Acting on Impulse

Acting on Impulse Small Town Girl Trudy Baxter Is Ready To Take On New York City She S Looking For Excitement, Adventureand Incredible Sex She Wants To Experience Every Little Thing And Every Type Of Man The City Has To Offer Her First Target Sexy Wall Street Hunk Linc Faulkner Only, Once She Gets Linc Into Her Bed, She S Reluctant To Let Him Go Linc Faulkner Has Never Met Anybody Like Trudy She S So Spirited, So Sexy, So Damn Uninhibited She S His Every Fantasy In The Flesh Only, Linc Knows He S Just The First Man On Trudy S Sexual Wish List So What Else Can He Do But Convince Her That He Can Be Anyman She Ll Ever Want And The Only Man She Ll Ever Need

New York Times and USA Today bestseller Vicki Lewis Thompson believes love makes the world go around and laughter makes the trip worth taking The recipient of RWA s Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award and the author of than ninety books, Vicki pioneered a new kind of romance hero with Nerd in Shining Armor Following the success of her nerd stories, Vicki launched a boisterous paranormal

[PDF / Epub] ☆ Acting on Impulse Author Vicki Lewis Thompson –
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Acting on Impulse
  • Vicki Lewis Thompson
  • English
  • 05 December 2019
  • 9780373790258

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    Pretty good The best part is the role playing ideas.Trudy dresses up in different costumes and role plays during sex She is creative and interesting in how she acts and what she does She moved to NY City from a small town and wants to date different types of men Her friend Meg asked Linc to show her around town for the first couple of weeks, and that is where the story starts.Sexual language moderate Number of sex scenes twelve Setting present day NY City and Virtue, Kansas Copyright 2002 Genre contemporary romance.

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    Lectura que seguramente en breve olvidare ya que ni su trama me ha atrapado ni sus personajes son inolvidables simplemente un libro para pasar el ratole pongo un 6

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    Bu kitaba resmen bay ld m.E lenceli, romantik macera ve fantazi doluydu Trudy bir k yl iflikten gelme daha do ru olur san r m olmas na ra men as l kurnaz olan oydu ve Linc, ne kadar masum bir adamd r o Hele Meg in oyunlar tamamiyle beni benden ald ok e lenceli, hareketli ak c bir kitapt Nas l bitti ini anlamad m bile zellikle karakterlerin renkli seks hayatlar ilgin ti.Kitapta fazla karakter yoktu ama asla bunun eksikli ini hissetmiyordunuz Vicki Lewis in paranormal roman n okumu pek be enmemi tim ama romance a geldi inde onun bir hayran olabilece imi farkettim.Linc e ger kten a d m, zavall m bu kad nalr aras nda kald ama sonunda muutlu nemli olada bu san r m ok renkli bir kitapt Yak n zaman i inde a p Meg in kitab n aray p bu kitaba g lge d rmek istemiyorum ama kesinlikle okunacaklar listeme gidiyor Trudy k yden gelip NY ye ta nm bir kad nd r ve en iyi arkada onun mutlu bir ili kiye girmesini istemektedir Bunun i inde e inin en iyi arka Linc i g z ne kestirmi tir B raz d rt kleme Trudy ve Linc ok renkli ve fantazi dolu bir ili kiye girerler Ama a k olduklar n farkedince i ler biraz sarpa sarar.

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    When a book can make me laugh a lot or cry a lot, it s almost always an easy 5 star rating Acting on Impulse is incredibly erotic and incredibly funny This is not a book you want to read in the office breakroom Too many people would ask what is so funny and you really couldn t tell them without turning red.Without a doubt, Linc is a very likeable hero He s definitely not the stereotypical stockbroker There isn t a trace of Type A personality in him And as the story progresses, readers can t help but appreciate his compassionate, gentle manner BecauseReaders can t help but empathize with Trudy s efforts to move into the fast lane Wasn t there a time when we all wanted to try our wings Okay Maybe we didn t go to the extremes that Trudy does but it s a better story in that Linc doesn t pull the wings off this butterfly.One thing that too often disappoints in the romance genre are the endings They can be so so so anticlimatic But here, Thompson shows her mettle The ending of Acting on Impulse is anything but a dud Right through to the last page, this story is exploding fireworks.

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    Farm raised Kansas girl Trudy Baxter moves to New York City and her first purchase is a king sized, canopied bed so massive it has to be installed in the living room Her mission live out her dreams by dating as many big city men as possible and living out her fantasies from her country bred childhood Her playing the field exploits, however, are stalled on her third day in NYC when she meets Linc Faulkner, her best friend s husband s friend, who s been coerced into babysitting her for a couple of weeks Although both profess that neither wants a steady relationship, their sexual escapades French maid outfits, bondage, back seat Americana style sex quickly leads them in a different direction Most Harlequin books are pretty tame, but this one was a scorcher.

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    One thing that must be said about this book is that there is a LOT of sex Oddly enough it isn t overwhelming because it is so relevant to the plot and to the characters I really liked all of the characters, and I think I need to find out what the name of Meg Tom s book was because I was really interested in them, too I hope that the first one is as good as this one was.

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    LOVED IT.Trudy wants to take on new york and experience all she can with the city..and Linc very sexy wonderful guy the chemistry was amazing i love that he was pretending sometimes to know what he is doing even when he didn t because he didn t want Trudy to think he can t do it you will love this book it will make you smile and fall in love with small Town girl T rudy Baxter

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    This little book packed in steam and heat Wow, I liked the inventiveness of fantasy after fantasy was acted out Not for people who like sweet tame little stories If you want hot, cute and steamy at the same time, Vicki Lewis Thompson delivers yet again.

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    all romances end the same.the couple get together but it s what happens before the ending that makes a good read this one is steamy and funny the first love scene is hot, while the ones that follow slowyly simmer down still worth the quick read though.

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    Must read Trudy Baxter is funny and adventurous and Linc Faulkner is handsome and clueless The book is funny, heart warming and extremely hot The French maid role play is unbelievable, give another meaning to beer drinking and pizza eating.

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