Oz Not my favorite one, but still amazing Brilliant artwork, clever writing Just a fantastic adaptation all around. 60th book read in 2017.Number 600 out of 624 on my all time book list. Maybe I m just getting tired, or maybe Baum was but this book seemed a lot like the last one, which itself was the weakest in the series to that point Basically, Dorothy and friends pop up at Point A i.e., somewhere in the Oz verse and then go on a long walk to Point B Oz before having a party and being sent back to Point C their respective homes And that s it, for both books.And yes, there is another entire menagerie of new critters to enjoy the Shabby Man, the Fox King, Scoodlers, Polychrome or not particularly enjoy, I m looking at you, Button Bright Indeed, with the cavalcade of cameo appearances in the last big party scene, Baum for the first time starts to repeat himself, or at least wear a little thin the Gingerbread King, the Candy Man, even Santa Claus There s just onebook in the MARVEL series, but I think I ll wait a bit on that one give my sense of childlike wonder a chance to recharge.INTERESTING HISTORICAL FOOTNOTE I found the appearance of Queen Zixi of Ix in the final pages an interesting character, since at the time of Road s writing, the Empress Dowager Zixi now spelled Cixi , last ruler of the Manchu Qing Dynasty, was still ruling China and would do so until being overthrown in 1911 That reminded my of the somewhat xenophobic China Country and it s surrounding wall in the original Wonderful Wizard of Ozhmm, is there something deeper going on here And in fact, a quick Google search turned up at least one webpage although God knows why this is on a website called Sexual Fables positing that at least the first Oz book is set in the last years of Imperial China that the City of Oz is the Forbidden City that the Yellow Brick Road is the Yellow River, the mother river of Chinese civilization and that the Cowardly Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow represent England, Germany and Russia, with the field of poppies a none too subtle reference to Britain s opium trade And it s true that Baum finished writing the book in 1899, just as the anti Western Boxer Rebellion was beginning So, a very interesting theory But that s apparently all it is a theory as I couldn t find anything else that specifically linked the two worlds And just for fun, you can click on this website to see illustrations for a version of the story set completely in 16th century China Very cute, although I have no idea why the Munchkins are drawn as koalas Como siempre loco, fant stico. There s always been a lot to like about the Oz sequels, but I always felt their charms got buried in Baum s sometimes repetitive, often dull prose style What the comics remind me of is how utterly strange, whimsical, and at times downright funny his dialogue could actually be When a magical builder pops up, builds a ship almost instantaneously, and says, I could paint it in a minute, but it would take an hour to dry, and I don t have that kind of time I can t help but love the weirdness of it all.But the main reason I started reading the Oz comics is the art work Skottie Young s interpretation just bubbles up with life and whimsy Characters are expressive and hyper exaggerated which makes them feel like they ve come straight out of your imagination rather than a century old series of children s books He s quickly become one of my favorite comic book artists working today.This series represents probably the most accessible way to read these classic stories, and I can t wait for them to reach some of the later entries, like the Patchwork Girl of Oz, because I d really rather not try to read the original text. Oz introduces far too much content that fails to add relevant to an already captivating story resulting in a drawn narrative. I ve already read this book and loved it I mostly get these comics for the awesome art and to see how they do the characters Love how this book had the lesser known characters from other books by Baum like his Santa Claus book and John Dough Really like how they drew Polychrome in this too Highly recommend these to Oz fans This is difficult to rate The story itself isn t very good, but that s on L Frank Baum Young and Shanower did a great job making a dull story fun But, I still didn t think it was a good story When I was a kid I started reading the Oz books but didn t make it past this book, and now I get why. I love Shanower s Oz adaptations a littlewith each one I read By now, I ve fallen fully in love with Skottie Young s vision of Oz No, it isn t John R Neill, but what is Shanower does an excellent job of adapting the books into comic form, and it s very obvious that he has a great love for the Land of Oz There are so many little details that will make an Oz fan happy On a nerdy side note, this was the first of the Oz books that I ever read, and it made me feel absurdly happy to see that it had been Shanower s first Oz book, too. Dorothy And Toto Are Off On Another Fantastic Adventure When Dusty Kansas Roads Suddenly Turn Into Magic Highways, It S A Safe Bet That One Of Them Is The Road To Oz This Time Dorothy S Companions Are Strange An Old Homeless Guy With A Magic Magnet, And A Mentally Challenged Child Named Button Bright, Transformed Magically By The King Of The Talking Foxes Who Will Get An Invitation To The Most Lavish Celebration Ever Known, The Birthday Party Of Ozma Of Oz And How Will Dorothy And The Shaggy Man Get Through The Deadly Desert Johnny Dooit May Have An Idea Eric Shanower And Skottie Young Deliver Another Oz Adaptation That S An Instant Classic COLLECTING Road To Oz

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Oz book, this is one of the most wanted Eric Shanower author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 136 pages
  • Oz
  • Eric Shanower
  • English
  • 08 July 2019
  • 9780785164043

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