No Quest For The Wicked (Enchanted, Inc., #6)

No Quest For The Wicked (Enchanted, Inc., #6) Part Mission Impossible, part Lord of the Rings, No Quest for the Wicked takes our heroes on a hectic search through NYC Their goal is to recover a powerful jewel before it falls into the wrong hands Unfortunately, it s the sort of piece that gives even the well intentioned a hankering for world domination.In these last two books Swendson has moved away from larger story arcs, instead letting her characters evolution become the running thread I prefer this, as I ve always felt Katie and Owen were underdeveloped.Granny is a welcome addition I feared at first she d be mere comic relief Though she does inject the story with a fair amount of humour, she s used judiciously and I look forward toof her.The gang picks up some other additions along the way as you do on a quest I hope this leads to evenexploration of the magical races in Katie s world.There are some major twists at the end of this one, setting us up for a very different storyline one perfectly poised to answer my cry for deeper character development I hope these self pubbed installments prove successful enough for Ms Swendson to continue BookIn The Enchanted, Inc Series A Questing We Will Go Now That The Magic, Spells, And Illusions, Inc Team Has Defeated The Nefarious Spellworks, The Only Competition In Town, Katie Chandler Doesn T Have Much To Do As Director Of Marketing, And She S Starting To Question Her Role At MSI Her Boyfriend Owen Palmer, On The Other Hand, Is In Hog Heaven, Translating An Ancient And Powerful Magical Manuscript But Then He Finds That The Cryptic Text Describing The Location Of An Enchanted Gem Known As The Eye Of The Moon Has Radically Changed This Deadly Stone Gives Its Holder Enhanced Power Over Others And A Craving For Power It Once Caused A Terrible War Before It Was Safely Hidden And Then Lost And Now It Seems To Be In New York And Set In An Elven Brooch That Renders Its Wearer Invulnerable Whoever Has This Brooch Could Take Over The World Katie And Owen Must Find It Before Anyone Else Does, And They Re Not The Only Ones Searching They Ll Need All The Help They Can Get, Including Katie S Visiting Grandmother But Who Can They Trust When Their Allies Fall Under Its Spell Not To Mention The New Enemies Who Are Deadlier Than Anything They Ve Faced Before While I did really enjoy this book, it wasn t as enjoyable for me to read as were a few of the earlier books in this series By the time I finished it, I actually felt sort of burned out And no, my feelings are in no way affected by my having finished the wonderfulness that is The Others The Meg shortly before starting this book Why you ask Well, I ll get to that.We open in New York, where Katie is trying to surprise Owen with breakfast in the manuscript room at work The surprise sort of fizzles, but that was okay We learn that Owen has translated the possible location of the super powerful Eye of the Moon sapphire view spoiler It s at Tiffany s hide spoiler Yeah this one was bad I decided after this book to just stop the series The repetitiveness and the utter stupidity of the main character just got on my last nerves The last book was fairly short and this one was longer, but honestly the author could have cut out a lot of scenes and I would have been okay with No Quest for the Wicked we have Owen getting used a world in which he no longer has magic Katie is bored just working in sales now as an immune When Owen and Katie are given a task to find two magical objects one that Merlin created that can lead to someone ruling the world, they agree to take it on They have the usual cast of characters Sam, Katie s Grandma, Rod and some new ones We also have the unwelcome appearance of Katie s former boss in this one too.I don t know what to say I just realized that when Swendson threw in another group of evil magical users that I was out I just don t care any about what happens to Katie or Owen This book dragged I seriously wanted to know at one point why the heck didn t Katie or Owen just take a damn magic carpet back to the MSI Inc., building and hide out until they got the magical box that could contain the magical objects But that was me having common sense We just follow this group and others as they run around New York trying to avoid people who are trying to steal the objects from them.And this book ends with another twist that made me roll my eyes. So excited to start this right now THANK YOU SHANNA This is my all time Favorite series I really hope book 6 isn t the end Review to come, in a day or two it won t take long LOVE THIS SERIES JUST FINISHED THE BOOK IT WAS AWESOME Really exciting twist I can t wait for book 7 This is such an original series I love everything about it Some old characters returned and some new ones were introduced I always feel like i m going to give something away in my reviews, so I try to be vague Sorry I don t want to spoil a good book for anyone READ THIS SERIES YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED Katie and Owen are after a magical brooch and end up playing hide n seek in NYC.What I enjoyed Katie and Owen s interactions Katie s grandmother is a hoot Earl the elfWhat could have been better This book dragged on and was very repetitive in the chases Mimi is back view spoiler I m not sure the electricity in the subway rail isdestructive than a live volcano hide