Ma, Ive Reached for the Moon an Im Hittin the Stars

Ma, Ive Reached for the Moon an Im Hittin the Stars After A Failed Suicide Attempt And Recovery In The Mad House, Martha Is Heading For France To Be Reunited With The One True Love Of Her Life Father Ralph Fitzgerald Rescued Her From The Streets When She Was Sixteen And Was The First Person To Show Martha True Love And Affection But Their Relationship Threatened His Vocation And He Eventually Fled To Africa To Take Up Missionary WorkMartha Never Got Over Losing Him And Now, After Nearly Twenty Years, He Has Made Contact Again She Sets Off On A Mission To Find Him And Uncover His Motives For Getting In Touch Does He Still Love Her Has He Left The Priesthood Is He Now Free To Marry Her She Needs To Know What The Future Is Going To Hold

Martha Long was born in Dublin in the early 1950s and still lives there today She calls herself a middle aged matron and has successfully reared three children The Bookseller described her as a truly gifted storyteller Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple, compared her to Charles Dickens Her seventh and final book in the bestselling Ma series will be published by Mainstream Publis

[Epub] ➝ Ma, Ive Reached for the Moon an Im Hittin the Stars  ➢ Martha Long –
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Ma, Ive Reached for the Moon an Im Hittin the Stars
  • Martha Long
  • English
  • 11 June 2018
  • 9781780575742

10 thoughts on “Ma, Ive Reached for the Moon an Im Hittin the Stars

  1. says:

    I really did like this book, hell, I have been waiting for it forever and finally got it for Christmas I was totally expecting it to end the way we ALL wanted it to end but unfortunately I felt it was rather redundant As I was reading chapter after chapter, I found myself thinking, Wait, is this a new chapter or did I accidentally just reread the last one All I can say is that I will read and buy whatever Martha Long writes and publishes, that I can t wait for the next book but I was slightly disappointed in this book and not just because of Father Ralph.

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    It honestly took a very long time to get through this book as the story line was fairly slow, but still engaging This is the first of the series I have read, I don t believe its the first Im not too sure, the librarian recommended it Anyway the description in the book is detailed making it so easy too imagine characters, location, everything I give 3.75, engaging, lacking exciting If that makes sense, very relaxing read

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    Bloody Brilliant

  4. says:

    I m so dissapointed This book is so boring, save for maybe one chapter I read all previous Ma books and this one is one long description of breakfast, dinners, and smoking Same thing over and over again weak on plot I think Martha Long got herself lost with this one and I m disappointed b c I read all other books in the series there was an attempt to convey emotional depth rather than an intrique plot, for goodness sake, this book is painful to get to the end And the end is won t spoil it, but overall this book gets the lowest rating in Ma series from me I m onto to he last installment in the series, sure hoping it won t end up being a sequel to thi book Sorry to give it such low review, b c i simply adored earlier books by Martha Long this one she was re writing the same chapter for 25 chapters it is painfully dull.

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    This book was an improvement on the last one, although there were times in middle of the book that I found myself drifting again.I desperately wanted things to work out for Martha Ralph Ralph frustrated me a lot so I can t imagine what Martha went through I had an indecisive one once.It read like a love story and I was hoping that they could finally move things to the next level but it wasn t to be At least Martha was mature enough to realise this, make peace with it and move on with the next stage of her life.This leaves me with 1 last book of Martha s to read, I almost don t want to read it as I don t really want to let her go so I ll maybe leave that book to Christmas.

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    I enjoyed the first few Ma books but I was tired of the nonsense of this book very early This is literally the worst of the series of 7 books I think the entire story of her life could have been told in maybe 4 books rather than 7.

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    i hate to give this book a bad review but i have no choice this book was really awful i must admit i had to force myself to finish it

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    Such an incredible series. I might have to read again..

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