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Bone River From Award Winning Author Megan Chance, Bone River Is A Haunting, Lyrical Tale Of Passion And IdentityIn The Mid Th Century, On Shoalwater Bay, Washington Territory, Leonie Monroe Russell Works Alongside Her Oysterman Husband, Junius At Night She Continues Her Father S Lifelong Obsession Collecting Artifacts And Studying The Native Culture That Once Thrived In The AreaOn Her Thirty Seventh Birthday, Leonie Discovers A Mummy Protruding From The Riverbank Bordering Her Property A Mummy That By All Evidence Shouldn T Exist As Leonie Searches For Answers To The Mummy S Origins, She Begins To Feel A Mystical Connection To It That Defies All Logic Leonie S Sense That Otherworldly Forces Are At Work Only Grows When News Of The Incredible Discovery Brings Junius S Long Lost Son, Daniel, To Her Doorstep Upon His Unexpected Arrival, A Native Elder Insists That Leonie Wears A Special Shell Bracelet For Protection But Protection From Whom The Mummy, Or, Perhaps, Daniel Leonie Has Always Been A Good Daughter And Good Wife, But, For The First Time, These Roles Do Not Seem To Be Enough Finding The Mummy Has Changed Everything, And Now Leonie Must Decide If She Has The Courage To Put Aside The Expectations Of Others To Be The Woman She Was Meant To Be

See this thread for information. Megan Chance is the critically acclaimed, award winning author of several novels calls her a writer of extraordinary talent Her books have been chosen by s Book of the Month, Borders Original Voices and IndieBound s Booksense A former television news photographer with a BA from Western Washington University, Megan Chance lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two daughters Visit her at

❰Epub❯ ➟ Bone River  Author Megan Chance –
  • Paperback
  • 395 pages
  • Bone River
  • Megan Chance
  • English
  • 10 October 2019
  • 9781612184845

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    This is both an easy and a difficult review for me to write Easy because Megan Chance s Bone River is one of the best novels I have recently read, and difficult because it brought so many emotions to surface.It is a slow burn and I love slow burns They give me the chance to absorb details, to become one with the place, the time and the characters The descriptions in Bone River are so vivid, I could taste and smell the water, I could see the gathering of the oysters, the drawings in the caves, the artifacts I could see the unfortunate souls that had been denied the right to rest in peace after death I ve always been interested in Native American history, the myths, the lore, their way of life, and the way those lives were mistreated, and Megan Chance provides plenty of details, we meet people who dismiss what they cannot understand and people who try to retain an open mind, who struggle to break free from the conformities of their families and their surroundings Leonie, the heroine of the novel, is such a character.Leonie tries to find the balance between what she s been taught by her father and her much older husband and what she believes is right This struggle becomes much apparent and tense when Daniel, Junius neglected son, appears in their lives out of the blue Leonie is a protagonist one can familiarize with A curious mind, a lover of science and knowledge, but not cold or heartless She has her doubts and fears and questions, she gradually becomes open to them, wanting to find the answers Yes, there were times when her docility was a bit infuriating, but aren t there times when we are suddenly granted the change we have sought and we hesitate in front of the fear of the unknown I don t think I ve hated another character recently as much as I hated Junius, with his pompous remarks and his views of the pure blood of the white race Full of fake ethics, a man who neglected his family over an experiment and a common itch Daniel, on the other hand, is a source of sunlight and fresh air in the novel Of course, he has his flaws but he is the one who succeeds in shaking Leonie out of her long stupor.The ending couldn t have been satisfying, albeit heart wrenching Bone River is a haunting, mystical adventure in a forgotten past, buried feelings and desires, and second chances for those who hunt them down with passion One of the best books I ve read this year, one that stays with you long after the back cover is closed.

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    I loved the setting and time frame, Washington, Mid 1800 s and the tidbits about the Indians who had lived in the area I think this is a book that could not quite figure out what it wanted to be It was part historical, part mystery and part romance, too much romance for my liking The writing was not good in places and it had somewhat of a pacing problem as well Although there were historical facts that I enjoyed learning, as a whole this was just okay.

