C.S. Lewis: Master Storyteller (Christian Heroes: Then & Now)

C.S. Lewis: Master Storyteller (Christian Heroes: Then & Now)b o r i n g This book is about the life of C.S Lewis a glimpse into the world of an intensely private person I have read other biographies of Lewis, and this one brought out some unique angles, including Lewis extreme generosity and humility, as well as his great literary and professional success I think the book could have been better written I found the writing passive and wordy, hard to follow in places, with a tendency to occasionally interrupt the narrative with an aside in brackets that distracted from the current story with irrelevant information The book was packed with facts about Lewis, but told in a dry, unengaging style, and not always in an order that made sense to me In some places this book required effort to continue reading yet in others, the text was interesting The use of an omniscient narrator detracted from the book, I felt, and most of the story was told not shown, which cannot always be avoided in a biography However, I have read engaging books from this series and these authors For holding the attention of younger readers, this book comes up short, but for educational purposes, it is an acceptable textbook of the events of Lewis life. From His Earliest Childhood, CS Lewis Loved To Hear And Tell Stories Persuaded That Stories Could Reveal The Truth About The Real World In A Unique Way, The Literature Professor Would Write Than Thirty Books, Including Science Fiction, Theology, Literary Criticism, And Fantasy In An Era Marked By Two World Wars, Lewis Attacked Tough Questions About Life And Faith Headfirst Convinced That The Story Of Jesus Christ Is The Truest Of All Stories, And Known For Searching Out The Truth With Honesty, Clarity, And Imagination, The Former Atheist Would Become One Of The Most Influential Christians Of The Twentieth Century Originally posted on Creative Madness Mama The last several weeks most nights I have been reading aloud and taking turns with my Second Grader to read C.S Lewis, Master Storyteller from the Christian Heroes Then Now series by YWAM Publishing aff which we were blessed to receive for review as well as a CD Unit Study Guide Curriculum The book is also available an audiobook and eBook versions and the study guide is available as a download as well Ours is a physical paperback and CD The book is very good quality with a glossy cover and is the size of an average trade paperback book with just over 190 pages On the YWAM website you can see through ISSUU a sample of the book and some screen prints of a sample study guide.My own childhood was filled with knowledge of the Narnia stories written by Master Storyteller C.S Lewis through BBC dramatizations that had been recorded onto VHS tapes from a PBS special It was not until after I was married that I actually purchased an omnibus of the series and started to read and get an idea about what all the fuss what about Within a few years, the newer movie versions started to come to theatre, then add on my own children and we have started to read the series as read aloud storytime books In my own time, I ve read quite a few of Lewis apologetical devotionals as well as fallen in love with the use of the C.S Lewis Study Bible also Thus, I was delighted to start reading Christian Heroes Then Now C.S Lewis, Master Storyteller by Janet Geoff Benge I had seen YWAM books and biographies mentioned on various homeschool lists over the last few years in my searching lists, but this is my first experience with one, and I m very happy with it and definitely plan to look into their books in the future with other characters we need to know from history.From my own experience of words here and there I knew that Lewis was at one point in his life a staunch atheist, but I had not known until reading this with my children that he was quite a faithfilled Christian earlier in his life before he drifted away and then was influenced by a particular tutor The prose of this autobiography is like a novel, but filled with facts and truth from youth forward and is bringing history alive for our whole family Reading about the events in the all boys school and then experiencing the depressions in his family surround him, and even the starting points of the first World War was powerful and educational The writers of this book have done an incredible job I am enjoying it, my advanced six year old is enjoying it and my four year old is enjoying the story even if not really holding on to it She enjoys it as a story.We have enjoyed reading C.S Lewis, Master Storyteller as our bedtime story ETA as requested detail from the blog tour anchor team As I ve already mentioned, the biography itself was delightful However, I d like to also note that the study guide is great as well It is filled with a plethora of information that could take this one small biography and lead toward a semester or of study It is a CD Rom, which when entered into the computer provides a short trailer video blip for the series Such as the Christian Heroes Then Now which features Christian examples of people in history that have stood up and provided models of a good way to live and grow the faith and fellowship in Christ Within the CD Rom there are PDF printables that include maps, as well as discussion points in the actual guide document In our home, before we read C.S Lewis Master Storyteller I read through the study guide and made choices of things to point out Such as the Key Bible Verse see image above and then as we read the story and Jack s example exemplified the verse I pointed it out to my girls and we talked about it further as well as underlined the verse in AppleBlossom s personal Bible.We used the study guide to expand the biography across the curriculum Mainly it was a character and Bible story, but there was also imprints of geographical lessons as well as vocabulary and I appreciated the discussion that we were able to maintain through out our entire use of this program What I found is that I would definitely like to continue to use YWAM products in our future homeschool especially the biographies The study guide was good, but not absolutely fabulous as most of it was geared toward a group setting but in that statement it would make a great resource for a Sunday School or Wednesday Bible study or some such It is a great product This review was originally posted on Creative Madness Mama. Enjoyed reading about his life and where his ideas for stories came from Most fantastic is that he became a Christian depsite being surrounded by people who weren t believers in Christ, and one of his most influential teachers was an atheist. A great book Enjoyed reading every page of this book It transports you successfully to that era in Ireland and England It moves through C S Lewis s life at just the right pace ensuring that you are never bored It brings to your notice so many excellent authors Includes many insights into C S Lewis Anyone should be able to read this book Christians and non Christians alike If you have read Chronicles of Narnia then you should read this to know how those books came about. This is a great book that tells a lot about C.S Lewis s life It was an interesting read and we learned a lot. An interesting biography of C.S Lewis I enjoyed learning about him of course 5 stars I m so happy to know about this Master storyteller This sums up so much Any fool can write learned language The vernacular is the real test If you can t turn your faith into it, then either you don t understand it, or you don t believe it.

Geoff Benge are a husband and wife writing team with twenty years of writing experience They are best known for the books in the two series Christian Heroes Then Now series and Heroes of History Janet is a former elementary school teacher Geoff holds a degree in history Together they have a passion to make history come alive for a new generation Originally from New Zealand, the Benges make their home in the Orlando, Florida, area.

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