Uncanny Avengers, Volume 1: The Red Shadow

Uncanny Avengers, Volume 1: The Red Shadow The Marvel Universe S Greatest Era Starts NOW , As The All New, All Different Avengers Assemble Captain America Creates A Sanctioned Avengers Unit Comprised Of Avengers And X Men, Humans And Mutants Working Togetherso Why Is Professor Xavier S Dream At Risk Than Ever The Red Skull Has Returned Straight Out Of The S And Full Of Hatred And His Rebirth Will Alter The Marvel Universe Forever What Are The Skull S New Powers Can Havok And Thor Defeat The Spreading Influence Of Honest John, The Living Propaganda As Rogue And Scarlet Witch Find Themselves Trapped On The Isle Of The Red Skull S S Men, Wolverine And Captain America Investigate The Worldwide Mutant Assassination Epidemic Uncanny Avengers Assemble Plus From The Ashes Of AvX, The Funeral Of One Of Marvel S Greatest Heroes Collecting Uncanny Avengers

Rick Remender is an American comic book writer and artist who resides in Los Angeles, California He is the writer co creator of many independent comic books like Black Science, Deadly Class, LOW, Fear Agent and Seven to Eternity Previously, he wrote The Punisher, Uncanny X Force, Captain America and Uncanny Avengers for Marvel Comics.

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  • Hardcover
  • 136 pages
  • Uncanny Avengers, Volume 1: The Red Shadow
  • Rick Remender
  • English
  • 20 June 2018
  • 9780785168447

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    Three and a half stars.It s Avenger vs X Men, X Men vs Avenger, Human vs Mutant, Mutant vs Human, Thunder God vs Mutant, Creepy Meta Humans against them all and a new and improved Red Skull vs everybody.That crazy Nazi bastard, the Red Skull has upped his loony game He s had the brain of Charles Xavier implanted in his noggin without the help of Dr Leonard Bones McCoy using a crash helmet with sticks coming out of it or Mr Spock It s child s play, bro His new target for his serious brand of hatorade irony alert Mutants.Captain America has the idea of a unified Avengers X Men team led by the formerly catatonic, Havok, Alex Summers, brother of Scott Summers, the guy who killed Charles Xavier Are you sure you don t want to sleep on this one, Cap Things go pretty smoothly until they run into Red Skull version 2.675409 and his army of enhanced human goons Red Skull w Xavier s brain can pretty much make you do anything he wants, so it s the first paragraph above and a versusapalooza beatdown.The last issue sets the table for the birth of The Apocalypse Twins and seemingly head scratching plot lines.Bonus content If you like seeing Wolverine getting some big time lumps from Thor, and, seriously, who wouldn t, then this is the book for you, Bub Brain and brain, what is brain

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    1 The X Men bury Professor X Captain America asks Havoc to lead a joint X Men Avengers team Uncanny Avengers is off to a good start The battle with Avalanche was good and I liked the Scarlet Witch Rogue confrontation Red Skull stealing Professor X s brain was a little hokey, though.2 Rogue and Scarlet Witch try to escape the Red Skull.Okay, this issue was mostly talk So Red Skull used Xavier s brain to give himself super powers somehow OkayOn a side note, how powerful is this team shaping up to be Captain America, Havoc, Wolverine, Thor, Rogue, and the Scarlet Witch Why is Cap on the team if Havoc is supposed to be the leader I guess I ll find out.3 The Red Skull uses his mental powers to set the human populace of NYC into a murderous rage against mutants This issue was one long fight scene It also illustrates why having Cap on a team he s not leading is illogical Thor taking out Wolverine was oddly satisfying, though.4 The chaos the Red Skull has sown comes to something of a conclusion.Some brutal shit happens Order is restored but not in a satisfying way I like that the team is finally coming together but nothing was really resolved The chilling vision of things to come makes me think I ll probably be reading the next volume despite my original intentions just to dip into this title.5 Wonder Man and Wasp join the team for PR purposes and Wolverine recruits Sunfire.The fight with the Grim Reaper was pretty great Wonder Man refusing to fight was an interesting moment Havoc unmasking and his subsequent speech made him seem like the leader of the team for the first time in the series so far I ve been interested in Sunfire since I saw him on an episode of Spider Man and his Amazing Friends so it was cool to see him here I m a little interested in this team than I want to admit.Closing Thoughts I tried not to be impressed by this but I was anyway Rick Remender and John Cassady did a great job on the first five issues I m not a fan of their being 147 different teams of Avengers but this one was damn good I m in for one volume at least Four out of five stars.

