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Lola RoseReally good So entertaining however I was a by disappointed with the ending Still amazing though I was really able to get into Lola Rose s shoes. This was interesting When I read the synopsis I was like mmm, abusive dad, got it Wait cancer too That seems a little bit much And that s what it was Too much The author s prologue suggests that the book is mostly about the cancer, but that s not the case at all And while Wilson did the abusive dad stuff well, the cancer stuff was not as good It seemed like an add on, sort of an excuse to get Auntie Barbara into the picture I just want to break off here and state that I ADORE Auntie Barbara I think she might be the best Auntie I ve ever read The book rolls along at a good pace until the cancer stuff, and then it speeds up and it s sort of hard to tell how many days have gone by And while there was a real sense of fear set up and well timed with the abuse bit worrying he d find them, connecting him with a shark, and so on the cancer part fell a bit flat But Wilson does a good job of creating the character of the mother, I thought, and the little brother as well There were actually quite a few characters in the book I really liked And it was a sad, sometimes frightening book that was, in the end, worth the read But I think cancer was a bad choice I seems like, from the prologue that Wilson wanted this to be a cancer book, and I don t know that it was But it was a good try. Fortunately For Jacqueline Wilson Fans, Her New Books Seem To Come Along A Lot Regularly Than JK Rowling S Do, And For This Latest, Fantastic Bittersweet Slice Of Life Offering They Should Again Be Grateful Lola Rose Is Typical Wilson A Story Of Normal Family Strife, Situations And Feelings Bound Together With Extraordinarily Uplifting Solutions That Leave The Reader With A Tear In Their Eye And A Smile On Their Lips Lola Rose Is Definitely One For Her Older Readers, However Jayni, Her Mum And Little Brother Kenny Are Forced To Flee Their Family Home When Jayni S Dad Starts Hitting Her Too As If It Wasn T Enough That He Battered His Wife About Already A Desperate Flight To London Is Made Bearable When Jayni S Mum Wins , On A Lottery Scratch Card And Treats Everybody To Whatever They Want It S A Chance To Start Again And Have An Adventure And To Forget They Even Get To Pick New Names So That They Can Hide Better Jayni Picks Out Lola Rose An Exotic Sounding Name She Finds In One Of The Magazines She Is So Fond Of Cutting Up And Pasting Into Her Scrapbooks But The Lottery Money Doesn T Last Forever And Lola S Mum Finds It Harder Than She Thought Being Away From Her Husband However, It S Definitely The Start Of Something Better For Everyone Despite A Few Hiccups Along The Way Jacqueline Wilson Is A Mega Star Among Children S Authors Her Books Are Consistently Unputdownable And Lola Rose Exemplifies Her Skill At Stirring The Emotions In An Unforgettable Story That Is Sure To Win Her Even Accolades Age And Over John McLay It has literally been years since I read this novel I was up in the attic the other day, and I found it in a bag along with a few other Jacqueline Wilson books Up until the publishing of either Cookie or My Sister Jodie , I d read every Wilson book there was, and most multiple times But since I was eleven, I d stopped reading them, and a few months ago I gave the majority of them away, leaving just a few left including this one I got this copy at a theatre performance of Wilson s Midnight No one had chosen it because it was already a bit dog eared and ripped from being carted around, but being my unwanted book rescuing self, I bought it And I ve never had the heart to give it away.Anyway, up until yesterday, I hadn t realized how utterly depressing it really is I always knew Wilson dealt with serious topics in children s books, and although at the time I thought I completely understood everything, I can see now that most of it went over my head When I finished it, my mum took one look at me and said You feel really depressed now, don t you Books can affect my mood anyway, but pretty powerful ones can knock me a bit And this is no exception Basically, Jayni s father is a domestic abuser, and so her, her mum and her little brother, Kenny, run away to start of somewhere fresh with 10,000 lottery money You d think they d be pretty safe, to a certain extent like that but their mother is a pretty terrible mother she drinks, she smokes, she cheats, she leaves the children roughly ages 11 and 5 home alone for days, and spends money on ridiculous things so of course, they get into a bit of trouble along the way And if you didn t think that was a bit much for a child to handle, Wilson also talks about obesity and breast cancer.I do like the characters in this novel but not love Looking at the bad side of them, the mum is a terrible mother, Jayni is really harsh to her younger brother, and Kenny whines about everything But I guess some families can be like that at times, and if I picked at the best parts of them, I have grown attached Jayni is a really strong character, and I have to say I can relate to her at that age than I d perhaps like to.And the mum, although she had her faults, did get her act together when it was absolutely necessary.I have to say, I really respect Wilson as an author, because I don t know anyone else who takes serious topics and turns them into novels that are easy and engaging for children young teens to understand And not just young teenagers I m fifteen, yet I m still reading it She s a brilliant writer, and she manages to create these amazing and very different characters no two are alike