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[Epub] ❦ Just Jenifer (a Jordon family book) Author Janet Lambert – Uc0.info

Just Jenifer (a Jordon family book)

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Janet Lambert, born in Crawfordsville, Indiana, was a popular girls story author from 1941 through 1969 and beyond to today She wrote 54 books during that time about a number of different girls and their families Her most popular series were about the Parrishes and the Jordons These stories, and many of her other series, became entwined as the various characters met each other, married, and

[Epub] ❦ Just Jenifer (a Jordon family book) Author Janet Lambert – Uc0.info
  • Hardcover
  • 187 pages
  • Just Jenifer (a Jordon family book)
  • Janet Lambert
  • 12 October 2019

10 thoughts on “Just Jenifer (a Jordon family book)

  1. says:

    This is the first book in the Jordan family series and in multiple places it's suggested that this book should be read before continuing with the Parrish books since the families become entwined at some point. Although both Penny Parrish and Jenifer are warm vibrant girls (young women) and the author describes great personalities, they are very different. Or I should say that their circumstances are very different. Penny lives on an Army base with two loving parents and her life is mostly rounds of gay parties. Jenifer is a very responsible girl indeed.

    General Jordan is sent overseas in the War (WWII). Jenifer, age 16, must quit school to take care of the motherless Jordan brood. Since they live in Florida, General Jordan figures that at least they won't need to worry about heat! Jenifer runs the family like an Army; each child has chores and any misdemeanors require a court-martial and punishment, Jenifer included. There are 8 younger children: Peter aged 15 is her real brother. Her father had remarried after their mother died bringing into the family her two girls: Gwenn and Alice. After having a son Vance, twins Neal and Susan, and baby Bitsy, the adored step-mother also died. As if that weren't enough children, General Jordan's brother and sister-in-law are killed and their 10 year-old son Donny is added to Jenifer's charges.

    Nearby the cottage they move to in the country is an estate and Jenifer meets the forlorn boy who lives there, Cyril, a victim of the London blitz, who was sent to his hoity-toity aunt in Florida. She is the one able to bring him forward and I think he will play a big part in her future. She also is able to charm the stiff aunt he lives with.

    This is another book/series that I highly recommend.

  2. says:

    Just Jenifer by Janet Lambert is the first book in the Jordon Family series.

    I really enjoyed the first quarter or so of this book. I am much like Jenifer -- not really in personality, but in the fact that I am taking on a lot of responsibility as a teenager because of an unfortunate situation in my life. However, by the time I reached the halfway mark, Cyril had entered the picture. I very much disliked Cyril and the entire plot that revolved around him and his aunt.

    I also found the "romance" between Lacey and Andy to be very random and out-of-nowhere. I didn't think they were cute and I think their relationship needed way more time to develop.

    Her family was cute, although I felt like there didn't need to be so many children. 5 or 6 instead of 8 kids would have served just as well and it would have been just as busy. Susan and Donny and Neal didn't even have personalities.

    Also, a nitpick, is it even possible for two people to kiss while riding horses and be able to stay in their saddles?? This confuses me. I would like to know the answer. XD

    I enjoyed the old-fashioned charm that this book had and Jenifer reminded me of myself, but the plot was dry and the resolution was very rushed. I definitely preferred the first Parrish book over this.

    However, I still probably will be reading the next book in this series. 3 stars out of 5.

  3. says:

    Janet Lambert apparently wrote 20-30 girls' books between 1941 and 1967. Just Jenifer is an early example from 1945. I found it as a reprint.

    I was drawn to the book as I always am drawn to period books. Plus the blurb on the back noted that Jenifer "meets a young and attractive English nobleman." While this is true, it wasn't nearly as exciting as it sounds. Jenifer, the protagonist, is 16 years old, but acts like a 45 year old housewife the entire book, taking care of her 8 siblings and the young, ill, English nobleman. Hardly romantic.

    Good points - the novel is set in Orlando, Florida! A pleasant surprise for me, and rare especially for 1945. The city sadly didn't play a big part, other than one reference to Rollins.

    I may be interested in checking out one of Lambert's later books, to see if her style changed and her youthful characters matured over the course of 20 years. But if they are all like this one, I won't bother. May be fine for young girls - the intended audience - but less so for adult readers.

  4. says:

    The first book in the Jordan family series and the only one devoted entirely to Jennifer. It starts with Jennifer and her 8 siblings (one is really a cousin), who have been left in Florida by their army General father at the beginning of world war 2. Jennifer is left with the help of maid who isn't all there and a fractious housekeeper who is fired in the first chapter. The Jordan clan rents a lake house from a friend and settle into the army barracks life they create. They make friends with a lieutenant in the army named Andy and a young pretty school marm named Lacey. While there Jennifer meets a young English noble named Cyril, sent to visit his aunt in America during the war. Jennifer helps Cyril deal with some traumatic exposure to war in London. Another 1940s book for YA and most enjoyable. Although I do wish Janet Lambert devoted more books to Jennifer's development before moving on to Gwenn and Alice.

  5. says:

    I have a copy of this book that I got from a rummage sale when I was in my early teens. It's inscribed "Dec. 25, 1945" which makes this story about the oldest daughter of an army officer so poignant, since it was a gift for a girl who had likely been in a similar situation. It's a sweet wholesome story about family and duty with a touch if young love thrown in that I can wholeheartedly recommend for tweens and teens. And I just discovered that it's the first in a series!

  6. says:

    Like finding an old friend

    Rereading this book was like running into an old friend and talking about old times. Even though it was written in a different time, the characters hold true.

  7. says:

    Sixteen-year-old Jenifer is keeping the home fires burning with her eight brothers and sisters while her father, a general, is off fighting in WWII. This is a good "before I go to sleep" book so I'll probably read more of them.

  8. says:

    This is the first of the Jordon family series, introducing each of the Jordon children (Jenifer and Peter from General Jordon's first marriage and his second wife's children Gwenn and Alice, along with additional progeny from the second marriage Neil, Susan, Vance, and Bitsy) and their cousin Donny. The Parrish and Jordon families end up very much intermingled so I decided to read the books in publication order instead of series order.

    General Jordon, a two-time widower, has been assigned to the European theater as World War II continues and he left his large family with a paid house-keeper, but really his eldest daughter Jenifer is in charge of her siblings. At 16, Jenifer has been an army brat all her life and has developed a great sense of duty. When the house-keeper suddenly has to leave, Jenifer takes over, moving her charges to a new house (rented from the local general store owner) and running the house like an army base. The family is filled with fun and the normal mishaps of any large family, so the military precision isn't completely true to form but it helps them keep organized.

    Jenifer has a lot to handle for a sixteen-year-old. Running a house, keeping eight children in line, and taking on helping a young English teen named Cyril who's recovering from a London blitz attack. When she collapses, Cyril's aunt who originally didn't like Jenifer takes over and helps the Jordon family out.

    I do like the Jordon family... there's such a variety of personalities. This isn't the best of the series but serves as a great introduction to the family.

  9. says:

    I guess I'm just not a Lambert person! I've given this book multiple attempts and I'm not able to get through it. Is there another Lambert I should try instead?

  10. says:

    This was both better and worse than the Penny Parish Books. My biggest dislike is that it seemed to jump time frames with no segues.

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