Il cavaliere inesistente

Il cavaliere inesistente Hi P S Agilulfo Kh Ng Hi N H U, Nh Ng C Hi N Di N, Th M Ch Ch Ng Hi N Di N M T C Ch M Nh M , Trong I Qu N C A Ho Ng Charlemagne C Ng Ch Ng Nam T C Ch S Ng Tr N C Y Kh Ng Ch M Ch N Xu Ng M T T C A Nam T C Tr N C Y, Ch Ng T T C C Hai N A Con Ng I Trong T T C Ch I, Hi P S Agilulfo Ho N Ch Nh S K Th Cho B Truy N T Ti N C A Ch Ng Ta C A Italo Calvino Ng C Ng L Nh V N Duy Nh T Kh N Ng L M Cho S Kh Ng Hi N H U C N Th T H N S Th T, Th M M T L N N A Vinh Danh Ch Thu N Khi T V L I Nh C Nh Ta R Ng Nh Ng C U Chuy N Xa X A R I R T Nhi U Nh S Ng L N Cu C S Ng Hi N T I C A Ch Ng Ta

Italo Calvino was born in Cuba and grew up in Italy He was a journalist and writer of short stories and novels His best known works include the Our Ancestors trilogy 1952 1959 , the Cosmicomics collection of short stories 1965 , and the novels Invisible Cities 1972 and If On a Winter s Night a Traveler 1979.His style is not easy to classify much of his writing has an air reminiscent to th

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  • Il cavaliere inesistente
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  • 13 February 2019

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    Il cavaliere inesistente The Nonexistent Knight, Italo CalvinoThe Nonexistent Knight Italian Il cavaliere inesistente is an allegorical fantasy novel by Italian writer Italo Calvino, first published in Italian in 1959 and in English translation in 1962 The tale explores questions of identity, integration with society, and virtue through the adventures of Agilulf, a medieval knight who exemplifies chivalry, piety, and faithfulness but exists only as an empty suit of armour 2002 1381 175 9643620514 1385 1388 9789643620516 20 .

