Honor Student (Honor Series #1)

Honor Student (Honor Series #1)As I am a sucker for a rich, bossy Dom I absolutely loved the story Why a 4 then Well in some things I felt the story a bit too rushed and there is almost an expectation for the reader to fill in the blanks by themselves Other then that I developed a sub crush on William the Conquerer and Dom crush on Emma Can t wait to read their developing love story through William s POV I don t mean to rant and bitch about this but this book was just UghAnd I haven t even finished itThe characters are less than one dimesional and to boot the sex is not even that great If you are gonna make plotless personality drained characters at least make the sex scenes worth it BahSee above Not even bothering to rate it Screw that After rage boiled over Fuck it I decided I am going to bitch about it Since it s ruining me to start on any other book and I stayed late up hoping it would actually improve So, I say it deserves my words Hmm where should I start There is so much wrong with the first few pages that I don t even know where to start I m gonna skip the depressing sob story that had no meat to it It was portrayed as blandly as if just listing groceries Mom dead, dad dead, moved from home, live in new place, all alone, don t have friends, never unpacked lazy Cry me a river Then she goes to class sees a hot teacher and hot teacher threatens her on the consequences of being late Whatever. What was she a high schooler If you are late in college no one gives a flying fuck cuz you re accountable to yourself And if a teacher gets in your face about it then he has no right to touch you ESPECIALLY not beat you Although according to my middle school student handbook corporal punishment was still approved this was back in 2004 and in Florida so let s give it a pass BUT ON DEAD FLUFFY KITTENS After the threat on tardiness he sees she came in late to school, notices the bandages and then beats her What First of all he said if she was late to class he never said anything about missing class BAM Second of all how are you going to beat her when she obviously had an accident Then she just goes out frolicking like he just gave her an orgasm So where is the shock Humiliation Pleasure maybe Give me something other than oh I couldn t think of anything but him physically abusing me and me letting him I m all pro BDSM LOVE IT But that wasn t consensual or even close to satisfying, if you are going to do the whole aggression against will then give me some emotion to work with These characters were as lifeless and flat as scripted porn stars Let me tell you something, someone just up and grabs me bends me over and beats the shit out of me after a hang over from hell, a visit to the emergency room and stiches STICHES I m not gonna take it laying down She s all like Yes, sir, can I have another and what I would have done wasANDAin t no man gonna come up to you and start smacking you around and take it laying down or on her belly like she did I would threaten that mofoBoy I will cut you Moving on So about the time space continuum leaps.Let me assure you as someone from Florida that it is highly unlikely and I MEAN HIGHLY that someone just happens to live somewhere and oh there is a bar down the street HIGHLY Florida requires you to have a car or at least hop on the bus and why that dumb bitch didn t grab a taxi is beyond me But let s back track So he takes her to his house and he is all I m gonna do you til you can t walk then finds out she is a virgin somehow through ESP since she doesn t say much in that scene beyond yes or no And then he pulls back faster than you can say Fuck me gently with a chain saw which was my same expression when I read this non sense Then she s all boo hoo and walks out, somehow walks to the bar her friends happen to be in I CALL BULLSHIT What shoes was she wearing Huh Huh Cuz even flats might be comfy but try to walk on the streets with them and you won t last 30 minutes So if you wanna walk around Then she gets drunk, he gets her number along with a flagging conscience SOMEHOW, then gets there picks her up then takes her back to his place on some stupid excuse, to feed her then ends up fucking her like he should have done before the humiliation, 45 minute walk and heavy drinking So you figure this sex has to at least rock, right RIGHT But no.So let s recap She cut her hand so badly that it seemed like she was committing suicide she got 8 STICHES and he is what Tying her wrist with a belt YO HOLD THE PHONE No matter how much alcohol you consume that wrist HAD TO HURT And he is such a beast that he can t even have a care Then it was all slam bam thank you ma am then out the door she goes again I swear he should have just installed a revolving door Then again she s walking HA Then back on the car some small exchange on the wrongness of it all after the fuck a thon may I remind you Then OH HO LO AND BEHOLD He goes back for seconds So apparently the guy who just made you walk out humiliated twice deserves BREAKFAST Poison, anyone Then apparently food wasn t on the menu butsmacking and tying up with belts is So this is the second day, after the cutting of the hand. No alcohol and she doesn t say peep when he is tying her Either she is the biggest masochist alive that she can take that much pain out the box, no prepping, no