I Wish There Was Something That I Could Quit

I Wish There Was Something That I Could Quit Laura Is In The Middle Of A Torrid Affair With The Trains That Pass On The Tracks At The End Of Her Block She Is Obsessed She Can T Sleep She Sits On The Porch All Night Lying In Wait Then She Throws Bricks, Bowling Balls, Cans Of Paint She Loves The Sound As They Connect, Meeting Metal And Glass

Aaron Elliott, better known as Aaron Cometbus, is a drummer, lyricist, self described punk anthropologist and author of Cometbus, a seminal punk rock zine.

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  • Paperback
  • 103 pages
  • I Wish There Was Something That I Could Quit
  • Aaron Cometbus
  • English
  • 04 February 2019
  • 9780867196504

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    I ve only met Aaron Cometbus maybe three or four times, but he always impressed me as a surprisingly nice person for someone so famous, so ostensibly angry at the world, and so smart I doubt if he d remember me now, but he always did then, and he always managed to pick up our conversations right where we d left off, even if it had been two or three years since we d seen one another Honestly, he was better at recognizing me than I was at recognizing him Funny enough, I ve never been a regular reader of Aaron s zine I would pick up a copy when I saw him, or once in a while when I found it at a friend s house I would read it, but I don t think I own a single copy right now There have been copies at various places I ve lived over the years, and maybe at one time there was one or in my collection, but they don t seem to have survived The most memorable pieces I read, thinking back now, related to Berkeley history, or Aaron s adventures on the road This book is like the latter than the former.It s the story of an aging punk rock kid named Aaron, and three people in his life during a time that his van has broken down in a nameless American town The story is written in a strange sort of first third person omniscient, where Aaron speaks in I but we hear he or she when we re in the other characters heads It threw me a bit at first, but worked The other characters are Susan, Laura, and the bizarrely named Jemuel a male name, evidently These characters fall in and out of love with each other while Aaron watches, not participating, but not actually uninvolved In fact Jemuel comes across as the dispassionate, to his discredit since he s actually involved with Susan, but mostly for his own selfish reasons If the story has a moral, it s that friendship trumps relationships, and that Aaron is lucky to be single But I don t think Aaron meant it to be simplified in that way The reality that he explores is that all human relationships are complex beyond being simply good or bad and that nothing in our culture serves as a useful guidepost for young people in figuring out how to relate to one another They have to make up the rules as they go, and they frequently do so without adequate consultation with one another If you ve lived within the milieu Aaron is describing, even for a little while, this book will make perfect sense to you If you haven t, it will seem alien and strange Either way it is written with such sincerity and style that it is sure to leave some kind of a mark And if you ve ever met Aaron, I think you ll have to love it.

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    I like how they protest the war by throwing rocks and paint at passing trains with weapons on them I also like how the author doesn t drink so all the barflys hate him.

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    I liked how this book was heavily fictionalized yet the story seems based on things that very well could have happened in Aaron s life He remains an incredible writer, even though this book felt depressing and a little self indulgent, it was a good read In a way it didn t really go anywhere and the story was not that remarkable, but Cometbus ability to describe the subtlety and details of the often trying lives we live persists I liked how the political issues of the book remained in the background and yet had a lasting impact However, compared with certain issues of the zine, and the Double Duce book, this was mildly disappointing Sort of the same way I felt about Mixed Reviews and Chicago Stories good writing, good stories and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them, but compared with some of the old stuff something just seems like its missing.

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    I liked this book because I have in common with Mr Cometbus these days than Mr Cometbus of yore Which is to say that I was never nostalgic, but I am over the hill.There are books and movies that match one s exact color and shape of depression When you read these books, or watch these movies at the right time in your life you think, Oh my god, someone who understands, or Yes, that s true, that s what life is like Later when you cheer up, you watch them again and think, God, what a loser Can t wait to feel that way about this book.

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    it wasn t that our lives were desolate, only that they were typical, not so different from those in a thousand other small towns and cities across the country we didn t have the kind of distractions that kept you from seeing how thin and fragile life really is everything was stripped down to the bones, without flourishes or pretension we were all getting a little older, and when you get a little older, you like that you need less less bullshit, especially aaron cometbusi wish there was

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    cometbus quotes are classic, the stories are short and whatever, but aaron has a style of saying something as if it s the law, and making you want to live like it s your mantra

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    The end made me all sentimental and I squirted out a few little tears Yep.

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    A great short novel in the Cometbus style everyone knows and loves This one s a bit darker than the usual, if anything.

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    i guess this counts as a book it s kind of just glorified cometbus though i like cometbus all right it s not amazing, but it s competent sometimes kind of funny or even occasionally poignant this was a bit of a snore though it covered a lot of the same or similar ground as old issues of cometbus that came out ten years ago i know it s tough to scrounge together new material when you re staying up for 36 hours at a stretch, hidden away in an attic somewhere, hand lettering your fanzine by hand in candlelight, but i m kind of over the formula i am even over icky gross stories about aaron cometbus having sex with someone in an abandoned school that was the most indelible image from this book, which is to say, i was scarred for life i don t handle literary sex scenes that well, they re even harder to take when i know they are actually auto biographical yuck yuck yuck sorry, dude i am just not into the way aaron writes about women they are always just foils for his male characters himself apparently, once, a friend of mine who is himself not so good at writing about women as if they are actually fully fledged people not just sex objects asked aaron how he managed to write such gender balanced stories i think this friend should have checked with some actual ladies to see how they feel about this assertion, but whatever apparently, aaron said that he writes everything down then counts his male female characters if there are too many dudes, he just changes the dude names to lady names whichkind of misses the point of actually bothering to write well rounded female characters whatever fucking idiots.

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    Somewhat scattershot in terms of story writing quality Aaron s at his best writing non fiction personal essays, elaborate interviews, the history of his neighborhood, etc His fiction staggers and stalls out, featuring characters who seem to represent one part of his personality each and, as such, never seem able to stand on their own They re underdeveloped not because their thought processes or actions are one dimensional, but because they lack context Little is mentioned about the personal history of any of the four main characters, and the fact that they form a love quadralateral, but live in close enough proximity to see each other walking by their respective windows seems somewhat unbelievable Throw in some token references to punk shows, squatting, crust hygeine, flyers, vandalism, radical politics, and record stores, and you ve got a nebulous mass of a novella that would probably be all but inaccessible for anyone not in some subcultural scene that s at least loosely related to punk That s not to say that these points of reference make it unreadable or unenjoyable, but they do make it appear somewhat masturbatory or self congratulating at times, which leaves me, as a reader, less able or willing to sympathize with the characters or suspend my disbelief when they seem to act outside of the bounds of social s set by either mainstream or punk culture I d recommend sticking to the Cometbus collections.

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