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The one you love ASIN Moved From Less Recent Edition HereEmma Holden S Nightmare Has Just Begun Her Fianc Vanishes, Leaving The Battered And Bloodied Body Of His Brother In Their London Apartment Someone Is Stalking Her, Watching Her Every Move And Her Family Are Hiding A Horrifying Secret A Secret That Threatens All Those She Loves In A Desperate Race Against Time, Emma Must Uncover The Truth If She Ever Wants To See Her Fianc Alive Again The One You Love Is A Fast Paced Suspense Mystery, Full Of Twists And Turns, Following In The Tradition Of Writers Such As Nicci French And Sophie Hannah

Paul Pilkington is from the UK He is the author of the Emma Holden suspense mystery trilogy, which has topped the charts on both sides of the Atlantic The first novel in the trilogy, The One You Love, has been downloaded over three million times, and has spent over two and a half years in the UK and US Kindle top 100 free chart, reaching number one in both countries The bestselling second book

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  • The one you love
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  • 20 March 2019

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    You want to read a book, don t know which one It is too late to get to the library and do not want to spend any money or time browsing through a catalogue and buying one THAT is when you get this A typical fiction that is a suspense thriller wannabe Don t expect much from it in terms of challenge None of the characters really make any impact, you do not feel sorry or excited about anything that is happening, but at the same time you want to complete the book You are than likely to forget the book after sometime, and if you have happen to chance on it again after a few pages you would say, oh, I have read this one put it back and pick up another one The book does not belong on a bookshelf, but possibly on your e reader where you can delete it after you have read through it Emma Holden is engaged to be married a second time when her fianc goes missing, like how her first one did The story is her pursuit of finding her fianc a pursuit which opens up secrets that the family is holding from her, attempts to bond the family together, brings back a past which she had left locked behind to haunt her in ways than one.

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    Don t read this book Seriously Unless you are bored, the book is free, and you don t mind torture.I am a person who, if the book entertains me, I am all happy to give a 4 or 5 For me to rate a book a 1 something has to go tragically wrong on many levels This book is torture to read Honestly, this book, THIS book makes me want to take the author, the editor and the publishing staff all to an undisclosed location with some former government operatives and have all of them tortured It is only fair, since each of them failed to fix things that should have been fixed prior to publication, and tortured me with the book as is.This book is torture The p a c e is maddening, the many almost tells too annoying in snippets that always end up empty hinting but never telling Also, I didn t care about the characters People were hurt from practically page one and all the OH NOES did not develop any of them into 3 dimensions Sad Plot was worthy, execution left me tortured OH NOES, It isnt happening AGAIN is it a refrain every five pages it would seem And no hint of what IT was before, IIRC, until half the book is gone Along with my interest I have no idea how I managed to finish this book it took me 6 or 7 tries.The only reason I give it a star at all once the story is fully told, I found it interesting So I applaud interesting plot, even though in this book, it was strangled to death.