nothing or this is just the most ridiculous thing I ve read in a long time Or maybe she followed the belief that you canBut then again, I guess it doesn t matter since she can travel through the space time continuum, he has ESP to know where she is and what her phone is, soooo fuck logicBottom line I only lasted til 38% It was quit or.smash my kindle and I love it too much But even though I only read a little bit I still spent the whole night and most of today like this So if you want to read this might as well watch HBO porn at least they sometimes get creative Emma Lives A Very Self Destructive Life, Barely Making Her Way Through College Her World Is Turned Upside Down After Meeting Mr Honor, Her New History Teacher Whose Idea Of Discipline May Be A Little Too Much For Emma To Handle While Trying To Figure Out Their New Relationship, They Also Have To Deal With The Very Real Possibility That Someone Has Discovered Their Secret And Is Trying To Hurt Them But Mr Honor Is Keeping A Few Secrets Of His Own From Emma EROTIC LOVE STORY STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT BDSM HONOR THY TEACHER BOOKIS NOW AVAILABLE Huh sis the theme Huh 1 The FMC is supposed to be a twenty one year old college senior and a social outcast She tells us she s a social pariah, sitting alone and friendless for the last five years since she moved from Michigan It isn t that people are mean, but rather she didn t want to invest in relationships that would soon end Uhm, she s lived there five years and hasn t a single friend she hasn t even unpacked her clothes out of the boxes she moved FIVE years ago YET. She suddenly finds herself in a giggling fit after smoking pot with two girls in the bathroom Said girls all but shove her out the door to take the blame when Prof Honor comes banging on the college s girl s bathroom Like that d happen Of course, Ms Social Outkast then befriends said mean girls.She drinks too much, cuts her hand and passes out Her meany nice aunt finds her and she s carried to hospital to get fixed up Now, that prompts the aunt to drive her to college, sign her in, and sign her up with the guidance councilor I can t Huh 2 Mr Honor is supposed to be a college professor A college professor who Twirls a ruler in class Busts girls in the bathroom for smoking pot because they re giggling loudly Stands in the hall and shouts, Get to class, ladies Thank Fuck I didn t go tothatcollege Huh 3 Spanking scene comes out of NOWHERE ends NOWHERE Mr Honor is in the office when FMC is being signed in by her aunt He tells her to come to his room afterward because she missed class They ve said five sentences to each other and just laid eyes on each other two days ago He takes off his shirt and asks what happened to her hand Accident, she says Bam, he spreads her on his desk and spanks her ass It s over and she s off to another class without so much as a single word Huh 4 No dick can be that mesmerizingMr Honor brings her to his house Rejects her because she s a virgin She storms off to a bar gets shitfaced Honor comes and once again takes her to his house to reject her onetime before he spanks her ass, takes her v card, and rejects heragain. Next AM he shows up at her door and asks Has anyone come by here Anyone who seemed strange No Cue throwing her across the table and demanding a bed or here and now Not once does she think, wait, what strange fuckerLiterally five seconds later they re in the throes of an ass spanking fuckin when the aunt comes home FMC abandons magic Dick in her bed and has eggs with her aunt to talk about jobs and friends Huh 5 I want to hurt you I want you to hurt me Now we re getting somewhere Or, not Back at his pad, he brings her to the top floor Aka where he plays Safe word Flower She s cuffed and blindfolded Some light, moaning nipple bites a vibrator and a hard thrust later and it s over Pain Where When Who How Afterwards, he hands her a pink hairbrush he has on hand to tidy her appearance up Finally, the strange person is addressed and the FMC is in danger from an unknown stalker writing threatening letters Danger Will Robinson She can t go home and can t stay there Calm as a cucumber and question less at this, she decides to stay with her new friend She and her new BFF sit in her gothic bedroom in HER MOM s house and eat cookies and smoke pot before she and William the Conqueror his choice of name not mine start texting HisI want to do dirty shit to youto herI miss youto hisdon t do that didn t go over well Solution clubbing with her new bestie GPS on her phone alerts him He shows They have a contest of who can flirt with OW OM better before heading off to his play room where he spanks her ass in a scene that s so much like FSOG with the exception that FMC here is regretful vs mad Huh DNF He loves someone else but loves the FMC. Turns out ol Will doesn t know if he still loves an older woman from his past that emerges However, he assures the FMC after one weekend together that he most def loves herthan anything To which she replies, Make love to me To which he does.Uhmmm, He may love another woman image error 2.5 stars Honor Student really had potential but the fact that it was rushed, riddled with grammatical errors, completely unbelievable, and sometimes completely confusing left me no choice but to rate it poorly Emma was a college