Slaves of Valhalla (The Prometheus Wars, #2)

Slaves of Valhalla (The Prometheus Wars, #2) Fenrir The Wolf Howls Bifrost Beckons And Wes AnswersThe Enigmatic Australian SAS Commando Awakens Into A Maelstrom Of Death And Destruction, His Memory In Tatters, And His Former Friend And Companion DeadIn His Hunt For Answers, Wes Uncovers Much Than He Was Searching For, And Enters A War Which Could See The Entire Planet Destroyed As Beasts Of Ice And Perils From Outside Our Realm Of Reality Threaten Humanity S Very ExistenceWes Must Try To Find A Way To Stop A Foe That Cannot Be Stopped, And Will Use Anything At His Disposal To Ensure Mankind Is Not Reduced To Slavery By The Creatures Which Founded Some Of The Most Terrifying Fables Of All TimeThis Thundering Sequel To Luke Romyn S Bestselling Novel, BEYOND HADES, Is Certain To Blow Readers Away With Blistering Action And Thrills Which Would Humble The Very Gods

A terrifying storm lashed Sydney s North Shore on June 21st, 1975 Boats were swamped and jetties smashed in what some claim was the worst storm to hit the coast for four decades.In the midst of the chaos, Luke Romyn s parents battled to get to a hospital to birth their baby boy Normally their idyllic island cottage was a near paradise on this night the journey to the mainland in their tiny boat

[Epub] ❧ Slaves of Valhalla (The Prometheus Wars, #2)  By Luke Romyn –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 510 pages
  • Slaves of Valhalla (The Prometheus Wars, #2)
  • Luke Romyn
  • English
  • 03 June 2017

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    4.25 Stars

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    Chock full of the trademark irreverent humor which I have come to expect from this author, I found Slaves Of Valhalla to be a decidedly entertaining read I was drawn to the first book, Beyond Hades, because of my general interest in mythology and that interest was once again piqued with this book In this edition of the story we are taken on a trip through the land of the Norse gods in the course of chasing the evil demigod Titan, Prometheus There is fun to be had with Wes, the half crazed Australian commando, and battles with strange and wondrous creatures born of fables If you liked the first book then I am sure you will like this one as well.The only thing I can offer in the way of a criticism centers around the level of gratuitous fawning over Wes early on in the novel through the use of descriptive asides One or two such instances should have been sufficient to explain the character s eccentric behavior to a reader who didn t read the first book, but there were far than that Wes is a strong, dynamic, humorous character and I did not see the need to point those things out as often as was done Bear in mind that by the time you get beyond the first five chapters or so all of these instances are gone and the actions and dialogue are left to their own devices.Again, I believe this is an excellent book and delivers exactly what I had expected it to I read this over a period of a few days with whatever spare time I could muster because I wanted to see how it was going to turn out It grew compelling for me as I advanced through the plot and I found the ending to be very well conceived Whatever Luke Romyn writes in the future, I will be waiting eagerly to read

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    In Slaves of Valhalla, Book 2 of The Prometheus Wars, Wes, the mysterious Australian SAS commando from the future, and Dr Talbot Harrison, have another go at saving the world from mythology come to life This time, the danger is from monsters of Norse mythology.Old enemies and allies from book 1 Greek mythology are called upon to band together and face this new threat, which has the potential of destroying or enslaving all human life on Earth The Norse monsters are led by a villain from the first book who improbably survived though as the two books make clear, improbable survival for this particular villain, while surprising, is not improbable.I liked this book better than book 1 Although character development and dialogue are still weak, they are improved The plot overall is audacious, but the way the story develops, suspension of disbelief is easier to handle, and story is generally better handled by Romyn.I look forward to the next book in the series.Vedict I liked it.

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    Good follow up to the first novel Lots of fun Wee is still my favorite character Looking forward to the next book in the series.