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    So I downloaded this book mainly because I d seen it in the Kindle free 100 so many times that I decided to find out what the fuss was all about Several hundred completely unnecessary pages later I am still none the wiser First off, let s deal with the elephant in the room the writing is horrible Okay, so it might be slightly better than the writing in certain recent bestsellers Such as Fifty Shades of Grey a book in which the only really obscene acts were the ones perpetrated against harmless prepositional phrases but make no mistake this prose still smells.Early reviews of this book complain about grammar, spelling and typographical errors Thankfully the author seems to have taken at least this lesson on board and cleaned up a little bit, but there are far fundamental problems here cliches, said bookisms, he said she said dialogue that makes you feel as though you are watching a tennis match and pacing problems out the wazoo For instance, at one point the heroine s brother seems to spend about three days wandering around Regent s Park, and on another occasion nips to Canada and back as if Toronto was located two doors down from the corner shop Granted, the character drinks quite a bit, but his strange time and space warping properties apparently have nothing to do with this tendency to knock them back like a pissed fish at Happy Hour.The writing is repetitive and hand holdy In the short prologue the unknown narrator not only tells us he s in London but helpfully describes several London landmarks just in case we weren t clear About a page or two later the heroine is in a noisy pub and her phone rings She thinks she won t be able to hear the conversation so she signals to her friend that she s going outside because she won t be able to hear her phone and then, when she finally reaches the pavement she tells the person on the end of the line that she just left the pub because it was noisy and sheoh, you get the general idea.Then she has a conversation about her fiance s general whereabouts unknown and then goes back into the pub to have the exact same sodding conversation with her best friend It s one thing to bog your pacing down with mundane details but to repeat the same mindless details three times in the same section is beginning to look like you don t have a clue what you re doing.Anyway, it transpires that Emma s boyfriend Dan is missing and when they get to Dan s flat the door is locked and there s loud music blaring and the neighbours are very upset They get into the flat to find that Richard is lying on the bathroom floor and he may very well be dead.Who the fuck is Richard Yes, I know I said the exact same thing.As it transpires, Richard is Dan s brother and is bleeding profusely from the head following two heavy blows with a blunt instrument Since he has also been lying there bleeding into his brain for the past couple of chapters it should probably according to traditional medical wisdom be goodnight Richard there and then, but the plot demands that he spend the book in a coma and so he s saved from death by some unspecified first aid performed by Emma s brother Will Not sure what kind of first aid you can perform on a sub arachnoid bleed but presumably Will had his Black Decker handy and indulged in a spot of DIY trepanation For the love of God, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME And then the book gets really stupid.Yes, Richard is in a coma and Dan is missing The obvious conclusion here is that Dan is now wanted by the police for attempted murder Time to round up everyone and get statements about where they last saw Dan, what frame of mind was he in when they last saw him, was there any friction between him and his brother, etc You know police work.Now, I do appreciate that one of the biggest problems of the mystery genre is figuring out what to do with the police, particularly when you re writing an amateur sleuth It s a perennial problem even the likes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie wrangled with this one Sometimes you ve got to dumb down the forces of law and order so as to make your lead character shine every Holmes needs his Lestrade.Unfortunately in this case Emma Holden is the kind of dingbat who would be hard pushed to find her own bottom with two hands and a map By some kind of odd, proportional logic this now means that the police officers in this book are wandering around like people who would actually drown if they weren t told to close their mouths while standing in the shower Instead of taking statements they seem happy to let Emma and her friends frisk merrily off to the hospital so that Emma can wallow in a bit of backstory and cough out a few vague sentiments about why bad things attempted murder happen to good people poor old comatose Richard By the time the book is halfway through Emma should be facing at least four counts of perverting the course of justice, or she would be if the author had done even a fraction of the required research into police procedures At one point she and her friend discover that all the photographs of her and Dan were taken from the flat when Richard was attacked I remember this point quite clearly because it was the moment when I was screaming NO, THAT WOULD BE THE FIRST THING THEY ASKED Seriously Any sign of a break in Was this a burglary gone awry Excuse me, Miss Holden, I realise this may be difficult but would you mind taking a look around and seeing if anything is missing Everyone in this book is an idiot At one point a character wavers about phoning in a suicide because then the police will know he was there It doesn t seem to have occurred to him to dial 999 from a public phone And why does he not want to know the police to know he was there Because he d gone round to the guy s house with a gun Not to kill him Just to scare him a bit Idiots Total idiots.It s kind of lucky for the author that everyone is so eyewateringly silly in this book, because it s only by dint of their continued and jawdropping foolishness that the mess of a plot even slightly makes sense After all, this is a book where the authorities reached a verdict of suicide on a man who had helpfully stabbed himself and tied himself up in a bedsheet before throwing himself into a canal I mean, maybe he was just a very thorough suicide but even then, you would wonder, wouldn t you Much of the book is taken up with people making increasingly poor decisions and then when something actually happens they fail to react in any kind of realistic way There could have been real conflict and tension when Dan prime suspect in a very ugly attempted murder apparently contacts Emma After all, her withholding this information from the police should come with very serious consequences not only could she be charged for doing so but her continued failure to alert the professionals could very well be placing Dan is deeper danger As it is, Emma just says I don t trust the police, or I ll tell them later, and then sulks, scratches herself and buggers off for yet another insipid pow wow with her best friend, Lizzy Worse, this happens several times and on one such occasion a handwritten letter from Dan magically transforms into a typewritten one about three chapters later.By the end of the book even Emma Holden herself is screaming Why won t this end and well she might The One You Love feels interminable This is largely due to the author s habit of repeating pointless minutiae, although it s helped considerably by the fact that there is no such thing as character voice in this book and so everyone blurs into the same bland droning automaton By the middle of the book everyone involved seems so bored of the plot that they amble off to get drunk, attend a couple of salsa classes and enjoy a boat party on the Thames I am not even kidding If you like books about cardboard characters skipping consequence free through a convoluted plot that makes no sense as soon as you take into consideration that it s supposed to take place in the real world, you ll enjoy The One You Love If you don t you d probably have fun attempting home trepanation with a Black Decker drill THIS IS A JOKE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS but in this case I m giving it two stars One for the time it kept me off the internet long enough to avoid Breaking Bad spoilers, and one for plot, characterisation, dialogue, research, consistency and narrative voice That is to say, everything else.

