Inquest (Rogue Hunter #1)

Inquest (Rogue Hunter #1) Action, politics, sex, drama, romance, temptation andthis opening volume to a space opera series has it all, as bounty hunter Zyra Zanr pursues the lone male on a planet full of females, intending to hand him over to the galactic authorities for his crimes But the locals would rather kill him themselves for the fault of being male Meanwhile, behind the scenes, political and military forces gather for war.Cool gangster dialog combines with well timed revelations to give depth and background to the tale The writing carries a self conscious, space operatic sense of scope, heavy handed perhaps, but well suited to the genre And the complex relationships move as fast as spaceships with just as many threats.Sensual love, in its various forms, is juxtaposed with carefully detailed violence But the action packed battle scenes are probably the strongest part of this novel Bodies heal fast in a futuristic world, but hurt just as truly, while hearts are just as surely wounded And the right deed can be hard to find behind flashes of emotion, politics and war.A fast moving tale with the feel of a graphic novel and the scope of intergalactic space opera, Kevis Hendrickson s Inquest tells a complete story while leaving questions to fuel a whole new series with its intrepid female protagonist challenging evil in outer space.Disclosure I was given a free ecopy with a request for my honest review. First impressions It brought to mind movies such as The Fifth Element, Star Wars and definitely Star Trek I love a strong female protagonist, who kicks ass I even liked the villain Skringler perhaps a little too much who had some great classic lines and an accent, which made him hard to hate The description of his sex appeal was lacking, where the main character s was not, nor was her love interest s allure Skringler possibly should have been introduced withdescription, earlier in the plot though Kevis seems to favour slow discovery of important plot aspects.I was less interested in the star ship war chapters at the end, than I was in the conflict between Zyra and Skringler and the triangle between the two and Zyra s lover, during the battle I liked the history between them which seeped from the page The beginning was vividly drawn it however lagged slightly after the first chapters until chapter 13 when things suddenly changed a little, and there is hope again I love the unexpected and the thrill of wondering how the character will inevitably end up in the situation portrayed at the beginning of the story After some thought I wondered what did happen with Molly that shook her up, before the book begins Zyra is emotionally distant even from herself and I assumed quite traumatised from spending most of her adolescent life hunting Zyra s fight in the end was reminiscent of the ballsy tenacity of the character Lisbeth Salander Skringler is relentless, Zyra determined as a dog with a bone The only thing that was lacking for me was the description of the scene setting, at certain points, like the escape in the garbage disposal bay and some things such as the weapons which are only explained as they appear in the story Boris Skringler was too likable, being that he was supposedly a man with a ruthless reputation and Zyra s motivation at certain points wasn t as convincing to me as it should have been, because if she had killed a lot before, then why take so long to kill a certain character who hurt, taunted and irritated her so much for me this needed a clearer reason I liked the ending no spoilers here It felt like an important chapter in something bigger. LUST AND FURY COLLIDE IN A GALAXY ON THE VERGE OF WARFearing Retribution From Ruthless Gangsters Over An Unsettled Debt, Intergalactic Bounty Hunter Zyra Zanr Ventures To A Distant World To Collect The Reward For Boris Skringler, A Notorious Terrorist, Who Has Been Sentenced To Death By Political Rivals Of The InterGalactic Alliance When She Fails To Secure His Release, She Decides To Break Him Out Of Prison Zyra Soon Finds Herself An Unwilling Participant In Events That Lead To A Climactic Showdown Between The Most Powerful Worlds In The GalaxyTorn Between Her Desperation To Rid Herself Of The Threats To Her Life And Her Guilt In Agitating The Conflict Between Two Galactic Superpowers, Zyra Is Horrified To Learn That The Lives Of An Entire World Of People Hinge On Her Ability To Return Skringler To His Captors However, Her Distrust Of Skringler Gives Way To Lust, Unraveling Her Plans Will Zyra Give Into Her Passion And Allow Skringler To Go Free Or Will She Surrender Him To Her Enemies To Stop An Impending War The Fate Of Billions Depend On Whether She Chooses Life For A Killer Or The Death Of Her Lover In Inquest, the first installment of Kevis Hendrickson s Rogue Hunter series, we meet Zyra Zanr, a beautiful and relentless bounty hunter with a sad and complicated past, who is on a mission to capture the infamous criminal, her ex lover and mentor, Boris Skringler, and return him to the Intergallactic Alliance where he is wanted for ruthless crimes against humanity Zyra has her own score to settle with him, and the fact that Skringler has a hefty price on his head is an added inducement for her to succeed This is a space opera, full of drama and action, some sex and innuendo, inventive gadgets, interstellar politics, and jam packed with brutal fight scenes Descriptions are very vivid, and I think that Inquest would make a great graphic novel The language and metaphors can be odd and, at times, overblown All in all, this was an entertaining read. Rogue hunter follows the story of Zyra, A bounty hunter and how she has ended up being on trial for breaking out one of New Venuses most wanted criminals I haven t read many