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It Came from Ohio An Investigative Reporter Looks IntoTales Of Mysterious, Creepy, And Unexplained Events In The Buckeye State, Including The Giant, Spark Emitting Loveland Frog The Bloodthirsty Melon Heads Of Kirtland The Lumber Wielding Werewolf Of Defiance The Mothman Of The Ohio River The UFO That Inspired Close Encounters Of The Third Kind And

James Renner s true crime stories have appeared in The Best American Crime Writing anthology, as well the Cleveland Scene and method of using social media to solve cold cases was the subject of a CNN profile, in 2015.Renner is the author of two novels, The Man from Primrose Lane and The Great Forgetting as well as the nonfiction thriller, True Crime Addict He is also the host of T

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  • Paperback
  • 130 pages
  • It Came from Ohio
  • James Renner
  • English
  • 16 June 2018
  • 9781598510638

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    It Came from Ohio gave me some great day trip ideas.A collection of paranormal stories and urban myths from across the state Some I knew, some I didn t, and one in particular blew my mind and freaked me out It was the last story about Rattlesnake Island, which is right over there, that was not paranormal in the least It s just straight up, live people, freaky..and did I mention it s right over there.I wonder if the author looked into the famousGore Orhanage legend and found it to be nothing at all Because everyone in these parts have heard the story.This is a fun read, whether you re from the Buckeye state or not.

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    My one complaint about James Renner s It Came From Ohio is that it is too short I read the entire book in one sitting.Renner, best known for his true crime books, collects some of the well known legends and campfire tales based in Ohio, from Bessie, the sea serpent that haunts Lake Erie, to the glowing Red Eyes ghost of Camp Manatoc in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.I had not heard of many of these stories, which is odd considering I have lived in Ohio all of my life, but then again, almost every community in Ohio has a story of weird, paranormal goings on Every small town in the country probably has a story to tell of a haunted house, a creature dwelling in the woods, an unexplained event.I hope Renner decides to write of these, as the book is a fun little travelogue of the weird and creepy things in Ohio It is a must read for both fans of The X Files and Ohio history.

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    I highly recommend you take this book with you next time you go camping and share a story or two with your friends around the campfire at night.

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    Who knew that Ohio had all these secrets I ve never been a believer in strange phenomenabut Renner is pretty convincing I told the one tale to a lunch table of middle school girls who were talking about how scary the new IT movie is By the looks on their faces it proves that the truth is stranger and scarier than fiction.

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    2012, 112 pages.The contents of the book include the following Cops and Aliens UFOs.A chapter on werewolves.The Loveland Frog.The Mothman.The Legend of Red Eyes A chapter on Bigfoot.Another chapter dealing with UFOs.A chapter on people supposedly having their souls sent to Jupiter.A chapter on SETI.A chapter on ghosts.A chapter on melon heads A chapter on a Lake Erie cryptid.A chapter on a secret society,As can be seen it covers a fairly wide array of topics It s pretty much a typical book on the subject and is worth reading.

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    Good book I liked the unexplained stories and how the author left things open for the reader s interpretation I especially like the factoids at the end of each story They made you think just a little bit The only thing I would have liked was for some of the stories to be a bit in depth A couple of stories left me wanting and feeling like the author just gave up on that story.

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    Checked this book out from the local library as I haven t read anything in a while and since it is October, I wanted some ghost books and other similar books I must this book was pretty good I liked it because it s short and has some little factoids and on the bottoms of some of the pages And the author did a great job writing it My favorite story without a doubt in this particular has to be the deputies chasing the UFO around as I had no knowledge of this incident in any books or anything And I had no idea that this singular event was the inspiration behind a hit Hollywood film that I will not name as it will give away a lot of the story.

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    I would have never pictured Ohio as a hot spot for paranormal activity the Mansfield Reformatory notwithstanding , but this book is filled with short stories strange goings on in the Buckeye state The stories range from well documented to the campfire story told to scare new campers, and all are pretty entertaining Each short story also has asides, set off in a gray box, related in some way to the main story Most people are familiar with the Mothman legends, courtesy of the movie The Mothman Prophecies Lesser known stories include the Loveland frogs, the Mellon heads, werewolf sightings, Bigfoot sightings and even a couple well documented UFO sightings one of which inspired the UFO chase scene from Close Encounters of the Third Kind A quick and entertaining read for those interested in the unusual aspects of Ohio s history.

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    This is a fun book to read even if you are not from Ohio As it happens, I am, and I am also familiar with many of the places mentioned in this book James Renner has compiled 13 stories of creepy, strange or otherwise unusual events that took place in and around Ohio, including alien UFO sightings, the mothman, bigfoot and a real, live possibly werewolf Some of these, I had heard before, but others were completely new to me Each account gives the background, eyewitness testimony where possible and any other information that was available to the author Each story is well written, reads like a cross between a novel and a newspaper story and is fun to read Entertaining and informative.

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    Creepy fun urban legends from my home state These read like stories to tell aloud, preferably around a campfire in the middle of the night It s especially fun when you have visited the areas in question and have some knowledge of the urban legends beforehand Personally, though, I was hoping for a little something about the Mansfield ReformatoryI also really enjoyed Renner s Foreword entitled, In Darkness We Believe It definitely sets the tone for the collection However, I felt the final tale about Rattlesnake Island didn t really hold with the rest collection Although I really enjoyed that tale and would like to hear other similar stories, it simply felt like it belonged in another collection.

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