Charms and Chocolate Chips (A Magical Bakery Mystery, #3)

Charms and Chocolate Chips (A Magical Bakery Mystery, #3) Between Brewing Magically Spiced Treats At Honeybee Bakery And Volunteering With A Local Conservation Group, Katie Lightfoot Barely Has Time To See Her Firefighter Boyfriend, Declan McCarthy, Much Less Delve Further Into Her Destiny As A Witch But Avoiding Her Fate Won T Be As Easy As Whipping Up A New Recipe Especially When Katie Finds Herself Once Again Mixed Up In MurderWhen A Fellow Volunteer For The Conservation Group Is Found Dead, Katie S Mystical Senses Tell Her That There S To The Death Than Meets The Eye Her Suspicions Are Confirmed When Members Of Her Coven Are Targeted Next Katie Will Have To Embrace Her Powers Quickly Or She May Find Herself Chewed Up And Spit Out By Some Serious Black Magic


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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Charms and Chocolate Chips (A Magical Bakery Mystery, #3)
  • Bailey Cates
  • English
  • 07 March 2019
  • 9780451240620

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    Now I want a scone, with some extra herbs in it for prosperity Katie seems to keep running across dead bodies, part of this is because she is a catalyst, and part of this is because she is a light witch.Katie is also a fun witchy character With a feisty eclectic coven The coven is definitely part of the strength of this series, this group of witches are all so different, but are able to work so well together another major strength is the bakery, I love the atmosphere of this bakery it just seems so cozy. The real problem I have with this series is the love triangle, especially because it seems as though Katie is not with the person she wants to be with, and that just makes me feel bad for that guy, it is just so wrong i m not sure why so many authors seem to love the love triangle, it just is annoying and takes away from the enjoyment of the book occasionally it will work, but it is not working for me in this series, I d rather Katie have a single love interest or no love interest, it would just be so much enjoyable narration Amy Rubenate is one of my favorite narrators, and she definitely did not disappoint in this book

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    ..Charms and Chocolate Chips is the third book in Bailey Cates Magical Bakery Mystery series by by Bailey Cates I feel like I missed something between the previous installment and this one unless my mind totally blocked out an important fact In the previous books, there were two fellows a fireman and a male witch vying for the heroine s attention throughout the entire thing However, this book starts out with the heroine in the depths of a solidified relationship with the fireman Between brewing magically spiced treats at Honeybee Bakery and volunteering with a local conservation group, Katie Lightfoot barely has time to see her firefighter boyfriend, Declan McCarthy, much less delve further into her destiny as a witch But avoiding her fate won t be as easy as whipping up a new recipe especially when Katie finds herself once again mixed up in murder This cozy paranormal series provides light and quick reads without much depth in characters or plotlines Kate s aunt, along with the rest of her book club is helpful in many ways after she stumbles over another dead body The magic in this story is another added layer that was somewhat unique, yet entertaining never ot the less When a fellow volunteer for the conservation group is found dead, Katie s mystical senses tell her that there s to the death than meets the eye Her suspicions are confirmed when members of her coven are targeted next Katie will have to embrace her powers quickly or she may find herself chewed up and spit out by some serious black magic Each installment is able to stand on its own However, you will be introduced to the characters that remain from book to book and experience the development of the story much clearly if you read the entire series in order.

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    2.5 starsThis book seemed to be going in of an Urban Fantasy direction than I was comfortable with I bought into this series knowing that it was shelved as a Cozy Mystery It s not that I don t like Urban Fantasy, but I ve had too much of it lately and am just kinda tired of it The talk about ley lines and some kinda telekinesis with a flash of light was too much of a stretch for how this series is set up.Don t even get me started on the weird tree communicating with the MC thing.And then something unresolved about bats It seems to be an incongruous change in direction for the tone and theme of these books, but mostly I was pretty bored with this one because the story really didn t go anywhere.Recipes included with book Mocha Shortbread CookiesChocolate Chip Gingerbread

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    Katie Lightfoot yes, I kind of hate her name too thankfully wasn t too dampered by the previous diagnosis of what a unique witch she was at the end of the second book While she s settling in with her powers in general, she makes sure to still keep her nose in crimes that keep popping up in her small town This time it involves a weird tree, conservation morals, and another mini showdown between the female and male witches warlocks shamans whatever.Unfortunately the love triangle is still drawn, and sadly the edges of the triangle are still too clearly felt and seen There s glimpses of hope around the corner sometimes that it may end and she ll end up with one guy for good, but you never know It kind of looks like she makes her decision finally, but of course it s the wrong guy no reader wants her to end up with anyway, so does that really help things NO.Besides the return of the fun coven who complement each other because they dare to be different from each other, Katie s mother visits and it turns out fun She was made to sound like a harpy in previous phone calls from the other books, but in person A sweet old lady shooting out overprotective mothering and wise womanly vibes.I d love to visit a bakery like the one in these books It comes across so cozy and makes me crave herb filled scones, jam filled croissants, and a whole bunch of other things my waist doesn t need The trick of putting herbs and spices designated for certain magical intentions in the food brings its own charm The mystery is the front focus of the book, but the setting of the bakery helps make the cozy vibe feel sensational, and the side stories of her relationships with others in the small town makes it interesting.