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    Where I got the book review copy from publisher This review first appeared on the Historical Novel Society s website and in the Historical Novel Review, issue 63.This beautifully written, lyrical literary novel engages with the themes of the despoliation of the Pacific Northwest s native culture and 19th century concerns about race, degeneration and miscegenation.It is 1875 in Washington Territory Leonie, raised as an ethnologist by her father and married, by his dying wish, at seventeen to the much older Junius, is torn between the scientific values embraced by her husband and father and her instinctual connection with the spiritual values of the native peoples they study Her discovery of a mummified woman in a riverbank and the arrival of Junius s grown son, Daniel, disrupt a life dedicated to science and bereft of the children for which she longs.The finely drawn depiction of the Pacific Northwest as a place where rank fertility combines with constant rain, cold, and danger sets the scene beautifully for the struggle between passion and rationality, science and the sacred The use of Chinook words, stories and imagery bolsters the sense of isolation and otherworldliness as a counterpoint to the scientific and mercantile values of the settlers, but while the spirit world always impinges on the story, Bone River stays firmly grounded in the reality of Leonie s life.Chance has a great many interesting things to say about the connection between science, the sacred, and the building of the American marketplace in the space occupied by much older societies She keeps the reader just ahead of Leonie s perception of the truth, leading up to a page turning finish Recommended.

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    A woman in 19th century Washington Territory finding bones, a mummy, along side a river in her remote part of the world Sound like this could be exciting Unfortunately, for me, this novel didn t work as a mystery or as a romance The writing was mediocre, and some parts were downright awful In the prologue, before I got to the main part of the story, I read I looked into his chiseled face, into his deep set eyes, and he pulled me into his arms, holding me tight against his chest Blaugh, that doesn t bode well, sounds too much like a mid 20th century paperback romance.The story was pretty boring, the characters weren t engaging or even likeable, and seemed flat The talk of racial superiority inferiority, while part of the story, got old fast I was not intrigued by the mummy and didn t much care what happened to any of the characters Too much was too predictable I often like first person narrative, but it didn t work this time Add to that, writing that made me aware of the author s attempts at creativity than of the flow of the story, and this one was a flop for me, especially at 400 pages.I was given a copy of the book for review.

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    Bone River gets a very strong 4 rating from me When an author can combine murder, mystery, passion, history, and a riveting plot with an ability to evoke rich and vivid descriptions, they ve got a winning combination Bone River delivers on all fronts The emotional and sexual tensions are beautifully drawn too.Leonie Russell and her husband Junius operate an oystering business in the Washington Territory in the mid 19th century On the side, Leonie pursues her father s career and obsession ethnology studying the native culture that once flourished in the area through the collection and study of bones.When she discovers a mummy in layers of mud on the riverbank near her home, exposed from erosion by the river currents, she believes she might have discovered an ancient link in the evolution of the natives she studies She also begins to feel a strange and mystical connection to the woman s mummified body, with voices speaking to her in dreams Combined with message from a native elder, Leonie feels she s being awakened to a calling that goes beyond the expectations of others, especially her husband, a much older man whom she married when was 17, mostly to comply with her father s dying wish.The appearance of Junius s son Daniel, whose existence was a shock to Leonie, complicates things as Leonie and Junius question the timing and motives of his arrival and Daniel exhibits a sensitivity to Leonie s spiritual side that Junius not only ignored but derided The rapidly moving plot plays out against the backdrop of a beautiful natural setting near the confluence of two rivers, and part of the charm of the book, for me, includes the marvelous descriptions I listened to the creak of the lines and the timbers of the boat, the slap of the water, the caw of the gulls, but for the most part it felt as if we were alone, only the three of us in a world cocooned by fog, with nothing beyond, nothing to know or see or hear the dreams I d had tangled like briars in my head, dark and grasping There were rich layers to this book Leonie discovers her fathers scientific journals, and through excerpts, the reader gets a fascinating glimpse into the scientific methods of the time and the unfortunate disregard for native sensibilities in stealing bones from their sacred burial grounds It also touches on phrenology, the belief that one can ascertain personality traits by studying the bumps and contours of the skull The mystery of the mummy and the final revelation of who she was is another ingenious and tantalizing twist to this very entertaining read.