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    A decent enough premise for a team, ruined by a dumb story In the wake of Avengers vs X Men, the concept of the team makes perfect sense, from both an in universe perspective and a storytelling perspective Put together a team of five heroes, two mutants who were X Men, two non mutant Avengers, and one mutant Avenger Calling it the Unity Division is maybe a little heavy handed, but the entire team is an obvious, somewhat heavy handed gesture Like I said, it makes perfect sense It s the makeup of the team that s slightly questionable Take a look at the cover Captain America is front and center Is he team leader No, that s Havok s job I can t help but feel like that s a bad idea that will cause trouble than it s worth Cap s very presence makes Havok s leadership questionable And then there s Wolverine, who at this point is on every superhero team in the world Haven t we hit the saturation point on this character Rogue also seems like an odd choice to me, but I shrugged that one off I was confused as to why she was so hostile towards Scarlet Witch when she had been pretty open towards her in Avengers The Children s Crusade, but I probably wouldn t have noticed if I hadn t read those books back to back.Now the story itself Sigh Red Skull, of all characters, has developed a serious hate for mutants Is this new for the character I haven t read enough Captain America to know So he steal s Xavier s brain and uses it to give himself extreme mental powers, way beyond anything that Xavier ever demonstrated The very premise is laughably D movie to me I have a hard time believing that implanting Xavier s brain into Red Skull would work, and I certainly don t believe that it would make him even powerful than Xavier had ever been, to the point of completely brainwashing and mentally controlling large numbers of people with seemingly no effort I don t object to the anti mutant hysteria storyline itself, because it seems like a no brainer that the events of Avengers vs X Men would have brought those tensions front and center It was just done in a very silly way.Could this team work long term Sure, maybe Like I said, the idea is solid enough, and probably common sense if the goal is to tone down anti mutant sentiments But this story was just so dumb that I couldn t take it seriously.

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    I haven t read Avengers vs X Men, so I wasn t sure what exactly was going on when I started reading view spoiler Evidently Scott went crazy and killed Professor X Wow.See, that would have been nice to know before I read this one hide spoiler