student and not a high school student wasn t believable from how she was portrayed First off Emma is 21, not 17 I know you re shocked too right From having to check in with her aunt and the way the college atmosphere is described what college professor cares if you go to your next class or not, or bangs on the ladies restroom to make sure no ones skipping class I started thinking maybe the author made an error and really Emma was a 17 year old high school seniorbut nope she s in college So that was the first thing that really bugged me about this book The second was how rushed it was I felt the relationship developed way too fast There was no concept of time whatsoever It seems like she just met Mr Honor, gave it up, graduated, went on vacation with him, met his parents, and committed way too fast How much time did it take for all this to go down, a week I don t want to rag on this book completely though because I liked William and the storyline was interesting and left me wondering what made William tick I m going to read Honor Thy Teacher anyway because the series has potential and I m hoping I ll be right in thinking I ll getstory through William s POV. I highly recommend this series I couldn t put it down.Wonderful I looked at this series for weeks not realizing that it would be one of the most enjoyable and sexiest books series I have ever read Hero, William Honor 29 years dark brown hair blue eyes is better than Christian Grey in class with Gideon Cross, albeit darker He will stay with you for awhile, especially book 2 written from his POV I wish Ms Mummert would let us know how many books total will a Book 5 6 end series Please read series in order Also, I love the cover art and if I m not mistaken it was made by the author herself good job Hero rating 5 starsHeroine rating 4.5 starsStory line rating 5 stars Overall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this book Yes Would I re read this book Yes Now let s be honest here.I read a lot of books And every so often you find a book that just stuns you And not in a good way This book feels like it is written by a kid in high school The author clearly has no idea about how things are in college vs high school The main character Emma talks about getting high and drunk far too much and generally behaves like a stroppy teenager Mr Honor seems to be a direct parody of Christian Grey if I was E L James I would be seriously pissed off with this author Let s recap they are both rich beyond measure, they are both controlling and into relatively tame BDSM, they both have barriers up until they meet the right woman when they start going on about how much they love them They both take their partners virginity, they both use GPS to track their partner, they both have a playroom in their house I mean C MON If you re gonna write something can you please try to be original All of this I could have overlooked except for the fact that it sounds like it has been written by a kid who is failing English The sentences are clunky, the grammar is off and the dialogue is cringe worthy I have read some books that clearly needediting FSOG anyone but this is ludicrous If this is the standard of book that can hold a decent rating in this genre then i m off to throw down some words on a page and make me some money Just abysmal. I read some reviews before reading this book and SO many people compared to to 50 Shades that I figured I had to read it Because if it was anything like that book I would like it In my opinion there were similarities between the two books, the main one being that William and Christian are alike They both are Doms and have a need for control They both have a bit of a tortured past and they both fall for a girl that they don t want to corrupt, but can t seem to stay away from But that is where the similarities end, I think The story lines are completely different I really enjoyed getting to know William He was sort of unpredictable, especially at the beginning I sure wasn t expecting that first bit of discipline he enforced during school hours Completely took me by surprise One thing I found kind of weird was how he never really asked Emma about her past He never asked her why she lived with her aunt Oh well, there arebooks in this series so I m assuming they havetime to learn about each other.I loved the times where William s emotions showed through He was a very closed off person and shut down before his emotions started show But there were a few times,towards the end of the book where he let his guard down The time I m thinking of in particular that I loved was when she we was sunbathing and he ran to her not being able to stand the thought of her possibly being through with him Loved it OK so this whole review has been about William I liked Emma, too I liked that she didn t stick around when she felt unwanted As soon as William rejected her she turned tail and ran Self preservation I guess But I liked that about her I liked that even though her character could have been very emotionally needy, after everything that happened her in family but she wasn t I also liked that even though she would submit to William, she still pushed the boundaries and pushed him when he hurt her The part I have in mind is when she went to the club and danced with Jeff I m glad she didn t let him bully her I can t wait