Before the Devil Knows Youre Dead (Niki Slobodian, #3)

Before the Devil Knows Youre Dead (Niki Slobodian, #3) The Worlds Are Out Of Balance The Creator Is Missing And The War Between Heaven And Hell Has BegunNiki Slobodian Came Back, But There Were Side Effect She Is Filled With A Strange Power No One Seems To Be Able To Explain Not Even Sam She Is Also Plagued With Strange Visions Whenever She Touches Anyone This Does Nothing But Complicate The Fact That She May Be The Reason For The War Raging In The Streets Of Her Own City A War That Could Mean The End Of Humanity Niki Has Always Done Whatever She Had To For The People She Loves, But This Time Is Different With Carnage Escalating And The People She Cares For In Danger, Niki And Sam Must Work Together To Save What Is Left Of Humanity And With A Psychotic Archangel Trying To Assume To Post Of The Creator, And One Slim Chance To Right The Balance, The Odds Are Against ThemNothing Is Ever Easy For A Slobodian Not Even Stopping A War That Could Unmake The World

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  • Before the Devil Knows Youre Dead (Niki Slobodian, #3)
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  • 21 May 2019

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    Oh, Niki, we know you can t help it But you re like a bull that goes into a china shop, blows everyone away, breaks all the china, and then kicks all the bodies for good measure Unfortunately my interest in continuing this series is now nil I dug the first, and while the second wasn t quite as good, I still enjoyed it but this one All tastes lost.Niki has returned from the dead, and when I say she s changed, that s an extreme understatement The book s storyline took an interesting story that was focused on a woman s personal journey and discovery with her family and paranormal town and the third then exploded it into an apocalyptic, world wide adventure overnight A serious literal war already with angels and demons, visits to Hell and purgatory, visits to the angelic city, meeting The Creator , seriously so much in this story all of a sudden.The book got way out there and outlandish with the storyline so it was hard to stay centered on it still, it would have been a three star if it didn t depress and people me off with two losses in the end Both of these change the entire direction and focus of the series up until this point in fact, they were the most interesting elements in the three books, so getting rid of both of these and leaving me with the rest of the story which went direction I didn t want anyway drained my interest and put me in a bad mood for a few hours.The large changes in the direction of the story and world building kind of buried characterization Niki seems somewhat flatter maybe because she doesn t even have time to breathe Eli is unrecognizable and went in a completely different direction Niki frustrated me since just isn t that bright I grew as exasperated with her as Sam did since she wants to, against logic, run into situations and risk others without thinking it through based on a pure adrenaline of emotion Since this is the way the author intended the story to go, the author makes it worth the benefit of the character, but in reality this wouldn t happen and just left me aggravated With the pacing so rushed and the story so outlandish, it came off rather cheesy A shame, but I m happy at this point I already picked up the first three.

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    This review contains spoilers for the 2nd book in this series Although honestly why are you reading a review for the 3rd book if you haven t read the 2nd If you remember I was a bit upset at the end of the last book because it was revealed that Sam AKA Samael was the Grim Reaper and not you know the devil I mean I m still not generally wild about series that make Lucifer Samael Satan the Devil etc all different people, but this one is actually starting to grow on me This book introduces Lucifer and Michael and actually does some really interesting things with the Biblical mythology aspect of this series Also I would say that Sam is the Angel of Death than the Grim Reaper, and I guess you can say that s just semantics but it makes sense to me to think of it in that way Anyway I definitely enjoyed this book than the last two I feel like the first two were just fairly standard urban fantasy fare and this one really stepped up and made its own mythology and had some really big universe changing events at the end Definitely seems like a turning point for the series so I m excited to read .

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    Sadly, I didn t like Before the Devil Knows You re Dead as much as the previous two installments Thankfully, I got all three free on , so no loss there The series has some things going for it for the most part, the characters are likable and contain a touch of mystery The writing isn t superb, but the books are not unreadable This installment felt a bit disjointed than the first two either that or I just ignored it earlier Still, I like learning about Sam, Niki and Eli with each new book I like the relationships in Niki s life and her fierce determination.I ll most likely, eventually, continue the series to see how things play out following the world changing events in this installment.