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    Calvino whimsy and wizardry compressed into less than 150 pages Published in 1959, The Nonexistent Knight completes Our Ancestors, the Italian maestro s heraldic trilogy consisting also of The Cloven Viscount 1952 and The Baron in the Trees 1957 Beguiling, enchanting, quizzical if retold in twenty pages as a Brothers Grim style fairy tale, The Nonexistent Knight could instantly become a classic for all ages Actually, in somewhat similar spirit, there s a charming Pino Zac animated film based on the novella The literary magic on display in The Nonexistent Knight is nothing short of breathtaking We are in the time of Charlemagne during the war with the Turks and the central figure in the tale is a knight in shinning white armor by the name of Agilulf But, let me add quickly, nobody is inside the white armor, hence the book s title In the opening chapter, when passing inspection on leaders of his army, Emperor Charlemagne exclaims, This is too much We ve even got a knight who doesn t exist As one can very well imagine, being nonexistent does present its challenges Agilulf thinks and acts in a number of curious ways, leaving a reader to ponder the philosophical implications of the paradoxes of existence or, er, nonexistence or oh, my goodness, thinking about Agilulf in solely conceptual terms can quickly make one dizzy No doubt about it, Agilulf is one knotty knight But unknot we must, so let s shift to three specific conundrums surrounding our white plated champion Pythagorean Paladin Agilulf is faced with an ongoing dilemma unless he keeps himself continually pitted against the challenges posed by the surrounding world, he might dissolve into nothingness Thus, when not preoccupied by his knightly duties, he applies himself to some precise exercise counting objects, arranging them in geometric patterns, resolving problems of arithmetic In this respect, it appears Agilulf isn t that much different than many men or women of action an inability to let go of constantly calculating or analyzing the frantic need to keep oneself busy, busy, busy Armor I Am For in times when armor was necessary even for a man who existed, how much was it for one who didn t Agilulf is one with his armor no armor, no Agilulf Throughout his tale, Italo Calvino has us reflect on what is lost when an individual s identity is completely bound up with their social role and subsumed by their function within society To Sleep No More When asked how he can keep awake at all times, Agilulf replies I would feel bewildered if I dozed off for even a second In fact I d never come round at all but would be lost forever So I keep wide awake every second of the day and night That is different No sleep for Agilulf We humans thrive on sleep, especially the restful state of deep, dreamless sleep Our brains require sleep, thus in a twenty four hour cycle, we don t mind surrendering our sense of self identity to the selfless state of sleep In his current condition of nonexistence, even if for one instant Agilulf surrenders to the selfless state of sleep, Agilulf risks losing whatever nonexistent existence he has Poor knight Keep on arranging your pine cones into triangles, Agilulf, we wouldn t want to lose you Alas, we are not reading a philosophic treatise in the field of ontology or metaphysics but a tale of the fantastic written by none other than Italo Calvino Thus we can move along and meet several other characters making their appearance in the story Raimbaut A youth wishing to join the ranks of Charlemagne s paladins to avenge the death of his father slain by the head of the Turks Little does this young man know where his adventures will take him Hint many the time his path crosses that of the knight in shinning white armor Gurduloo One of the names of this rambunctious chap who exists but has no sense of self, the exact opposite of Agilulf, the knight who doesn t exist but has an extremely strong sense of self We first meet Gurduloo waddling along, a duck among ducks in his earthen color rags As we come to learn, Gurduloo is but one name for this foolish fellow who takes the temporary identity of whatever he s around In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Gurduloo might be judged as possessing crazy wisdom but in Medieval Europe he s considered just plain crazy But then again, not so fast we have the paradox of the wise fool Any guesses as to who gets to be Agilulf s squire Brandamante Bold, courage, accomplished knight who just so happens to be a woman This female warrior is none too pleased with all the regular knights she thinks are nothing but a bunch of louts, nincompoops and slobs But there is that one knight who alone knows the secret geometry, the order, the rule, by which to bestow sense to her every action, nay, to her very life itself Agilulf to the rescue Well, maybe The Tale s Narrator Book, evening is here, and I have begun to write rapidly Even now and again I notice my pen beginning to hurry over the paper as if by itself, with my hurrying along after it So writes Sister Theodora, a nun living in her convent The interplay of knightly action and the act of writing gives The Nonexistent Knight a touch of the metafictional, a small preview of what Italo Calvino would develop in his famous 1979 novel alternating story with the act of reading a book Torrismund, Sophronia, Palmyra Three players whose ultimate identity I will leave to each reader to discover Knights of the Grail Although not quite as off kilter as the Pythons film of King Arthur and the Holy Grail, The Nonexistent Knight does have its moments Perhaps the consequence of the author playing with themes from Ariosto s Orlando Furioso and other classics of medieval epic literature One can almost not believe how Italo Calvino has those idealized champions behave To discover what is meant here and all else that s completely different, you will have to read The Nonexistent Knight for yourself.Coda Italo Calvino chose the above Picasso drawing to illustrate the cover for the first published edition of The Nonexistent Knight.Italian author Italo Calvino, 1923 1985 If a girl has had enough of every man who exists, her only remaining desire could be for a man who doesn t exist at all Italo Calvino, The Nonexistent Knight

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    La pagina ha il suo bene solo quando la volti e c la vita dietro che spinge e scompiglia tutti i fogli del libro La penna corre spinta dallo stesso piacere che ti fa correre le strade.