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    Katie our heroine and baker deluxe has once again stumbled on a dead body This time it is somebody she knows an worked with She soft of pretends like she might stay out of it but that goes against her nature and she dives in This is not the only upset in her life, her mother shows up unexpectedly and there are some issues that need faced There is a swamp, snakes, powerful trees, lawyers, ex s, powerful spells and some deviously yummy baked goodies.Negatives This one had a slow start for me the first 1 4 was just going nowhere slowly There is some drama going on with her coven friend Cookie which just didn t fit in the story at all for me, it felt like the author wasn t sure what was going on either so she through something in real quick I also miss the relationship triangle it doesn t help that I think she is with the wrong guy Positives 3 4 of the book was great fun, hard to put down or had me drooling for sugary snacks The gingerbread recipe was one of the best I ve ever eaten I made it twice, enough my pants feel a little snug LOL Katie is moving forward, growing stronger and has not backed down to please others I like her even .Yes, I ordered the next book, it s on it s way to my door D

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    I m not going to continue reading this series I don t feel connected to the characters at all.

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    I like the darker tone that the series started in the previous book, this one isn t as dark but still not as light and fluffy as the first view spoiler Now that Lucy can stop a person in there tracks with a word, it will be hard for future books to put Lucy in any danger unless it comes from an evil magical force hide spoiler

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    The story was great, but my issue was with the love triangle Yes, even though Katie made her choice, there was still a darn love triangle I wouldn t have mind if not for the fact I despise Steve I don t see why Cates keeps shoving him in our faces He had scenes than Declan, her actual boyfriend He really makes it difficult to read on, despite my love for the series Ugh, so frustrating I m still going to continue on, but I pray there won t be any sexual tension between Katie and her former lover Girl, pay attention to your boyfriend

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    This third book of the series was very similar to the first two and while I still got through it, it almost feels like the series is stagnating a bit The overall story was enjoyable and the book itself was well written but now I know why I don t read many cozy mystery series I get bored after a while.It was, however, nice to learn a little bit about the main character s magical abilities We ve know from the start that Katie s not just a normal hereditary witch She s a catalyst and she amplifies anything magical surrounding her Whether she s attracted to murder scenes or whether she actually causes them is still up in the air, but one thing s for sure, she s good at helping solve the murders In the previous book, we also learnt that she a lightwitch and we still don t really know what that entails Hopefully we ll learn what a lightwitch is soon and maybe the next book will expand on it a little bit .As for Katie herself, she s starting to get on my nerves She s known for months now that s she s a lightwitch and if I was in her position, I would definitely make the effort to find out what exactly that means I wouldn t leave it to chance or to the next murder mystery to reveal about my powers Her let it be attitude is definitely the opposite of mine and although I like her as a character, I wouldn t be able to stand her as a friend The game she s playing with the two guys in her life, Declan and Steve, is mean She s leading both of them on, and at the moment she s with Declan but she s being friendly with Steve too Declan s a little jealous of this, I think, and Katie has to continuously reassure him that she s just friends with Steve I think she s trying to reassure herself at the same times and whether or not she believes what she says is still unclear.The actual murder story was well thought out The woman who was murdered was the leader of a conservation group called Georgia Wild that s trying to save a swamp from being turned into a corporate golf course Since Katie has a strong affinity to plants, it s only natural for her to volunteer for the group There are many suspects in the case and all of them could have done it, but the writer lets the story brew for a long time We only learn right at the end who the real murderer is and it s someone I really didn t suspect.My favourite character is still Mongo, Katie s familiar dog but I am a little worried about him eating human food He s quite a glutton but at least Katie is starting to limit what he eats I know some people hate when writer humanize the animals in their story, but I m all for it, especially when it comes to dogs I m such a dog lover that I don t mind at all Anyways, Mongo is such adorable that I don t think many people who read cozy mysteries care all that much He s an adorable and loyal little guy.Since I ve committed to this series, I will definitely continue reading it but be aware, it s not one of my favourites It s a good change from what I usually read so it s a good diversion I m just hoping the next book will reveal about Katie s abilities and I truly hope she ll finally decided which guy she wants to be romantically involved with.

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    Five Cheers for light hearted mysteries.Cates whips up a fluffy confection that lands squarely in the cozy section but includes strong romance and fantasy paranormal flavors But what about the writing craft aspects of the novel Three dimensional characters are her forte Even her tertiary ones are individuals The plots twist enough to be interesting, and her villains have understandable motivations McCrae Bailey puts together a nice paranormal mystery, based on nice people you wouldn t mind knowing Maybe even make you wish you did know people like them.

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