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    After the events of Avengers Vs X Men, Captain America came up with an idea to improve their public image by creating a team made up of both Avengers AND X Men enter the Uncanny Avengers with their leader, Havok aka Alex Summers, the brother of one of the most notorious characters in the Marvel U, Scott Summers aka Cyclops aka the guy who killed Xavier Speaking of Xavier, the Red Skull has somehow gotten ahold of his corpse, taken his brain out, and gained his psychic powers Red Skull assembles his own team called the S Men and tries to take over the world with his new superpowers There were a few things about the book that annoyed the crap out of me but the one thing that consistently bothered me was the Xavier s brain thing Red Skull literally cuts open Xavier s head and scoops out the brain and then suddenly he has Xavier s powers There s a scene missing here Did he eat the brain and thus gain the powers Did he cram the brain into his own head somehow How does someone gain a psychic s powers from said psychic s brain I realise this is a Marvel comic so plausible explanations are the last thing I should be expecting, but just a line to elaborate on this very important plot detail would ve been appreciated even if Red Skull simply said I ate his brain and got his powers It d be cray cray but it s something As it is, it just feels lazy to not mention it and leap ahead The other thing that really annoyed me was Rick Remender s writing which is unusually clunky and overly descriptive I get that maybe he s doing a tribute to Chris Claremont I m assuming he s a fan, I don t actually know , but this overwriting style is strongly reminiscent of Claremont s X Men comics, where the action taking place within a panel is described either by the characters in their dialogue, or in the narrative box in the panel, or both which is why I hate most of Claremont s stuff It makes reading the comic that much drearier and tedious It doesn t even feel like a style that belongs in comics, it s much suited to prose fiction or radio plays Then there s the team itself which is an uninspired lineup at best Havok, Scarlet Witch, Rogue, Wolverine, Cap, Thor it s so arbitrary and, after reading it, I don t really get why these characters were selected, besides their obvious popularity discounting the obvious ones who haven t had their own movies yet There s just no chemistry among them at all The team s very existence is a big problem for me too One of the most irritating tropes in superhero comics is when a team gets bogged down in what the public think of them this angle became a big part of the New 52 JLA and JL and played a big part in why those titles stank to high heaven, and it made my heart sink when I realised this was the angle Uncanny Avengers was taking as well Because you know what that means Board meetings Superheroes sitting around tables, talking about how to make the public like them It s like reading actual Marvel DC marketing meetings It makes for horrible comics every time The artwork is the only thing I really liked about this book with John Cassady s art looking terrific Every page he draws is awesome but that scene where Rogue escapes from Red Skull s S Men is really something It s imaginatively laid out and uses Rogue s mutant powers to full effect, and also strikes this great balance between eye catching, exciting and thoughtful all at once I also liked the Days of Future Past cover reference with Havok and Scarlet Witch.Oliver Coipel s artwork is also fantastic he draws the final issue though I disliked the way the pages were laid out initially, with the panels with dialogue boxes running down one side and a straight column of text running parallel alongside it do we read them left to right and down like normal or read the panels first then the text It s confusing, though maybe damning is how little I cared about what was happening in either, because this book s story is utterly boring Red Skull tries to talk over the world again, superheroes fight him on the streets of New York, and he escapes like a cartoon character through a hole in the floor Then the book ends on the whole PR nonsense This is also the book where the controversial Havok scene where he says he doesn t want to be labelled a mutant or the m word as he calls it Remender s response to critics of this scene was stupid, but reading it in the context of this book really isn t bad and I feel it was overblown by some comics commentators at the time.Anyway Uncanny Avengers just isn t for me I think it s too flawed in too many ways, in concept and execution, though both mainly stem from the writer, Remender, who doesn t help by writing in a way that is outdated and bound to be tiresome to modern comics readers But mostly, it s a boring comic It doesn t feel fresh or exciting and reads like any other generic superhero team up comic there s nothing uncanny here, just frustration The Uninteresting Avengers

