Fields of Gold (Tarnished Souls, #2)

Fields of Gold (Tarnished Souls, #2) Life Is Full Of Compromises That S What Avi Rosen Tells Himself He S A Yeshiva Boy Turned Historian, Working On His Dissertation And Stretching His Meager Stipend By Moonlighting As A Closeted Politician S Houseboy Their Relationship Used To Feel Like A Real Affair Lately It Seems Like A JobIt Isn T Until He Meets Someone Decent That He Realizes How Corrupt His Life Has Become Pete Is A Tall Blond Farmer Who Charms Avi With His Dazzling Smile And His Straightforward Life But Even If He Can Believe This Refreshingly Honest Man Doesn T Have His Own Political Agenda, Will Avi Find The Strength To Emerge From The Dark Life He S Chosen And Find A Future In The Sun

Dev Bentham believes in the transformative power of true love She s the author of many gay romances, including Moving in Rhythm, August Ice and the Tarnished Souls Jewish Holiday series.Over the years, she s lived in way too many places and had far too many jobs, but she s finally settled in frozen northern Wisconsin where she draws on her former lives to write enduring love stories in which wond

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    3.5 stars for this sweet romance with a flawed character meeting his ray of sunshine.Another nice read from Dev Bentham, the author of one of my favorite read, August Ice Her writing calls to me and her flawed characters feel real as they realize what is important and true.Avi s life is stalling not yet ready, despite years of research, to write his dissertation that could bring him into the academic world, he has been living for the past 2 years as a kept boy of a married politician He turns a blind eye to his situation until he meets Pete, a local farmer, and gets an ultimatum to turn over his dissertation.Two life change events thrown to him in a span of a few days that makes him finally revaluate his life, turn for the better and open up to true love The thing is, you try to bring into Rosh Hashanah everything you want for the next year I d like to bring you Not my favorite book from this author because the ending felt too rapidly and nicely wrapped up, but still, it was very enjoyable and sweet.

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    3.5 starsAvi is a teaching assistant in history department working on his dissertation for the past seven years Avi is also a married politican s Jack male mistress he lives in Jack s apartment, takes care of it if the politician is out of town Lately though, he feels that this affair is like work that it s hard not to see himself as a rent boy, since he lives under Jack s roof, and Jack gives him money for food and other living expenses Then he meets farmer Pete Comparing this one with the 1st book, Learning from Isaac, I like both quite the same, but for different reason This one is close to be better , but not quite there yet In book one, I like Isaac enough, but never get emotionally connected to the story In this story, I find Avi as a better narrator compared to Nathan in book 1 , and I admit it has interesting set up I like the idea that Avi is a kept boy, but he struggles with his feeling when he meets Pete That he starts to see his worth to Jack, living rent free, given money which Isaac his friend points out to him Especially that Jack keeps asking him for kinky things recently, which Avi is not really fond of This story also has a very smart twist in the middle SPOILER view spoiler It turns out that Jack s wife, Peggy, knows about the affair all along And Jack s is a bit too enthusiastic , bordering abusive rough during sex to Peggy there are bruises on her But Peggy thinks that it s better to keep a family together than being apart A sign of an abused wife, yes hide spoiler

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    3.5 starsAvi was a yeshiva boy he was raised and schooled in an orthodox Jewish family though he s since left that life He felt the deep disapproval of his strict father when he came out to his family Now, Avi is as far from that childhood as he can be Nearing thirty, and a poor, seventh year grad student, he supplements his living expenses by being a kept man He doesn t think too hard about living in a well known political figure s pied terre apartment next to the state capitol, and being paid for its upkeep as well as for sex It seems an easy fix though he won t face the toll it takes on him, even when his good friend Isaac from book one, Learning From Isaac tells him as much Tarnished Souls is an apt name for this series, and Avi has had a lot of the shine taken off of him He can t get his dissertation written, caught in a rut of indecision, he can t seem to move on Until one day when he literally falls at the feet of a tall, handsome farmer and gets the shake he needs Pete sells his organic farm produce at the local farmer s street market and falls just as heavily for Avi Gentle Pete who lives off the earth, is grounded, and represents a new beginning for Avi.It is difficult to sympathize with Avi He is handsome, well educated, talented and he could have the world at his fingertips But this tarnished soul has to find his own way and it is to the author s credit that we want to read along the journey What saves Avi is his strong connection to his faith Even though he s left the synagog he observes some of its traditions Rosh Hashanah, the celebration of the Jewish new year and the High Holidays around it are important to Avi At the end of the story he buys apples and honey, symbols of starting the new year with sweetness after having atoned for past sins and wrong doings Each new year brings renewal Avi feels alive again with Pete Once , Bentham polishes up these flawed characters to show goodness and potential We can relate to them even if we don t always agree with their choices.For this review and much