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    I am at a loss to understand why this book is averaging 3 or 4 stars A kidnap mystery that believes in quantity rather than quality everyone has a dark secret, everyone is a suspect, everyone is lyingit s entirely overdone Awful, cringey dialogue that feels as though it has been written with a made for tv film in mind I was skimming by the end just to find out whodunnit And then I realised I really didn t care The one star is for the unintended hilarity of the rotting chicken in the basement moment yes, we were supposed to think it was a body, as she trembled down the dark stairs.

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    I got this kindle book simply because it was cheap on and the blurb was well written If a high school student had written it, he she would have received an A but for a professionally written and published book it was pretty amateurish to my eyes and ears The plot was so loosely woven it frequently was puzzling and confusing the dialog was stilted, and the narration was sometimes circuitous, leaving the reader aware of the technique than the actual story I found myself continually stopping and trying to analyze why the book wasn t working, and the numerous grammatical and structural errors irritated me A good copy editor could have improved this book quite a bit since the author actually had a pretty interesting plotline.

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    really enjoyed this book.for the start it had me wanting to turn the pages to find out an easy read that filled the boredom personally I felt that the story line was great and got you thinking and guessing the end along the way there was a few points in the book I felt that I got lost with time frames of what was happing when but could have been just my lack of concentration on my part and also how well the main character was coping with what was happening I felt was a bit unrealistic. but never the less I enjoyed the book and would recommend it.

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    I m cutting The One You Love by Paul Pilkington some slack since it was a FREE Kindle book and since it pretty much saved my life as I could read it over the weekend on my iPhone when I had to lie flat on my back with eyes toward the ceiling after eye surgery Friday That s not all that comfortable for hours and hours I ve decided this would make a wonderful Lifetime Channel movie Characters are somewhat memorable and story is definitely interesting with some twists and turns The endingcomes to a screeching halt Reminds me of those short stories students sometimes write when the ending is And then he woke up No, this story was not a dream sequence so it s not a spoiler but the ending was just as abrupt.So, if you re anything like me with so many unread books on your shelves that you have no business buying a single book until they are all read, and you find yourself in need of something to read electronically, check out this FREE Kindle book.Now, I can get back to The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet s Nest since I can sit up again to read Just couldn t hold anything except the iPhone straight up in the air for extended periods of time Sigh.

