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This Magic MomentMore Malcolm magicIt took a little while for me to warm up to Christina In previous books she came across as confident and adventurous, sneaking off, wearing breeches, and, apparently, not caring about any scandal she might cause It came add quite a disappointment to discover how immature and naive she could be However, that just made it all thesatisfying to watch her mature and grow into her role as duchess and Harry s wife Harry, for his part, is just as delightfully clueless as all the other men who managed to snag a Malcolm wife Luckily, he figures out how to value her unusual talents to give them both a happily ever after. Good read for relaxation This book was a nice, light read to occupy my mind If you re looking for entertainment with romance, mystery and ghosts, this is the book for you Keep looking if you want deeper intellectual involvement Victorian ghost busterOur heroine sees dead people Our hero thinks she s just really imaginative, and he s willing to overlook her eccentricities because he needs her money to save his impoverished estate and because she s hot However, she won t fall into his arms until he loves her, so she decides to chase the ghosts in his haunted house until he courts her But someone s trying to kill her And no one in town will talk to him Our young lovers have quite a mess to sort out And it s entertaining to see how they go about it. I loved this series Full of magic, romance, saucy heroines and handsome heroes And an HEA for all Better if read as a series I think this original series is better than the Unexpected Magic series. 4 STARSMagic series book 4This Magic Moment is book 4 in the Magic series but it is the first one that I have read This book takes place in England 1743 starts Thier is a set of books that follows these families in Modern times called California Malcolms series.Thier are a lot of characters that I feel that they must have been in earlier books A little bit lost but catch up on them I want to go back and read the ones I have missed though The Malcolms have special powers or gifts in thier lives They growinto thier powers when they marry.Lord Harry Winchester is the second son so he never thought he would inhierit the family title and lands A accident killed both his father and brother So now his life has changed Instead of being in politics he has to return to his family estate and find out how it could be broke Someone says he owes so much money against his estate and will take it if he is not paid by certain time.Harry has been promised to marry Christina for years and they were going to wait for a longer time but he now needs her dowry to help pay the estate debts He can not see how his father spent all the money that was coming in each year The villagers won t talk to Harry about why the village is so badly in debt What has been going on while he has lived in London these past few years.Harry s father has been adding on to his home staircases go nowhere,doors in ceiling, secret passages plus the older part of the castle is in bad repairs It is also full of ghosts, but Harry does not believe in ghosts.Christina believes in ghosts When she was younger she was warned away from danger by a ghost She tells Harry about the ghosts and he thinks she is just make believing Christina goes ahead and marrys Harry fast but wants to be courted by Harry before she will sleep with him.Christina s father also tells Harry if he can t find where all the money went and looses the estate he will bring his daughter back home.This story has romance,sex scenes,danger,mystery,ghosts,angry villagers, falling accidents that seem to follow and want to harm Christina only Plus lots of Christina s family shows up at Harry s home.I like Patricia Rice s characters,her stories Not a fan of all the love scenes I plan to readbooks from her in the future.I was given this ebook from Netgalley and asked to give honest review of it when I finshed reading,04 02 2013 PUB Source books Imprint Sourcebooks Casablanca 384 pages ISBN 9781402251962Description below taken off NetgalleyChristina Malcolm Childe always knew she would marry Lord Harry Winchester So when Harry shows up demanding they take their vows as soon as possible, she agrees without hesitation And though Harry has been a stiff and bitter duke lately, Christina s magical gift of reading auras assures her that he is still good Christina is willing to do whatever it takes to turn Harry back into the man she once loved Even if that means befriending the castle ghosts, the keepers of the darkest secrets of the Winchester home. udible Romance PackageAUDIOBOOK Read June 9 10 201810hrs 20minNarrator Greg Wagland I really like him.Liking this series very much. My Rating 4.5 stars Loved it enthusiastically recommend A Full Review the early parts of This Magic Moment, we watch two characters who live their respective lives according to their own rules of what they feel is befitting of his her station As the new Duke, Harry has a sense of protectiveness and the need to take care of those around him He is driven to save the estate, even though it appears mortgaged and impossible to keep without a large influx of funds He realizes as the Duke, he can no longer afford petty disagreements nor fanciful ideas The stress of holding it all together while maintaining the facade of calmness and trying to hide his financial state from Christina has made Harry a bit unfriendly and cold.On the other hand, Christina is a carefree spirit who feels that she can demand true love and happy endings She is blind to what is happening around herinterested in chasing the ghosts that inhabit the Sommerset manner Because she senses darkness within Harry, she pushes and commands him to change his ways without taking stock of what is at the root of the problem.Fortunately, the truth about the family estate s financial problems comes out at about the halfway mark I m glad that the pretense did not carry on throughout the entire story Harry s brutal honesty I married you for your money was harsh, but once the truth was revealed, things could only get better This is when Christina really came through I was extremely glad that she was wise enough to