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    Fun read Much better then part 1 which was still a great read..I don t judge books by the same standards most do.all I care about is did I have fun reading them and with this series the answer is yes.sad to see it end but I ll check out some of his inter books

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    Outstanding Amazing series Luke Romyn creates a mash up of worlds like no other Nonstop action from the first page to the last Highly recommended

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    So, I ve finally found the time to finish this book Damn good book, but my life has just been entirely too hectic But Luke Romyn is definitely my favorite indie author at this moment.So, this is book two of the Prometheus wars And I think this book is full of twists and turns than the last book We come back to the world of Talbot Harrison and Wes This time, Wes wakes up with severe memory lapse And he seems to have somehow missed about twenty years as he awakens to find that Talbot has a daughter named Zoe and Talbot and his twin are now missing, having gone into another rift of unknown origin And of course, Prometheus is back, manipulating events yet again With Talbot missing, Wes sets out to find him, and is shot down by Poseidon, who mortals know as the Greek god of the sea Poseidon decides to accompany Wes to speak with the president to find Talbot and stop Prometheus.Enter an obvious twist here Poseidon isn t the real thing He s Prometheus Surprise twist, neither is Zoe Enter the legendary wolf Fenrir, who threatens Wes for some perceived slight that Wes has no memory of And now its time to venture into the rift, which actually leads to the past And of course Wes is on his own and has to rescue Talbot They are now in the ancient Norse lands, where the Aesir and Vanir reign Contrary to myths, the Aesir are far from benevolent and Fenrir actually leads the Vanir The Aesir have been enslaving people, looking for the entrance to Valhalla, a myth among the mythical With Talbot rescued, it s time to face the Vanir and find out what Fenrir s vendetta against Wes is.Naturally, it s Prometheus fault and his plan is revealed He intends to open the rift to Valhalla and release the horrendous giants there There s twists and turns and the giants are eventually brought into the modern world to attempt to fight them These are some interesting twists on the old tales, and combines the Norse and Greek myths The twist is who Prometheus really is, as he is actually from the Vanir His vendetta takes an even darker turn, being that he s not a Titan and is actually out for revenge against the Vanir All in all, an exciting book that I would normally not have put down Seems like there s another coming, possibly I can t wait to see how this storyline is continued.

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    Take A Great Adventure Back Into The Past The first book of this series, Beyond Hades astounded me It was excellently written and edited, and I felt I was reading a modern classic It was awesome and spellbinding As this novel begins, Zoe is a beautiful young woman who has men naturally idolizing her and willing to follow her anywhere She opens the door to her New York City apartment to depart on her exercise run A man blocks her way and is as much surprised as Zoe The stranger dressed in full combat fatigues is looking for the resident Talbot Harrison Zoe is Talbot s daughter The stranger, Wes, was aghast as he knew Talbot since he worked with him Wes is not much older than Zoe, and Wes is having trouble thinking that he has advanced about 20 years in time, without recalling it Zoe sadly tells him her father died about six months earlier in a rockslide Zoe spends time with him recalling all the stories of her dad in battles with monsters wanting to take over Earth Suddenly, there is a loud, crashing sound and the apartment is tumbling to the ground Wes protects her from injury and as the dust clears, Zoe sees Wes take aim with his rifle at something she s never seen before, a huge, fierce dragon The dragon is Prometheus, and he reveals the new mission to Aesic, where Zoe s father is still alive, but trapped But has 20 years really passed Is Zoe really Talbot s daughter Thus this wild, imaginative saga begins Luke Romyn s character, Wes, is a very vibrant character witty, offensive to many, determined, brave, and sometimes obnoxious But he provides the humor in this daunting tale that takes Wes and Talbot back in time once again to different dimensions to confront many ancient cultures, many different beasts, and those who have mystical powers as well as shape shifting capabilities Luke Romyn must be mystical himself to create such an amazing novel Another stellar adventure for all readers.

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    This is one of those WOW books which will totally captivate you Slaves of Valhalla by Luke Romyn is the second book of The Prometheus Wars series and it will keep you breathless just like the first book The non stop action and adventure is great.Luke Romyn did an excellent job of storytelling in this book, making it exciting and easy to follow at the same time The continual twist and turns of the book made it a hard book to put down once I started reading I really got into the story and adventure.The author took the main characters of the first book and continued to develop and strengthen them At the same time he added new caste members which just made the story exciting The characters were well developed and very believable I found it easy to follow along as an unseen caste extra and really get into the story.I really enjoyed Slaves of Valhalla by Luke Romym and highly recommend it to all readers Please note I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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    Slaves of Valhalla The Prometheus Wars book 2 by Luke RomynLots of legends and legendary gods and figures battle to destroy or save humanity, and our Heroes, Wes and Talbot, band together to save us.This is a real fun read, Wes , is again a great fun character and the jumps in time and mythology prove to be engrossing I loved looking up all the legendry names and finding they all exist in the different mythologies, ranging from north to Greek Plug, I ve done the same in my books Great read.Jeremy poole.

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