Extravagant Strangers:A Literature of Belonging

Extravagant Strangers:A Literature of BelongingShakespeare Called Othello An Extravagant And Wheeling Stranger Of Here And Every Where In This Exciting Anthology, Caryl Phillips Has Collected Writings By Thirty Nine Extravagant Strangers British Writers Who Were Born Outside Of Britain And See It With Clear And Critical Eyes These Eloquent And Incisive Voices Prove That English Literature, Far From Being Pure Or Homogenous, Has In Fact Been Shaped And Influenced By Outsiders For Over Two Hundred Years Here Are Slave Writers, Such As Ignatius Sancho, An Eightieth Century African Who Became A Friend To Samuel Johnson And Laurence Sterne Writers Born In The Colonies Such As Thackeray, Kipling, And Orwell Subject Writers, Such As CLR James And VS Naipaul Foreign Migr S, Such As Joseph Conrad And Kazuo Ishiguro And Postcolonial Observers Of The British Scene, Such As Salman Rushdie, Ben Okri, And Anita Desai With The Eloquent And Often Inspiring Collection, Phillips Proves, If Proof Be Needed, That The Greatest Literature Is Often Born Out Of Irreconcilable Tensions Between A Writer And His Or Her Society

Caryl Phillips was born in St.Kitts and came to Britain at the age of four months He grew up in Leeds, and studied English Literature at Oxford University.He began writing for the theatre and his plays include Strange Fruit 1980 , Where There is Darkness 1982 and The Shelter 1983 He won the BBC Giles Cooper Award for Best Radio Play of the year with The Wasted Years 1984 He has written

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  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Extravagant Strangers:A Literature of Belonging
  • Caryl Phillips
  • English
  • 10 August 2019
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    what it takes to be considered a British writer Caryl Phillips has been called labelled a British writera post colonial writera West Indian writera black writeran Afro American writer He seems to dislike any of those labels.He even jokes if not seen his photo on the book he might be thought as being a woman writer.He was born in St Kitts, then moved to Leeds, UK he was four months old He s been, for many years, asked where is he really from He thought you don t live between cultures you live with them Back in the early 1990s there was this notion that suddenly you had all these darkies with strange names getting published and this was an anomaly But the very condition of Britain, as Daniel Defoe said, is a mongrel condition It has been for hundred of years Daniel Defoe On May 10th 1999, CP got interviewed by Newsweek he spoke about himself and the book Extravagant Strangers.He defined the book as an anthology that covers than 200 years of works by authors who were not born in Britain but are part of the British literarytradition Ignatious Sancho R Kipling J Conrad V S Naipul D Lessing G Orwell This book is about Ignatious Sancho,Rudyard Kipling,Joseph Conrad,V.S Naipul,Doris Lessing,George Orwell, Salman Rushdie,Ben Okri,Anita Desai,and Kazuo Ishiguroto name some The fact that they were born abroad turns into a sort of literary advantage out of the tension between the individual and his or her societythe finest writing is often produced And yet for many of these writers it was not easy attaining to the level of notoriety.Trying to define where his home was, in that interview he said It s where my books are then in New York.I got amazed when listening to a reading of Caryl s essay Color me English back in September 25, 2011 at theCentral Library,Dr S Stevan Dweck Center , by himself His own biographical trajectory testifies in an absolute way the above mentioned difficulties Phillips spoke about questions deeply personal ,still pertinent,though he s now an American citizen,retaining British citizenship Questions of belonging,identity and participation Questions about the color of your passport after 9 11 or of your skin ,acute questions.Take a look at his years in UK 1 he arrives to Leeds,a baby,still at 5,he recalls attending a strange school where he had to stay on one side of the line , though he wished to belong to the other side he was part of a different group there were those neatly dressed and the scruffy one.2 At 7 he changed school no girls in.3 At 8 he discovered a passion for booksfrom the local library, despite the limit 4 at a time he loved adventure stories but then the germ talk led mother to make books forbidden.4 While 9 years old, parents divorced Caryl wrote a story, but his father,an immigrant, a subject of the British Empire , had no imagination so, talent was not recognized.at 18he studied Jung and Freud he wanted to understand people his tutor told him if you want to understand about people,study English Literature,not Psychology.At 20, he travels to the US in a California beach, he reads Native Son by Richard Wright.Now he knows what to do about his life.Literature and race the Psychology of racial identityand its literary aspectsa never ending theme.Talent has no borders.http thedianerehmshow.org audio s By the way, I like the music of the black Mozart Le Chevalier de Saint George Joseph Bologne was born in Guadeloupe

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    Am intrigued to read this I went to university with Caryl Phillip s brother Tony, which I know isn t the best reason to read a book, but it s one reason

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