The Things I Can Do

The Things I Can Do Want To See What Jeff Drew It S A Book About Him And All The Things He Can Do He Can Make His Own Lunch He Can Get His Own Drink He Can Take His Own Bath Pretty Cool, Don T You Think Get Ready For A Riotous Time As Jeff Explains, In Words And Self Drawn Pictures, All The Things He Can Do In A Book He Made All By Himself I got this book for kindergarten I thought they could observe how the main character writes in all capitals and use it to reflect on how they wrote their names at the beginning of the year all caps and how they write their names now uppercase and lowercase letters Kind of the Junie B Jones effect I anticipate students will enjoy interacting with a character younger than themselves in a text that invites them to think about the ways they knowand arecapable than the main character. Creative collage style illustrations have a child like quality that make them appealing to young children Pay attention to the details as they are quite humorous at times This picture book captures the independent flair that kiddos can have whether their intentions are good or a little misguided. I really adore this fantastic hodgepodge of gleeful childhood confidence The art is certainly a powerful tool in this book, but the text is authentic too The result is just great Cute story about a young boy becoming independent Clever illustrations support the text. Great way to show kids how they can write about anything Real life story of author, Jeff Mack, in drawn form Similar to David Shannon books, The Things I Can Do will be a good way to compare authors, craft and use as mentor texts to jumpstart writers that say, I don t know what to write about This would be cute for a read aloud I think kids would like it The art work is ambitious, but it kinda drove me crazy Too messy for me haha Rip off of David Shannon David books. Jeff is eager to share just how grown up he is in this tactile, rhyming tale He creates a book titled The Things I Can Do and in it he rhymes about all his accomplishments However, all his endeavors are tempered by his own renditions of his feats When he says, I can make my own lunch I can get my own drink , his crayoned construction paper collage shows pizza, fries, hot dogs and ice cream for lunch and milk spilled on the floor Sharp young readers will soon discern that Jeff isn t as proficient in bathing, storytelling, flying and fixing toys as he says The rhyming text, hand printed in black crayon is paired with outstanding illustrations done in all manner of art supplies colored papers, stickers, tape of all kinds, popsicle sticks, etc Jeff is a creative, high energy kid and this story and the almost 3 D illustrations capture his personality well Reminiscent of David Shannon s David, Jeff is a high spirited and happy example of young boyhood at its best The title is a must for elementary libraries and pre K classes everywhere. great drawings relevant to my grandchildren Bio taken from Jeff s website

❃ [EPUB] ✻ The Things I Can Do  By Jeff Mack ➜ –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • The Things I Can Do
  • Jeff Mack
  • English
  • 25 August 2019
  • 9781596436756

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