The One Year Be-Tween You and God

The One Year Be-Tween You and God The wisdom shared in soft whispers to a young girl as she searches for answers, or help, or hope found in this book is something I wish I d had in my pre teen years 365 questions, quandaries, issues that almost every young girl will encounter in her life and some answers I found most useful, even now are given profound consideration and helpful suggestions as to how to address each one with kindness, godly wisdom yet maintain the natural boundaries of conscience and strength All young girls would benefit from this little book, especially someone who might not find appropriate guidance in her own home A treasure. I was thrilled to receive a copy of The One Year Be Tween You and God devotional book for girls As a mom of a teenage daughter, I am always on the lookout for great resources to help her grow in her relationship with Christ.The book contains 365 devotions, one for each day of the year Each devotional contains a Dear God question written from the prospective of a tween a Consider This devotional thought written by the author a follow up question and a passage of Scripture The scripture passages were taken from the New Living Translation, which I think makes God s Word easily understood by preteens and teens.I think that the majority of Dear God questions were age appropriate They covered friendship, self worth, popularity, fashion beauty, school, following God and family relationships Some, in my opinion, seemed geared towards older teens For example, Dear God, I still feel embarrassed about some stuff I did in the past How can I stop thinking about it I m not sure how much of a past a nine year old would have.I agree with my daughter that it would have been appealing if the pages were in color instead of black, white and gray I also agree that a topical index would allow for personal application Finally, it would have been great if the book included a space for the girls to journal some of their thoughts.Overall, I think the book is a great option for preteen and early teen girls I think it will help girls grapple with their faith and other issues they face during these impressionable years. This One Year Book Is A Diary Style Devotional For Tween Girls To That Emphasizes Their Growing, Special Relationship With God Each Devotion Begins With A Statement, Thought, Or Question To God Every Girl Is Likely To Make These Statements And Ask Such Questions Many Of Which They May Not Want To Share With Other PeopleThe Book Emphasizes That Tween Girls Can Have A Relationship With God And That They Can Share Their Intimate Thoughts, Fears, Insecurities, Joys, Etc It Lets Girls Know It S Between You And God Questions Topics Include The Following I Know I M Supposed To Be Close To You God , But I Don T Really Feel Like It Now How Can I Change That Everyone Talks About How I M Supposed To Have Faith, Which Is Fine, Except I Don T Really Understand What Faith Actually Is Each Devotion Gives Biblically Based Insight Into The Subject The One Year Be Tween You and God Devotions for Girls is a beautiful devotional book, and it immediately captured my daughter s attention The teal leather like material makes it look and feel grown up than many other devotionals for young girls It s well made, and the pages are sturdy so they won t tear easily The small attached yellow ribbon bookmark is a nice contrast to the teal cover It s a perfect fit for a young lady who is transitioning from a little girl to a young women.The devotional itself is set up in a format which allows the tween girl to read one devotional a day for the entire year The devotionals are each one page in length and feature a Dear God question, the devotional, a scripture passage about what God says about the topic, and a How About You question The questions are ones that many tween girls will ask during this time of their life such as Sometimes I feel to unimportant to do anything special for you I mean, what can I actually do Sometimes I am unhappy with the way you made me I am so tall, the boys in choir call me Godzilla.It s embarrassing Can anything be done Why does everyone have to be so prejudiced Telling others about you is kind of hard to do Will it even make a difference I d really like to trust you How can I do that The devotionals then go into answering the questions Normally, the scripture passage includes a single verse or a couple of verses that have been written out, so the tween does not have to use a Bible for the devotional This is one area where I feel the devotional book fell short I would have liked to see additional verses, scripture passages so the girls could dig deeper into what the scripture says about the topic Some of the devotionals felt a bit shallow my daughter agreed , and I believe the additional reading would have helped overcome this.The questions at the end allow the girls to think a little on the subject and make it applicable to their lives I have found that these type of questions work great for mother daughter talks as talking these types of questions through with me helps my daughter develop her thought process than if she would to do it on her own Since these are meant to be personal devotionals, it might be nice if their were a little note here and there about talking something over with your parents.Overall, from the devotionals that we read, I believe it s a good personal devotional book for this age group, and I think it will appeal to the target audience.Disclosure I received a copy of the above mentioned book