Providence Trilogy (Providence, #1-3)

Providence Trilogy (Providence, #1-3) Providence Trilogy Author Jamie McGuire In The Third And Final Installment Of The Providence Series, Nina Grey Will Marry The Wrong Man, Carry The Child That Was Never Supposed To Be Born, And Fight A War She Can T Win Faced With The Impossible Task Of Protecting His New Wife And Unborn Child Against The Throes Of Hell, Jared Ryel Is Allowed No Mistakes Pressured To Return The Naissance De Demoniac To Jerusalem, He Revisits St Providence Series By Jamie McGuire Goodreads Providence Providence,, Requiem Providence,, Eden Providence,, Sins Of The Innocent, And Providence Trilogy Bundle Providence, Providence Trilogy Bundle Providence, By The Providence Trilogy Is Very Much Like Twilight, Except Its With Angels And There S No Turning Nina Into Anything I Liked Jared But Nina Could Be Very Stubborn She Could Be Too Stubborn And It Made Her Annoying PROVIDENCE Home Facebook PROVIDENCE K Likes PROVIDENCE Is The Self Published, Bestselling YA Paranormal Romance Trilogy Written By New York Times Bestselling Author Jamie Providence Unveiled Memory S Wake Trilogy, Volume Providence Unveiled Memory S Wake Trilogy, VolumeSelina Fenech, Em Eldridge, Fairies And Fantasy Pty LtdLivres Trilogy International Partners Portfolio Providence Was A Lead And Founding Investor In WNP InThe Company Purchased Licenses Covering Overmillion POPs In Major US Markets In The FCC SLMDS Spectrum Auction, Making It The Largest Corporate Holder Of LMDS Wireless Spectrum In The World At That Time WNP Was Acquired By Nextlink, Which Is Now XO Communications Providence Trilogy Author Jamie McGuire Providence Trilogy Jmcguireassistant Gmail Hours Prequel Trilogy III Providence Creep Church Prequel Trilogy III Providence By Creep Church, ReleasedJuly ProvidenceHeadlight TagThe Autobiography Kimberly Ann BluesThe Ambulance ShowCourville Chepachet Little LeagueEmergentAn Early SnowfallUnderstandA Cause For ConcernMourning HaikuVerseLike DrowningA Game Of Telephones Recorded Live At Home, Attleboro, MA Winter or on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Instagram.

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  • Providence Trilogy (Providence, #1-3)
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  • 23 June 2018

10 thoughts on “Providence Trilogy (Providence, #1-3)

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    "Sweet potato fries"

    Jared Ryel is a guy you would hold onto tight and never let go! *sigh*
    I really liked this trilogy! Oh my, Jared Ryel ...the gorgeous hunk...what an amazing character; Mysterious, passionate, caring, loving, protective, faithful, and sweet. He draws you in and I LOVE every thing about him! He's become my favorite HERO!!! Great combo of Romance and parnormal.

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    It needs a good editor. Being an author and an editor, I found it hard to overlook all the typos. McGuire is a good storyteller, but she needs some work and discipline on plot and character development. The storyline reminded me of similar parallels with E.L. James' (50 Shades of Grey) and Stephenie Myers' (Twilight) series. It's like they all were part of the same Twi-fan-fic club, using the same formula, and making the same elementary plot mistakes, especially with the whole "special-one-of-a-kind-offspring), as if the answer to all their relationship problems are wrapped up in an unplanned and out-of-this-world pregnancy. However, if you really LOVED and salivated over those types of shallow and emotionally erratic stories, this one fits right into the mold. Hormonal teenagers would love it.

    I didn't hate it, and I think the whole Guardian Angel/Telah idea was a GREAT story idea. I just think it could have been executed with a better plot.

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    I absolutely LOVE this series!!! Jared is wonderful and amazing!!! I was completely hooked and sucked in from the very beginning!!! There were parts where it reminded me of Twilight. Jared is very strong, smart, gorgeous, protective and would do absolutely anything for Nina. She is his whole world and together they are a force that is so strong and amazing to see. I loved getting to know both of them and follow them on their journey. Of course it wasn't always easy and it took some time but once they got it all figured out their were inseparable. It's a beautiful story that I enjoyed. I have also listened to the audio book for the first two books which are equally amazing. I love Carly Robins. She is a great narrator and enjoyable to listen too. Her voice reminds me of Kristen Bell from Frozen. I highly recommend all three of these books and the audio.

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    What an unexpected story! I read this book on the recommendation of a friend who said I would love it and then said not much more. I had NO IDEA that the story was going to take such a turn!

    I always think it's interesting when an author creates a new world and then has to write the rules to that world. It seems like it'd be super easy, but it's not. There's a lot of if/then rules and the continuity must be steady throughout the whole story. McGuire did a great job at creating this world and leading us through it.

    In order to love this story you have to suspend your disbelief and just enjoy the fantastical ride that McGuire has set. If you can't do that, then you will not enjoy these books, and the paranormal genre is probably not for you.

    All in all I thought McGuire's first books out of the gate proved to be great! In a market where everyone and their brother is trying to write about vampires, werewolves, and other paranormal activity, McGuire found something that wasn't already saturating the market and gave us a story we could enjoy from beginning to end!

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    If you want a good story/book set you can sink your teeth into this is it! Nina and Jared are wonderful! In the first book Jared meets Nina just after her father has died. Little does she know he has known her all her life. He is her Guardian Angel so to speak. So we have Angels, half Angels, Demons and a prophecy yet to be discovered. Nina wants normal but Jared is anything but normal. We get to know his family and how they are all protectors. The story progresses thru the three books. Nina and Jared's love gets stronger the the prophecy is revealed. I absolutely loved this series!

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    This series was GREAT!!,although it definitely needed to be edited a little better.I kept stopping midsentence in chapters noticing mistakes.The plot and the characters were great.New twist on an angels and demons story.I loved the trilogy and can't wait for Jamie McGuire's next book.

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    LOVED this trilogy. Not read anything before with Arch angels, Hell, Demons in before but thoroughly got into this one. Beautiful love story with lots of twists and turns along the way. One of my favourites definately re-read again. Brilliant.

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    I read through these three books so fast, they were that good! I love when books have drama, mystery, suspense AND love. It's really the best of both worlds. Nina and Jared are such an adorable and real couple, I enjoyed learning all about them in these three books.

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