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Be My Yoko Ono If Nick Hornby were to chronicle the adventures of a polyamory guru and her husband in the Bay Area and out of it , he would probably write something a lot like BE MY YOKO ONO, a smart, deeply funny novel with tremendous heart Both Tiger and Will Lilly have voices that rang true to me self aware and witty this is a reading experience that embodies the pleasures of a juicy satire with going to dinner or a really fun road trip with close friends Packing action and purpose even into events as minor as giving someone a ride to work, and soul into characters whose relevance isn t immediately apparent, Kitanidis never forgets to tell a great story In 1980, Tom Robbins asked how you make love stay the question in this novel, the one most of us grapple with today is how to make happiness stay BE MY YOKO ONO is a love letter to geekdom in its many forms. Will And Tiger Would Try Anything To Save Their Marriage Even MonogamyGeek Love Isn T Always Shiny The Will Escaped Into Comics And Games, The His Wife Tiger Turned Outward To Social, Sexual Pursuits Not That She Had To Turn All That Far Will And Tiger S Lovers Siouxie And Stephen Share The House Of Cats, The Suburban Commune The Four Polyamorous Folks Call Home And It S All Been Leading Up To Tiger S Shattering Announcement In The Middle Of A Road Trip I Just Don T See You As A Primary Partner Any Luckily For Will, This Trip Is Leading Them To The Rural Township Of Butterly, Oregon, To Visit Tiger S Father And New Stepmother From The Moment The Geezer Newlyweds Fling Open The Door To Welcome Them, It S Impossible Not To See The Glow Of Their Love Impossible Not To Feel Jealous And Inspired Could It Be That, Between Games Of DD, Buffy Theme Nights, And Hot Tub Parties, Tiger And Will Are Missing Out On The Joys Of A Traditional Lifestyle What Are Those Joys, Exactly A Comic Consideration Of Love, Lust, And Geekdom In An Era Of Expanding Lifestyle Possibilities This is self publishing s version of Seinfeld a book about nothing, full of unlikeable people, who do terrible things to each other, and yet still hang out Ugh I hated it.I think it s supposed to be about Katherine Tiger and her husband Will and their changing relationship from polyamory to monogamy, but since both characters are so entirely unlikeable, it was hard to care Tiger s a narcissistic, egomaniac and Will s an immature, insecure pushover Neither seems to change through the course of the book, though they both talk a good game about personal growth I just didn t get why I should care about these people.In addition, the changing points of view were confusing Not even the chapter headings were consistent in helping the reader know who was speaking Also, the editing was atrocious SO MANY ERRORS Terrible punctuation, homonym confusion, and weird spacing A good copy editor, or even a good friend who s a reader could have cleaned all that up before publishing.Anyways, I read it for bookclub, so next week I ll be delighted to rip it apart for the one minute discussion and then we ll move on toimportant things like drinking wine and catching up on life. I liked the subject matter of this book most and the way the author takes the reader through what could be another break up and instead shows how a relationship could really work The course of the novel is unexpected while believable and interesting The characters are complex and grow in complexity throughout the book My favorite character was a guy named Stephen who was a minor partner the married couple added into their polyamorous relationship. I wanted to like this so bad The poly couple that are our main characters sounded so damn intriguing, especially Tiger with her awesome punk hair Also, the title is bomb However, I was hoping for the couple to slowly fall back in love with each other, which happens, but within a weekend and their lives quickly change after that While it seems to be interesting, I found myself rolling my eyes and beginning to dislike Tiger and Will It s too bad I couldn t enjoy this , it just wasn t what the summary projected so I was greatly disappointed I received something different. 240pgs, they have a very unconventional and open relationship When they visit her father and his new wife, they can see the fire in their relationship that is traditional They wonder if they are missing out with their open relationship. Cute, fun, and a pitch perfect read of nerd poly culture. Generally I have no interest in polyamory, seeing as how my bed is directly below that of my polyamorous roommate and the unwanted exposure to his lifestyle literally keeps me up some nights So when Phoebe introduced her novel at the OddRockets launch reception a few weeks ago I groaned and sucked harder on my milkshake At the synopsis that a couple realizes that polyamory is just not working so they decide to try out monogamy for a change I think a bit of milkshake might have squirted out my nose By the time she was done with her reading I knew I d have no choice but to further familiarize myself with poly life.So I was all geared up to take pleasure reading about this obnoxious couple falling apart Someone once recently said that s San Franciscan for you they re try so hard to be open minded that it nearly kills them It starts out from the perspective of Will, the pussy whipped geeky husband who s getting dumped by his poly queen diva wife Tiger I don t exactly take Will s side, but I automatically hate Tiger and how much he seems to genuinely love her When the chapter shifts to Tiger s perspective I find myself against my will relating to the vulnerability, self doubt, and loneliness that stirs beneath her pink hair, charisma, and hoards of fans Will starts to grow on me too I can appreciate Tiger s irritation with his lethargy and the fact that he s a pedantic and argumentative nerd who s over educated and under accomplished, but I can also understand her familiarity with him.The story is also told briefly from the viewpoint of four other characters I don t think this is necessary and generally don t like it when there are too many perspectives, but I actually liked all of these other characters too damnit If there is a cathouse full of all of these characters somewhere, I d like to give them all hugs and cook dinner with them but I m keeping my clothes on, my undies at least In the end I was actually rooting for everyone, particularly for Will and Tiger to make it, though I had no idea whether their chances were better together or alone In the end I felt uplifted and like I d seen the brighter side of something, be it getting laid off, breaking up, being single, losing your cat, or heading towards middle age. This is a true literary gem of a novel What a keen observer the author is of both the world that surrounds us and our thoughts and feelings She uses extreme care and sensitivity in painting out Will and Tiger memorably, strong points and weak ones, realistically, like a gifted painter, coloring vividly what sets these heroes apart, what makes them special.I love Will He s complicated, smart, sensitive, needy, giving, a self deprecating philosopher Tiger is a powerhouse, a doer She goes through life experiencing things first hand But she is learning from her experiences, which leaves room for change, while Will isset in his thinking He could not stop telling his truth, it was like a disease for him, while, for me, truth was like a foreign language I struggled to get my head around even with the help of books and teachers Beneath the strong, matter of fact cover though, there is a deep thinker, questioning, open minded, adapting, and accepting.BE MY YOKO ONO is a witty, eloquent, tender, and thought provoking work that is at the same time extremely enjoyable to read I couldn t put the book down and, once done, I found myself reading and re reading parts of it Well done.

Phoebe Kitanidis is a proud member of Team Cat She lives in a secret lair, deep inside a blackberry bramble in Seattle, where she s currently weaving a new Urban Fantasy series as well as a New Adult Romance series Coffee is her second best friend.

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