Farewell Bergerac

Farewell Bergerac Author Fredrik Nath Was Highly Commended In The Yeovil Literary Prize For His Novel Galdir A Slave S Tale Nazi Occupied Aquitaine,Fran Ois Dufy, Alcoholic And Alone, Is Dragged Into The War Effort When He Rescues A Young Jewish Girl From The Nazi Security Police She Breathes Life Into His World And Gives Him A Reason To Go On Dufy Begins A Path Of Revenge On The Occupying Germans A Sniper In The Great War, He Uses His Skills To Devastating Effect, Always Posing As The Town Drunk Then The British Drop Supplies And A Beautiful SOE Agent Whom Dufy Falls In Love With But As The Invaders Hunt Down The Partisans In The Deep, Crisp Woodland, Nothing Works Out As Dufy Had Hoped Farewell Bergerac Is An Unforgettable Wartime Tale Of Fragile Love, Loss And Redemption Farewell to Bergerac is an exceptionally well written story A letter arrives informing M Duffy of heart breaking news his son Jean Paul is dead, killed fighting the Fascists in Spain Thus, begins Fran ois Dufy s journey.The German Occupation in Vichy France is well advanced the town drunk in Bergerac is not who he seems and the Partisan s fight for the freedom of France against the Nazis is just beginning This is an emotional story, portrayed convincingly, the fear, terror and anxieties are palpable the sense of being there amongst them seems real This is a follow on from The Cyclist and actually runs alongside it at times Fredrik Nath has created a supreme courageous and inconspicuous hero An enthralling read and the inclusion of quotes from Jacques Prevert s Paroles fronting each chapter are very effective. Francois Dufy is given disturbing news through the mail In Farewell Bergerac, He didn t plan for his world to change but it did He has lost so much and didn t expect either of his major losses He feels guilt and a heavy burden as he tries to continue life but can t cope He finally opened up a little to someone who,when he returned from a grave site had to bury this person he had just opened up to Once again he had to let someone go The only thing giving him comfort was his alcohol in which he found solace The main characters in this book mostly had strong personalities Alma, Rachelle, Lorna, Dufy, are my favorite characters in the book and they make the book stand out in a unique way To have Dufy be able to grow with these people, you see him from a new light when becomingacquainted with each of these women He can easily revert back into his military days be overprotective or even overbearing but the youngest of these Rachelle is the hardest for him to understand or control.The book goes from his present situation into the past a lot so you can get a better understanding of his background and why he is so grumpy and always ready to go into fight mode when feeling threathened He hasn t had the easiest life, and he had a lot on him at once in the first half of the book You feel like you live in the areas Duffy travels to and go through his pains and struggles Fredrik Nath s style of writing allows you to be around many people in many different places while giving you a clear picture of what is going on There isn t just one perspective told That is what stands out about Nath s writing Even though you get to know many of Duffy s inner and outer trials, you also get to know about those he meets along the way of his fight or flight travels Dufy saved a young Jewish girl from the Nazi Security Police as he was wallowing in self pity He wasn t ready for her fresh perspective of life and her upbeat personality and determination Where he had given up, he sees a renewed sense and purpose in her anger but vigor for life All because he can care and assist Rachelle, he hasdirection and motivation She also takes care of him Assisting him so that he can have havefocus on things other than drinking himself into a stupor He met Shirley Doone whom he called Lorna Doone He felt she was very young but couldn t stop a growing attraction between them both He truly trusted her and was somewhat relieved of that He was constantly on edge, watching every one s constant move and acting as the officer he once was years ago It seems as the war goes on, Francois has a growing bond for Rachelle that motivates him and fills part of the void left from his son Fredrik Nath wrote this novel during a horrendous time in history So many countries were in chaos Francois had sold his home, and seemed to get worse after not seeing Shirley for a while because of the changes that were constantly occurring She has begun to meanthan what he thought possible Just when Dufy had given up on life he heard someone ring the doorbell and save him What does it take to make it when even alcohol was hard to numb the many ghosts that followed him of his angers and sadness from life Continue to move forward or let it all go It isn t an easy decision and he finally makes a choice Knowingthan 4 languages and being able to teach them lost it s luster and appeal, but to him, he had grown tired of the monotony of life He had buried too many that meant a lot to him But there are two women who change his life forever and give him a reason to end his misery This book is one that made me feel many different emotions It took me on an emotional roller coaster ride It did show that life isn t always pretty and even in the midst of despair one must go on live the best way they know how, learn to cope, and deal with what may come. It s 1937 during the Spanish Civil War and Francois has just been notified that his son has died fighting the Fascist Rebels On his way to visit his son s grave he meets Alma who has also experienced pain and suffering due to the war On his way back through the small town that he met Alma in, he watches the town become bombed and destroyed Francois tries to keep to himself while making money selling game that he has gone out and shot He hides behind his reputation as a town drunk to insure no one would expect him to be hiding young Jewish girls in his home, or helping with covert operations Francois was at one time a Language teacher, but now he finds that he has attracted women, young enough to be his daughters, while fighting very close to the front lines Even though all the suffering he has experienced, he never gives up and he continues to protect as many people as he can This is a story of how Francois and the rest of France are handeling the Spanish War and the beginning of World War II Although he did not sign up for a lot of the missions he finds himself in, he fights on I thought this was an educational and entertaining book Francois is an easily liked character because of how much he does for others, even though he puts on the face of a rough drunk who has little to no feelings for anyone but himself Inside, he s just as hurt, confused, and terrified of what is to come of his home country and those around him Before reading Farewell Bergerac, I haven t read a book that has taken place in France during this time period, but after reading Nath s book, I am anxious to not only readfrom the author, but alsoabout this time period in France Mr Fredrik Nath does a great job at combining history with fiction and together he wrote a very entertaining book that I enjoyed reading www.stuffedshelves.com

Fredrik Nath is a full time neurosurgeon He lives in the northeast of England with his wife and daughter, his three sons having grown up and flown the coop In his time, he has run twenty consecutive Great North Run half marathons, trekked to 6000m in Nepal, crossed the highest mountain pass in the world and began writing, like John Buchan, because he ran out of penny novels to read and felt he

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