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    For this March, I decided to read only two X Men titles since I have just wrapped up my 2015 X Men comics diet and I have other comics and manga I want to get into this year So I chose to read and review Rick Remeder s Uncanny Avengers by volume, and also tackle my long overdue thoughts concerning Avengers vs X Men, a heavy motherfucker of seven hundred or so pages It s interesting to read them side by side, considering Remender s UX is post AVX much like the other MARVEL NOW titles I think this is the last series from that line up that I haven t read yet, and I m glad I saved it for the last because this particular title is BONKERS.Granted, Bendis All New X Men has the the most bonkers premise of them all, and the easily forgettable X Men IV which really should have been renamed X Women is a depressing parade of nonsensical bonkers hence my inability to finish it but Remender s Uncanny Avengers seriously takes the cake for a series that has little coherent sense narrative wise AND YET manages to be entertaining nevertheless But hey, it s only been the first volume I d like to be a positive Patty and believe that things will only get better from here but based solely from my experience last year on at least 40% of the X titles I encountered, it d be best to expect that the worst is still to come So let s all curb our enthusiasm, shall we How bonkers is this series so far Well, for one thing it s a combination of two superhero team names X Men and The Avengers With the aftermath of the AVX, everyone s favorite boy scout Captain America whether in an ironic context assigned Alex Summers a k a Havoc , brother to former golden boy Scott Summers Cyclops, who lost his shit and killed Xavier while possessed by the Phoenix Force to be the face of the new collaborative heroic efforts of the newly minted Uncanny Avengers.It s gimmicky it s blatant publicity it s a desperate measure of compromise to appease the general public regarding the mutant threat It s everything experimental that would make me anxious for the most justifiable of reasons It only took him decades, but hey, at least Captain America was now willing to stand up for the mutants and include them in his agenda for social change and upholding the American values Look, I ve been a fan of Kapitan in the movies, but based on the ways he was characterized here in Remender s title and the AVX issues I m not sure I buy his brand of noble superhero For one thing did it really have to take him this long to take a stance promoting mutant rights But should is still surprise me at this point No race and minority has been oppressed this much in comics than the X Men It s essentially the encompassing themes of all their stories.GENERAL IMPRESSIONS on UNCANNY AVENGERS VOLUME 1, The Red Shadow I like it I really did It s has a Zooey Deschanel sort of quirky charm to it at times that has a surprisingly believable dark twist Illustrated by John Cassaday and comprised of the first five issues of the series, The Red Shadow was able to hold my interest enough for me to look forward to the next volume There are cool passages of prose and I m certainly happy to see my childhood favorite Rogue again and her conflict with Scarlet Witch unfold Sad Logan is also a bonus because I miss him from his version in Jason Aaron s Wolverine and the X Men It s always great to see his vulnerability.PROS Claremont esque prose in a lot of the narrative panels Remender seems to be doing a conscious tribute to the man s style of writing and I didn t mind it It was nostalgic since I am a fan of the good Claremont era Rogue and Scarlet Witch s interesting conflict Rogue blames her for the chain of events since Wanda cast that decimation thing about the mutant race that everyone doesn t want to talk about any because, you know, awkward and sad and stuffI could only hope Rogue and Scarlet Witch interact now that they re on the same team I can roll with Rogue s animosity for her and Wanda s road to redemption after her shitty action in House of M. Alex Summers finally taking on a leadership role and butting heads with Kapitan His speech about distancing himself from the label mutant was intriguing and Bendis in All New X Men was given a chance to respond to it through Kitty Pryde s insight Comparing their opinions about the subject matter was genius I like how they both have valid reasons for their convictions Alex wanting to be treated as than just his identification as mutant and Kitty claiming that distancing yourself from your race only contributes to the discrimination and prejudice itself On some days, I d lean on Kitty because it seems realistic to think of the world in terms like that and to fight against any form of oppression by stating that I am _____ and proud of it But, on other days, I think I also aspire to live in a world that Alex is preaching where divisions of race, gender, sexual orientation don t ultimately matter.CONS Claremont esque prose in a lot of the narrative panels I m a fan of the good Claremont era, yes, but the man has a tendency to tell rather than show action scenes at times that it would come off lazy and pretentious FUCKING RED SKULL AS THE VILLAIN OF THIS ARC I FUCKING HATE THAT BASTARD I WISH THERE IS A FIERY PIT I COULD PUSH HIM INTO He s such an awful piece of shit and he didn t even get the punishment he so deserved Stupid stuff like Red Skull being able to absorb late Xavier s telepathy via I dunno lobotomy He basically scooped his brain out of his skull and ate it WHO THE FUCK KNOWS And then he starts controlling everyone, having mobs beat up on innocent mutants on the street The worst offender of them all is him being able to corrupt Thor AND THAT THOR COULD STILL WIELD THE HAMMER EVEN WHEN HE WAS TURNED EVIL Is my lore about the hammer wrong Isn t it a big deal that only someone who is worthy of the hammer can wield its power Evil Thor never should have been able to wield it then Motherfucking plot holes, man.FAVORITE MOMENTSCLICK FOR BIGGER IMAGES RECOMMENDED 7 10DO READ MY REVIEWS AT

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    The X Men mourn the loss of a legend while an old evil lurks in the darkness.The story starts with the funeral of Professor X Captain America has a plan to help mutants by creating an Avengers Unity Team with Avengers and Mutants The goal being that humanity learns to accept mutants because they are Avengers and are protecting humanity The real story starts when the Nazi mad man The Red Skull steals Charles Xavier s brain and melds it to his own in order to spew his brand of hate.The Red Skull is just an evil being and I always appreciate seeing him get best up The story was OK, but nothing all that special Established characters who don t age are once again in slightly different scenarios I wonder how long they wait to bring Professor X back to life.

