I Am Grimalkin (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles, #9)

I Am Grimalkin (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles, #9) From The Publisher I M Coming For You, And Nothing Living Or Dead Can Stop Me One Witch Is The Most Feared, The Most Ruthless, And The Most Deadly Of All The Witches In The County If She Hunts For You, She Will Find You If You Have Crossed Her, You Don T Stand A Chance She Is The Witch Assassin, And Her Name Is GrimalkinGrimalkin S One Alliance Is With Tom Ward, The Spook S Apprentice With Tom, She Plans To Rid The World Of The Most Terrifying Evil, The Fiend, Who Once Did Her Great WrongFor The First Time, Fans Of The Last Apprentice Series Will Hear The Story From Grimalkin S Side, As She Is Hunted Herself By Creatures Of Darkness Set On RevengeGrimalkin Has Never Been Defeated But Can She Survive An Enemy Created For The Sole Purpose Of Destroying Her In this ninth book of the Last Apprentice series, Grimalkin is the narrator A very different and intense protagonist compared to Thomas Ward Grimalkin is my favorite character in the series, and I was ecstatic that one of the books featured her.The witch assassin Grimalkin is on the run with the Fiend s head in a sack Followers of the dark chase her, but she is no easy target So her enemy must create a monster designed only for killing her And they may well succeed Grimalkin is brought to her knees Will she survive her greatest challenge ever or lose the head and fail her sacred duty There isn t a dull moment in this story Grimalkin is being chased throughout The tension never drops We also get to see sides of her character that were only hinted at before I do love seeing her with her apprentice Thorne is a remarkable girl Again, in my review, I can t say much about the plot lest I give something away So much happens It s terrifying and glorious I love this series. ahhh something fresh to help readers carry on with the series im not saying i dislike Tom or the Spook, but Grimalkin is probably my favorite character in the series in this addition to the series we get the story of Grimalkin on the run upon returning to the county from Ireland, straight from the mouth of Grimalkin herself another nice addition is an update from Agnes and introduction of Thorne who will surely grow on you if you re also a fan of Grimalkin or the other Pendle witches Best book up to this point While we are including me , praising G.r.r Martin for his wanton character brutality, Joseph Delaney is quietly writing these simple but brilliant books with no irrational twists, and that includes brutally killing off many well liked and well developed characters This man is savage Grimalkin is such a badass Love it.Review to come.Audiobook CommentsRead by Christopher Evan Welch as always And this was fabulous to listen to as always SoI was looking back at the books I d read this year and to my surprise there was no review for this book So of course I have to put this little snippet in here This is the ninth book in the series and a The witch assassin Grimalkin uses her dark magic a few timesb She faces a foe she can t defeat despite all her incredible skillc She has some kind of an assassin apprenticed She teams up with the Spook and Tom to set a trap for The Fiend yup they physically set up a trap for the devil himself Which all leads to the question is this really a young adult book Or is this an adult book targeted at younger people Either way it s great entertaining reading with lots of mythological creatures, deaths and three dimensional magical characters. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with this book The Last Apprentice series is one of my favorites, but I think it is largely because I love the interplay between Tom and Old Gregory Grimalkin made an interesting secondary character, but I wasn t interested in hearing her narration Plus, the story was not terribly interesting to me Here s the plot Grimalkin runs around with the Fiend s head, making various stops or detours And that s about it, although every so often we get a flashback or a story from the past I did like that we got to meet Grimalkin s apprentice, and I had high hopes that the relationship between these two would spark my interest, but even that didn t win me back to the book I thought it would have beeninteresting to have the apprentice witch assassin tell the story, but then again, I guess that wouldn t work since view spoiler she doesn t make it through the story alive hide spoiler n al 9 lea volum din seria Cronicile din Wardstone ac iunea ne este relatat prin perspectiva vr jitoarei Grimalkin, cea mai mare asasin a clanului Malkin Grimalkin are scopul de a p zi capul Diavolului cu pre ul vie ii, timp n care Slujitorii Diavolului ajung s se antreneze ntr o lupt pe via i pe moarte pentru a recupera capul st p nului lor.Slujitorii Diavolului decid cu ajutorul magiei negre s creeze un kretch Un kretch este o fiin cu o putere neb nuit i cu o for incredibil a c rui unic el este acela de a o nimici pe Grimalkin Va reu i aceasta s i salveze pielea i s i duc misiunea la bun sf r it P rerea mea Dup aproximativ 4 ani am reu it s m reapuc de seria lui Joseph Delaney M am oprit dintr un motiv destul de simplu am decis s a tept p n vor fi traduse mai multe volume ntre timp, cei de la Corint, au tradus i volumul de fa i volumele 10, 11 din serie Este una dintre pu inele serii care mi au pl cut Cronicile din Wardstone sunt un obicei, o pl cere Surpriza a fost faptul c dup 4 ani seria asta r m ne la fel de genial ca la nceput Acum lucurile mi s au p rut mult mai previzibile, iar sentimentul predominant a fost unul de d j vu Nu este un lucru neap rat r u, dar dac cite ti consecutiv toate c r ile lui Joseph Delaney e foarte posibil s te plictiseasc la un moment dat.Caracteristica de baz a seriei este complexitatea, exist at t de mult mitologie n spatele fiec rui personaj mi place s le v d cum evolueaz i se desprind de prejudec i r nd pe r nd Sunt curioas cu privire la direc ia n care se ndreapt seria Continuarea recenziei Excellent, excellent book While it was a bit awkward that this book is technically in a different series The Spook s Series than the main series that Delaney writes Wardstone Chronicles if you are not in the US and The Last Apprentice if you are awkward because this book actually continues the last book in the series that he wrote but from the character Grimalkin s point of view And, wow What a point of view Grimalkin has been one of my favorite characters from the moment she was introduced She is just such a complete bad a She is strong, courageous, never looks back and doesn t understand the quibbling about dark and light that the Spook worries about She just goes about her business with her own internal moral code and gets things done I m not going to divulge any of the actual plot because it really would ruin things for you if you haven t read the book other than to say that no, this is not a book that is an add on book like the Bestiary or the Witches book that simply had back stories and supplementary data This is actually in the stream of the current story arc and VERY relevant to what is going on after the Fiend was bound Where we saw Grimalkin leave for the County in the Wardstone Chronicles Last Apprentice book I am Grimalkin picks up with her travels with the Fiend s head as she is pursued by his followers while she tries to keep it safe so Tom can have time to find a way to banish him permanently As usual, it is written exceptionally well Mr Delaney has a very deft touch writing description He doesn t use excessive words to describe things and often uses character s statements to set the scene, but you always get a very good feel for the setting without a lot of boring description Highly recommended.

The Spook s Apprentice,

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  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • I Am Grimalkin (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles, #9)
  • Joseph Delaney
  • English
  • 05 April 2018
  • 9781849414715

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