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    I just started reading this series, and it is action packed to no end I agree that some of the characters are a little flat, but that is a small grievance that I can overlook This book is great and a real tear jerker I was put off near the end, and I can understand all books can t have the HEA Niki has been through a lot of loss and for it to end the way it did was like having the bottom drop from under you You can t stop with this one, you must read the next novel in the series.

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    Be prepared for the apocalypse Who is good and who is the bad I love how everything mix up and then when you think you ve everyone figured out good and bad change again It s unsettling and gives quite a rush of adrenaline.

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    Second time reading it and I still cried like a baby Yep.1st read on February 20, 2013 You should not read this review if you haven t read the book Oh wow I have to admit I cried A lot really I actually want to just give a 1 star rating to this book because Sam died It was so heartbreaking I cannot find the right words to describe it I m not surprised because soon as Sam explained he had the power to stop time but was forbidden to use it without unravelingI knew he was gonna end up doing it anyway and there would be no way to save him I knew since half the book and yet it still ripped my heart out when I read it.I think I loved him a little It is ridiculous to love a character of a book He was not real Never was But I read about him I spent time with him I lived a part of his life even if his life was fictitious And I watched and felt his death coming I am so very sorry for him.I have cried other times when I read about certain characters deaths Kisten s for example, in the Hollows by Kim Harrison But I never felt it so present as I did in this one I hate the author a little bit right now Sam was a masterfully built character and I hurt to see him gone And I pity Niki so very much She lost so many people I look forward for June with a mixing of hope and foreboding Hope that somehow Niki will be able to reach happiness and foreboding to read she won t ever achieve it with Sam gone.

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    Nikki is trying to stop a war between the angels and the demons She s also trying to save her godmother from the violence and figure out what s going on with her strange new powers All this and she s starting to have feelings for Sam Sam who brought her back from the dead The third book in the Nikki Slobodian series packed a lot of punch It started with heavy action and didn t let up Murray amped up the volume on all levels and everything was intense The violence, the romance, and the action The stakes were high While Nikki was much powerful, she was also much vulnerable She seemed to understand she had a lot to lose if things went wrong Nikki was desperate to save Sophia, her godmother and keep her safe She also felt the loss of her humanity much severely The feelings between Sam and Nikki were a wonderful surprise to me I knew Sam took an interest in Nikki but I didn t know why It was a development that took time to evolve and fully bloom There was no instantaneous emotional crush of feeling I was devastated by the end of the book In a good way But to think I ll have to wait for The Devil is an Angel is agony I even have to wait for the synopsis I guess the only thing I to do is to stalk J.L Murray She lives in my city Review courtesy of The Akamai Reader.

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    Tight, fast paced, and poignant The growth of Niki, the main character, throughout all three books is evident, but in this book, she really gets under your skin Doing what she does is not always easy, and the reader really gets to see and feel the depth of who Niki really is.Things are not always what they seem in Before The Devil Knows You re Dead, and the reader is left thinking about the story after the final page There is a lot here than just an action packed story I almost feel sorry for some of the reviewers complaining about Niki s behavior They obviously missed a great story Personally, I found Niki to be a relatable character in this book, and wonder if I would have handled things any differently than she did I think JL Murray took a risk with letting Niki s emotional side through, and I think she did it beautifully.I am a bigger Niki Slobodian fan now than I was before.

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    Kudos to the author for the direction she took with this series It has to be difficult to unravel one s world without a Sam to stop you I do wonder where she will go though.My bigger problems with Ms Murrey is characterization Even after three books, her characters still seem less than full rounded Michael and the baddies were even worse They were flat, unconvincing You can t tell me someone is mad, you have to show me and make me believe I m somewhat unconvinced by the family twist, too.I still think this is a nice minor UF, and worth reading Let us see what the future holds..

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    Super dramatic sigh..It was just too much, and not enough all at the same time I am invested in this I prayed for a better unfolding to no avail This book wasn t bad.I have read bad, and this is not that It s just so far fetched, and unbelievable.there are far too many holes in this story read it, or don t read it I unfortunately don t think this series will be memorable for me, but I m cursed to finish the series.

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