sci fi novels but I am so glad that I have read this one From get go i was hooked You discover why Zyra is in the predicament that she is in through the medium of present day narration and through flashbacks Even though this is a litter confusing at first, you get used to it and in the end I don t think there would have been as much depth to the tale if it was written in a different way.I love the Zyra As a main character she is brilliant She is so complex and there is so many different sides to her character She seems quite harsh and robust but bit by bit it you can discover how soft she becomes, especially when it comes to her love for Mikaela You feel sorry for her too because she seems to be so broken and confused It is awesome to see her highs and lows throughout the novel.Another thing I adored was the world building This universe is a whole new concept for me but due to wonderfully descriptive writing style You are able to picture it so vividly I find the concept of this interpretation of the future so intriguing The politics between the worlds in the galaxy also had me They were not too complicated and it was very easy to follow.Normally with books I can guess elements of what was going to happen But this, with each turn of the page took me by surprise I would be sat there reading and be like OMG DID THAT JUST HAPPEN At 175 pages on the PDF, I was scared that this novel would not be long enough that the characters would be introduced in a rushed manner and the world building would be scarce This novel could not be further from this I could not have beenwrong This read is so action pact so much better than novels triple its size This is definitely a perfect example of quality over quantity Recommend to lovers of Sci Fi adventures and also to people who have never read sci fi but want to try it I will be totally be keeping an eye out forof Kevis s work Many thanks to him for the review copy Rogue Hunter Inquest will be available from the 1st of November. This is not my normal genre to read That said, I am happy I read Rogue Hunter Inquest.I like a character driven story and the protagonist,Zyra, is a powerful character.Zyra needs money badly Her solution is to break Boris Skringler out of prison As a bounty hunter, she would get a tidy reward to help clear her debts.Boris is in prison on New Venus, a planet consisting only of women No men are allowed there and he s caught Guess his disguise as a woman wasn t too convincing Next stop for him is execution.Zyra follows Boris and is caught breaking him out of prison and ends up locked up herself.Now the war that s been looming has come to New Venus and everyone must fight to survive.I don t normally read space operas so I wasn t too sure whether I d like this or not I enjoyed it very much, mostly because of how well it was written Kevis was able to show me a new world, a world where men are not wanted or needed The women are able to thrive and procreate without a male counter part It is actually quite believable and reminded me ofwomen a bit.The author writes Boris as the bad guy in the story and does it convincingly For some reason, I found I really connected with him His personality is strong and he s quite the character.There s a history between Zyra and Boris and it s explored anew in this story However, it s not the main focus here Zyra also has a female lover which causes a lot of emotional conflict for her She has some hard decisions to make, ones that could end the lives of so many people.I really connected with Zyra and liked her immensely She is strong and determined, but has self doubts, which made her genuine for me.The story starts a little slow, but once the action starts it never stops and races super fast to the conclusion You do get a cliff hanger at the end, but to me , it s just the tease I need to readof the series My questions were answered and I was left smiling.My rating is all about the writing with this book I didn t think I d like this book, but I did and that says a lot about the author Thanks Kevis, for getting me to read outside the box Look what I d have missed. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Kevis Hendrickson Bounty Hunter Zyra Zanr is in prison, charged with trying to aid a mans escape from execution Now it s her head on the chopping block.The criminal Skringler, is set to be killed for once reason he is male Venus is now an all female planet, after the queen decided that men were to blame for all the war and killing etc that had gone on, and shipped all the men off the planet.Skringler disguised as a woman, infiltrated the planet in a bid to avoid being caught by the InterGalactic Alliance, who also wanted to execute him for his crimes, and obviously got caught out there for being a man.Zyra doesn t think that it s right that Skringler should be executed for being a man, she wants to take him back to the InterGalactic Alliance, where he will be executed for killing loads of people She would also very much like to claim the large bounty on his head.Can Zyra really get Skringler out of there though And who will get hurt in the process This story opens with Zyra facing trial for her part in Skringlers escape Zyra felt that it wasn t fair to execute him for being male, and that he should be executed for all the people he killed She expected the queen to just hand him over, which obviously wasn t going to happen She even went so far as to tell the queen of the Vesuvians that her laws were wrong Zyra s motivations weren t the purest though She was pretty annoyed that her credits money had been stolen, and wanted to get it back by claiming the bounty on Skringlers head She did intend to do this peacefully though, and didn t want to add to her kill count.I have to say that I hadn t really