Murder By Moonlight

Murder By Moonlight In Murder By Moonlight, Vincent Zandri S Cunning Detective Dick Moonlight Returns With His Toughest Case Yet Proving An Open And Shut Murder Investigation Isn T Over At AllJoan Parker Is The Last Woman Private Eye Dick Moonlight Would Ever Expect To See In His Albany Office From The Right Side Of The Tracks Neighboring Bethlehem She Bears Her Upper Class Upbringing As Effortlessly As A String Of Pearls She Also Bears A Scar Running Down Her Head And Face A Brutal Reminder Of The Ax Attack That Took The Life Of Her Husband Her Twenty One Year Old Son, Christopher, Now Sits In Jail Charged With The CrimeAccording To The Official Report Based On Joan S Answers To Police When They Arrived At The House And Found Her Barely Alive She Identified Christopher As The Culprit But Sitting In Moonlight S Office, She Reveals That She Has No Recollection Of The Event, Yet Is Certain Of One Thing Christopher Didn T Do ItMoonlight Knows A Thing Or Two About Being Nearly Dead And He Also Knows The Tragedy Of The Police Jumping To The Wrong Conclusions A Past Case Of A Falsely Accused Client Still Haunts Him So He Agrees To Take The Job And Get To The Truth Of What Happened That Day At First The Trail Of Clues From The Crime Scene To Joan S Original Accusation Keeps The Finger Pointed At Christopher But Soon Moonlight Turns Up Something He Never Expected, Something Sinister Than Anything He S Ever Come Up Against


[PDF / Epub] ☄ Murder By Moonlight By Vincent Zandri –
  • Paperback
  • 328 pages
  • Murder By Moonlight
  • Vincent Zandri
  • English
  • 28 August 2017
  • 9781612183510

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    The case itself, begins as a job to find evidence to get Joan Parker s son Chris released while he awaits trial for the murder of his father and the attempted murder of his mother by fireman s axe Moonlight completes his part of the deal but his gut is still telling him something is off and he continues to look into the matter on his own.The plot itself is slow and steady at times but it never drags there wasn t that feeling of racing against the clock, like we re just along for the ride with Moonlight and waiting to see how it pans out A bit darker of an installment in the series several twists I didn t expect and a couple things that made me glad I wasn t eating at the time I recognized two parts of the plot as ripped from the headlines the first one I can t place the exact details, but I vaguely remember hearing about it the two put together in a story is a bit out there but slightly chilling at the same time.It all came together in the end, not a neat bow exactly but a sense of finality fills the air as the final connections are in place The final connection Moonlight made surprised me but it made sense looking back on it.The twisted villains of this story were all the unsettling because they were s o good at hiding behind the facades of normal people You might sense something off about them and you might steer clear but the darker truth hiding under there wellAtmospheric writing right word a good installment of the series all in all, would recommend.

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    A Rose By Any Other NameMURDER BY MOONLIGHT s Richard Moonlight is a dick in just about every way imaginable He s Dick, but everyone calls him Moonlight, except his girlfriend Aviva who mostly calls him Moonlight, but calls him Richard when she really wants his attention he s a dick, as in private investigator and he s a self admitted dick, as in asshole While this may sound like the makings of a disaster, nothing could be further from the truth Moonlight is an old fashioned type of P.I., a former cop who relies on his intuition and bullshit detector as much as evidence, a gumshoe who drives his dead father s hearse, a divorced father of a 10 year old son he rarely sees and about whom he feels too guilty to call regularly He has his problems a suicide attempt that left a.22 caliber bullet fragment in his brain that occasionally causes him to black out and could kill him may be the least of them but he doesn t suffer from moral ambiguity, lack of courage or indecision In M BY M, Moonlight takes a case from a woman nearly killed, along with her husband, by someone wielding a fireman s axe, to exonerate her youngest son who has been arrested for the crime Moonlight reluctantly takes it on, but doggedly pursues the truth even when he s convinced of the son s guilt, and continues to pursue it even when developments in the case result in the son being freed on bail, ending Moonlight s employment It s at this point, when Moonlight keeps digging, that the book really takes off, getting twisted and ugly with each passing minute.Vince Zandri has created a character and milieu in M BY M that is as hardboiled as a 20 minute egg Borrowing from a rich and storied tradition, Zandri nonetheless keeps it fresh by making his P.I vulnerable, real, and surprisingly likeable for an avowed dick His writing is taut and muscular, and the action exciting and not beyond the realm of believability for a 40 something man with a bullet in his head.While this is my first taste of Zandri s well established series, I didn t feel I missed anything by not knowing Moonlight s backstory However, now that my appetite s been whetted, I ll eagerly devour earlier entrees A solid contribution to the hardboiled P.I canon.