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    Porque yo no existo, sire Y ahora esto exclam el emperador Entonces tenemos entre nuestras filas un caballero que no existe Dejadme ver Vaya, vaya Lo que hay que ver dijo Carlomagno Y c mo os las arregl is para prestar servicio, si no exist s Con fuerza de voluntad dijo Agilulfo y fe en nuestra causa Alentado por la lectura de El vizconde demediado , que forma parte de esta trilog a escrita por Italo Calvino que l llam Nuestros antepasados y que cierra con El bar n rampante , libro que a n no consegu , he pasado gratos momentos mientras me narraba lo que suced a con las aventuras de El caballero inexistente , considero yo inspirado en Don Quijote de la Mancha pero sin tomar al punto los rasgos del emblem tico personaje de Cervantes, la novela se torna interesante y entretenida.Don Agilulfo Emo Bertrandino de los Guildivernos y de los Otros de Corbentraz y Sura, Caballero de Selimpia Citerior y de Fez, es un caballero con todas las de la ley, pero inexistente Cabalga dentro de su impoluta armadura blanca y se alista en las tropas del gran emperador Carlomagno, pero cuando ste le pide que se descubra ante s , el caballero sube la visera de su yelmo y, ante el asombro del emperador, nada se ve dentro de la armadura Agilulfo existe por la fuerza de su propia voluntad.No existe, pero est su esencia Est n sus ideales y su convicciones y por tanto, existe Este libro trata sobre un caballero que a pesar de no ser visto materialmente tiene raz n de ser, mientras que su escudero Gurdul adquiere diversos nombre para poder sentir que existe Es como un juego de roles e identidades que trabajan en forma de contrapunto, en la que Calvino, sin embrollar en el planteo filos fico del ser y la nada sartreano, nos hace reflexionar en cierta medida acerca de quienes somos como seres humanos y de qu manera podemos ser alguien en la vida si la sustentamos en nuestros valores y la fe para dignificarnos como personas Esto es lo que le sucede en parte a Agilulfo a partir de su encuentro con las tropas de Carlomagno.Su filosof a de vida, sus ideales y su temple son tan impolutos como su armadura y en cierta forma nos lega esa ense anza que nos supo dar Alonso Quijano desde su locura ut pica que a tantos escritores y personajes ha influenciado.Agilulfo ser un modelo a seguir, por su rectitud y su intachable reputaci n De esta manera la valiente guerrera Bradamante se enamorar de l De un modo similar, Rambaldo, ese joven intr pido que busca vengar la muerte de su padre el marqu s Gerardo de Rosell n ante el argalif Isoarre se transformar en un compa ero de batallas.Por otro lado, conoceremos las andanzas de Torrismundo, el bravo guerrero que busca sus or genes en la orden del Temple del Santo Grial y que no cejar de cabalgar, guerrear y luchar hasta dejar bien limpio su nombre y su estirpe Entre Torrismundo y Agilulfo est la conexi n con Sofronia, hija del Rey de Escocia y que guarda un pasado y un secreto que los involucra a ambos.Adem s de todos estos personajes, nos toparemos con el torpe Gurdul , el escudero de Agilulfo, que oficia de una especie de Sancho Panza bruto y atolondrado, quien tampoco logra definir su identidad claramente y para lo cual es llamado con infinidad de nombres y que los confunde seg n con el lugar en el que se encuentra.Ese contrapunto de Gurdul con Agilulfo al que hago referencia queda demostrado en este di logo entre Carlomagno y un hortelano en cierto pasaje del libro Loco quiz s no se le pueda llamar, solo que es uno que existe, pero que no sabe que existe Vaya, hombre Este hombre que existe, pero no sabe que existe y aqu l palad n m o que sabe que existe y en cambio no existe Hace buena pareja, os lo digo yo Toda esta historia es incre blemente narrada por Teodora, una religiosa de la orden de San Columbano quien tendr una incidencia importante en el desarrollo y final de la novela Ella es la encargada de contarnos los destinos de estos personajes que uno termina queriendo y recordando cuando finaliza la lectura del libro.Cada uno de estos libros que forman la trilog a me est haciendo descubrir a un autor maravilloso y esto, es s lo el comienzo

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    E com este encerro a trilogia d Os Nossos Antepassados O absurdo e o fant stico pautam estes tr s contos, um facto, mas o extraordin rio que sem darmos por isso acabamos por vivermos naqueles mundos que de absurdos e fant sticos acabam por ter pouco, tal como uma boa f bula que facilmente nos parece real Realmente gostei e aconselho

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