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    He smelled of sunshine and green growing things.His kiss reminded me of the first strawberry in spring, sweet and finished far too soon There are some things I didn t like in this book.But the story was okay, I think.Avi is a grown up man, but he s some kind of doormat He can t be that weak with Jack the asshole I felt sorry for Peggy, but I think she and Avi are the same Maybe that s the reason Jack asshole keep coming back to Avi.As for PeteOh well, he was charming and patient in the beginning, but I lost interest in him near the end I think Avi is the one who love him, Petehe need to prove it in the future.And Jack asshole, he need to be in jail for what he did to Peggy and Avi Just a thought.This book leave me unsatisfied But I ll continue this series after all I m in my OCD mood activated lately Let s see if book umber three is better than this one.

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    After recently reading, and enjoying, book one in Dev Bentham s Tarnished Souls series, I was happy to jump into Fields of Gold I was looking forward to another sweet and gentle romance, revolving around another Jewish holy day, this one being Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur It seems like, lately, I ve read a lot of angst, and sometimes it s nice to veer away from that.Avi is the houseboy caretaker of a Wisconsin state politician, while working on his dissertation It was good, in the beginning, between him and Jack, but two years has taken the luster out of being Jack s little secret in the city Avi has spent seven years working on his dissertation, but, now, his advisor is giving him three months to finish, or she ll give the teaching job to another doctoral candidate To be honest, Avi s dissertation is very interesting It revolves around the debates and the behind the scenes manipulation among delegates of the Continental Congress As it turns out, all of Avi s research comes in useful when dealing with politicians, although Avi definitely has the jaded and cynical part down pat But I m getting ahead of myself.Avi meets Pete at the local farmer s market Pete and his sister own an organic produce farm Interestingly enough, there s a law coming up that would enforce stricter regulation over organic farming Of course all the large agricultural lobbyists are for it, and the organic farmers are not See where I m going here Anyway, Pete and Avi begin to spend time together, and then feelings become involved, and, then, well, that s a spoiler, so I can t tell Trust me when I say there s a little bit of drama, and the direction the author took wasn t what I d been expecting It was better.Such a lovely addition to the series I enjoyed this book even than the previous, and Avi is a wonderful, complex character, while Pete is simpler, and way easy going A delightfully sweet story with a hint of betrayal and darkness A book I can easily recommend.NOTE This book was provided by the author for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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    I finished it late last night and have to say I really liked it A lot The beginning was disturbing, because on the one hand I started reading this book to take a break from the cheating Chase in Shadow and see what I got On the other hand I didn t know that the politician was married with kids, so that was a tad disturbing as well At least until there were some twists in the story that I didn t see coming I know two wrongs don t make a right, but every reader has to decide for himself what he can read and for me, here it was ok I liked the way Avi realizes how far over his relationship with Jack is and in fact has been for quite some time and how he then tried to correct his living situation and his relationships So, despite the somewhat rocky beginning I enjoyed this book very much and I am looking forward to read Ms Bentham s next book.

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    3.5 stars, rounded up for the quality of the writing I love this author Learning from Isaac is on my favorites shelf This story didn t quite grip me in the same way, but it was a compelling read The Jack plot was uncomfortable on purpose, I m sure , and I wish we had seen of Avi and Pete together at the end Still, the emphasis on atonement and new beginnings is lovely.