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    This was an excellent story, although pretty graphically dark Lots of family secrets revealed.

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    What do you get when you get a smart alec PI that has a built in lie detector Moonlight is mouthy and almost to the point of rude most of the time but he can see the truth and calls a person out on it Moonlight is already beating himself senseless over the death of a person he believes innocent but could not get cleared or even paroled He carries in his head a shard of a bullet left from an aborted suicide attempt that could end his life at any given moment After being hired by the mother of the person accused of killing her husband and leaving her hideously scarred to prove her son could not have done it, he still is not satisfied His investigation and determination have left him still hungry for a truth and leads him down a very dark path to the evil that lives and thrives in Bethlehem.

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    Had its lulls, all the detail reiterated in the end.But i kept reading and I would read another by this author I like mysteries but didn t feel so captivated by this book I actually put this down a number of times.

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    AwesomeVery exciting until the very end could not put it down Very surprising thought I had it figured out but I didn t

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    A good readKept ur attention from the beginningAlso kept u guessing Great little read and must say I enjoyed it very much.

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    SuspencefulIt kept me in suspence and interested in what really happened I wanted to know the truth as much as he did The truth was mind blowing.

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    Vincent Zandri created a perfect PI when he developed Dick Moonlight as smart mouthed, but gets the truth no matter what or how Mr Zandri s writing style draws me in and Moonlight, as Dick is known, holds me with his way of digging and questioning suspects that s never taken well by them It s excellent writing and complicated, hard to figure out, storylines 5 stars, must read goodreads

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    Zandri is by no means a master of the crime genre, but Murder By Moonlight is a good read with a complex plot, clearly defined characters and a few good twists along the way His writing is sparse, while the division into short chapters sixty six in all, some of them no longer than a single page ensures a fast paced story Overall, it s a fun read, and if crime is your favourite genre then you ll probably enjoy this It isn t perfect Some of the situations don t ring true and nor do all the characters Calling your detective Dick Moonlight and having him drive his late father s hearse seems a bit too contrived You can t blame Zandri for making Moonlight a divorced, 40 something borderline alcoholic with personal issues because almost every detective since Marlowe has been that Ian Rankin gets away with it, so why shouldn t Vincent Zandri But Moonlight s got a much younger, hot, intelligent, artist girlfriend and almost every woman he meets is young, hot, intelligent and seems to fancy him Being a divorced, 40 something borderline alcoholic with personal issues myself, I can safely say this is not the norm Maybe I should trade in the BMW for a hearse.A plot twist should be a surprise the moment you read it but seem inevitable two seconds later Zandri s plot twists are surprising alright, but some of them seem to come completely out of the blue, and the dark secret at the heart of the town seemed a bit clich d Once or twice Moonlight seems to guess the truth from nothing and I can t for the life of me see how he worked it out One time he returns to the murder scene for no other reason than something tells me That s not really good enough Murder By Moonlight is far from a classic, and the fact that it s Zandri s ninth full length novel suggests that he s never going to write a classic But it s not pulp either, and fans of detective stories will enjoy reading it on the beach.

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