At Any Cost

At Any Cost This review and all others are available on my website including contests Slave to BooksSource NetGalleyThis is a contemporary read and was a quick one even at 296 pages I loved everything about this book except the ending It was a fast past and I mean you literally are right in the middle of it practically from page one But, it does come to a halt at the very end I was left scratching my head and going, Wait What Where is the rest of it The ending is really my only complaint about this book The characters were well written, the world is contemporary as I said Which means that it is an entirely believable world The pacing was excellent I love when a book just grips you in I write a little slower but what I write needs that build up But, this is the type of book where you need to jump in with both feet There is no sticking your toe in to test the water This is action packed.But, I can t rate it as high as I would have liked due to the ending The ending felt rushed because it fell flat.Because of the content and everything that is going on with the world today, it did make it definitely a bit scarier Even though this isn t your a typical horror book It isn t horror at all But, what it is is a mystery and suspense and the author does both equally well.I definitely look forward to reading from this author I just hope she creates an epilogue or ties up all the unanswered questions in her next book.Rating B Normally I give C ratings for an ending that falls flat like this one, but I really enjoyed the book so I bumped it up a half grade. 3.5 stars It was pretty slow the first couple of chapter and I really considered giving up I really enjoyed the relationship between Fallon and Tom so I kept reading I am glad I did, I really enjoyed this book You gave alot going on between all the different relationships, but it definitely added a lot to the story and set it up to actually have books I loved the action I am so glad that Fallon and Tom shared their feelings for each other and Tom explained why he left her in Greece I found it interesting that Omar was instantly enad with Leah and Im hoping for another book with them coming together I really wished there would ve been an epilogue, well, what can I say Im a sucker for epilogues Bohemian turned attorney, guarded by sexy lover who left her high and dry in Greece, is now targeted by a sleeper terrorist group because she answered her phone This was a pretty intense book, and dealt with a few political hot buttons while depicting a seriously steamy romance I would almost have to say it was a suspense thriller except the romance was full tilt NA I mean, who hasn t fantasized about having sex in a stairwell, pushed up against the wall In a twist, Tom seems to be the one with the deeply rooted problems, and following along as he finally dealt with the death of his wife so he could open his heart to Fallon amazing The family drama on Fallon s side was equally dysfunctional, stepped up a notch since her daddy was the president elect Suspenseful and sexy I feel I have whip lash, I am reading this book and really enjoying it wanting to know what will happen next and SCREECH the book ends I literally thought maybe my kindle had frozen and I was unable to get to the next page Now to be fair I would have given this book 4 stars but this ended so suddenly I was left feeling at a lose There are some serious formatting issues with this book Paragraphs merged and sentences that start the next line mid sentence, so I would suggest the author getting someone to really format the next book well.That being said I am really hoping there is a NEXT book one where I can find out what happened to Tom and Fallon, and maybe fingers crossed it will be about Omar and Leah I was truly engaged in these characters I will read another oneBut I am hoping it doesn t leave me feeling like I hit a brick wall at 70 mph. I found At Any Cost slow to start but I am glad I stuck with it I ended up really enjoying the story A political thriller and romantic suspense all in one.Fallon Hughes, daughter of the President Elect of the U.S.A., is struggling through her first year as an attorney at a prestigious Washington D.C law firm Secret Service agent Tom Bishop is assigned to protect Fallon Although they had a past that ended abruptly, the sparks quickly rekindle for Tom and Fallon Fallon receives information regarding a grave national security threat and Tom and Fallon must work together to expose the conspiracy in her father s administration before she meets a horrific fate.I anxiously await the forthcoming sequel. This was a very enjoyable, fast paced romantic suspense I really liked the main characters, Fallon Hughes, and Tom Bishop The chemistry between them sizzled, leading to some very hot scenes I thought the book had a nice balance of romance and suspense, and I enjoyed both the romantic and suspense aspects of the storyline Fallon Hughes is a rookie attorney and daughter of the President Elect Tom Bishop is a man from her past who hurt her, and now he is back to protect her When Fallon receives a frantic phone call from a young man who later appears to have committed suicide, she begins to investigate It soon becomes clear that a conspiracy is underway and that Fallon is in danger The chemistry between them blazes as they begin to work closely together. Gonna keep my review short and sweet and keep to my emotions as the cover write up is pretty lengthy It s a pretty solid read you guys I was drawn in and felt invested in these characters I fell in love with Fallon right off the bat She is sweet and smart a wonderful combo Tom, I really loved his evolution Massive tears when he went to visit his family The two of them together perfection.The story is a good one, thrilling and suspenseful Dysfunctional soon to be first family amazing The city of DC itself was a wonderful back drop with all the action and suspense All in all I give At Any Cost 3.5 STARS T New Edition, Reformatted With A New Ending Fallon Hughes Is Like Any Young Attorney Suffering Through Her First Year In A White Shoe Washington, DC Firm Overworked, Exhausted, And Lacking A Social Life She S Also The Daughter Of The President Elect Of The United States Tom Bishop Is The Secret Service Agent Assigned To Protect Her After Losing His Wife On , He Is Not Prepared To Find Himself Attracted To The Sexy, Smart Protectee The Ethics Questions Alone Are Explosive And Despite The Red Hot Tension Between Them, He Will Not Risk His Career Or Fallon S Reputation On A Tryst That He Is Sure They Will Both RegretWhen Fallon Receives A Phone Call From A Frantic Young Man Who Tells Her He Has Information Regarding A Grave National Security Threat She Agrees To Meet Him, But He Never Arrives The Next Morning, She Hears On The News That He Jumped Off The Roof Of A Building And Killed HimselfFallon Suspects Antoine Campbell Did Not Commit Suicide And Launches An Investigation Despite A Growing Sense Of Paranoia, Fallon Is Determined To Prove Campbell Was Murdered At First, Tom Tries To Dissuade Fallon From Becoming Involved, But As It Becomes Obvious This Is A Murder Case, Tom And Fallon Must Expose The Conspiracy In Her Father S Administration Before Fallon Meets The Same Fate And With The Tension Already Sky High Between Them, Working This Close Together Is Surely Going To Get One Of Them To Cross The Line From A Strictly Professional Relationship To Intimately PersonalSet Against The Backdrop Of Washington, DC, At Any Cost Sets Up A Smoldering Romance As It Takes Readers Into The Super Secret World Of The Secret Service, The NSA, And Ultimately The Most Private Reaches Of The White House I enjoy political thrillers, and those with a conspiracy element are among my favourites In this well written and fast paced romantic novel, Ms Ellison has not neglected the thriller theme of her intricately plotted story The plot drives the novel forward at a clip, and as with all good thrillers, I found that I needed to know what s going to happen next The characters are three dimensional, with multiple motivations, and engaging, and I found myself rooting for Fallon both in her attempt to bring light to the murky political and murderous machinations she uncovers and in her growing feelings for her dashing Secret Service agent First rate This book was great I loved the characters I felt like I knew them personally and could be friends with them This story was attention grabbing from the beginning through the end I loved every minute of it I found it to be full of adventure as well as romance and a little mystery Has anyone else read this book I would love to know if you felt the same or if you had a different take on it This book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an open and honest review

Cara is the author of AT ANY COST Diversion Books and the non fiction book, BLOGGING ENRON.

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