to read Honor Thy Teacher, I really want to get into Williams head and see things from his point of view I m so glad there isstory to come after these two books I can t wait FAVORITE QUOTESI placed my hand on his chest, feeling his pulse race under my fingertips He grabbed my hand and pressed it harder against him You are the only person who has ever made my heart race like this William This book was so bad I couldn t get past 40 pages, which was a struggle in itself While I can t say if the spelling and grammar errors were due to the ebook copy I d gotten, the sentences on their own were bad enough to make me unable to get through most of it If you enjoy someone who can t write a decent compound sentence, this book is for you The fact that a writer would make constant use of 3 5 word sentences and sentence fragments left me feeling like I was in a car with a student driver too long with all of the stopping and starting SPOILERS HERE DOWN Emma is supposed to be 21 and in college, but I actually question if Teresa Mummert has ever stepped foot inside of a college 1 Bells are ringing signaling class has ended Now I ve been in college for quite some time, and have transferred between a couple That being said never in my life has there been a bell signaling classes end Shockingly college campuses have class that end at all different times 2.Lunch Period Colleges don t have lunch periods They don t have lunch bells, and most of the time you are lucky to even get lunch Other authors have done the lunch period in college thing and it hasn t bothered me like it does in this book I think it s how much high school she s adding in that s just irritating 3.Teachers caring if you go to classNo teacher in college tells you to go to class They don t patrol the hallways, and half the time they don t even know if you have a class the next period People actually stand around and talk quite often in college and no one really gives a crap 4.Class Names and activities Gym, History, Math All high school terminology No one in college refers to their classes by those terms It slike Stats Yoga ect Because most of us are pretentious and like to sound like we re in classes that are worth paying money for That being said, I ve never in my life heard of someone playing dodgeball in college Never Not once for the couple hundred dollars you pay for a class 5 The Office and Signing In Though Emma makes a point to say I m an adult, this isn t high school you don t need to sign me in it still fell right back into someone going in to set things up for her There s not just a set office to go into and talk to people There s not really a guidance office you have on campus psychologists maybe but all in all the buildings aren t set up this way I don t know if it bothered anyone else to have these things in there It was actually the reason I had to quit reading, aside from how ridiculous it all sounds I kept trying to tell myself that Emma was in high school and that would help my pet peeves but it really didn t She kept insisting it was college, all the while sounding like a high school girl giddy with a hot professor. Bad Really bad I couldn t get past first 30 pages.The first thing that rubbed me wrong was writing See for yourself I grabbed my old yearbook and walked into the kitchen for a drink I slid the milk out of the way and grabbed a can of soda, along with a cheap bottle of vodka I carried everything into the living and clicked on the television I watched on old romance movie as I drank a small swig from the bottle.Or another quote He let go off my arm and I trailed behind him as he walked to the far side of the room He stopped at an island in the kitchen He dug around in the cabinets and I waited awkwardly on the other side He came up with a bottle of liquor and two small shot glasses.Doesn t the author know that there is such thing as a complex sentence And then there were heroes Well Mr.Honor was supposed to be this dark dominant Alfa maleDo not talk to me like that It pisses me off and you don t want to see what I do when I am pissed off He barked angrily and I his tone was frightening.Look at me he barked and my eyes shot up to meet his.Spread your legs He demanded I slid my feet apart slightly Wider he yelled angrily.He is no dominant He is just a psycho As for Emma Girl, if your teacher who you saw only a couple of times in your life suddenly bents you over his desk and spanks your ass, you don t feel awkward and silently leave his office You should feel scared and go to dean office She wasn t in relationship with him They didn t even have one date He saw her the third time in his life So he just decided to spank her not knowing if she was into this kind of things, not knowing if she wanted it, not establishing the trust between them So my recommendation would be to stay as far away from this book as you can manage.

TERESA MUMMERT grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania where she began dating her husband when they were only sixteen years old They married at eighteen and soon moved around the United States as her husband began his military career They are the proud parents of four children.Teresa began writing when her husband was deployed to Afghanistan as a way to cope with him being away at war She soon

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