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    review copy from author.3.5 stars Why I read it I was offered a review copy by the author and I ve enjoyed her previous books.What it s about from Goodreads Life is full of compromises That s what Avi Rosen tells himself He s a yeshiva boy turned historian, working on his dissertation and stretching his meager stipend by moonlighting as a closeted politician s houseboy Their relationship used to feel like a real affair Lately it seems like a job.It isn t until he meets someone decent that he realizes how corrupt his life has become Pete is a tall blond farmer who charms Avi with his dazzling smile and his straightforward life But even if he can believe this refreshingly honest man doesn t have his own political agenda, will Avi find the strength to emerge from the dark life he s chosen and find a future in the sunWhat worked for me and what didn t I enjoy Ms Bentham s writing style and, as expected I enjoyed this book as well I liked the imagery of Pete being the bright blond man who helps inspires Avi into the light Avi doesn t like to think of himself as a whore, but he starts to as time goes by, when he realises he doesn t love his assemblyman and the relationship is about having a roof over his head than romance When he meets Pete, he is attracted and tempted The picture is of someone who s afraid to move on, who is hiding This is reflected in his academic life too he s been at college for 7 years working on his dissertation for many of them and he ll make every excuse possible why he s not read to defend I don t know much about the US academic system so I m taking it on faith that people actually spend years and years on their PhD at college But, because of my lack of knowledge, I m happy enough to go with the flow Truth to tell, I don t know much about that level of education in Australia either.When he s pushed, by his attraction to Pete, and academically by his professor, he starts to come out of hiding I thought the conflict between Pete and Avi at the end was a little manufactured Avi had no reason to believe that badly of Pete I thought But, it did force Avi to spend some time on his own and the advantage to that was that I was sure he wanted to be with Pete and the end and Pete was too rather than just jumping from one relationship to another for some kind of safety net I liked how Pete and Avi were together the juxtaposition of the kindness and sensitivity without being wimpy that Pete showed Avi, how they could be together openly in the light and the closeted, dark and hidden relationship with Mr Assemblyman who treated him like a servant, like a whore, in fact only served to highlight just what a catch Pete was I found there was very little by way of description of Avi physically, so other than from the cover which could be accurate I guess , I didn t really get a picture of him Dark hair, shorter than Pete, skinny and pale was about all I could glean notice my grain farming reference there heh from the text I would have liked to have had a clearer mental picture of Avi but that s probably a me thing.I also liked how Professor Joan was able to pin down what made Avi tick academically and what he would be most comfortable and happy doing, as opposed to what he could potentially be successful financially doing What else There were a number of sympathetic female characters in the book, which is a plus I m appreciating and with m m romance Even though the title of the series is Tarnished Souls and is set around Jewish holidays this one is about Jewish New Year and Yom Kippur, I think the story is only tangentially related to that theme Not that it matters I liked catching up with Isaac and Nathan from Learning from Isaac also.Given that they were only together for 2 weeks, I thought it was entirely appropriate that the book ended with a hopeful HEA rather than a proposal and exchange of rings whether symbolic or legal I don t know the state of the law in Wisconsin I did think that the two would make it in the long haul the fact that there wasn t over the top emoting at the end, made me convinced of it actually.The parts of the book that worked best for me were when Pete and Avi were together and I would have liked of it The book is only just over 110 pages long and, like in earlier books from this author, I felt that a bit fleshing out of the main characters, their issues and their relationship via pages , would have really added to my enjoyment of the story I enjoy Ms Bentham s books but, would love to see her take page time to add some further depth because her books have the potential to be amazing.Grade B

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    I really enjoyed this story This is the second book in the Tarnished Souls series These are books set around Jewish holidays but they focus on people who are flawed in some way and who are facing great challenges The stories show how the characters grow through love and this intertwines with glimpses of the Jewish festival The main characters are not particularly religious but they find themselves addressing their challenges and finding meaning in the Jewish festival.This second story focuses on an adulterous politician Jack and his partner Avi Avi realises that his life lacks real love and he meets Pete It is his love for Pete that enables him to move towards a new love in the light instead of his hidden and sordid relationship with Jack in the dark.It is a really great story and the reader gets to travel with Avi as he comes to see the lack of love in his relationship with Jack, and the care and compassion and truth he finds with Pete I really love finding a new series that I can get lost in and I have found a beautiful one in this series.

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