МеморияOnly our memory can make us human Quick, fast paced read A translation and it showed with a number of awkward bits like they have a farm and grow cattle instead of raise cattle and the kind of disjointedness that made me need to reread some parts a few times to understand what was happening But I really liked the main ideas surrounding memory control and wouldn t mind reading the next book if there is one the ending seems to call for one One thing that bothered me quite a bit though was that Frank was all set to propose to Kathleen, she gets killed, and he s almost immediately making eyes at Maggie the next day Doesn t follow. In the burned out, bombed out New York City of the future, Frank Shelby is accused of the murder of a woman he knows only as Kathleen So begins his odyssey in a post apocalyptic world where the Memoria Corporation offers a cure for all your ills by erasing memories of unpleasant things A big plan called the Vaccination is in the offing and Memoria is offering it free of charge as an introductory incentive But what is it really And how is a United States Congressman, who is also a board member of Memoria involved What will Frank Shelby do to clear himself of trumped up charges Is there anything he can do in the face of an organization that can erase the memories of witnesses and bend reality to suit its own purpose Alex Bobl weaves an intricate tale where one huge corporation is intent on taking all the power for itself and it looks like it just might succeed Reminiscent of the noir setting of Blade Runner, Memoria A Corporation of Lies is an entertaining read and perhaps a cautionary tale Translated from Russian, there are a few places where the translation hiccups, but those places are small and incidental If you re a fan of dystopian fiction, then Memoria A Corporation of Lies will be right up your alley In A Futuristic Bombed Out New York, The Almighty Memoria Corporation Helps People Erase Their Traumatic Memories What Else Would You Need In The World Finally Free From Wars And Crime But The Bubble Bursts When A Humble Lawyer Frank Shelby Becomes A Murder Suspect On The Run Betrayed By His Friends And Hunted Down By Mysterious Killers, Frank Has To Penetrate Memoria And Find Evidence Of Their Real Plans Before It S Too Late For All Of Us I received a free e copy of this work from the author on GR below is my honest reviewI rate it 4 5 for the way the suspense was handled, 3.5 5 overall.A formidable sci fi thriller, Alex Bobl gets it right His world is a dystopian future New York, run by the mega corporation Memoria that helps its citizens erase traumatic memories and thus live happily what could one want But under the carpet, this city is grappling with the consequences of the vicious intersections of power and technology Memoria is about to start the Vaccination program But what is its agenda How will it change the world that already has no memory of its own Who are involved in this mysterious affair Fast paced, thrilling and well written, this novel explores the ramifications of the abuse of technology in powerful hands Without being sentimental, nostalgic or melodramatic, it probes through the course of events what it means to be human and how memories build up our sense of reality, integrity and ethics and consequently, how manipulated memories can erase an entire history and construct a new reality for its subjects A reality where people are controlled through chemically embedded memories that are not their own.Kathleen Baker is murdered Frank Shelby is accused of it And then there are the migrants a whole sprawling community, a lower class of people that provides New York its food, electricity and water supply, thus balancing the power status quo with immensely powerful corporation of Memoria and ensuring its own survival in the deal.The characters are believable but it is not a story about its protagonists, but action packed ruminations about the nature of technology that humans are intelligent enough to invent but not wise enough to handle It explores the deadly combination of power and technology, where the desire to control supersedes the desire to remain humane.Thought provoking, intense and well crafted, this novel does exactly what is expected of science fiction question what it means to be human and explore the ramifications of misuse of science on human lives It lives up to Isaac Asimov s observation about the nature of the two The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom The only drawbacks a few loopholes and a rather abrupt, unsatisfactory end a polished, drawn out end would have raised the stature of this strong work even higher.The descriptions are very apt brevity of dialogues, an evocative, crisp narration and an exceptionally well maintained suspense are the highlights of this novel Also the noteworthy absence of romance and sexism usually present in thriller novels although it is not feminist in any sense, it does not prick a feminist reader s conscience.Overall, it is a good read not literary, but thought provoking, and a treat for readers who like a mix of intellectual stimulation and action bereft of heady romantic vows in the midst of fatal gunfire.However, it is only for those who love thrillers and its fast paced narratives Purely literature oriented people may well complain rightly so. Memoria A Corporation of LiesBy Alex BoblIn futuristic New York City, Memoria Corporation offers a service that people cannot refuse erasing traumatic memories from a person s mind Frank Shelby comes home one day to find his girlfriend lying strangled in his bed leading him into the maze that is Memoria He must infiltrate Memoria to clear his name and as he does so he soon stumbles onto something much heinous.I love dystopian novels so it would be hard to disappoint me when I pick one up This one though, stands out amongst the rest not only is it an adult novel most dystopian novels lately have been geared towards young adults but it is also plausible The citizens must wear electronic bracelets that track the persons movements, also people who were born after the great war must have their memories wiped every year by law, add in the big bad monster is a corporation you have an interesting take on what the future could be I have to say that this novel reminded me a lot of 1984, though with a much better ending, so if you enjoyed that one you will most definitely like this one All in all it s a great read full of espionage and conspiracy and the best side of humanity s survival instinct For More Reviews be sure to visit my blogs at Disclosure Actually this is the first time I win a book as a gift from the Writer himself Alex Bobl gave me the chance to explore his talent in writing And here I am, reviewing his nice work The version I am reviewing is in English and I have it in a Kindle Version.My Plot I hope that I am not so spoiler to break the surprise of the reader, but my Plot will go like this In a Bombed New York, Frank Shelby coming from DC to New York for a personal visit to his girlfriend Kathleen Baker, the scientist of Memoria the corporation that helped people to erase their mind from the past events of War At the airport Frank had been forced to take the cab of a bald man, but fortunately he was saved by his allergy against the Leather He took another cab heading toward his apartment, Kathleen was waiting him there She tells him that she has a secret that