realize the truth in Harry s heart rather than complain and lament woe is me Her self reflection after Harry s admission was touching and heart warming, as was her determination to help him and her understanding of the issues This part of the story was well done and perfectly timed Interlaced within the romance is the mystery of what happened to the manor and Harry s inheritance It becomes apparent over time that Harry s father was not the sole cause for the current financial situation Christina enlists the aid of the manor s ghosts to help her figure out who is behind the shenanigans, which makes her a target As the story moves towards its climax, there is quite a bit of suspense, and I have to say my heart was racing The plot line was exciting and well played This Magic Moment is a wonderfully written, delightful tale The phrase happily ever after befits this historical fairy tale about friends that had gone their separate ways only to find love amidst death, ghosts and poverty I adore how both Christina and Harry each looks hard at their situation and identifies how they can be a better partner rather than set in his her own ways Their mutual joy and love is heart warming I really enjoyed this magical story. I got this book from Sourcebooks Casablanca through Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.3.5 Solid Stars This Magic Moment is the fourth book in the magic series, and although I did not yet read the other three, as a stand alone it was quiet fun.Harry and Christina have known each other for years Christina is one of the special Malcolm women that possess a bit of their own individual magic Christina s special gift is that she can see ghosts Though the two are engaged, neither had any intention of marrying until their very late age, enjoying the life they each led now When Harry receives the title of the Duke, he didn t expect to get all this debt on the estate with it Now with creditors threatening to take everything that his late father and brother had worked for, Harry must find a big chunk of money to pay for everything He pushes for the wedding to come early, much to Christina s disagreement, in order to use her dowry as a payment on the loan.I really enjoyed this read, even if it did become quiet predictable by the first half of the book I enjoyed the ghosts and Christina s interaction with them The fact that she was so free spirited and stubborn When they moved into their old home, she had a hard time listening to Harry when he had warned her to stay away from the old wing that claimed his father and brothers lives Of course Harry is not the Harry Christina knew With the ability to also read aura s Harry s aura has been murky for a while and she doesn t even feel that he loves her Christina doesn t know that Harry has financial issues, and it something he keeps putting away instead of telling her through the book, even in his pursuit of a heir I found Christina s personality a bit strange at times She was kind of flighty and aloof Every time she saw a ghost, despite Harry s warnings and almost getting killed she would chase it down wherever it was leading her within the house including old wing Which in turn made me want to scream at her myself heh.But the story was sweet, the romance was slow but eventually built into love I love that Christina wanted Harry to love her before she jumps into bed with him and I loved that through the plot and the characters around them they two found ways to trust each other That Harry finally let down his thick walls and let Christina in, and started to believe in her Wonderful magical story that was a lot of fun, filled with ghosts and a bit of paranormal and it set in a historical setting. Duke Harry Of Sommersville Indulged In A Carefree, Comfortable Life Until A Sudden Inheritance Leaves Him Plagued With A Crumbling Family Manor And Hungry Debtors What S A Desperate Duke To Do But Marry The Well Heeled Woman Betrothed To Him For Years Christina Malcolm Childe Soon Discovers The Heavy Demands Of Her New Title And The Dilapidated And Haunted Mansion That Is Her New Home To Make Matters Worse, Her Magical Gift Of Reading Auras Reveals That Her Laughing Harry Has Become A Dark And Bitter Man But This Mischievous Malcolm Has A Plan Of Retaliation To Refuse To Consummate Their Marriage Until Harry Learns To Love Her TrulyIf Only She Can Resist His Raw Masculinity Long Enough To Determine The Cause Of His Unhappiness And The Mansion S Neglect She Must Find Her Answers Quickly, Before The Worm Eaten Floors Fall From Beneath Her Very Feet That Is, If Harry Doesn T Sweep Her Off Them First Reviewed by AllisonBook provided by NetGalleyReview originally posted at Romancing the Book Put together a sigh worthy hero, a free spirited heroine, mix in some ghosts and a mystery in a Historical Romance, and you have the makings for an enjoyable read.The book started out a bit slow with a prologue set when the heroine, Christina, is a child But it establishes that this is no ordinary historical romance when we learn that our future heroine can see a person s auras.Harrison Winston Somerset Beaufort Winchester, the new Duke of Sommersville, aka Harry is in dire financial straits He s inherited the dukedom from his suddenly deceased father and older brother, and must marry into money to set things right at his manor and in the village.Christina just wants to find and be able to speak with ghosts She has spent her entire life tromping about town searching for ghosts She agrees to marry Harry, but will make him wait for a true wedding night until he loves her In the meantime, she has a spooky old castle and manor to search for ghosts.Christina is stubborn and willful, and I wasn t sure how much I liked her until she suddenly grew up and took her marriage vows seriously I really liked Harry, and felt for him in his trials and tribulations.Both characters had a good arc they had much growing to do until they learned to trust and depend on each other.The setting of a spooky castle and manor with the resident ghosts was wonderful, and I m now a big fan of Patricia Rice s I m looking forward to readingin this series about Christina s sisters and their magical abilities.

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