as a member of the Tyndale Blog Network to help facilitate the writing of a frank and honest review A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. I was lucky enough to be able to review The One Year Be Tween You God devotions for girls, by Sandra Byrd, this past month I have been looking for something age appropriate for my daughter and me to do together and this devotional was perfect.The devotional s weren t too long and the message was just deep enough to get her thinking I even had my son sit in on it too and he got something out of most of them, they really applied to both If you are a mother of a tween, then like me you have come to realize that we are in a battle for their hearts Their friends and boys are calling out to them and it is so hard to get their attention and keep them focused on what is most important, God s calling on their life.So, I am going to let Keeli, my daughter tell you in her words what she thought about this book I really couldn t think of a better way to review it, than to let the tween of the house, who I wanted the book for in the first place, give her two cents.Hi I m Keeli, and I like this book because its quick and easy to understand It helps me with my day It helps me get closer with God I get a devotion in the morning to rise my spirit.Well, there you have it, in the short and sweet words of my eleven year old, folks.I would definitely recommend this book to any parent of a tween I was given a copy of this book to review in exchange for my honest review. Back to school season seems to be the perfect time to begin some great habits in your children One of the best habits to form is the daily study of the Bible Sandra Byrd has put together a wonderful year long devotional book designed for your nine to fourteen year old girl From the teal colored leather cover to the daily devotional layout, I think your girl with find this book engaging Each day is generically dated making it possible to start at any point in the year There is a nice attached ribbon that will keep track of your place Each day begins with a question that your girl would likely pose to God The next section starts with, Consider this and then proceeds to discuss the question The next section is a reply to the question that begins with God says and then gives scripture to address the earlier question The day s devotion ends with a question that is addressed How About You My oldest granddaughter is too young to do this one on her own but we enjoyed doing it together this past week The varying subjects each day led to wonderful discussions about how we feel on different topics and then allowed us to hold our opinions up against the Word of God Whether you are looking for something that your sweet girl can do on her own or something that you can do together I think you will be pleased with this devotional.I received a copy of this book to facilitate my review. Best selling author Sandra Byrd encourages tween and teen girls to spend time with God in her October release, The One Year Be Tween You God Devotions for Girls There they find 365 devotions that inspire girls to develop a life time relationship with their Lord Where they gain knowledge of who God is, why they can trust Him and how scripture applies to their daily lives The devotions, written for ages 10 to 14, help shape the most formative years of a young girl s spiritual life and are written in the style tweens or teens think and speak Devotions begin with a brief note to God, illustrated by the April 12th devotion where the note asks God, Do you really care about my schoolwork Sandra assures girls God does care about their schoolwork in, consider this, the body of the devotion Just as God cares about everything you do and always has since He knit you together in your mother s womb Devotions end with a scripture, God says and a pointed question how about you to think about.I especially liked the devotions that recognized holidays such as Earth day, Open an Umbrella Indoors Day and Halloween Full Review I received a complimentary copy of One Year Be Tween You God for review purposes and gave it to my 11 year old daughter, Alli She was immediately drawn to the look and feel of the book, but beyond the pure aesthetics, I have noticed that she is continuing to read it every day When I asked her opinion, she said, I like the wording When I pressed further, she explained that the devotions are easy to understand and she enjoys reading them From a middle schooler, I ll take that as a five star review any day As a mom, I love any book that will draw my children closer to God Seeing Alli enjoy the book enough to read it every day and browsing through some of the devotions myself, I highly recommend it for tween girls, both from Christian and non Christian homes The diary like format that begins each day with a question resonates with young girls taking those first few shaky steps toward womanhood In that season of spiritual questioning and development, I appreciate resources that point young girls to a God who loves them and wants to walk with them through every season of life This is a perfect gift for daughters, granddaughters, nieces or other young girls who are important to you. This review is months overdue, but that is because my daughter has actually been and still is using The One Year Be Tween You God Devotional for Girls by Sandra Byrd I had become discouraged about reviewing devotionals for tween girls until I found this one, which I can highly recommend In the mornings, we have done it together and she has