Wisdom Keepers (The Prophecies, #3)

Wisdom Keepers (The Prophecies, #3) I loved this series The author does a great job encouraging the reader to think about current day and futuristic events that may exist. I decided to re read the first books so i was up to speed reading the final book..i have to say its all a little silly really and just plain bonkers That said the series is fast paced and a very easy read Wow, what an ending to the trilogy Excellent celestial event I wouldn t mind reading about the world that exists afterwards Again, the author revs us up for the rest of the story by repeating the last chapter of the previous book Excellent reminder of where we are in the story I find the use of real life laws and inventions to create this dystopian society quite scary The potential for abuse is clearly shown throughout these novels spooky.I enjoyed the fact that the author fleshed out Chow and Edwin , but I felt a little disconnected from the main character Ann That incredible spiritual and centered feeling that I had in the first two novels didn t seem as strong in this one However, the story moved along quickly and I was strongly motivated to finish the story was so engaging Linda Hawley is most definitely on my MUST READ list I don t really buy into the whole conspiracy theory of the book but I liked that there was a lot of factual information woven into the story There were great action scenes which I really like and the mystery I did not like the ending I thought it was too unrealistic even though the premise of the book is unrealistic anyway Good effort though. Wisdom Keepers, BookOf The Prophecies Dystopian TrilogyBook Synopsis It S The Near Future, And Society Is Government Controlled Technology Tracks Everyone, And Personal Privacy Does Not Exist The Hope For Freedom Lies In The Operations Of An Underground Organization, GOG, Which Fights Against Worldwide Oppression Their Most Powerful Weapon Is Ann Torgeson When She Cracks The Seal Of The Prophecies, Ann Becomes A Weapon Against The Government, Which Relentlessly Pursues Her Question Everything Is The Theme Of This Dystopian Trilogy

Linda Hawley is an adventurer in every way She equally loves a good story, a vintage arcade, anything French, and art Time travel, technology, and the possibilities of the future fascinate her Her inspiration comes from any person she s ever met, any place she s traveled, and any experience she s enjoyed or survived.The author and U.S veteran had a long career in the world of black programs F

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  • Wisdom Keepers (The Prophecies, #3)
  • Linda Hawley
  • English
  • 14 August 2017

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