L'Inondation Then The Water Began An Attack Until Then The Stream Had Followed The Street But The Debris That Encumbered It Deflected The Course And When A Drifting Object, A Beam, Came Within Reach Of The Current, It Seized It And Directed It Against The House Like A Battering Ram Soon Ten, A Dozen, Beams Were Attacking Us On All Sides The Water Roared Our Feet Were Spattered With Foam We Heard The Dull Moaning Of The House Full Of Water There Were Moments When The Attacks Became Frenzied, When The Beams Battered Fiercely And Then We Thought That The End Was Near, That The Walls Would Open And Deliver Us To The River

mile Fran ois Zola was an influential French novelist, the most important example of the literary school of naturalism, and a major figure in the political liberalization of France.More than half of Zola s novels were part of a set of 20 books collectively known as Les Rougon Macquart Unlike Balzac who in the midst of his literary career resynthesized his work into La Com die Humaine, Zola from

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    Sorry to be Floody McFeedFlood , but I ve been doing a lot of book escaping lately, and boy was this ever the ticket to perspective Mood swing, you say Read a story about a man watching children, grandchildren, siblings, future in laws, friends, and servants alike, all up shit s creek without a paddle meaning in the aftermath of Katrina without a Sean Penn in a lifeboat to save them You ll get over yourself pretty quickly Will there be no end to my terrible puns Plot A giant body of water is PMSing, and decides to give whaatfurr to a previously prosperous farming family In typical human I m pretty sure I m basically immortal fashion, the whole our house is sturdy and we ve been through this type of thing before, so bring it, mother Earth, ya bitch and hey, the waters are risingI know, let s get on the roof, because that would be smart types of rationalizations occur As you probably guessed, the flood comes on like Beatrix Kiddo facing a room full of ninjas If you want to know anything else about the plot without reading it, just watch Spike Lee s film When the Levees Broke, but picture it through the eyes of a single albeit so large, they are presumably unaware of contraceptives family, relayed via first person narrative that, though swimming in largely straight forward prose bear in mind this is a translation , doesn t come off as an episode of Emergency 911 or some melodramatic reenactment on Lifetime, but rather as a harrowing meditation on the big, mean world, on familial love, and most importantly on loss The last few passages made me think about crying for a moment, somewhere deep in the dusty caverns in the back of my mind Official Zola fan.

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    Description Then the water began an attack Until then the stream had followed the street but the debris that encumbered it deflected the course And when a drifting object, a beam, came within reach of the current, it seized it and directed it against the house like a battering ram Soon ten, a dozen, beams were attacking us on all sides The water roared Our feet were spattered with foam We heard the dull moaning of the house full of water There were moments when the attacks became frenzied, when the beams battered fiercely and then we thought that the end was near, that the walls would open and deliver us to the river.https www.youtube.com watch v aAdJi

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    Bu ay hep daha nce okumad m yazarlara ncelik verdim B ylece uzun zamand r akl mda olan kitaplara da el atm oldum.Sel yorumuna g vendi im bir arkada m n nerisi zerine ald m bir kitapt Emile Zola ile tan ma kitab m olan bu k sa yk her ne kadar uzun yk olarak kategorize edilsede olduk a k sayd ger ek bir olaya dayanmaktaym.Sa anak ya murlardan sonra Garonne Nehri ta yor ve bir kasabada sel bask n sonucu y zlerce ki i hayat n kaybediyor Ailesiyle birlikte ya ayan ve k y n en zengin ift isi olan B y kbaba Louis Rouben in ba ndan ge enleri Emile Zola n n ahane anlat m ile okuyoruz Olay n ger ekle ti i g n n sabah nda ekinlerden umutlu, kendisini Tanr ile anla ma yapm gibi ansl hisseden b y kbaba ertesi g ne her eyini kaybetmi bir ekilde ba l yor Emile Zola n n anlat m n ok sevdim B t n kitaplar n edinmek istiyorum en k sa zamanda Yazar n en bilinen kitaplar ndan de il Sel Hatta pek bilinen bir kitapta de il san r m Emin de ilim belkide biliniyordur ama ben okuyan g rmedim Yazarla tan mak i in iyi bir kitap olabilir diye d n yorum zira maksimum bir saatinizi alacak ama sizi etkileyecek bir eser.