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    The plot in the story is reasonable but the actions of the characters are SO far fetched at times The author s writing style is incredibly bland and uninteresting, can t believe he is classed as a novelist the language used is around high school standard correct but totally unimaginative There were several occasions when I nearly gave up reading it The characters are not developed at all and the reader doesn t get involved with them or have any empathy towards them Just proves that a decent plot is only the START of writing a good book, and that free downloads should be given a wide berth.

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    I had a really hard time finishing this book I think at any point I could have just stop reading it and not cared how it ended A few questions or things that stuck out to me 1 I can t remember which chapter it was in but at one point it was a male character talking to himself Not sure who it was, even after finishing it All that was known at that point was him getting ready to cut himself with a knife 2 Why would Lizzie be surprised that Emma wants to protect Dan I don t get it They re engaged and have been together for a while now, getting ready to get married too So what s so surprising 3 The police are so certain that Dan is the one who hurt his brother This is after talking with the neighbor, Mrs Henderson.who suffers from dementiayet for some unknown reason the police consider to be a reliable witness 4 Chapter 9 I have no clue who or what was going on in that chapter It s all questionable to me.5 At one point Emma is talking to Lizzie She s telling her how she doesn t think Stephan is calculating smart enough to try to lure Emma to him Yet she thinks he was capable of beating her future brother in law, almost to death and kidnapping Dan Right.6 Why did Frank think it better off him and Will not tell Emma that Stephan had died Did they just assume that after having someone stocking you for over a year, that once you moved to another area that all was well again 7 After Emma chases the guy that lured her out to the front of her building, saying he needed helpwhy does Stuart show up It s like she is woken up by Stuart, then it jumps to the next morning not really explaining anything.8 Lastly, I did not like how the book ended either It s like stuff is happening and then nothing A brick wall suddenly pops up and I m left like huh What just happened Honestly, this is just my opinion but I really disliked this book To me it could have been an authors first book, someone just starting out The author didn t really describe anyone That the characters were very two dimensional in that I just didn t really care what was going on to you I only finished this book because I hate not finishing Needless to say, I will not be moving on to the second in this series.

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    Looks like I am reading a lot of mystery stuff these days After L.L.Bartlett s Murder on the mind I picked up The one you Love This book, written by Paul Pilkington is one of the top kindle downloads 1 million in the last one year This has actually prompted me to take the book up Quite obvious isn t it Emma Holden, a starlet with big aspirations is stung when her life goes topsy turvy over night Her fianc e is missing, his brother is found in her apartment with grave head injuries The circumstantial evidence points fingers at someone she believes was not involved in the crime Her own family and a few trusted friends are all she have as she embarks on the arduous journey of uncovering the truth How Emma uncovers the truth, and what has happened actually forms the real plot of the story Her past, Her ex boyfriends, the secrets her family keeps from her and the twists and turns actually juice up the story wonderfully The writer actually did a very good job while building up the plot The novel is fast paced and has been a page turner The suspense regarding the culprit is very well maintained till the end This review first appeared on Coming to the way the characters are portrayed, I liked the female protagonist part Long time since I read a novel with a female protagonist Then coming to the others characters and the characterization, the guilt consciousness and the way it affects a person s psyche are very well portrayed I personally loved the character of Lizzy, she made me remember Sam in the Lord of the Rings With such a nice plot and so many twists and turns, I was wondering like how a book like this can become a freebie in Kindle How would it feel if there is dawn immediately after midnight The ending almost seemed similar to me Quite opposite to the one I read in Bartlett s Murder on Mind I felt that the author actually rushed through it Moreover when the book has prologue, why does it not have an epilogue telling us like what happened to some of the most important characters in the book All in all, it s a good book Definitely worth reading once It s definitely a page turner and you are bound to enjoy it Personally I would rate somewhere around 3.75 on the scale of 5 I would have given a whole hearted 5 on 5 had it not been for the dampener ending

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