done it independentlywithout being reminded most of the time I even caught her reading through it in the afternoons.First let me judge this book by its teal, leather cover with impressed flowers and butterflies that my daughter found so pretty and I found so functional It has a journal like quality, being under 7 x 5 in size, making it rather convenient to carry along It also has a gold ribbon bookmarker that keeps her place quite nicely I was at first disappointed that the book was not in pink, previously my daughter s favorite color, but lately she has been liking teal, so she was thrilled.Inside is not colorful, but not boring either the pages have a girl appeal, journal like quality with decorative sections A tab layered in flowers at the top with a date and beside it a note in a clean handwriting font with a question addressed to God, common and relevant to many pre teen girls generally and specifically Although the specific might not be relevant to the child that day, the body of the message is still beneficial Dear God, I m afraid my grades will start to fall if I get one bad grade on a test, even though I m usually a good student Dear God, One of my friends gets mad if I dare to have another friend I hung out with other friends, but I don t tell her I feel dishonest What should I do Dear God, I m only a kid, really What can I do to tell others about you I m afraid if I speak up, people will laugh at me.The body of the page starts with Consider this It is not preachy, but helps lead the child into a deeper thinking and change of perspective as a good devotional should The advice given is gentle but firm, Biblical, and quite age appropriate, like something a grandparent might say.At the bottom of each page is another note like section that begins with God says with a scripture Next to it is How About You with one or questions to make it even relevant and help the child to put what was learned into practical use.The one thing it lacked is a reminder to pray at the end of the pages Personally, as an adult, I find such reminders in my devotionals annoyingly unnecessary, particularly when it is written about for what I should pray as if the devotional itself was not adequate to prompt a person on its own However, considering the target age, I think a reminder to talk with God at the bottom of the page might have been beneficial for the girls who would be doing this devotional independently So, I would suggest to parents, to begin with the child guiding her through the devotional time process ending with a time for prayer, until the child seems prepared to take the initiative to spend this precious time independently with God guided with devotional.I received a complementary copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers for my honest review. It saddens me to see how much pressure there is on young girls to act a certain way, dress a certain way and be a certain way Our tweens face challenging issues daily Friends, peer pressure, media influences can leave these young girls confused uncertain Sometimes they feel comfortable talking to their parents and sometimes they don t And even when they do talk to parents, parents don t always know how to answer their questions And even if they do, a reinforcement might be needed And then, unfortunately, sometimes, these young girls may just lack spiritual guidance The One Year Be Tween You God, Devotions for Girls by Sandra Byrd is a lovely book that provides spiritual guidance and reassurance to tween girls The book poses real questions that young girls might have, such as Dear God, I have a friend who has everything Shes pretty, she s rich and she s nice I admit that I am jealous What can I do and Dear God, why do people think it s okay to say Oh My God to Dear god, why won t my parents allow me to do what other girls are allowed to do, even if the other girls and their families are Christians Each daily reading presents a new question, a scripture related to the question and a How about you section that helps readers explore how the question, or a similar question, might be evident in their life.This is a beautiful book, measuring about 6 x 8 , with a soft, flexible, durable cover, easy for young hands to hold The turquoise cover is embossed with flowers and butterflies The pages are printed on a medium weight durable paper The questions really are things that young girls might wonder about in regards to God, life and everything in between The answers to the questions give solid Christian advice and explain things at a level that young girls can understand This is a beautiful book for any young girl in the 9 12 year old age range whether be your daughter, niece or any other young lady you care about.My eight year old daughter reviewed the book as well This is what she has to say about it I like Be Tween You and God Devotions for Girls It is a Christian book and I like that I like it because it has questions that girls my age would ask and answers It has questions about things girls might worry about The answers are really good because they make it fun They explain the question and they are very good answers because the answers relate to everyday things, like being bitten by a mosquito.I like the cover because it feels like leather and I like the turquoise color, too It also has pretty flowers and butterflies on it.Disclosure I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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  • The One Year Be-Tween You and God
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