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    I supposed it s a morbid tale, but it s the kind of story that stays with you And every now and then something I come across would remind me of this story and it pops up again and I would appreciate the sentiments offered, revealed by Megan for her characters in this story Her characters in this story are all so quite, with so few words, but with so much depth

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    Atmospheric Novel Captures Breaking FreeThis is my second Megan Chance novel Inamorata being my first immersive experience in Chance s incandescent prose To say that my expectations were high was an understatement While this book is far and away different than the other, that beautiful Chance prose captures the atmosphere and surroundings, as well as the people, their feelings, thoughts, s and cultural beliefs I was not disappointed Bone River is about deathbed promises and their impact on the living It s about rationality versus spirituality, science versus religion, thinking versus feeling, control versus passion It s about a 17 year old girl with a dying father He is an ethnologist on the Northwest coast of California studying the native Indian tribesmen In his dying breath, he makes her promise to marry his 40 year old assistant Junius She says NO Then, after huge guilt, gives in to him We find that Junius has previously agreed to the match, but he will become a bigamist, as he is already married, since he ran out on his first wife many years ago And so the scene is set for an emotionally rousing story surrounding Leonie, our 17 year old bride, Junius, her husband, Lord Tom, an Indian friend of the family that has looked out for Leonie since she was young, and David, Junius son from his first marriage The story takes place twenty years after the wedding, and kicks off with Leonie finding a mummy buried in a basket in the slope by the river in front of her home This female mummy is the catalyst for all the events that occur.Chance s worldbuilding is so superior that she makes the settings in each of her novels into a character You can touch, taste, feel, hear and see every scene in her novels This takes them far beyond cinematic.Every character in the novel was conflicted None of them, with the exception of Lord Tom, were doing things that they either wanted or needed to do All of them were stifled by deathbed promises Humans, being adaptable, tend to make the best of the situation at hand, unless you shake them up like a hornets nest.Once the mummy is found, the shaking starts Shake Shake Shake Then unpredictable and nasty things start to happen Spirits speak, old murders are uncovered, relatives drop by, people almost drown, others are shot at, graves are robbed, dreams invaded, adultery is committed, boats are overturned, cows are milked, secrets are kept and then revealed, things are destroyed in a flood and life is created.Leonie s is a strong character, even if she doesn t know it She is a multi faceted heroine whose challenge is one that we all face be true to yourself She has a big heart, a belief in the beauty of people, life and nature, as well as an ability to pick up on spirit vibrations from objects or from the spirits themselves She uses the information from the spirits to help with her work on the Indian legends.Bottom Line In amongst the swirling wind, dashing rain and rushing water, you will find the story of four people and one mummy who enter the whirlwind with their own agendas, and come out the other side their plans obliterated They will never be the same people ever again Highly Recommended

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    This novel takes place around 1850 in the Pacific Northwest Very carefully the reader learns about the characters, a father and daughter who collect artifacts and study the native Indian culture We also meet the daughter s husband, Junius The story picks up speed when a mummy is found and Leonie, the daughter, is determined to find out who she was Dreams account for the forces that makes Leonie suspicious of how and why the mummy was buried and why her father s necklace was entangled in the corpse When Daniel, an unknown son of Junius arrives, the story takes on a new twist I floated along in this story like I was a character observing what and where the truth was headed I couldn t put the book down The author s research on the Indians of this time and the White culture who saw them as savages provides a strong background to a very original story This was an ARC received from Book Browse It will be published in December.

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    Although this book was very slow to gain my interest, it became a read that I simply couldn t put down Not only does it maintain the reader s interest with a thrilling mystery with a historical fiction setting, it highlights many issues that include feminism, free will, ethics and culture Personally, I find a good book blends multiple genres and peaks the interest of the reader and not just interest in the story and how it will end, but rather intrigue and contemplation at topics presented And this book does it I was left feeling the story and thinking to myself what defines ME is it my career is it my hobbies is it my heritage As Leonie herself discovers, we define ourselves when we decide to follow our hearts and not live by strict societal expectations based on gender or cultural background She also demonstrates that no matter how hard we or another for that matter tries to change ourselves, we will come out most fulfilled and happy in the end by dancing to the beat of our own drum.

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    I am not sure how I came to read Bone River, but I believe it was a Kindle Daily Deal These Daily Deals can be hit or miss, but I found this one very enjoyable It is the story of Leonie Russel Leoni livesd in the Pacific Northwest with her father collecting Native American artifacts When her father died, she marries Junius Fast forward twenty years when Leonie discovers a lovely Native American mummy in a basket along the river She is strangely drawn to this mummy Around that same time, Daniel, Junius s son from his first marriage, shows up to write a story on the mummy Leoni didn t even know that Daniel existed When Bibi, a native elder, mysteriously says that the mummy brought him to her, Leonie becomes both confused and intrigued This is part love story, part adventure story The writing is smooth and the characters are dimensional and believable While not exactly a page turner, I did find myself taking lots of reading breaks through the day to hurry back to this book.

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