So I think that even though children may not completely understand these issues, the characters and storyline are enough to attract them.Admittedly, I do think that possibly talking about some of these topics is a bit hard hitting, especially since most books are aimed at children from eight to twelve I reckon this book would have been better if it was aimed at an even older audience maybe thirteen, fourteen year olds because I think their perception of it would be higher than that of a younger child s If you re around my age and haven t read this book, I think you should, just for fun Even if their target audience is a few years younger than my age, they are still addictive. I use to love reading Jacqueline Wilson books when I was younger, so I ve been going through and reading as many of her books I can as an adult Plot Lola Rose follows the life of a young girl and her family The book begins with Jayni s mother winning money on a scratch card which they are able to use to escape from Jayni s violent father The family then try to begin a new life in London, complete with new names and identities Jayni becomes super cool Lola Rose But Lola Rose is left being the grown up when her mother becomes ill PositivesJacqueline Wilson s writing is, as always, perfect for younger readers to enjoy the story but also become introduced to serious topics The book discusses cancer and domestic violence which is not often seen in middle grade books The book is easy to follow which meant that I quickly started caring for Lola Rose and was rooting for her throughout As well as Lola Rose, another character I really liked was Auntie Barbara She was so selfless and stood by Lola Rose and her family no matter what NegativesThis book doesn t have many negative aspects for me I guess one thing I did find annoying was Lola Rose s mother and some of the decisions choices she made I m sure the choice she made about Lola Rose s father towards the end of the book would have raised many an eyebrow, if not completely shocked readers Although, I imagine the mother s choice does actually happen in real life sadly so in that sense it makes the story realistic and believable Final thoughts Lola Rose was another great Jacqueline Wilson book It is well written and not afraid to discuss difficult topics with younger readers I m glad I read this book and would recommend it to readers aged 12 and over. Perhaps my love for this book is dumb, mainly because it was such a comfort to me when I first read it I was eleven and had just come out of Saudi Arabia to England I had few friends in England and thought we d shortly go back to Saudi we didn t Lola Rose was the newest Jacqueline Wilson book and I had to get it, because I loved all things Jacqueline Wilson Lola Rose became one of my closest friends, silly as that sounds, and I started making a scrapbook after reading it for the second or third time Looking back, there s probably a bit too much ground covered in the story, but it also felt satisfying and emotionally real I don t know, it s still one of my favourite Wilson books. I decided to re read this book recently and fell in love with the story I always remembered how the plot went, however I still found myself enchanted with what Jacqueline Wilson presented for my mind to consume.Lola Rose is about a girl named, Jayni who loves with her mum, Nikki, her dad, Jay and her little brother Kenny However, after winning the lottery and another tough night, Jayni finds herself on the run with her mum and little brother from dad in hope to recreate themselves and start a new life This turns the boring old Jayni into fabulous Lola Rose, a brave girl who isn t scared of anyone The family find themselves embedded in luck and happiness, however as you get deeper into the book, the deeper the story becomes Lola Rose finds herself face to face with a situation involving hospitals as well as an abusive father The structure of the book is about ten page chapters however there are 24 chapters in total There is not too much drama mushed into one chapter so you are always processing the information before turning the page However, this book is full of drama and is continuously forcing you to read on because your heart is entwined with the painful upset of what is happening to Lola Rose and her family Jacqueline touched on the subject of an abusive father really well, outlining how most parents who are being abused don t go to the police because after prison the abuser would be set free again Jacqueline has created powerful characters who allow you to see the heartfelt subject in perspectives then one She also has the subject of cancer in there and talks about a parent having cancer Jacqueline makes this bold subject a very upsetting theme however you are giving a great deal of empathy to the characters and Jacqueline has presented the illness well without making it too dramatic and keeping it as what it is cancer She has written it beautifully and allows you to process everything and become educated on how a child who is going through this would feel You have a great deal of sympathy for the characters by the end of it.It s a really beautiful book Maybe not for the youngest of readers however I think that some young readers could tackle it without having too much upset. I absolutely love Wilson s work and was thrilled to be able to meet her a few years ago when she visited Australia mind you there was still quite a lot of travel involved I have to say that I think maybe, just maybe, this might be one of my favourite Jacqueline Wilson books Then again, I really don t want to say that because I love so many of her books The story focuses on