The Right Man: The Surprise Presidency of George W. Bush

The Right Man: The Surprise Presidency of George W. BushThe Right Manis The First Inside Account Of A Historic Year In The Bush White House, By The Presidential Speechwriter Credited With The Phrase Axis Of Evil David Frum Helped Make International Headlines When President George W Bush S State Of The Union Address Linked International Terrorists To Iran, Iraq, And North Korea But That Was Only One Moment During A Crucial Time In American History, When A President, An Administration, And A Country Were TransformedFrum Worked With President Bush In The Oval Office, Traveled With Him Aboard Air Force One, And Studied Him Closely At Meetings And Events He Describes How Bush Thinks What This Conservative President Believes About Religion, Race, The Environment, Jews, Muslims, And America S Future Frum Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of One Of The Most Secretive Administrations In Recent History, With Revealing Portraits Of Karl Rove, Karen Hughes, Condoleezza Rice, And Many Others Most Significant, He Tells The Story Of The Transformation Of George W Bush How A President Whose Administration Began In Uncertainty Became One Of The Most Decisive, Successful, And Popular Leaders Of Our TimeBefore Becoming A White House Speechwriter, David Frum Was A Highly Regarded Author Of Books And Political Commentary And An Influential Voice On The Pages Of The Wall Street Journal And The Weekly Standard His Commentary Has Been Described By William F Buckley As The Most Refreshing Ideological Experience In A Generation Now, In The Right Man, We See Frum As A Front Row Observer And Participant Not Since Peggy Noonan S Account Of Her Time In The Reagan White House Has An Insider Portrayed A Sitting President With Such Precision, Verve, Honest Admiration, And Insight The Right Man Will Command International Attention For Its Thoughtful Account Of George W Bush In The Midst Of His Greatest Challenge It Will Be An Essential Reference For Anyone Seeking To Understand Who Our President Really Is And How He Is Likely To Lead Us In The Future From The Hardcover Edition A compelling and eye opening view to the W Bush administration The majority of my perception of the 2nd Bush presidency came from the SNL parody of him and the Oliver Stone movie W This book revealed a different picture altogether of a thoughtful, kind, and determined man I greatly enjoyed Frum s writing and will suggest this book to anyone who wants to read about the Bush presidency and leadership. This was a good book if you like biography s I wanted to learn all I could about GWB when he was President Again, people hate him, call him an idiot He is none of those things Did you know he had a little sister that died of leukemia when she was 3 years old I think her name was Robin I can t remember George was the oldest child and I cannot imagine how this affected him I think it does a disservice to say how stupid he is since he graduated from Yale AND Harvard, two of the MOST prestigeous schools in our country It was interesting to learn about the common struggles he had, that alot of people have gone through ie infertility, alcoholism Money can t buy your baby sister back, money can t make you have a baby they have twins And anybody can be a drunk But he rose above all this and became our 43rd President He was amazing on 9 11 It was unfortunate about Katrina, but he did the best he could One day people will realize he was an amazing President, he was caring, he was funny, he loved this country and he did the best he could Read this book. Sometimes you have to read something that you don t think you ll like, just to check and see.I set out to read this with low hopes and for the most part my expectations were met David Frum is not a stupid man nor is he a bad man, per se I think he is deeply misguided, and perhaps something of a political shill.At least he writes fairly well and gives a relatively candid assessment of what he saw in his brief time at the White House.Nothing ground breaking here, really I m glad I only paid a buck for it. I read this to try to hear the voices who support Bush, but came away thinking this was a veiled subtle attack on him I can t tell if the author did this intentionally or if I just disagreed so strongly with Bush s choices that I couldn t appreciate why anyone would site them as good. This is a strange memoir in many ways An aide just off the payroll and hungry for fame might be expected to kiss and tell, but the truth is that Frum did precious little kissing there to tell about Read the full review, Axis of Ego, on our website This book captures an observation and opinion rooted in time The fact that the opinion and observations are overturned by the passage of time might well render this book useless for anyone who isn t a student of politics or the media. Interesting, but no real insight Probably a bit dated by now. From conservative writer and former Bush administration staff member David Frum comes the political memoir The Right Man The Surprise Presidency of George W Bush Frum, an economics speechwriter for Bush from 2001 2002, recounts his experiences working for the White House and analyses George W Bush s presidency He begins with the administration s attempt to set a new tone in Washington and restore integrity to the office in the wake of President Clinton s scandals, and then continues on with Bush s daring foreign policy changes, along with the handling of the 9 11 terrorist attacks and the Afghanistan War A conservative critic, Frum approaches Bush s actions with a healthy amount of skepticism, but ultimately concludes that Bush had a vision that proved to be right in a post Cold War, 21st century world He also discussions some of the divisions in the administration such as those between senior advisers Karen Hughes and Karl Rove and the speech writing process of the Bush White House The Right Man The Surprise Presidency of George W Bush is a remarkable insider s look at the making of a presidency during one of the most challenging times in American history. An interesting look into the genesis of Axis of Evil Revealing is that in the wake of 9 11, Frum decided that People WANT to feel like we re in the midst of World War II.

David J Frum is a Canadian American journalist active in both the United States and Canadian political arenas A former economic speechwriter for President George W Bush, he is also the author of the first insider book about the Bush presidency His editorial columns have appeared in a variety of Canadian and American magazines and newspapers, including the National Post and The Week He is al

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