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French Folktales I didn t read every story, but did work through most of them A nice collection of folktales, many that were new to me. Selected From Henri Pourrat S Classic Le Tresor Des Contes, One Of The Finest Folktale Collections In The World, These One Hundred Odd Legends, Fairy Tales, Devotional Pieces, Jokes, And Animal Stories From The Rural Provinces Of France Comprise A Magical Volume Fairies, Changelings, Giants, Demons, Bumpkins, Knaves, Bewitched And Bewitching Princesses, Bandits, And Others Enact Stories Of Perilous Tests Of Love, Contests With The Devil, The Beneficence Of Saints, AndRoyall Tyler S Translation Deftly Captures The Vigor And Resonance Of The Originals, And His Cogent Introduction Illuminates For The Reader The Earthy, Chilling, Mischievous, And Mystical Realm These Tales EvokeContents Fairy EnchantmentsThe DevilBanditsAround The VillageThe Mad And The WiseBestiaryLove And Marriage Henri Pourrat, a French Grimm Brother, if you will, collected French Folktales for nearly 50 years These tales were published in 13 volumes between 1948 1964 Pourrat wanted his collection to be the original mythology of the French people, seeing it as a spiritual renewal through a return to peasant ideals Pourrat censored the stories a bit, especially when the story reflected unfavorably on the Catholic church, as he had a deep respect for it and for the role it played in a peasant s life I found it interesting that though he censored it re the church, he let other parts, that were suggestive in nature, by This book, like other fairy and folktale collections is divided into sections This volume consists of 7 sections 1 Fairy Enchantments, 2 The Devil, 3 Bandits, 4 Around the Village, 5 The Mad and The Wise, 6 Bestiary, and 7 Love and Marriage.I own a number of fairy and folktale collections and am slowly working my way through them This is the 6th or 7th I ve read As typical of this genre, there are commonalities across cultures One that stands out is actually one of my favorites Marie Cendron, translated to Mary In The Ashes, basically, Ash Girl, or as we know it, Cinderella Like the well known tale, a beautiful and kindhearted girl lives alone with her father He remarries and gains 2 daughters The evil stepmother and stepsisters described as hussies do whatever they can to make Ash girl s life miserable Instead of going to a grand ball, the family attends church for a solemn high mass there s that religious bent Pourrat is so fond of The stepmother who it turns out is a sorceress common across the French stories spills a bag of peas and instructs Ash girl to pick up every single one before she is able to attend Unbeknownst to her, the peas are under a spell and multiply, making her task impossible THEN the godmother shows up and the story continues as we are all familiar with When the prince, who of course was at the solemn high mass, saw Ash girl, and instantly fell in love, arrives at their house with the glass slipper, the sorceress stepmother SHRINKS her daughers feet so that they will fit into the shoe Not nearly as gory as the Grimm version where the stepmother chops off the toes of one daughter and heel of the other, shoe filling with blood But, the birds sing a song, telling the prince he has the wrong girl and it all works out They immediately marry and within a week, the stepmother and stepsisters, have died because spite ate at them until they got jaundice and died at week s end There s also Beauty and the Beast, titled Lovely Rose, where Rose Beauty has two sisters and request elegant dresses from their widowed father who is headed to the fair Rose asks for nothing and then requests a rose Father gets lost, ends up at the enchanted castle no singing dishes in this version, though and cuts a rose from a rosebush making the Beast appear According to the story, the beast,had jaws like a mastiff, legs like a lizard, and a body yellow and spottylike a salamander. He tells the father to send his daughter in his place The daughter is the epitome of kindness, is granted a 3 day leave to see her family after she stays in the palace She returns late, her family doing everything they can to keep her from returning to the beast, who now it seems is even beastly with bulging, bloodshot eyes, its skin pimply as a goose s but slimier than a toad s. Like the well known story, she arrives just as he s dying, looks past his ugliness and breaks the spell and they live happily ever after.And there s goblins, fairies, as well as ogres and ogresses There s a level of rauchiness in this book that I haven t come across in other collections, and I have to assume that it s the French ness of the stories For example, a fox sings to a wolf in one story Your fur he ll make into a coatAnd your arse into a flute In another, a man at arms with a backside as round as the full moon, lies on his back and the wind from his behind was turning 9 mills on the hill Later, he clears an entire battlefield with his fart In another story, a donkey lifts its tail and lets go a flood of gold coins And in another story, a fox threatens to pee in a foe s mouth Other notable things about this collection there were lots of instances of triplets convenient for stories of kings who need to decide which son to give his kingdom to Many instances of the Devil appearing in the stories and making deals with people including a story that is basically the same as Rumpelstiltskin Also common warnings The sharper you get, the you risk getting your point broken. Or this little ditty Yes indeed, here comes a bat He ll pee upon your little head and make you bald, so go to bedBravery was likened to that of a bee, time and time again.Overall, a good collection of stories Easily read and enjoyable One year in March, it snowed a whole week, with heavy flakes as big as leaves. p 219 Here s a place where we ll have good tomorrows. p 357 A collection of tales taken from the oral tradition and reworked, lightly This is discussed in the foreword by the translator Doesn t provide many notes, though.Some tales of fools and wise men, some religious, some animal tales, but mostly fairy tales Some tales of bandits.A couple of them are Madame d Aulnoy s tales, put through the paring down of a folk tale A number of interesting variations Maria Cendron goes to Mass, not a ball, and the prince isn t even there the first time he comes because he s heard the tales The Man With the Bean plants it, but when he climbs it, he finds himself in The Donkey, the Table, and the Stick , not Jack and the Beanstalk not to mention that he s an old man whose twelve grown children don t help support him There are couple of tales where the hero, dealing with royal caprices, finally decides to go back to marry a commoner woman instead of the princess.Interesting collection Thought I still prefer Italo Calvino s Italian Folktales, this collection of folktales is highly amusing Not your toddler s bedtime stories, these are authentic and traditional, with enough raunchiness and violence to warrant at least a PG 13 rating The stories are told with a light sense of humor and a masterful use of language I could imagine sitting in some French inn a few centuries back, listening to the old men and women swapping these stories around the fire and a few flagons of wine Or whatever they drank wine in, at these inns.

Henri Pourrat tait un crivain fran ais qui a produit un uvre abondante et vari e po sie, romans, biographies, contes.Henri Pourrat was a French writer who had an abundant and varied production poetry, novels, biographies, stories.

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