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    Our country is not immune from any strong tropical storms since it is located near the Pacific Ocean where typhoons that usually hit the eastern parts of Asia develop In October 2013, the world was appalled to hear the news that the super typhoon Yolanda, Haiyan for its international name, completely devastated and wreaked wide havoc all over the southeastern region of our country Thousands of lives were lost and billion pesos worth of properties was destroyed Thereupon, many countries from all over the world expressed sympathies by donating billion dollars and offering solemn prayers Grossly disappointing, concerned critics from different civil society have been vociferating that the large amount of money must have been stolen by the corrupt government officials because until now the areas affected have not been rendered full assistance and services.This horrible, ghastly disaster is no longer new to us Filipinos In fact, many typhoons, although not stronger than Yolanda, have dashed against our hopes and left unhealed wounds in our hearts because of the aftermaths they brought about One of these is flooding.The residents in Metro Manila will never forget the typhoon Ondoy in 2009 One of the scenes indelible in our minds that was broadcast on TV was when the Pasig River dividing two separate areas of the same city inundated Almost all the cities in the National Capital Region were paralyzed by this Many people were stranded and not able to go home from their work nor meet their families.Our family is fortunate that our city is not prone to this kind of disaster because the city is mountainous So, I am glad that I have never gone through this kind of experience yet Gee whiz I do not want to get sick of posttraumatic stress disorder However, I am still worried that our city may sink as do other adjacent cities in the next generation since the global warming is now at the eleventh hour.The Flood is a true story Emile Zola drew the inspiration from the flood happened in Toulouse , France.It appears that Zola knew how it feels to be a victim of flooding He must have been one of the victims at that time that he was able to put his suppressed feelings into such a masterpiece That is why the story is well written The scenes are so perfectly depicted that they sent shivers up and down my spine Besides, the writing style is traditional, which I like in classics However, the first plot vividly depicted prior to the flood sounds to be slapdash as though I was left hanging , for I had wanted to keep glowered and bask in a happy typical of a family as well as the optimistic spirit among the characters the real situation experienced by the victims before the disaster Further, the story does not tell where the flood originates Just it happens when someone shouts, The Garonne The Garonne On the other hand, I appreciated the ending As how a disaster begins, it will run its due course when the sky clears and the water calms down , a vast scenery of death will open to you a nightmarish reality of life.We cannot deny the fact that force of the Nature is so powerful that the face of the Earth could almost be exterminated that however means of effort we make , this so called natural phenomena is uncontrollable For some, it could be an act of God Be that as it may, but we must always keep in mind that , somehow, to be in good harmony with the Nature is to be MORE RESPONSIBLE for it Sadly, we still fall ourselves into the abyss of avarice and ignorance.Think about our grandchildren in the future.

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    First published in 1880, The Flood L Inondation is short, but exciting Zola s evocative descriptions are such that I could see the flood in my mind s eye and feel the anguish of the characters Free to download from Project Gutenberg or listen to the excellent recording from LibraVox

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    Zola just knows how to get me Depressing and wonderfully written.

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    This novella, a work of fiction, is based on a real event In June of 1875 in Toulouse, France, the Garonne River, after heavy rains, flooded the town killing hundreds Grandfather Louis Rouben, who lives with his family, his children and grandchildren, and his brother and sister, is a successful farm owner with a large home When cries of The Garonne , The Garonne , are heard throughout the town, the people barely have time to scramble to the upper floors of their homes What happens is told in Zola s classic style and is vividly and brutally descriptive Zola shows no mercy for the characters in this story or any of his stories for that matter Zola s writing is brilliant as usual, it s easy to see why he is considered a major literary figure in the 19th century.

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    A rather brief and wonderfully written tale, but oh my god its depressing Its sadder than sad itself just about the saddest tale ever An old man sees it all in one day, prosperity, fortune, happiness then suddenly sadness, pain, suffering and deathOh my god, I guess one is reminded of how fragile material things and life itself is

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