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    Despite the negative reviews, I really liked this story I am a big House of M fan and have wanted to see Wanda brought into continuity for a long time The blend of X Men and Avengers is a good plan considering Wanda always was a mutant Avenger Pietro could ve made an appearance, but oh well.Havok is an interesting choice for leadership He has always seemed like an unmined character in the Marvel Universe Combining ex Brotherhood of Evil Mutant characters was a nice touch.The Red Skull is a good choice for a major baddie and the brief intro of Kang sounds like the writers are serious about the Avengers aspect of the title I like the way the series impacts continuity in the regular Uncanny titles as well.The artwork is solid and well done Bringing in Avengers heavies like Cap and Thor definitely make this feel like a main Avengers title And yes, Wolverine has been in every group imaginable.Overall I rate it 4.5

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    AHHH MY SQUISHY LITTLE FAVOURITE AVENGERS Well, not all my favourite Avengers This is sadly lacking Iron Man Where can I get myself some Iron Man in comics I m on a little withdrawal here I loved this book, particularly since it s vol 1 of a series yaaay I finally found a vol 1 at my library It starts off with the aftermath of Charles Xavier being dead Only they called him Chuck I m about to CHUCK someone off a roof IT S PROFESSOR X ALREADY ahem The comic mainly features Captain America Who is pretty epic and hangs out with Thor Adorable Thor Not particularly outstanding in the intelligence in this one, but in his defense, he did get mind controlled by Red Skull The Scarlet Witch Absolutely EPIC and twice as awesome when I found out she s Magneto s kid Rouge Has a serious beef with Scarlet Witch and they have quite a few punches, but they still help each other It s an awesome hate friendship Wolverine WELL He got his face smashed in He s also kind of like a bloodhound Havoc For some insane reason Captain America makes HIM an Avenger to unite the Heroes and Mutants and kind of steps down from leadership so Havoc takes the leadHavoc makes a lot of decisions even Cap isn t okay with, but Havoc is doing things to try and follow Charles Xavier s dream Tensions are pretty high with the leadership swap though.It s really epic, the art is amazing, and it s seeeeriously creepy and awesome how sucked in I can get through just a few pages Like it begins with Red Skull taking a brain out of a LIVE bodyerghhhh.Basically I loved it and I m addicted to comics now that I ve discovered them.

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    Buddy read with the Shallow Readers This weeks criteria Scarlet Witch is red all the time Plus Thor and Captain America And it s called THE RED SHADOW which means RED SKULL I m killing it This wasn t everything that I wanted it to be, BUT it has promise to turn into something grand At least I m hoping But realistically the big reason I rated it so low is because I was really confused at first, having no background of the relationship between the Avengers and the X Men, not to mention I totally had no clue about what was going on with Cyclops But it gets cleared up pretty quickly, and then you re on your way.So in this story, mutants and super heroes alike are reeling over Charles Xavier s death I ve never heard anyone call him Chuck, but whatever Wolverine And this leads into Captain America and Thor approaching Havoc and requesting that they band together to make life better for everyone, so that Mutants and humans can peacefully coexist, thus honoring Xavier in death Havoc becomes the leader of this group, rounding in Wolverine, Rogue and Scarlet Witch WAHOO The only problem, without giving too much away, is that Red Skull is back and he has the whammy of all whammies up his sleeve in order to bring about HIS world order which is very similar to Hitler s, of course.My favorite part of this, which we all can probably figure out, is Scarlet Witch Not only is she a kick ass hero, but her powers are virtually unparalleled in this volume Her devotion to Xavier and his longing for peace in the world are her driving force in realizing how polluted Red Skull is And her scenes with Rogue while they mourn Charles are incredibly powerful.Back onto the WTF train though My lack of knowledge in this world is becoming overwhelming view spoiler Rogue got down and dirty with Magneto Who are the Apocalypse Twins DON T LAUGH AT ME And seriously, how the fuck did Cyclops kill CHARLES XAVIER hide spoiler

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