Jayni, her mother and her brother as they try to escape her abusive father The issue is handled with care by Wilson, but is as always realistic There are many twists and turns throughout the story however one message is clear by the end there is nothing important than family This is illustrated by the reunion of Jayni s mother and her aunt who Jayni hasn t seen since she was little I have read this numerous times over the years really it s just one of those books you can curl up in the corner with on a cold day Each time I read one of Wilson s books there is a strange sense of comfort I think the key to Wilson s appeal is that although her stories are aimed at children and teens there seems to be a timeless quality which just gets better and better Lola Rose is no exception This was a beautiful story to read, another Wilson masterpiece. This book focuses on a particularly difficult topic, even by Wilson standards Domestic violence affects thousands of families, and it is captured sensitively in this book through the eyes of a young child When Jayni, her brother and mum are forced to leave their house suddenly due to the fathers violence, they decide to take on false identities and begin a new life.For Jayni and her little brother, this all begins as an adventure They travel all the way to London, into a hotel and have new experiences Jayni loves the fact she is free to choose a new name any name that she likes, so she settles for the glam sounding Lola Rose She feels like a whole new person But when the elaborate plan to create a new life goes awry, what happens to Jayni and her family What if dad tracks them down Some parts of this book are scary, although not graphic, making it suitable for the intended audience It may cause the reader to question difficult topics, which I suppose the author advocates as nearly all her books focus on similar issues. Well, I didn t need them I didn t need anyone I was Lola Rose I just wished I looked like my idea of Lola Rose Jayni, lives with her mum, dad and brother Kenny Life at home can be good, but sometimes it can be bad Jayni s dad has a bad temper which results in him lashing out and physically abusing her mum Following a particular assault after finding out they had won 10,000 on a scratch card, Jayni s mum has had enough so they flee their home and start up a new life in London The family create false identities, Jayni is now Lola Rose, a glamorous name for the glamorous life that she truly desires However, inevitably money runs out and reality kicks in, but what are they going to do next Jacqueline Wilson is an author that I avidly read as a child There was not a book of hers that I had not read I keenly remember Lola Rose being my favourite at the time I decided that as an adult I was going to restart my collection and reread each one to see how I felt as an adult I distinctly remember Wilson discussing important topics in each of her books which is something that interests me even now I am an adult Lola Rose is no exception to key important themes being discussed Key themes include domestic violence, poverty and cancer Very strong subjects that may affect children and young people, but subjects that they may not actually know a lot about Domestic violence affects thousands of families on a daily basis, Jacqueline Wilson explores this topic sensitively and through the eyes of a child witnessing the abuse She puts out the message that this is not okay, and that there is a way out if this happens I really liked the way that Wilson approached this subject.Cancer is also something that affects thousands of families, if not millions It is explored again through the eyes of a child watching their parent struggling with the disease Lola Rose struggles to cope with daily life whilst her mother is going through this She contacts her Aunty Barbara in order to ask her to help her and her brother whilst her mother is away from the home in hospital Whilst the subject of cancer is very much a side issue and not the main theme discussed I feel like it was an important one to include which was done sensitively and very well I feel like the key message for this theme was that it is okay to ask for help, and that you do not have to suffer in silence I feel like children reading this who may be going through this at home will be able to realise that they are not alone and there are people for them to talk to throughout their journey I really enjoy Jacqueline Wilsons writing style, I find that she is an author that makes things easy to follow and understand Putting myself in the shoes of a child reader, I feel like I would understand this book and not struggle to follow any aspects of it As a child the themes weren t as obvious to me and were in fact very subtle, however as an adult their purpose and importance screamed out to me Overall, I feel like this was such a good read and aimed at the correct audience I would recommend reading this as a child and as an adult because there is definitely a distinct difference when it comes to reading experience.

Jacqueline Wilson was born in Bath in 1945, but spent most of her childhood in Kingston on Thames She always wanted to be a writer and wrote her first novel when she was nine, filling in countless Woolworths exercise books as she grew up As a teenager she started work for a magazine publishing company and then went on to work as a journalist on Jackie magazine which she was told was named

[Epub] ➞ Lola Rose By Jacqueline Wilson –
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Lola Rose
  • Jacqueline Wilson
  • English
  • 08 February 2018
  • 9780552547123

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