Double Duce

Double DuceDELICIOUS i enjoyed almost every second and got very intimate with cometbus workI know I m enjoying a book when I start to believe that I know the people I m reading about and want to call them to hang out by the waterfront or grab some coffee.I found a copy of the Despite Everything collection at Pegasus on Shattuck for 8 , I probably won t read that all the way through like this short one, but I m proud and excited to have it as part of my library. Maybe I m biased because I think over the course of my late teens an early twenties I have been to quite a few houses that reminded me of the Double Duece I have probably slept on the floor in them and felt gross But reading the book makes me nostalgic for it in a weird way I just think if you have any punk rock tendencies or experience in the punk lifestyle that this is the best book ever It s just so hilariously true, kinda gross and facinating all at the same time I love me some Cometbus Plus I feel cool reading it on the subway cause people always ask me about the handwritten business It s some of Cometbus best writing The zines are great, but I think this a good introduction. What Kerouac Was To The Beat Generation, Aaron Cometbus Is To The Punk Scene In Berkeley, California In This First Novel, His Slacker Kids Ponder Life S Mundane Questions With The Seriousness Of Ancient Philosophers How To Get By On No Money, Where To Scam Free Photocopies, And The Finer Points Of Food Filching Through A Haze Of Beer And Top Ramen, They Engage In Endless Debates About The Nature Of Punk Rock Rage The Tribe Of Punks And Dropouts Has Never Before Been So Perfectly Chronicled As In This Oral History Made Into A Written Saga In His Autobiographical Work, Cometbus Offers An Eclectic Series Of Connected Stories About Living On The Fringe In Berkeley This is probably Cometbus at the height of his talent, before gettingmainstream seemed to change something in him Self published or at least it was originally self published tales of punk rock life and the strange and darkly funny adventures he gets in Characters so real you can almost feel them in your life they probably are real people, in fact Cometbus tackles philosophical themes and just as important minutiae with equal ability and clarity A joy to read, something I look forward to re reading later in my life, if I live that long After this novel I began to not be as satisfied with his output, but Double Duce and before era Cometbus is awesome He just goes to show that your average punk is not some panhandling gutterpunk fuckup or some rebel misunderstanding anarchy, but a highly intelligent person who has found most, if not all, of societal institutions and s to be utter oppressive bullshit, and has sought to create a different and better world than the one we live in Far from a late 1970s fad or subculture to be dismissed, Cometbus shows why a punk mentality and lifestyle is in fact a crucial part of the world, and worth pursuing The characters in this novel are alive in ways most people aren t. Double Deuce my possibly be my favorite book And for sure, Aaron is my favorite writer of all time.Cometbus really has a talent for portraying uncomfortable situations in a sweet sentimental light I laughed my way through Every character seemed like an old friend in a way They are all just a bunch of irresponsible punks living in Berkeley, CA Lots of fun adventures stories of pissing off the cops, selling fanzines, destroying everything in sight having great times with the roomates I definitely recommend this to anyone, especially if the punk rock life fascinates them. I have a hard time looking at this critically, as I m such a sucker for Aaron s stuff In fact it never even occurred to me to think of this as something to post on GR, as I got the 2 zine of Double Deuce and not the LG reprint, until I saw it on some one else s list So I can only offer another gushy gushy positive review, though I cringe at the overt berkeley punk and Kerouac name dropping I think of it as zine culture, and one of the best examples thereof, so on that level, owes as much to Bukowski and lofi small press pioneers as much as anything Anyway, a personal inspiration I shit myself when I saw he d printed a letter I d sent him 12 years ago in a recent issue But the mini novel issues are always my favorite. Okay Despite what the Rev J LeSchwes says this book is the shit A punk rock retelling of Steinbeck s Tortilla Flats and on par with the original This is the perfect novel of the East Bay punks at least to an outsider good theory, great rationalizations, deep cynicism, and attempts at absurdist beauty with the extra bonus of perhaps the best front and back cover of all of the Cometbuses. My sister and I read this book to each other on a road trip we took to go visit our cousin It was amazing and holds fantastic memories. I was pleasantly surprised to find a minimum of navel gazing and self aggrandizement in the first Cometbus novel. The story of one thousand punk houses across the country as only Aaron Cometbus could tell it A fun read all around.

Aaron Elliott, better known as Aaron Cometbus, is a drummer, lyricist, self described punk anthropologist and author of Cometbus, a seminal punk rock zine.

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