no awkward rivalries The antagonistic relationships that do exist Ozorne, Rikash are glossed over, and we are given the shells and asked to believe it s a full meal 3 That romance, though Here s the thing A young, confused me shipped the hell out of this But even that nostalgic yearning wasn t enough to disguise the unevenness of the romance, nor the laughable attempts to rebalance the power dynamics It s all shoddy craftsmanship to attempt to shore up a relationship that was neither well planned nor characterized The age difference still didn t bother me, but that s because Numair doesn t really strike me as a 30 year old man but of a really studious 22 year old Old enough for the good stuff but young enough to not know any better 4 I m honestly just glad to be done with it Which is, perhaps, the most telling point of them all.

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    Reviewed by Candace Cunard for TeensReadToo.comIt s been a year since wild mage Daine, now sixteen, helped topple Emperor Orzone of Carthak, but at that time his consciousness was trapped within the body of an immortal flesh eating bird known as a stormwing, and therefore his presence is still integral to the story In fact, Orzone has teamed up with Uusoae, the goddess of chaos, and together their power threatens to destroy everything Daine knows and loves.Daine may be young, but she and those around her all accept that she has an important part to play in this fight, defending the kingdom of Tortall that became her home four years ago.This final book in Tamora Pierce s THE IMMORTALS series is literally out of this world, with Daine and Numair spending the majority of the narrative in the titular realms of the gods They are taken there by benevolent forces who seek their safety and remove them from their world when they are on the brink of death.Although many of the mysteries of Daine s past begin to unravel due to the information she gathers, both she and Numair wish to return home to their own world to do their part in the battles that are raging between Tortall and the forces of chaos To do this, they ll have to journey through the immortal realms to the land of the dragons, since Daine s friendship with the dragon Kitten makes them the only immortals who might be able to send Daine back to her world.Though it isn t my favorite volume in the series that would be EMPEROR MAGE, the third book , this book does a good job of concluding the quartet Many of the major questions that have been left open by the earlier books are answered, and the development of Daine s character continues to present her as a solid human being with strengths and weaknesses, both of which she must learn to harness to her advantage.In this series, Pierce introduces another strong young woman whose life and adventures will make for an exciting read and a real inspiration at any age.

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    So not only do we have some typical fantasy problems, like overpowered characters who can do no wrong and are filled with truth, love and virtue, there s misused words, terrible description, plot holes, and then SPOILER AND TRIGGER WARNING, a thirty year old teacher macking on and making out with his sixteen year old student BY THE WAY THEY VE BEEN IN LOOOOOVE SINCE SHE WAS THIRTEEN There s about one page of desultory, pro forma oh huh this might be fucked up discussion, and then EVERYTHING IS APPARENTLY FINE NO, TAMORA PIERCE EVERYTHING IS NOT FINE Honestly, yay for having a girl as your main character in fantasy, but if the price for that is having this shit happen, I THINK I M OKAY WITH SKIPPING THE LADY HEROINES Jesus fucking Christ AND THIS IS YA Because THAT S a great example to emulate At least when Eddings pulls this shit one, he s writing for adults, two, the characters actually wrestle with it, and three, THEY RE BOTH ADULTS AT THE TIME.

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    Gah This series had to end on a bad note I had the same problem with this book as I did with Wolf Speaker Too much interactions with Daine s animals and the gods, and not enough human interactions, further bogged down by the weakest part of Book 1, the war Tamora Pierce has many strengths in her writing writing battle scenes and war scenes are not one of them I find them slow, bogged down, and I easily get confused and lost in the actionand not lost in a good way Very disappointed in the conclusion.

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    I love Pierce, and even though none of her books will be better than the first series Alana The First Adventure about a girl who disguises herself as a boy to become a squire and eventually, a lady knight the first such in many hundreds of years in her world of Tortall I also really like this series Well, I liked the first book in the series enough to give it, say, a 4 The second book wasn t that great The third was a little better This was a nice low point to finish the series Lame o Also set in Tortall, the protagonist is a Wild Mage someone able to call up unusual powers mostly talking to animals, controlling animals, and transforming into animals They are intended for an adolescent audience, but popular with adults as well Pierce is a great author, though life is occasionally a bit too prancing pony perfect in Tortall everyone gets along, the Queen is the most beautiful woman in the land, every protagonist ends up with her favorite friend mentor as a husband in the final book of series I don t recommend reading this book.

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