gathered from the blurb that the planet of Venus was women only, and that when Zyra got there she would meet up with her girlfriend and have a bit of a steamy encounter Another new one for me this year Overall this book had elements of sci fi, ideas on the battle of the sexes, and a big fight scene at the end Think star trek, but withwomen.6.5 out of 10. Kevis Hendrickson has decided to revamp the Rogue Hunter series and Inquest is the first book in the new incarnation Here we meet Zyra Zanr, a bounty hunter with some bad debts who will do anything to collect the reward on Boris Skringler s head What Zyra doesn t realize is Skringler is pivotal in an impending war and his presence will either stop or start an interplanetary war will she be able to save millions of lives or will her love for him doom them all In Rogue Hunter Inquest I was introduced to New Venus a world of only women The author has given the reader a lot of depth and history into the beginning and evolving society of New Venus I was very intrigued by the emphasis on women s rights and how one woman s journey could affect them all Zyra s sexuality and sexual passions play a big role in this book, but the romance and mild sexual situations are not the crux of this story The focus is on Zyra s strength and the consequences of the choices she makes The politics and history of New Venus play an integral part of the story,than just being the setting Rogue Hunter Inquest is a great beginning to a rebooted sci fi series featuring a strong female protagonist I was happily surprised by how much I truly enjoyed the characters, the world building, and the shocking twist at the end Pick up Rogue Hunter Inquest and you won t be disappointed Rogue Hunter Series Inquest 1 , Death Moon 2 , Alliance 3 This exquisitely written book made me read it in two days The main character in the book is a bounty hunter Zyra Zanr who came to New Venus on which they live the only woman to pick up a prisoner Boris Skringler All that she planned was to pick up a prisoner and took him to InterGalactic Alliance to pick up a bounty for prisoners, but all went wrong and she ends up in prison The story is so full of action and sudden upheaval in the story Zyra is a great character polished although dangerous bounty hunter and deadly to her enemies, also reviewed all its decisions without going to the dark side as she sometimes does not help in the business of bounty hunter Her heart was exactly where it should be but to his enemies, she doesn t have any mercy, especially if they shake her feelings The story is great, writer Kevis Hendrickson s all falling into line and constantly keeps us in suspense until the very end Believe me that this story will keep in constant uncertainty and will want to know what will happen on the next page I really loved the character of Zyra and all characters that are associated with her.The book I would recommend to all lovers of science fiction Copy provided courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review. Bounty hunter s tangled mission on an all female planetNew Venus is a world off limits to men It is ruled by a men hating queen, run and defended by independent and proud women, who even reproduce on their own Any man caught on the planet is condemned to death Boris Skringler is no exception He is going to die for no other reason than being found on the planet, even though he is a notorious criminal wanted by the InterGalactic Alliance for his murderous crimes While Skringler awaits execution in the planet s most guarded prison, bounty hunter Zyra Zanr has other plans Skringler is her former mentor and lover, and he still matters to Zyra More important, however, is the sizable bounty Zyra would get if she could hand Skringler alive to the InterGalactic Alliance s justice system The reward would suffice for Zyra to pay pressing debt and settle down with Mikaela, a New Venusian woman, who is Zyra s current love interest.The novel Inquest intertwines Zyra s rescue mission with local politics, with the ups and downs of her relations with Mikaela and with mishaps created by Skringler following his own twisted agenda For me, the most interesting part was the setting of an all female planet Although the New Venus propaganda presents the world as peaceful and perfect society, not everything is rosy among the women who banished their male oppressors Perverts serve as wardens in prisons The elected queen is a nasty bitch who deems she knowsthan anyone else.I expected to seeworld building about this planet As it is, I found their level of technology to be confusing For example, they have bio engineering that is advanced enough to create female babies, without the need of sperm, yet they use primitive detection methods rather than straightforward biometrics in their most secure facility Another problem is being repeatedly told that, The Venusians were among the fiercest warriors in the galaxy I wanted to see actions that support this claim, but instead, I encountered pretty generic proud but stupid females, who would rather die than use tactics and common sense.I recommend this novel to those looking for a fast paced read that combines an unusual setting, adventure, interesting characters and a tangled love triangle.I received a free copy of the book in exchange for a non reciprocal review.

Kevis Hendrickson is the author of eight Science Fiction and Fantasy novels, including The Legend of Witch Bane and the Rogue Hunter series His second novel Rogue Hunter Quest of the Hunter won the Red Adept Annual Indie Award 2010 for Top Science Fiction His most recent novel is Rogue Hunter Valor The sixth book in the series, Rogue Hunter Death Moon, is scheduled for release in 2017 A

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