he needs to know Arriving to the apartment, Frank finds Kathleen dead in his bed, and here starts the story Police catch him, he was accused of several crimes including Terrorist attacks and Manslaughter During the interrogation by the police, a group of armed guys breaks in the Police station trying to kidnap Shelby but he breaks free heading to the post office to get Kathleen s hard disk The operation passed successfully, and Frank got the Hard Disk fleeting from another attempt of kidnapping by the bald heads group Frank heads toward his coach Max, and seeks help from his part Max consult Barney for a solution to open this hard disk Now the three heroes have to lead a war against Memoria in order to know the secret project that Kathleen wants to reveal Through an enormous adventures, Barney was caught by Memoria s security team, Max had been killed in the migrants camp Frank and Maggie continues the battle in order to discover the mysterious vaccination project of Memoria, and to show the corruption that dominate the Corporation Plan.Positive and Negative Aspects I know that I shrink the plot so much but I do it for purpose, I have to let the reader find out what s going out inside the story Speaking of positive sides, I would admit that this is the first science fiction I read in my life, It discusses the relation between Humans and New Technology, corruption and domination also were present in the story It was simple and the events go smooth, The writer shares all his knowledge in the subject of science and military with the reader, and that s quite obvious through his depiction of Memoria and the techniques used inside this company to erase people s mind Another nice aspect was the clever depiction of New York, the writer gave New York a depiction as if he is a permanent resident inside it Besides the description of the migrants camp was so professional Actually it was a nice combination between Realism, Science and Technology The Time and the Past were a very valuable elements to understand the events of the story Many would wonder why I don t state any negative aspect, my answer would be so simple, I enjoy this science fiction and I don t face any frustration from it.My Personal View Inside the story I enjoy two things simultaneously, I explore the sights of New York and the nice places inside it without getting a visa to see it And the second thing I enjoy was the talent of the writer in writing Actually this Science fictions makes me believe that the Russians have been given a talent from God to improve the quality of Literature I assume that reading this story made my time all enjoyment, especially when I stop in the scenes of fighting and Military missions Finally all I have to say is to wish a good continuation to the writer in his career Because for me, writing a science fiction and a techno thriller is not that simple task as we think The writer have to keep the reader excited and to bring him out from boredom to a new world just through the words So summing up all the review The story was amazing and worth being read again and again I hope that It would be made in a movie, I am sure the story will get the approval of all viewers.Recommendations Before to start reading, the reader should bear in mind that all the events inside the story are fictitious, so there is no need to interpret it to the present events Apart from this, the story is simple and the events are so smooth, so all I wish you is a good reading. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 This is a difficult one to rate because the story s plot was fabulous, but the writing not so much, due to the fact that this is a translated work I have no plans on going into the grammatical errors because frankly others have done that to the point that one walks away thinking this is not a good read, when the opposite is true So I will move forward and tell you about why you might wish to read this story.The action suspense thrill factor of this story is intense From the moment the book starts to its final pages, the story pulls the reader into the main characters precarious plight to survive.The characters are well written for this genre There are a few flat characters here and there but the main characters get a decent fleshing out The plot is full of twists and turns, so much that I had to pause and regroup my running theories to catch up with the plots advances.The ending, was perfect for this story I do hope for a sequel but one is not necessarily needed So do I recommend this one Yes As others have stated, you will have to endure some glitches here and there BUT if you stick with this story, allow yourself to be swept into the main characters plight, you will have an enjoyable read. I ve had this sitting on my kindle as a free book for ages now and finally got around to reading it To be honest reading some of the reviews of goodreads it sounded like this was a terrible, horribly written book but I found that to be far from the case.Granted there is little in the way of character back story or even information to fully flesh them out but you do kind of get drawn in and find yourself rooting for Frank and his cohorts despite that The general story is reminiscent of other stories novels but is well paced, not badly written at all considering that the author is Russian and the book was translated into English and at under 300 pages not that taxing to read either.I ve read far worse books by some far established authors and I can think of worse ways to spend a few hours of your time. Executive Summary Descent thriller story with a sci fi setting Full Review I came across this book via a self promotion in Sword Laser This is the only thing I have read by the author From what I read, I think this might be the first novel he s written in English For the most part it wasn t noticeable Some phrases struck me as a bit odd, but not much beyond that.As this is a fairly short novel at least by my standards , you don t get a depth into the characters, but there is enough there that they don t feel flat I found myself rooting for the main character Frank, and hoping he would manage his way out the predicament he found himself in.The story is really thriller than sci fi, but there is a sci fi setting that serves as the vehicle for the plot.Overall, I enjoyed the book It was a fairly quick read to hold me while waiting for Cold Days to come out on Tuesday It came to a satisfying enough conclusion, though it seems like from the epilogue however, that Mr Bobl may be setting it up for the possibility of a sequel. This noir take on a dystopian USA will appeal to all those who take today s technological advances seriously enough Imagine a perfect state where even a serial killer can be turned into a cute and cuddly law abiding citizen, thanks to the obligatory memory cleanse Imagine a government that claims it can make everyone happy in a crime free New York, safe in the care of the almighty Memoria corporation.Not so crime free, apparently, otherwise who would want to kill off one of Memoria s top neuroscientists And what s Frank Shelby got to do with it, a quiet law abiding citizen who s long forgotten his teenage fighting classes and who is now accused of the murder The last thing he needs is a dystopian nightmare on his head, but that s what he gets when he ventures into the can of worms called Memoria s HQ.

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