spoiler When I read the first book in the Enchanted Inc series, I was immediately addicted It was the same with the second, third and fourth book After that, I thought the series was finished You can imagine my surprise when I found out a few months ago, that there were going to be a fifth and a sixth book Unfortunately the fifth book wasn t as great as its prequels and the sixth book was even worse Now that MSI defeated Spellworks and they have no other companies to compete with, Katie doesn t have much to do at work Her function isn t really needed any and she s starting to question if she s still that important to the company Her boyfriend, Owen, on the other hand, is still as busy as always Now that he s lost all of his magical powers, he can finally start translating a very powerful, ancient book he was never able to touch before But then he finds out the location of a dangerous, enchanted gem, named the Eye of the Moon , has recently changed and is now in New York City He and Katie immediately start looking for it, but it looks like someone has beaten them to it They have to chase after the gem, which keeps changing locations, through the whole city Soon they find out they re not the only ones who are after it and they re in a lotdanger than they had expected It s a good thing Katie and Owen are immune to magic because they re the only ones who can get near the stone without being affected by it Will they succeed in finding the stone and destroying it once and for all It kind of annoys me when you have this huge, fat book and then from beginning to end only a few days have passed in the book But if the story is good enough, I can live with that Unfortunately, in No Quest for the Wicked only one day passes The whole freaking book takes place on the same day While reading I kept hoping the day would be over and they would go to sleep so they could continue hunting the Eye of the Moon the next day but that didn t happen.Because of this, the characters didn t have a chance to develop further The same thing goes for the relationship between Owen and Katie They ve been having the same problems for three books and nothing really changes They have no time for each other and basically the only time they re together is when they re working.Overall the storyline was kind of good and there were some funny moments, as always It just wasn t as strong as the storyline in the first five books It also seemed a little bit far fetched that Mimi was involved with the Eye of the Moon This was a little too much of a coincidence to really be believable I m giving No Quest for the Wicked three stars The ending was the best part of the book and it made me really curious about the next installment Based on that, I have no doubt that it s going to be much better Despite having high hopes for having asubstantive and educated reading list in 2017 I mean compared to the last couple of yearsI don t want to set expectations to highand yes I m going to blame recovering from brain trauma for the fairly non challenging reading materials I ve been happily devouringand not the fact that I grew up watching Mork and Mindy and haven t really expanded my entertainment experience rations in the intervening decades , I started 2017 off with yet another fluffy and entertaining read from the Enchanted, Inc series Because I wanted to start my year off in a good mood before tackling the serious non fiction reading I promised myself And I m glad I did Nothing like falling through the rabbit hole or, in this case, the literary NY subway into the magical world that Swendson has created It s wacky and sweet, and now hasstubborn granny, so what s not to adore I couldn t decide whether to go with the 3 that I thought this book was or give it a 4 because I love the series so much and am interested to see where the twist at the end of this one takes the series Owen and Katie are back doing what they do best, working together to save the world from magical mayhem Where this book suffered for me was that the entire thing takes place in one day We miss out on seeing many of the supporting characters that I love because Katie never goes home or has any interactions outside of the MSI folk and bad guys It s interesting to see Owen try to function in his new role as magical immune and how differently they have to do things with the absence of his powers Overall, it was a fun read, but I don t think it s at the same level as many of the previous books There is a twist at the end that should make a potential book 7 interesting though Hopefully, it s in the works. At some points it was getting too much the situation was crazy as hell I am not sure how I feel about the ending, but what enjoyed about this book was Owen s protectiveness he had a dont you dare touch my girlfriend approach that I found adorable Yet I will enjoy the last bookif finally people drop the stupidity about Owen being bad when for the last six books he obviously saves the world.

Once upon a time A little girl learned to amuse herself by making up stories in her head She turned everyday activities into exciting adventures, and she made up new adventures for characters from her favorite movies, TV shows and books Then one day she realized that if she wrote down those stories, she d have a book But that was crazy, she thought Real people don t become novelists That w

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